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“Roar!” Big Wolf suddenly agreed to Li Yuanqing.

He was taller than most werewolves, and because he was thin, he looked even taller.

At two to three meters tall, he looked more than twice as tall as a human.

He staggered out of the cave.

Li Yuanqing had been paying attention to his expression and movements.

Manipulation Art could control the puppets mind and sense the change in his emotions.

Hu Jiujiu, who Li Yuanqing had brought to the catacombs, turned to look at Li Yuanqing.

She could feel Li Yuanqings worry.

She turned to look at Big Wolf.

At this moment, there was only his back view left.

He was out of the cave in the ground and quickly disappeared.

The corpse of the woman with the number 00004 outside had already disappeared.

Countless werewolves were wandering around the village, looking for something.

If they encountered humans, they would tear them apart and eat them.

Li Yuanqing had been waiting for news from Big Wolf.

Soon, there was a response.

Big Wolf, who was outside, quickly returned and crawled on the ground towards Li Yuanqing, indicating that he could sit on his shoulders or back.

This was because he could bring Li Yuanqing out of the cave.

It was very safe outside.

However, Li Yuanqing felt a little strange.

How did so many werewolves gather here all of a sudden After all, even if the catacombs were dangerous, it was very rare for hundreds and thousands of werewolves to appear at once.

However, Big Wolf did not say anything.

He only sent a message to Li Yuanqing repeatedly, saying that it was very safe outside and that he could enter and leave at any time, that there wouldnt be any problems.

Moreover, Li Yuanqing also noticed that there didnt seem to be any howls from the werewolves outside.

It was quiet.

Could it be that those werewolves had already left

“Lead the way.

Ill go out with you.

If you cant, kill your way out!” Li Yuanqing touched Big Wolfs head and waved at Hu Jiujiu, indicating for her to follow him.

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Hu Jiujiu quickly jumped onto Li Yuanqings shoulder.

Then, the flying ants followed closely behind him.

In front of them, there were still Man-eating Vines that kept moving and spreading towards the entrance of the cave extremely carefully.

As soon as Li Yuanqing walked out of the cave, he saw countless pairs of blood-red eyes staring at him.

The countless pairs of eyes belonged to those werewolves.

When they first saw Li Yuanqing, they were also extremely surprised and even maintained a crawling posture.

It was precisely because of the crawling posture of the countless werewolves that Li Yuanqing could look them in the eye.

“Roar!” Suddenly, Big Wolf howled loudly.

The sound had a strong penetrative power.

It passed through the stone house and spread far and wide in the night.

Following Big Wolfs howl, the werewolves in the house crawled on the ground again and faced Li Yuanqing.

No, it should be in Big Wolfs direction.

Li Yuanqing could not help but take another look at Big Wolf upon seeing such a dramatic scene.

He realized that the puppet he was controlling was actually the King of these werewolves.

He really didnt expect this.

Originally, this wolf had been attacked by his own kind and then tied to a cave in the ground with the Immortal Binding Rope, waiting for his death.

However, Li Yuanqing had controlled him with Manipulation Art and made him his puppet.

This wolf was named Big Wolf.

No wonder after Big Wolf entered the cave, he told Li Yuanqing to follow him out and that it was very safe outside.

Li Yuanqing was naturally the safest since he got Big Wolf, who is the Wolf King, and many werewolves guarding outside.

Soon, Li Yuanqing walked out of the stone house under Big Wolfs protection.

Li Yuanqing, who was standing in the open, finally saw the shocking scene before him.

Countless werewolves stood on the empty ground.

They were densely packed with werewolves that were more than two meters tall.

They looked very spectacular in the night.

Moreover, the fog in the night was so thick that it could not be dispersed.

These werewolves had rough appearances and were filled with power.

There was also a bloody smell in the air.

At this moment, Big Wolf howled at the werewolves.

All the werewolves knelt down together and prostrated themselves on the ground.

It seemed like some kind of ritual was being held.

Big Wolf started gesturing to Li Yuanqing.

He stood up and walked over to the nearest werewolf and stepped on his back.

Then, he jumped onto the back of another werewolf.

One after another, the werewolf that he had stepped on did not dare to move at all.

