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Chapter 122 Giant Star

Town of Pars/Game Venue

Kelvin’s favorite S-class armor [embrace of wisdom/Astaroth Breath] had various characteristics: Reduction of MP consumption, resistance to certain status ailments, high defensive power that even a famous sword forged by a skilled blacksmith can’t pass through, etc.

The most notable of its various characteristics would be the power to perceive contacting magic.

Attack magic, auxiliary magic, recovery, accidental touch… No matter how the process was, the structure style of the magic was instantly unraveled and decomposed.

The information that was exposed was returned to those who wear the Astaroth Breath.

After that, you would be able to handle it if you have even a little training and matching skills, and even derivative magic created by your own technique can be distinguished.

In addition, Kelvin understood from the experience gained in Clive’s battle that what he touched with his magical power became the object of perception.

The helix barrier used by Kelvin also used this property and learned from Clive through information collected from the Obsidian Edge.

Helix Barrier was not only a defensive wall but a vicious spiral wind that chopped up anyone who approached.

Even Kelvin, who actually had a hard time, understood the usefulness of this magic.

It couldn’t be defeated unless it was a one-point concentrated onslaught like Efil’s flaming arrow.

But before that, Sylvia was in the worst possible situation.

From the front, a Helix Barrier and an expanding Death scythe Boreas and from behind a windmill composed of four obsidian-edged swords.

Sylvia herself lost her balance due to the recoil from being hit by the sword.

The spectators desperately follow and watch the match with their eyes, even if they don’t understand the situation.

On the other hand, Sara and Goldiana concluded after grasping the situation, that this was the end.

Efil and Rion were relieved to see Sara nodding in satisfaction.

Gerard and Goldiana were applauding heartily.

Meanwhile, Sylvia was looking at the sky.

With her beautiful eyes without changing her complexion.


Check the exact height of the barrier.)

Silvia was thinking about how she could definitely kill Kelvin.

“Falling ice star/Hail Meteor”

When Sylvia muttered, the venue, which should have been blessed with fine weather, was suddenly covered with shadows.

The audience was stunned.

Kelvin also felt something appear behind him.

Suddenly, it was reflected on Sylvia’s sword.

“Hey, this is…!”

What was there was a giant ice star, should I say a meteorite It was a size that covered the whole area of ​​the stage with plenty of room to fit within the barrier.

The giant star was about to fall.

“The height of this barrier is as high as Geiser Cataract.

Hmm, after all, S-class magic is tiring…”

“Are you going to take me with you”


I’ll be probably fine.”

Sylvia was protected by the Ice Dragon King.

Its effect was to increase the power of ice attribute and resistance.

Combined with the unique skill that mitigates magic, Sylvia might be safe.

But Kelvin was different.

Even though the Helix Barrier was deploying, there was a possibility that Colette’s magic would be activated if he received the meteorite directly.

And on the other hand, the ground was also dangerous.

The Geiser Cataract stopped shattering the stage, but on the frigid land ground shiva, there was no guarantee that its effects could be avoided.

If it went out of the barrier, the loss would be confirmed by the outside.

(The Boreas Death scythe could possibly cut it, but at this size, it would just scatter aimlessly, huh If…)

“Ice princess shield/Fahrenheit Aegis.”

An ice shield was deployed on Sylvia’s right hand as if reading Kelvin’s thoughts.

In contrast to Gerard’s battleship black shield/dreadnought, it was a small shield that seems to be a buckler.

“The only thing left to do is surpass this.”

“You really are the best! Sylvia!”

He swung down the Boreas Death Scythe against Sylvia who began to be drawn by her weight.

Kelvin chose to kill Sylvia before she hit the ground.

(I feel like I shouldn’t take that sickle.

After that, I’ll endure it)

A three-strike unstoppable slash from Sylvia grazed the black cane of the sickle, changing the trajectory of the sickle and dodging it.

When Kelvin fired a series of shots, Sylvia responded in the same way.

Because it was only a few seconds after the event, the attack and defense were extremely fierce.

(Even though it’s in the air, you can’t step on it.

It’s not at that level of dexterity.)

Kelvin also knew that Sylvia had a point in close combat.

But this was the sky, not the ground.

There was no difference in the martial arts skills they clashed with nor in Kelvin’s flying.

If there was a difference there, it was only in the strength that cannot be measured by status.

Kelvin clicked his tongue at the fact that he could not attack even in a favorable environment.

What changed the situation was the approaching Black Swords, from behind Sylvia.

