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Drum beats and bamboo board crackling was heard before the curtains on the platform lifted at the corner.

A clear and crisp voice came about, sounding like a green oriole, gentle and clear, as if drinking an iced drink in summer, made people feel refreshed.

It seemed to have the effect that the troubles and worries in one’s heart are hooked out by this voice, and they are thrown into the clouds in an instant.

The curtain was lifted for the second time, and a beautiful woman walked out slowly with a musical instrument resembling a pipa in her arms.

The person who came was dressed in a lavender skirt and had a graceful posture, but she exuded a bookish air while walking, which gave people a sense of tranquility.

The facial features are not very amazing individually, but when they are put together, it seems that God has carefully calculated them, and they are flawless.

Seemingly aware of Chen Luo’s gaze, she raised her head slightly, looked at the private room on the second floor, met Chen Luo’s eyes, smiled lightly, and turned her eyes away.

But at this moment, Chen Luo seemed to see Jiangnan from his previous life in her eyes.

Her whole person is Jiangnan!

The splendid, bright, lakes and mountains in the south of the Yangtze River.

”A river of smoke and water illuminates the clear blue sky, and people on both sides of the strait are connected to the eaves.”

”A period of autumn light in the lotus bunch.”

”Watching the seagull dance again and again, roll up the fragrant wind and bead curtains.”

”The painting boat is on the horizon, and the wine flag is outside.”

”I really love this Jiangnan passionately!”

Really picturesque.

Chen Luo smiled lightly, no matter what, beauty is always pleasing to the eye, and it can make one’s mood happier.

At the same time, in the hall of Linglong Building, everyone was quiet for a moment, and then there was a cheer like a gust of wind.

Luo Huanu bowed slightly, but did not answer, sitting quietly on the chair, her jaden hand on the string, a sound of silk and bamboo like the gurgling of spring water spread.

The applause gradually subsided.

At this moment, at the table of the Fuci Club, a Confucian scholar came to his senses, pulled his eyes and looked straight at Luo Hongnu, Brother Qian Erkang, and said in a low voice, “Brother Qian, Luo Ni wants to start doing her Qu!”

Qian Erkang also reacted at this time.

He looked at Luo Hongnu, who was hilarious and angry and looked at the classmates of the Fuci Club around him.

Lady… Luo, wait a minute!”

At this time, Qian Erkang used the Confucianism technique to “sound the ground”.

Originally, he was going to call her Prodigal Law, but he temporarily retracted the word “Ni”, which caused the righteousness in his body to go astray and made the blood flow out of his nostrils.

Everyone looked at them, and saw a Confucian scholar with a righteous face, but with nosebleeds from two nostrils flowing out, which made people laugh.

Only Han Sanniang, who was watching closely, shouted “No” in her heart, and just hoped that the other party would die immediately.

”It’s the little conservatives from the Fuci Club.” Liu Mengrui peeped at the probe, saw Qian Erkang, and spat, “Why are these flies buzzing everywhere, if they think that Ci are good then they should write it themselves.

But they insist on saying that the Ci and Qu cannot be under the same sky.

Even my father would not dare to say that!”

Cheng Diefei was also annoyed in her heart.

This group of people couldn’t write good Ci by themselves, but they repeatedly criticized those good Qu.

It’s as if the reason they can’t write Ci is because they are polluted by Qu, which makes no sense.

It’s just that there are some seniors in the Confucian sect who support them, which makes them extremely arrogant.

”Can Luo Dajia deal with them” Cheng Diefei clenched her fists.

Liu Mengrui snorted coldly: “Look at it again, if it really doesn’t work, let’s attack them and run away.”

Cheng Diefei: “Is that appropriate”

Liu Mengrui raised her chest and raised her head: “What are you afraid of, isn’t my father there”

At this time, everyone in the hall also recognized them, and they were all unhappy.

They all ran here to find some fun and spend some money, but why is it that they should meet this group of people It’s just that there is no way, the other party are Confucian scholars who just started cultivating and there are experts behind them.

They claim this to be under the banner of literary disputes.

It’s not easy to intervene between these high rollers.

So, they can only glare aside to express their inner dissatisfaction.

Luo Hongnu glanced at Qian Erkang, who still had a nosebleed.

Indifferently asked: “This nosebleed young master, what’s the matter The slave family can only sing songs, and cannot heal!”

As soon as this statement came out, the whole audience laughed.

Qian Erkang’s face flushed, and he quickly blocked the nosebleed with his True Noble Qi, wiped it with his sleeve at once, cleared his throat, and said, “Don’t interrupt.

I came here today to ask Luo Dajia, what Qu are you singing today”

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Qian Erkang paused for a while, and then said: “Let’s talk about other things! Luo Dajia, today’s literary style is declining, and the popular Qu is one of the culprits for the decline.

Isn’t it true that the music of silk and bamboo can go around the beam for three days, but the rural folk Qu takes this into account.

Then, turn the majestic place into a stinky marketplace I advise you to study elegant Ci instead, since that is the right way.

You don’t need to sing those vulgar Qu.”

Luo Hongnu’s expression didn’t change, she just said something lightly—


”You!” Qian Erkang’s face flushed instantly.

Seeing that Qian Erkang was humiliated, other members of the Compound Ci Club also stood up one after another.