Not only did they not dare to move, but they also had a kind of piety, as if they were very proud.

This was the Catacombs.

To Li Yuanqing, it was a completely mysterious and unknown place.

Big Wolf was a puppet that he controlled with his Manipulation Art.

Soon, Li Yuanqing understood what it meant.

He stood up and stepped over the werewolves that were crawling on the ground.

Step after step, only the werewolves who had been stepped on dared to stand up.

The rest who had not been stepped on were lying on the ground, not daring to move.

Those werewolves who were a little impetuous immediately became obedient again when they heard Big Wolf howl.

Hu Jiujiu squatted on Li Yuanqings shoulder with the flying ants surrounding him.

The werewolves bodies were very sturdy.

Li Yuanqings feet stepped on their backs and it felt very hard and steady.

In the beginning, Li Yuanqing was still on guard.

He even summoned the Demon Slayer Sword and ordered the Man-eating Vine to be on guard at all times.

However, after Li Yuanqing stepped on four to five hundred werewolves, this worry disappeared.

He even counted in his heart how many werewolves he had stepped on.

“1,179, 1,180!”

After he stepped on the back of the last werewolf, all the werewolves stood up with a loud howl.

Then, they looked at Big Wolf and Li Yuanqing in a daze.

It was still dark outside and the fog had not completely dissipated.

However, it was very quiet outside the village.

“Tell them to wait outside the village.

I want to rest!” Li Yuanqing quickly gave Big Wolf an order.

Although he could not understand werewolf language, he could communicate with Big Wolf.

Big Wolf was the king of these werewolves.

As expected, Big Wolf, who could communicate with Li Yuanqing, howled a few more times.

After letting out a series of sounds, those werewolves retreated from the village one after another.

More than a thousand werewolves were stationed outside the village.

Big Wolf would patrol the area and not let those werewolves get close.

Occasionally, he would walk into the midst of those werewolves.

Sometimes, he would even stick out his tongue and lick other werewolves.

He would even touch some of their heads.

This caused many werewolves to howl.

Li Yuanqing could not understand any of this.

He found the largest stone house and prepared to rest.

This stone house was very big.

There were many blankets made of the fur of vicious beasts inside.

They were laid on the stone slabs and looked clean.

Li Yuanqing leaned against the fur.

The Man-eating Vine outside was as loyal as before.

It quickly took root in the soil and spread out.

The leaves quickly climbed up.

In just a moment, the stone house was covered in vines and leaves.

If others did not notice, they would think that these vines had taken a few years to cover the house.

The flying ants landed at the door of the stone house one by one.

Soon, the stone door was filled with red flying ants the size of eggs.

As long as there was any danger, the flying ants would be able to sense it.

At this moment, Li Yuanqing took out his voice transmission device, intending to see if there was any news on it tonight.

After all, humans would stay in a place where they considered safe to hide from the dangers of the night.

At night, the voice transmission device was the liveliest.

There were many messages inside.

Many of them were actually related to Li Yuanqing because many people were shouting for him.

“00001, 00004s avatar has turned gray.

Werent you together Did you meet a werewolf”

“Stop shouting.

Its strange.

This 00001 should be dead for sure.

The werewolves in the night are the most powerful.

They will lose their lives if they encounter one.

It seems like they encountered a large group of werewolves, but I can still see 00001s profile picture very clearly.

Its strange!”

“00001, are you alive If you are, reply to us or something…”

“Lets not care about this anymore.

Lets talk about what well exchange tonight.

Whoever has a water source, one spirit stone for a pot of water!”

There was a lot of news on the voice transmission device.

Almost everyone was puzzled because 00004 said that she was with 00001 and that they had encountered a large number of werewolves.

00004 had already died, but 00001s avatar was still clear.

He didnt die

How strange.

Was there anyone who wouldnt be torn apart when encountering werewolves

However, the original 00001 had a large number of water sources that could be exchanged with the humans on the voice transmission device.

One spirit stone could be exchanged for two pots of water.

The Catacombs lacked water, and it was unknown if 00001, who had a water source, was dead or alive.

Some people were worried about the water source and immediately increased the ratio of spirit stones to water.

Someone was willing to pay a high price for water.

It was not a big problem without food.

