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Chen Luo said nothing and looked at the beautiful woman.

With a smile on the corner of the beautiful woman’s mouth, she explained lightly, “Your Excellency and my young master haven’t fused their souls for a long time, and there is still time to split their souls, so it won’t hurt Your Excellency’s life.”

Chen Luo snorted lightly: “Although I don’t know how to cultivate, I also understand the importance of the soul.

It doesn’t hurt my life Can I still live as normal as I do now Don’t say I won’t die, even if I’m stupid or disabled, that’s also called living.”

The beautiful woman immediately said: “I will naturally try my best to protect the spirit of the Lord.

If there is an accident, our Luodi Shenqian Pavilion will serve the Lord for the rest of our lives, and there will be no shortage of wealth, honor, and glory!”

Chen Luo rolled his eyes, looked at Granny Jin, who had been silent, and said, “Grandma Jin, I, Chen Luo, am not ungrateful.

It’s just that if you want me to agree to this condition, it would be neater to kill me directly.

Granny Jin sighed softly: “It was Ning Bing who made a slip of the tongue, this old body apologizes for her.”

The beautiful woman called Ningbing wanted to speak, but Granny Jin glared at her, then she closed her mouth and stood back to Granny Jin again, but her eyes were fiercer.

Chen Luo didn’t want to delve into it too much, and asked, “Grandma Jin, what is this soul fusion technique What effect does it have on the frog brother Is there no other way than splitting the soul”

Granny Jin explained: “Soul-melting is a secret technique of the demon clan, and it is a method of fusing the spirits of demons and people.

After the spirits are fused, the energy of the human race and the power of the demon clan merge to form a more powerful new power supply.

The human race uses it.

For the demon race, the qi of the three schools of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism can also purify their own blood, which is a matter of mutual benefit.”

”However…” Grandma Jin hesitated for a moment, and then said, “When the souls are in harmony, if one side will die, then the other side will be severely injured.

Second, if one side’s talent is inferior, it will also affect the other side’s potential development…”

The middle-aged beautiful woman answered: “My young master is of the bloodline of a star-devouring toad that comes out once every thousand years.

He was born with pure blood and is comparable to ancient demons.

If your Excellency is a great Confucian seed, a Taoist, or a Buddhist reincarnation of a Bodhisattva, then you can barely be worthy of my young master.


The middle-aged beautiful woman didn’t say anything further, but Chen Luo understood it.

To put it bluntly, he was a poor student and was arranged to be at the same table as a top student.

The parents of top students quit, feeling that it would be a drag on their children.

But how can it be explained Tell them that the red dust in his body is limitless in the future Put a little more colorful red dust for them to see

After all, the first time they met, Chen Luo didn’t know whether this Granny Jin was good or evil.

If they don’t believe it, it’s fine.

If they believe it, they might dissect him on the spot and tell the court that he ran away again…

Where is he going to reason

It’s just that I’m really pissed…

The room was quiet.

After a long while, Granny Jin coughed twice and slowly stood up: “Your Excellency, don’t worry, I will go to Tao Sect and ask if there are other ways.

Your Excellency should rest, while waiting for Zhen Xuan Department to come.


Chen Luo nodded, and Granny Jin called her “Your Excellency” again after this sentence, indicating that the agreement they had a while ago was already nullified.

However, Chen Luo also understood that, after all, in her opinion, he might ruin her grandson’s future.

Blacksmithing also needs to be hard on your own.

Thinking too much will not help.

It is the fundamental thing to hurry up and cultivate himself.

Speaking of which, there are still six serious meridians and six odd meridians that have not been opened up…

”Granny, do you want me to do it myself at night, I shall ensure that I won’t leave any traces.” Walking out of the path where Chen Luo lived, the beautiful woman named Ningbing whispered.

Grandma Jin looked back at Xiaolou, thought for a moment, and shook her head.

”Forget it, this little guy can let the old scholar of Wenchang Pavilion do it himself.

It’s not as simple as we see it.

Don’t cause trouble for the Taoist Sect…”

Ning Bing looked anxious: “But, Young Master he…”

Grandma Jin interrupted Ning Bing: “You know the character of a little beast.

Although acting out of bounds, he is not outrageous.

He knows the pros and cons of the soul fusion technique, but he still used it on Lord Wan An, maybe there are other secrets…” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

”It might just be an impulse of the young master! After all, he is still young.”

Granny Jin remained silent, but a figure flashed in her mind.

That is the mother of the little frog, the rarest celestial toad in the history of the frog family.

