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The demon was wearing a black trench coat, its face hidden in the thick darkness.

No one could see his true face.

He snorted and shattered the man-eating vine in his hand.

“How dare you! Could it be a spy sent by another town…”

Thinking of this, the demons figure gradually faded and disappeared into the void.

A divine sense spread out at an extremely fast speed.

The scholar that was a hundred miles away immediately felt his body tremble.

He shouted, “Oh no!”

He folded his fan and led everyone back.

Not long after, the scholar arrived at the Demon Judgment Division.

The scholar cupped his hands and said respectfully, “Fellow Daoist, what can I do for you”

In the endless darkness, a divine sense sounded.

“Someone actually dares to barge into my forbidden area! This is the aura of that vine demon.

Follow the aura and find the other party! This time, I suspect that its a spy from another town.

We must destroy the other party completely!”

The scholar was also shocked and hurriedly nodded.

The scholar brought everyone to the She residence.

He took out a folding fan and threw it into the sky.

He unfolded the fan.

On it, there were words: Righteous Evil Qi!

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The folding fan began to emit an endless evil aura.

The current head of the She Clan, She Tianjun, hurriedly walked out of the master bedroom.

All the descendants of the She Clan bowed.

“Its the Patriarchs divine artifact! Its like seeing the Patriarch when seeing the fan!”

“Greetings, Patriarch!”

The scholar nodded in satisfaction and put the fan back into his hand.

The scholar waved the folding fan in his hand and smiled faintly.

“She Tianjun, do you know why Im here”

“I dont know.” She Tianjun didnt even dare to raise his head.

He just bowed deeply.

The scholar said gently, “I suspect that there are spies with ulterior motives who want to spy on our Black Dragon Ping City…”

She Tianjun and the higher-ups of the She Clan were all shocked.

She Tianjun said in shock, “Who is so bold! Could it be the Golden Roc Army”

The scholars eyes were cold and his tone suddenly turned cold.

“Oh If I knew who it was, would I need you to find out”

“I wouldnt dare.” She Tianjun hurriedly kowtowed.

The scholar nodded and flicked his finger.

A little aura mixed with the Man-Eating Vine spread out.

Other than some juniors of the She clan with low cultivation levels, the higher-ups present had sharp divine senses and instantly sensed this faint aura.

“This is the aura of the spy.

Mobilize everyone and find the other party.

Report to me immediately if theres any news!”


She Tianjun and everyone present bowed deeply.

The scholar gently fanned himself and suddenly disappeared.

She Tianjun heaved a sigh of relief.

He stood up, a cold glint flashing across his eyes.

A person beside him hurriedly stood up.

He was She Tianjuns favorite disciple—the Cobra King.

She Tianjun asked.

“Cobra King, where did Liner go”

The Cobra King hurriedly said, “Master, Miss Liner is out.

Shes probably making friends.”

She Tianjun snorted coldly and said unhappily, “How can this girl still be in the mood to play at a time like this Get someone to call her back!”


“Also, immediately organize all the clansmen and let all the experts use this aura to search for traces of the spies in the city.

After finding them, kill them all! From tomorrow onwards, there will be a curfew.

No one is allowed to go out until the spies are found!”

She Tianjun gave the order and his tone became extremely cold.

“Yes! Ill do it immediately!” The Cobra King bowed.

Everyone in the She clan started operating in an orderly manner.

Li Yuanqing escaped from the Demon Judgment Division.

He relied on the Shadowless Art and Sand Escape Technique to quickly traverse the streets.

He ran for hundreds of miles.

Seeing that they were already at the edge of Black Dragon Ping City, Li Yuanqing stopped and heaved a sigh of relief.

He thought for a moment and summoned Hu Jiujiu from his domain.

A cute little fox landed on the ground and immediately turned into a slender young girl.

Hu Jiujiu stood up and hurriedly asked, “Master, how is it”

Li Yuanqing shook his head and said with a solemn expression, “We were almost discovered.

Now that were at the edge of Black Dragon Ping City, Im still your servant.

Act naturally.”

Hu Jiujiu became excited when she heard that.

She nodded.

“No problem!” Then, Hu Jiujiu took the lead.

Li Yuanqing followed behind humbly, his eyes evasive.

It could be said that his acting was very good.