At this moment, a sigh suddenly came from the private room on the second floor.

”Hey… everyone, stop fighting.”

Everyone looked at the prestige and saw Liu Jingzhuang leaning against the window in the private room on the second floor, with a helpless expression: “You students, if you are besieging a woman, Luo Dajia again, are you not afraid of word spreading about this I think you should just leave…”

Seeing Liu Jingzhuang, Qian Erkang looked happy and said, “It’s good that Liu Daru is here.

Mister’s words have been handed down through the ages, and the students have admired them for a long time.

I also ask mister.

to re-establish the majesty of my Ci circle and break the path of vulgar Qu.

Liu Jingzhuang shook his head slightly: “The old man doesn’t have that ability.

If this vulgar Qu can be circulated, then it means that it is naturally loved by some people.

The old man thinks…”

However, Qian Erkang bowed again, interrupting Liu Jingzhuang’s words, and said, “Sir, you are the master of the world of Ci, and you should take it as your own responsibility to set things right.

The students represent thousands of Confucian scholars.

We humbly ask Liu Daru to preside over justice in the literary world.”

Liu Jingzhuang frowned slightly and was about to speak when a sneer came from behind Liu Jingzhuang.

”Why is your head so f*cking big, do you think you’re a literary minister Do you still represent thousands of Confucian scholars”

As soon as the words fell, Chen Luo turned out from behind Liu Jingzhuang and looked at Qian Erkang below with cold eyes.

Originally, Chen Luo hadn’t planned to come forward, but he couldn’t help but listen to the anger.

How come there are such cosmic creatures in any world, who think every day that they can represent the whole world.

”Tell me the name of the person you represent, let me see if they are worth anything!”

A trace of anger flashed across Qian Erkang’s face, but he’s thinking that if the other person was able to chat and laugh with Liu Jingzhuang in a private room then he must be either rich or must be an important figure.

He immediately suppressed the anger in his heart and asked, “The humble person is a student of Qingbo Academy and a member of the Fuci Club.

May I know which academy you are from”

Chen Luo touched his chin, but did not answer the other party, but said in doubt: “Qingbo Academy Never heard of it!”

At this time, a deliberately changed voice suddenly came from another room: “A third-rate academy with no reputation!”

The whole room burst into laughter, and even Luo Hongnu on the stage couldn’t help but slightly raised the corners of her mouth.

Liu Jingzhuang was slightly attentive, why did the voice change just now sound a little familiar

Qian Erkang and other students blushed, and then Qian Erkang gritted his teeth and asked again: “The humble house is inscribed with clouds, the mountains are not high, and the immortals are famous.

How can you laugh at the college’s level This son, You haven’t gotten back to me yet Which college are you a student from!”

Chen Luo shrugged: “I’m not a student…”

As soon as this statement came out, Qian Erkang and others showed joy, but the other guests had some regrets on their faces.

Judging from Chen Luo’s age, if he wasn’t an academy student, he must have had poor talent or no talent at all.

”Since you’re not an academy student, this gentleman should not care about our literary affairs…” Qian Erkang said contemptuously.

”Who said I was a student” Chen Luo looked sincere, “Can’t I be an academy professor”

Qian Erkang was stunned for a moment, and then laughed again: “Young master, stop joking, I have never heard of such a young academy teacher…”

It’s just that before Qian Erkang’s words were finished, Chen Luo took out a jade plaque from his pocket, glanced at it, and said, “This is my professor nameplate at Zheliu Academy!”

After speaking, he put the jade token aside and took out another jade token from his pocket: “This is from the Red Sleeve Academy…”

”This is from Chunfeng Academy…”

”This is from Bixiao Academy…”

”The Yuntai Academy’s…”

”The Xuemei Academy…”

”Haoyue Academy’s…”

”Honghu Academy’s…”

The eight identity plates are lined up, and they are the five first-rate academies in Zhongjing and the other three top second-rate academies among the eight great academies of Daxuan.

Yesterday, Kong Tianfang came to urge himself to update and shoved these nameplates towards him.

Chen Luo also forgot to change his clothes, so he had no choice but to bring it with him.

Didn’t expect it to come in handy now.

The audience was speechless, and even Luo Hongnu, who had always been calm as water, raised her head slightly and glanced at Chen Luo again, with a hint of curiosity flashing in her eyes.

No one doubted the authenticity of those nameplates, after all, Liu Jingzhuang was standing beside him.

If he lied about his identity and took out a fake name plate and Liu Jingzhuang didn’t stop him, then Liu Jingzhuang would not be able to mingle in the literary world anymore.

Qian Erkang swallowed his saliva.

He hasn’t heard that the capital has such a top figure But the fact was already in front of him, so he had to believe it.

At this time, he had to retreat to advance and bow at the end: “The students have eyes but don’t know Mount Tai, I have seen and pay my respects towards mister.

Previously, the student was arrogant and now, I confess my mistakes to mister.

But the purpose of our trip this time is to prohibit Qu.

After all, Qu is unbearable and vulgar…”

”Load of bull!” Chen Luo interrupted Qian Erkang, “Who said that Qu is vulgar”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was silent, but Luo Hongnu looked at Chen Luo again, but this time her eyes did not move away… 


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