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Creatures of the Night (I) Chapter 3

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Days passed eventually. Now, the day has finally come for the first day of my class at the university of this little town. I stood up from the bed as I glanced at the clock beside me and noticed that I got earlier than the alarm. I decided to put it off before it rang and then looked at the windows of my room. The curtains were still covering the windows so I went towards it and pulled it to the side.

There was still no sun in the sky. Its still dark a little and there was some fog covering the surroundings making it so cold this morning. I immediately went to the bed and pulled the blanket to cover myself. Its so damn cold. I woke up early to prepare since I will be traveling for minutes just to get to the university and I needed to cook the food first.

I went to the kitchen and just simply cooked eggs and bacon then made a cup of coffee for breakfast. After that, I ate and finished them at the speed of light. When I was done, I went towards my room once again and started to take a warm bath. The water even woke me up so, I enjoyed it for a minute before heading out.

Yet, when I got outside the bathroom… I started to feel that presence again. I wander my gaze around my room but there was no one inside. Just what is it that? I kept on noticing that since I have stayed in this house and its starting to scare me now.

I just decided to ignore it once again and just went to the closet to choose some clothes that I will be wearing today. I wore my pair of underwear first then began to look for a shirt and pants. Yet, I changed my mind and just chose a blouse to go with the pants. I wanted to look good since I wanted to have friends not enemies at this university.

When I was able to finally pick up my clothes, I wore them and looked for a pair of shoes to go well with my clothes. I just chose white sneakers to go well with it. After I finished getting ready, I went to the mirror in the corner and applied some light makeup on my face. Then, I looked at myself from head to toe and when I was satisfied with how I looked, I got my bag from the table and went outside my room.

I went to the living room and checked for the windows and door as I have been doing when I go outside. Also, I the electronics that are on the sockets, I pulled it out and turned off all of the witch and the house. When I finally made sure that everything is alright. I went outside the house and locked the door. Afterward, I proceeded to the car as I rummage into my bag to check if I forgot about something when I was done, I got inside and immediately drove off to school.

I arrived at the schools parking lot after a fifteen-minute drive because there weren so many cars in this town and as far as I have observed, bicycles are which people use all the time and they have their own portion of the street so, there is no traffic here at all.

When I got to park my car, I got my bag from the seat next to me and head out only to notice that everyone started to look in my direction as soon as I did. I even saw someone start to whisper at each other but I didn pay any attention and just continued to walk to the schools entrance.

The school didn look small at all. In fact, it looked average from the schools that I have seen on the internet and now that I am here, compared to my past schools, this one felt more like a school that contains such brilliant and talented students. I continued to find my way to the registers office to check my schedule but I think… I am starting to get lost.

"Hi!" Someone approached me all of a sudden and there I saw that woman again. She was wearing a dark blue skater dress and she partnered it with her white heels. She looked cute, especially with her hair tied into a ponytail. Though, I stopped admiring her the moment that our eyes met. I decided to ignore her but she was damn persistent and even have the audacity to pull my arms just to make me face her.

"Are you avoiding me?" She asked in disbelief. I simply stared at her with this ** off written on my face so that she could finally leave me at peace but it was to no avail.

"Well, you have no choice. Youll be stuck with me if you are going to study here." She said smirking which made me raise one of my eyebrows.

Is she implying that I should stick with her from now on since she is the boss in this school and she might ruin my school year if I don ?

Is this some silly teenage drama that I have read or watched where there were rich people who bullies those poor transfer students?

I snickered a laugh and grinned at her because I wouldn let that happen. Besides, I can handle myself even if they make me suffer because I will return to them a thousand folds.

"As if I would do that?" I said and shove her hand off of me. I was about to walk but was surprised when the woman holds onto my arm which made me look at her annoyed. Yet, my eyes widened when she looked like she was pleading for me to not ignore her. I sighed in defeat and faced her.

"What do you really want from me? If I agree to what you make me want to do, then can you please leave me alone?" I asked and the womans face brightened in return.

"Friends. Can we be friends?" She asked which made me frown and right then… I laughed.

"Friends?" I asked in disbelief.