Anyone who saw them would think that they were noble demons who were strolling around with their servants.

No one would suspect anything.

Hu Jiujiu was also a little proud.

When did she become a master She had really turned the tables around…

Just as she was thinking this, she heard a young girls surprised voice.

“Sister Jiujiu, why are you here!”

Hu Jiujiu looked up and was stunned.

Liner was walking over with her team when she saw Hu Jiujiu.

She was pleasantly surprised.

She quickly walked over and held Hu Jiujius hand with both hands.

With a sincere expression, she said, “Sister, why are you here Last time, you left without saying goodbye.

You must have missed me so much.”

Hu Jiujiu forced a smile.

“Haha, no.

I had something on last time, so I brought my servant, Ergou, out for a walk.”

With that, Hu Jiujiu pointed at Li Yuanqing behind her.

Li Yuanqing still lowered his head slightly.

Other than the clothes he was wearing, he looked like a servant.

Liner did not doubt her.

She smiled and said, “I see.

I wonder how your matter is going Do you need my help”

Hu Jiujiu quickly laughed.

“Haha, Im done.”

“Its good that youre done.

Since youre done, accompany me back for another two days.

You left before I could entertain you last time.” As she spoke, Liner blinked.

“Huh” Hu Jiujiu choked and blinked back.

The two of them looked at each other.

Hu Jiujiu glanced at Li Yuanqing behind her without saying anything.

She could only nod and reply, “Alright! Lets go back!”

Liner smiled and held Hu Jiujius hand.

The two of them looked as close as sisters.

Li Yuanqing thought for a moment and secretly sent a message to Hu Jiujiu.

Hu Jiujiu immediately understood.

She turned around and pretended to reprimand, “Ergou, go back first.

Clean up the house.

If anything goes wrong, Ill break your legs!”

With that, Hu Jiujiu pulled Liner away.

Liner said with admiration, “Wow! Sister is domineering.”

Li Yuanqing watched speechlessly as everyone walked away.

He clicked his tongue twice and turned to walk towards the Demon Judgment Division.

Although he had left a section of the Man-eating Vine behind when he escaped, Li Yuanqings domain could perfectly block all auras.

Therefore, he was still confident that he would not be discovered.

When he was close to the center of the Demon Judgment Division, a pair of demon cultivators passed through.

These demon cultivators were all sent by the She Clan.

They were led by a high-level cultivator who could identify the smell of the Man-eating Vine.

When everyone saw Li Yuanqing, the higher-ups of the She Clan raised their hands and shouted for him to stop.

The demons surrounded Li Yuanqing.

The high-level cultivator was also a python.

He looked Li Yuanqing up and down and said, “Human Kid, why did you come out”

Li Yuanqing met the other partys suspicious gaze and said honestly, “Im a member of the patrol team.

The captain is Zhao Taian.

Im about to start my shift so I was rushing to the Demon Judgment Division.

This is my identity card.”

With that, Li Yuanqing handed over the waist token respectfully.

The She Clan cultivator took the token and looked at it.

Then, he carefully sensed it and waved his hand.

“Thats enough, rotten human! Get lost!”

“Okay!” Li Yuanqing pretended to be timid and quickly left while sticking close to the wall.

The She Clan cultivator waved his hand and shouted, “Continue searching! Issue a curfew order throughout the city!”

Li Yuanqing looked back with a strange expression in his eyes.

Then, he slowly walked to the Demon Judgment Division.

Along the way, he met several groups of She Clan cultivators.

They were saying that they wanted to capture spies or something.

Li Yuanqing understood that they were probably looking for him.

But the man-eating vine was in his domain.

How could they recognize it

When he arrived at the Demon Judgment Division, Zhao Taian was walking out with a group of people.

“Brother Li.”

“Brother Zhao.”

The two of them nodded briefly.

Zhao Taian said in a low voice, “Its not convenient to talk here.

Follow me to patrol first.”


Li Yuanqing mixed into the patrol team and followed everyone around the streets and alleys of Black Dragon Ping City.

All the streets in the city were under curfew.

The higher-ups of the She clan brought the demon cultivators and searched every house.

For a moment, everyone was in a panic.

It lasted until the next day before the nervousness dissipated a little.

And something big happened in the She Clan.

A beautiful fox had come to the She clan.

