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A Huge Wave of Elves Is About to Attack

Tinas eyes were frank and clear, without any guilt.

Because these were her thoughts.

Kang De was extremely vigilant and wary. He would deal with any test and trick with ease, but he was caught off guard by this upright and evil ball.

The princess continued, “Ill listen to your arrangements and not be willful. You can send me back at any time, and I definitely wont doubt your decision. Knight Cleveland will protect me, and I can help. Although Im a little boastful, Im very knowledgeable in the exploration of ancient words and secrets…”

She looked at Kang De seriously. “Cant I”

Kang De did not know how to refuse.

The other party had already said this.

Especially earlier today, the princess had not hesitated to give all the magic potions and even lent Kang De a few priceless enchanted items. This was already a huge favor, especially now. The princess did not mention this at all, but Kang De could not forget it.

—Forget it, Ill casually bring her to walk around the island tomorrow and tire this spoiled princess to death. She wont be able to get up the day after tomorrow. Then, Ill investigate the abnormality of the black beast.

With this in mind, he nodded. “Alright, but you must listen to my arrangements.”

Tina smiled happily, her eyes filled with joy.

Such a pure and beautiful smile could melt the hearts of men.

The princess jumped like a butterfly, guiding Kang De to a simple dance step as he circled the brilliant bonfire. The captain arrived at Lady Beldras side and bowed to invite her to dance. The other party hesitated for a moment before reaching out to agree. With the captain taking the lead, the first mate, first-class navigator, medical officer, craftsman, and other officers handed the invitation to Tinas maids.

As for the sailors with lower positions, they could only stare blankly and feel a little lonely.

However, more than ten sailors lived very fulfilling lives.

They observed the beautiful things from another world in the tent.

“…Whats that sound”

When the few sailors who had gone out to relieve themselves passed by a tent, they suddenly stopped. Some indescribable voice seemed to be coming from the tent. They looked at each other in surprise.

Where did this woman come from

These fearless fellows revealed a sinister smile and suddenly rushed into the tent.

“Were having fun… Eh, what are you doing”

Low roars and negotiation sounded. Soon, the men reached a consensus.

After a while, those guys walked out of the tent with satisfied and red faces. They returned to the banquet and secretly told their companions about the enviable experience.

A few sailors curiously slipped to the tent.

Gradually, the population of the entire camp began to flow.

Some people returned, but others did not. Those who returned looked at Kang De with admiration and flattery. For some reason, Kang De had actually gained a little approval from this group of Goethe people.

The sailors logic was simple.

When a person held a very precious thing that they wanted very much, the first thought of these men who lived on the sea all day and were used to scheming and ugly evil was to cheat, snatch, and steal it.

However, if the person holding the treasure was rich and could easily blow up their heads, they would be in awe, acknowledge, and please this person—especially since he was very generous.

What the weak did was wrong, and what the strong did was right.

This was the principle of the world.

However, Kang De did not care about these small matters. He danced a simple and boring dance with the princess.

At this moment, he had to admit that the reason why he felt that dancing was boring was because no beautiful girl was willing to dance with him… This was the only reason.

Now… it was awesome.

The princess danced with him.

She did not say or ask anything. She did not ask about his background, did not ask about anything, and did not ask anything. She only danced quietly and beautifully and smiled as she watched him.

Therefore, Kang De felt very happy and relieved.

Because the princess did not ask anything, he did not have to focus on defending himself and thinking, nor did he have to worry that he would accidentally reveal any secrets… This was very good.

He felt very relieved.

Tonight was the most unforgettable night after he transmigrated.

On the Wayne Wings.

The sound of blood vomiting sounded.


“Captain… Im fine.”

There was a trace of pain in the old voice, “This meditation brought about new results. For some reason, the terrifying and huge danger I sense is even clearer than yesterday…”

“In other words, something must be happening on the Holy Seal Islands, causing the threat to the Twilight Dynasty to gradually take shape. In other words, those Goethe people must have discovered something on the island. What they discovered is a huge threat to the elves…”

“Therefore… I suggest that the Wayne Wings immediately set off at full speed. Well head to the Holy Seal Islands and use our sharp arrows and spells to kill all the humans on the island and extinguish this d*mned danger!”

The captain seemed to be still afraid of the taboo of the Holy Seal Islands, “But…”

“We cant hesitate anymore, Captain!”

That elven master said sternly, “Although the Holy Seal Islands are a taboo of our race, it concerns the future of our race. We elves must stand up!”

“Throughout the history of our race, the first elf to walk out of the forest, the first elf to set sail, and the first elf to use the power of nature to destroy and kill. Up until today, in the great dynasty, our army and battleships deter the entire world. The entire continent is our vault and back garden. All of this came from the actions of the elves who violated the taboo and were decisive in history.”

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“Now, its our turn!”

At this point, the Elven Grand Mage softened his tone. “History is forged like this.”

After a silence, the captain made one last effort. “Perhaps we should report this…”

“Its too late,” the master said. “The sea is far away and we cant contact the Admiralty. With my ability, I cant fly back. If the Wayne Wings returns, the Goethe people will take the opportunity to escape in this gap. Then well have committed a serious crime against the entire race.”

“Theres only one way left, Captain… I hope you understand.”

A long, long time later.


“Ill gather the crew and announce the departure.”

The elf main ship that was wandering outside the forbidden sea area blew its melodious horn.

Amidst the surging waves, the elf captain stood on the command platform and addressed the silent sailors. This was the tradition of the elves. They liked to make eloquent speeches.

“Gentlemen, upholding the authority given by the Empress, I hereby announce that the Wayne Wings has entered a combat state.”

He raised the sail and raised the anchor. The wind roared.

“Theres no need to hide or lie. Our goal is the forbidden sea area…”

The Weapon Chief and assistants checked the sealed weapons… In the tide-proof weapons box, the longbows were in their best state.

“We will violate the ancient teachings and step onto this legendary island. This is against tradition, but the true courage is not to abide by the rules of the past, but to decisively break it at the right moment!”

The magic attack platform underwent the last repair and change of parts.

“This is what we have to do. This is also what countless heroes have done.”

The ballista was in position.

“Our race has a long lifespan, so much so that most of our clansmen are carefree. However, the greatness of a race does not need the greatness of all its members. Only a great leader and a few of the bravest elves can do the right thing first and motivate the entire country to move forward!”

The catapult was in place.

Waves rose on the sea, tearing at the captains voice.

“Theres no doubt that were brave elves. Perhaps theres a dangerous abyss ahead, but our deeds will definitely become a part of the inheritance poem and be remembered and sung by the empress and our compatriots!”

“I guarantee you!”

“When we have completed our mission and returned to our home, I will show the Empress and the council the credit of everyone. Our names will be sung by the bards, the beautiful girls will bring us garlands, and the door of the high society of Twilight City will open to every one of us!”

He waved his arms and roared, “For the Empress!”

Amidst the shouts of response, this powerful elf main ship cut through the thick waves and sailed towards the forbidden sea area. Like an ebony saber, it slashed at the islands of the Holy Seal.

Thunder rumbled in the sky as the thick dark clouds gathered again.

At this moment, the Goethe people cleaned up the mess and arranged for night watch. The people on leave fell asleep with satisfied smiles. Kang De returned home and whistled. He was in a good mood.

No one knew that in the distant sea, a powerful elf battleship was sailing towards the Holy Seal Islands without any hesitation, facing the wind and rain.

Humans and elves were about to meet.


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