These people could abstain from eating and eat in small amounts, but they could not do it without water.

Li Yuanqing did not expect that after not appearing for a few hours, the exchange rate of the spirit stones to water would immediately increase.

“I have a water source here.

Who wants it One spirit stone for a pot of water.

Theres not a lot, first come first serve.”

Li Yuanqings appearance was like a bolt of lightning in the clear sky, shocking everyone.

Because in everyones hearts, Li Yuanqing might be caught by a werewolf, even if he didnt die, his movements would be restricted and he would be waiting for death.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to appear on the voice transmission device.

Who knew that Li Yuanqing was fine and could even use a water source to exchange for spirit stones

Then was the dead 00004 lying

That was impossible! She was already dead.

What good would she get from lying

“Almighty, did you encounter a werewolf” Someone simply asked Li Yuanqing what exactly 00004 was talking about.

Li Yuanqing was busy exchanging for water and spirit stones.

Furthermore, he was chatting with him in private and asking him if he was in any danger.

In particular, 00008 was actually a little worried about him.

However, he also expressed that he had exchanged a lot of water with him last time and should be able to last for a while.

He also told him to be careful.

The werewolves at night were very dangerous.

Li Yuanqing thought for a moment and said on the voice transmission device.

“I did encounter werewolves.

However, werewolves arent as terrifying as I thought.

In fact, werewolves are very docile and dont bite anyone they see.

At this moment, they are gathering nearby…”

Li Yuanqing thought that there were more than a thousand werewolves outside the village.

There were definitely fewer werewolves elsewhere, and the night was not that terrifying anymore.

These humans did not dare to walk into the darkness to explore.

There was a short silence on the voice transmission.

No one spoke.

Those who were looking at the message on the voice transmission gasped.

Was 00001 stupid Were werewolves not terrifying Werewolves were docile And the werewolves were gathered around him.

Was he lying

“Hehehe, Ive never seen anyone survive after encountering a werewolf.

Big boss, are you joking Do you dare to walk out of the cave at night”

The safest place in the Catacombs was to dig a cave.

This was already the consensus of those who had entered the Catacombs, so someone asked Li Yuanqing.

“I still have some things here that I can exchange for.

There are a few werewolf axes, machetes, and so on.

They are all made of spirit stones.

The things used by werewolves are bigger and thicker.

If you need them, quote me!”

Li Yuanqing ignored the person who asked him the question and directly threw this news through the voice transmission device.

Li Yuanqing had found these things in the werewolf cave.

Some of them were seized from the werewolves after they died.

In any case, there were a lot of it, and they were heavy and useless to him, so he might as well take them out to exchange for some things he needed.

However, he did not expect that his words would impact others.

Those who could obtain the voice transmission device were actually not stupid.

They were all considered outstanding people in the human world.

However, after entering the catacombs, they had almost fallen to the bottom and were struggling to survive.

That was why they were afraid of werewolves.

This was because werewolves would become much stronger in the night fog.

They still didnt dare to face werewolves, let alone walk out of the house in the night.

00001s words, combined with what 00004 had said in the past, could give one an unbelievable but reasonable answer.

That was, 00001 had really encountered werewolves.

Furthermore, as he had said, those werewolves were very docile, so much so that he had obtained weapons made of spirit stones.

Think about it.

If they werent docile, could those werewolves weapons reach 00001 Those were the treasures of the werewolves.

“I want it.

I want that ax.

Im willing to exchange it with everything I have.

I have the food I gathered during the day, ten spirit stones, and some bird eggs.

Ill exchange it for an ax!”

“Exchange with me.

I have a few pots of water.

No, no, I have spirit stones.

I have a very magical cave seed.

This thing can grow quickly in a cave without light…”

“Trade with me.

Im willing to give up the firewood I cut and one of my storage bags.

A storage bag that can hold a square…”

“I have a travelogue.

Its a notebook written by a mighty figure who has traveled to countless places.

There are records about the Catacombs and some insights about cultivation.

Im willing to exchange it!”

Li Yuanqing saw many things that he was interested in.

For example, someone had suggested a storage bag.

This thing sounded quite magical.

At least, no one had mentioned it when he was in the Northern Kingdom.


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