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I Was Clearly First!

The next day.

Kang De, who had rested enough, brought his equipment and arrived at the Goethe camp to meet the princess.

The results of last nights diplomatic work were huge. The sailors remembered Mr. Kangs kindness and greeted him with kind and even slightly fawning expressions.

These bold Goethe men were even a little reserved in front of him.

They looked like they wanted to say something but were too embarrassed to.

Kang De saw this and smiled to himself.

He was very familiar with this expression.

When they were in high school, they started to live on campus. There was an entire dormitory with 12 hot-blooded youths. Everyones growth environment and life trajectory were different, so their personalities were completely different.

Some people were already very mature, but some people were still very pure.

In the three years of high school, they would become coquettish sooner or later.

However, it required a process.

For example, when a pure child who had never had the chance to watch movies since he was young saw this new worlds door for the first time at his roommates place, he would fall into a state of uprightness. Although he said no, he really wanted to see it. When these complicated emotions were revealed, they would show the current mental appearance of the Goethe sailors.

Kang De was the film master of the dormitory and even the entire corridor back then.

His reputation was spread throughout the grade.

He had really seen such a face many times.

They wanted resources but did not know how to ask. These otherworlders were really easy to understand.

He knew it in his mind, but he did not say it out loud. He knew the principle of hunger marketing very well.

However, on the other hand… Cleveland had never seen a movie before. He did not know how such a serious knight would react when he saw such a thing.

As Kang De calculated in his mind, he heard a familiar voice.

“Good day, Mr. Kang De.”

The princess and the knight had already walked out with polite and intimate smiles.

“Good morning, both of you,” Kang De asked. “How did you rest last night”

Tina smiled. “Fortunately, it was thunder last night and I was woken up. The people at the camp are also very nervous and worried that there will be a storm… I didnt expect nothing to happen.”

Kang De was stunned, “Was it thunder”

He had slept very early yesterday and the room was extremely soundproof, so he did not hear anything.

The princess nodded and said, “Yes, I heard from the person on duty that there seems to be thunder coming from somewhere nearby. The weather is very bad, but this island doesnt have any effect… How strange.”

Although she said that, Tina did not look too surprised.

After all, this was the Holy Seal Islands… It was normal for anything to happen.

Kang De did not take it to heart. He had been on this lousy island for a year and had encountered countless things. What was so important about a lightning strike in the distance

Chatting about the weather was only the beginning. Then, he asked about serious matters, “Do you want to go”

Tina nodded. “Yes, Im full. Im ready to leave at any time!”

Last night, they had agreed that when Kang De went to investigate the change in the black beast today, he would bring her along.

Today, the princess had changed into hunting clothes that were easy to move in the day before. The clothes were cut close to her body and could outline her body more. Compared to the gorgeous dress yesterday, they each had their own merits.

The knight was also fully armed. He was covered in armor that emitted a cold light. He was silent and reliable.

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After greeting Kang De, he went straight to the topic, “Mr. Kang De, my only and entire mission is to ensure the safety of the princess. When I cant do it and make any mistakes, I hope you can help… May I ask how many people you need for this operation”

Kang De was stunned for a moment before shaking his head. “Theres no need for anyone else. Its just the three of us.”

What a joke. Going on a spring outing

He had already made up his mind. Today, he would bring the princess around and tire her out. Tomorrow, he could shake off these natives and do things himself. However, as a diligent and meticulous Chinese, he felt that he could not work for nothing. There had to be some benefits to running around for a day.

Then, what was the benefit of being a free guide to accompany Tina everywhere today

Of course, it was to spend a day with a gentle, beautiful, and cute girl.

Why did he need so many extras

If not for the fact that Cleveland was definitely worried, he would not even want to bring this knight.

The knight frowned and said, “Is this…”

After all the unexpected dangers in the past two days, he wished that he could bring dozens of people to surround His Highness with shields.

Kang De waved his hand and said, “Ill bring my animal friends with me. Believe me, theyre very good bodyguards. Secondly, I see that your camp needs people very much now, so dont disperse your strength. After all, its better to be safe than sorry. If the black beasts attack again, with more people in the camp, therell be more strength.”