It eats the Heavenly Path Qi for sustenance, it had the natural inclination to “invite luck and avoiding evil.”  If it weren’t for giving birth to the little beast, she could have lived for 10,000 years.

”Inviting good luck and avoiding evil” Granny Jin suddenly had a thought, but she quickly shook her head again.

Chen Luo has not awakened his talent for reading, so how could he be the fate of the Star Swallowing Toad!

”Anyway, don’t act rashly.

Go to the Taoist sect first and see if there is a remedy!” Grandma Jin left those words and left the courtyard.

Taoist Sect blessed land, Shouyang Mountain.

Shouyang Mountain peaks with high clouds and thick clouds, it was magnificent.

Exotic flowers and plants are everywhere, and the mountains are full of spirit birds and beasts.

The sun is shining in the clear forest, and there are thousands of red mists around; the wind is gloomy, and there are thousands of colorful clouds flying.

On the top of the mountain, there are more than 81 peaks hanging in the air, surrounded by a white jade palace.

Anyone who comes here will shout: The land of the real gods.

At this time, in the White Jade Palace, there were seven figures sitting around, holding a jade slip in their hands to check the news.

After a while, the old man standing in the first place spoke first: “This is the reason for this Daxuan method of suppressing ghosts.

Do you have anything to say, younger brothers and sisters”

A red-faced old man on the left of the old man opened his mouth and said, “If Daxuan can solve the ghosts himself, our sect can also relax a little bit.

This old man thinks it is a good thing.”

At this time, a beautiful woman on the opposite side shook her head: “Senior Brother Qingyang, what you said is wrong.

The matter of subduing ghosts has always been the specialty of my Taoist sect.

Whether we want to do it or not is one thing, whether we are the only ones who can do it is another!”

Another short stature, sloppy old Taoist took a sip of wine and said with a smile: “Even after four hundred years, Junior Sister Qingxuan is still so domineering.

The old Taoist likes it.”

Besides the sloppy old Taoist, the middle-aged Taoist priest who looks very dignified raised his foot and kicked the sloppy old Taoist: “You are already a heavenly master, and yet you still say such nonsense, be careful that Junior Sister Qingxuan will smash your cave! When the time comes, don’t come to live with me again.”

”In the last hundred years, Senior Sister Qingxuan has smashed the six caves of Senior Brother Qingfeng.

I think they are enjoying it, Junior Brother Qingyuan doesn’t need to care about them.” Another chubby Taoist sitting at the bottom smiled lightly and pulled the middle man.

Year Taoist.

”Oh Good, you Qingfeng.

Last time, I asked you to borrow a cave for my disciples to do a trial.

You still cried to me for being poor.

Five hundred years of being brothers were in vain” Another Taoist priest, who looked like an old farmer, glared angrily.

”Senior brother, don’t get me wrong, senior brother, I really didn’t have a cave on hand at that time.

You, Senior Sister Qingxuan, smashed one and stole the other for her disciple!”

”Qingfeng! Make it clear to me that you took the initiative to apologize to me! Qingyuan, you were there at the time, don’t you think”

Standing in the first place, the Great Celestial Master Qingwei reluctantly watched the younger brothers and sisters who were thousands of years old fighting and rubbed his brows.

If the outside world knew that the seven celestial masters of the Toaist Sect who were of dragon and tiger lineage looked like this every time they met, it was estimated that the dignity of the Taoist Sect would plummet.

Forget it, before the senior sister ascended to heaven, she specially instructed him to take good care of these junior brothers and sisters, to control himself, and not to get angry.

”Silence!” Qingwei shouted, but no one answered.

”Silence!” The Great Celestial Master raised his voice again, and the younger brothers and sisters were still chatting enthusiastically.

”Silence!” The bottom of the Great Heavenly Master Qingwei brewed a thunder in the palm of his hand, stomping on the ground, the entire White Jade Palace trembled, and everyone finally quieted down.

Qingwei took a deep breath and controlled his emotions: “This matter…”

Everyone said in unison, “Then we’ll do as the senior brother said!”


Qingwei smashed the horsetail whisk in his hands to the ground: “I didn’t **** say anything! Can you guys hold a **** meeting every time… My thousand-year-old life will be killed by being so **** pissed off by you guys…you guys…”

The six junior brothers and sisters looked at the furious senior brother, sat down obediently, and said nothing, each of them took out a photo talisman from their sleeves…

Clear: (-_-;)

I really want to resign!


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