"NO." I firmly refused and started to walk away from her. Though that didn stop her, and still continued to pester me. However, I decided to ignore her and just let her be but it was to no avail since she has been tailing me since I came inside the campus. I was concentrating to find the registrars office but I couldn find it now that this woman kept on making me lose my cool.

"I think you are lost." She said looking at me.

"Oh. Am I?" I asked sarcastically but I was surprised when the woman laughed at me.

"You can just ask me for directions, you know?" She answered which made me freeze. Yeah, after all this time, I should have asked her where the direction was but I was too occupied and walked for minutes just to find my destination.

"But you need to pay me in return." She added. As If have thought, this woman will not make this go without gaining anything in return.

"How much?" I asked and I was surprised when she smacked my back while started laughing.

"How much? I didn mean that you should pay me back with money." She said still laughing which made my eyebrows meet.

"Then, what do you intend for me to do?" I asked and that is when she finally stopped and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Lets have lunch together." She said and that is when I sighed. This woman… will never let me go, I presume. My eyes then glanced at my wristwatch and noticed that I only have a few minutes to head to my classroom which I currently still do not know since I still haven gained my schedule. I looked at the woman afterward and noticed that she was waiting for my answer. Since there is no choice…

"Where… where is the registrars office?" I asked and the woman smiled after that.

"Follow me." She said and that is when we started walking. On our way, Cassie can help herself but talk to me about the school and since she is guiding me toward my destination, I had no choice but to listen to her talk.

She said that in the Academy that I will be attending, the students are divided into two, the morning and night classes. The morning class is where I will be attending with the other students and she said that we will never see any students from the night class in when morning but you can catch a glimpse of them when they go or leave the Academy and even at their dorms when you don have classes. She can stop saying that the students in the night class were all beautiful, talented, and very smart. Though, I don think that I would be paying attention to any of them since I will be busy in my life here.

The students in the academy are required to stay in the dorms and are not allowed to go outside without the headmasters approval. I know that already after I enrolled myself in the online application and since it is already my final year and it will only be one year that I will be staying in the Academy, I agreed to the rules and enrolled myself without any complaints. Though I will still come back later tonight to get my luggage since I still do not have any room today and I still need to talk to the headmaster of the school regarding my stay and my classes of course.

"Where will you be staying? In the red dorm, or the black dorm?" She asked as she stopped to face me. I had no idea what she was talking about since I haven heard it yet.

"Well, you don have the power to choose since the headmaster will be assigning you to the red room." She said which made me curious.

"Why? Whats the difference between the red dorm and the black dorm?" I asked curiously and she slowly went closer to me, then whispered.

"The black dorm is where that beauty resides." She said smiling widely and right then I know, she has a crush on one of those students in the night class. Though, I know that there would be hundreds of them for me to identify. But then, I froze… why would I even trouble myself to find him when I have no business with her in the first place?

"Hey, you still here?" She asked which brought me back to my senses.

"By the way…" The woman said which made me look at her.

"I still do not know your name." She added.

"Did you not hear it at the mall?" I asked since I forgot.

"No. I only heard that you are the daughter of Mr. Chavez so, I would like to know your name. Besides, I badly want to introduce myself to you once again because I wanted to apologize for acting like that in our first meeting. It was such a disaster, you know?" She said which made me smile.

"Tell me about it," I replied and that is when she flashed a smile.

"So…" She waited for me to say another word. I decided to extend my hand to offer a handshake.

"Im Lia Chavez. Nice meeting with you." I said and the woman hold onto my hand and shook it.

"My name is Cassie Samuel." She replied and right then, she gave me something in my hand. It was a chocolate… a one piece of chocolate.

"It may be small but I really love that chocolate. It is a peace offering… because I… badly want to be friends with you." She said while averting her gaze. I decided to eat it in front of her. It tasted so sweet!

"I hate it," I answered coldly.

"Oh." The woman replied and looked disappointed.

"You can just buy something that I like later at lunch. First, kindly guide me to the registrars office or we will be late for class." I started and that is when she was brought back to her senses.

"Right, yes, this way." She said and right then, we started walking again.

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