He said seriously, “Moreover, I definitely wont bring Tina into danger. If I discover any danger in the strange area worth exploring, Ill definitely send her back first.”

The knight hesitated for a long time before finally agreeing.

“Then theres no problem,” Kang De said. “Lets go by boat.”

“By boat” The knight asked in confusion. “Where to”

Kang De pointed north. “Lets take a boat to the island in the north.”

The so-called Holy Seal Islands referred to groups of islands that were arranged in a row or arc. There were a total of seven relatively large islands in the Holy Seal Islands. Kang De lived on the second island in the north, and the goal of this trip was to go to the first island in the north.

The two islands were only separated by the warm shallow sea. It was so clear that one could see the bottom of the sea. When there was no wind or waves, it was not difficult to swim over.

The reason why he brought the princess here and not on this island was mainly because the island where Kang De lived contained many of his secrets. If he deliberately avoided those places with the princess, he might be thought to be insincere and perfunctory. However, if the princess saw something she should not see, it would be very troublesome to explain.

Moreover, the scenery of the North Island was not bad. The terrain was varied and it was very tiring to walk. Not only could it let the princess play happily, but it could also greatly exhaust her stamina to complement Kang Des plan.


The Goethe people had some escape boats and had made some rafts to transport goods in the past two days. Seeing that they had plenty of ships, Kang De directly borrowed a ship to use.

Of course, he had a ship too… However, instead of saying that it was a ship, it was more like a life raft. His inspiration came from the game “Assassins Creed: Origin”. In the game, other than normal ships, there were also some rafts with sails floating in the Nile. In short, it was a row of wooden branches that were carefully stabbed. There was also a circle of calabash bags and other floating things around. Kang De followed this train of thought and stabbed himself. It was really useful.

However, it looked very embarrassing.

Moreover, there was a problem with transportation. In any case, every time Kang De went to other islands, he could not bring any large animals with him. It made the gorilla very unhappy every time. It would only be happy after coaxing it for three days.

Now that he had borrowed the Goethe peoples ship, he could bring along the gorilla and the kangaroo.

…But why was it still unhappy

The knight consciously rowed the boat. The boat rippled. The members of the boat scattered and sat according to the principle of balance. Kang De sat with the princess, and the kangaroo and knight approached.

The gorilla sat alone and looked very unhappy. From time to time, it would glance at Kang De.

The parrot stood at the edge of the ship and shouted, “I was clearly first! I was clearly first!”

—Did I teach this parrot too much

“Heaven has pity on me. Although the gorilla is very gentle, careful, calm, and reliable, can suppress that group of evil creatures, is understanding, and is very good at fighting, it is still an animal. I treat it as a brother.”

Although Kang De thought so, his heart still softened when he met the gorillas pitiful gaze. He comforted it gently, “Be good, you cant move on the ship, or itll capsize.”

The distance between the two islands was not far.

The ship quickly paddled to a shallow shore. The white beach was exquisite and flawless, and the green sea water surged. It had to be said that in terms of scenery, this place was much better than Earth.

When the princess saw this, she was very happy. She stepped on the beach and ran forward.

The knight hurriedly followed.

The first thing the gorilla did after getting out of the ship was to grab Kang Des arm tightly, like a child who was afraid of being abandoned by his parents.

Kang De reached out to hug it and smiled. “Dont be afraid, its fine.”

He said to the pigeon, “Please go find Second Senior Brother. Since youre here, pay it a visit and ask if there are any strange phenomena on the island. After all, the North Island is its territory.”

The so-called Second Senior Brother was a wild boar, the extremely ferocious kind. It had a grudge against Kang De. In order to defeat it, Kang De had exhausted a few firecrackers and chased it to two mountains.

The pigeon cooed and left.

Kang De stretched and said to the knight and princess, “Then, lets go.”

At the same time, north of the island, the Wayne Wings had completed its anchor.

The elves prepared to land on the island.


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