The flying black swords hit Sylvia’s side and made a dull sound.

Even Sylvia frowned at this.


But even that didn’t lead to a fatal injury, and she wasn’t cut down.

Sylvia slammed her ice shield into the black sword just before it could hit her directly.

Instead of holding up her shield, she slammed it down.

Her impact broke several bones in her right hand.

The ice princess shield was instantly crushed and destroyed, but the scattered pieces of ice shined blue and froze the black sword.

“Is the blade covered with ice!”

“If I wait too long, ah… you will cut me.”

Sylvia’s sword handling didn’t dull even if she took damage to her abdomen.

Kelvin seemed to think that the battle that took place in the middle was actually increasing its speed.

At the same time, he rejoiced from the bottom of his heart for Sylvia’s existence who accepted his full power.

From the sky, the falling giant star released its tremendous pressure, and she was attacking Kelvin ferociously.

But even that was just one reason to enjoy this battle.

In the blink of an eye, the four black swords turned into blocks of ice, completely losing momentum, and descending with Sylvia.

The vortex edge didn’t even look like it was destroying the ice wrapped around it.

It also seemed to be disabled.

“Nn, foothold.”

Kelvin was in an exquisite position to not receive a counterattack from Sylvia due to the reach difference of the weapon, but Sylvia got an ice foothold here.

It was clumsy to escape to the ground.

Fighting on the spot was also extremely troublesome.

Immediately multiple impacts engulfed the scaffolds.

A storm of impact from multiple directions would have little effect on Sylvia herself, but this would prevent the ice from forming a scaffold.

(I thought…)

Sylvia slightly touched the ice block in the midst of this raging.

The wounds that were dripping blood from her greaves seemed to be healed by ‘Natural Healing’, and there was no pain anymore.

She was expressionless, and she didn’t seem to care about the impact.

The next moment, Sylvia was in front of Kelvin.

She flew in the direction of Kelvin, not to the ground.

“I didn’t expect you to come here!”

“I said I would definitely kill you.

I don’t know what you will do if I leave you alone.”

If you think normally, it was a good idea to wait for the Hail Meteor to fall.

But Sylvia dared to step forward.

It was unknown whether it was just an idea or a change in the situation caused by the scaffolds.

However, Sylvia had no hesitation.

Sylvia dived through the wielded scythe with a slender sword and literally slammed herself into the protective Helix Barrier.

Even though she received some wounds, the barrier that prevented the intrusion from the outside was cut off and neutralized by the “demonic armor”.

After invading the interior, Sylvia raised her sword again and pierced Kelvin’s right wrist without losing momentum.

Kelvin released the black cane from his hand at the same time as the sword came out, chewing the severe pain that spreads to his body.

With his arm injured, the scythe was at a disadvantage, and Sylvia was superior in terms of handling.

On the other hand, it was difficult to cast effective magic at this distance.

Through parallel thinking, the answer Kelvin arrived at was…


“I’m sorry, this is a ‘fighting technique’ taught by Sara.”

The Skill eater gauntlet held ‘Strangulation’, Sara’s S-class martial art.

He used his injured right hand to protect his neck from the collision and used the Wind God’s leg Sonic acceleration to detonate his agility.

Temporarily outpacing Sylvia, Kelvin endured the pain and went behind her, wrapping his arms around her neck.

The Skill eater Gauntlets tighten Sylvia’s throat over.

His right hand started to bleed more severely as he squeezed as hard as he could.

The time limit was just around the corner.

(Tch, the flying spell also disappeared.)

Due to his contact with Sylvia, Kelvin’s flying spell also lost its effectiveness.

From a distance, it looked like the two fell embracing each other.

“If that ice block falls, Sylvia wins, and if you fall first, I win.

Either way, thank you for fighting this far, Sylvia.”

“Kah, ha…!”

Sylvia struggled to free herself from this bondage.

But it was unlikely to slip out of Kelvin’s arms.

Her consciousness was already hazy.

The power to hold her sword was also fading.

(At this rate, I might die first…)

With the last of her strength, Sylvia gripped her sword with both hands.

Fortunately, her broken right hand has already healed to the point where she can move it.

The tip of her trembling sword pointed at her own left breast.

I mean her heart.

“Hey, no way…”

At this point, Kelvin also stopped smiling.

The sword pierced Sylvia’s left chest and shot at Kelvin’s heart behind her.

Eventually, the two crashed to the ground and the giant star fell onto the stage.


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