The young disciples of the She clan were all excited.

Everyone was scrambling to take out their precious gifts to express their goodwill to that fox.

They all wanted to obtain the favor of a peerless beauty.

Hu Jiujiu looked up at the various treasures piled up like a mountain.

There were some treasures that could only be found in the Catacombs.

Even the human world was extremely rare.

However, Hu Jiujiu did not even look at them.

She just waved her sleeve.

She swept all these things out of the door.

“What are all these things Sorry, I dont like it!”

Liner accompanied her at the side.

She smiled bitterly.

“My good sister, youre too domineering.

At least leave some face for the young talents of my clan.”

Hu Jiujiu crossed her arms in frustration, looking unhappy.

“Hmph! Do you want me to like these things”

Seeing Hu Jiujius angry expression, Liner felt very helpless.

Actually, the root cause of Hu Jiujius anger was Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing had actually sent her a message through his mind.

He wanted her to stay in the She Clan for the time being and send him news at any time.

“This bastard master left such a delicate beauty here.

How detestable!” Hu Jiujiu was furious, but she could only stay in the She Clan obediently.

And she had to face a group of fanatical suitors.

At night, Hu Jiujiu and Liner slept in the same room.

The two of them were like sisters.

At this moment, there was a commotion outside.

Although it was very slight, it made Hu Jiujiu extremely angry.

She snorted.

“How dare you peep at me Do you really think Im a vase”

Hu Jiujiu stood up and nine snow-white tails appeared behind her.

Her nine tails suddenly stretched out, as if they could reach infinite length.

The soft silver fur on the tip of the tail also became incomparably hard, covered in a faint layer of scarlet.

Nine tails broke through the walls, windows, and roof.

Screams instantly sounded outside the room.

Then, Hu Jiujiu retracted her tail and stretched as if nothing had happened.

“Sister Liner, lets sleep.”

Liner nodded in confusion and exclaimed, “Sister is actually a Nine-Tailed Sky Fox! This is the supreme bloodline of the Fox race.

Sister is so powerful!”

“Lets sleep.

Im so sleepy.” Hu Jiujiu mumbled in a daze and fell asleep.

The next day, the She family saw ten stiff corpses outside the guest room.

All of these corpses were in miserable states, and there were bloody holes in various parts of their bodies.

These dead were all the young disciples of the She Clan.

They were all killed in seconds.

For a moment, the higher-ups of the She clan were furious.

A cultivator who was originally a python stood up and wanted to deal with Hu Jiujiu.

“Fox clan! Come out quickly.

No matter what kind of demon you are, you have to pay the price for killing my clans disciples!”

Hu Jiujiu rubbed her sleepy eyes.

Her morning temper was back.

“Its so noisy!”

Nine tails shot out, and the fur on the tails instantly became incomparably ferocious.

Then, its nine tails gathered together and smashed down at the python cultivator.

The python cultivator was directly hammered into the ground.

Then, the nine tails scattered and retracted.

Everyone looked at the python cultivator again.

His eyes were bulging and blood was flowing out of his seven orifices.

He had been beaten to death.

Everyone present was shocked.

She Tianjun rushed back to the She Clan and happened to see the nine fox tails dancing in the sky.

He was shocked and said in surprise, “This, this is the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox! The supreme bloodline of the Fox Clan!”

She Tianjun hurriedly rushed back to his territory.

Then, he saw the python cultivator who was beaten to death.

Although She Tianjun was trembling with anger, he remembered the deep foundation of the Heavenly Fox race.

Moreover, the Heavenly Fox Clan was especially protective.

Even She Tianjun did not dare to attack casually.

Otherwise, he would not be able to bear the consequences of causing his family to be wiped out.

She Tianjun took a few deep breaths before calming down.

He thought about it and was still a little worried.

He decided to personally visit Hu Jiujiu to comfort her.

“Alright, I understand.

Tianjun, what delicious food do you have at your house” Hu Jiujiu smiled faintly.

“Well… theres a lot of good food.” She Tianjun said hesitantly.

“Then serve it quickly.

If you really want to appease me, treat me to a meal!” Hu Jiujiu said bluntly.

Liner watched this scene in surprise.

She secretly laughed in her heart.

She did not expect that she would accidentally invite a great Buddha back and even become good sisters with her.

She Tianjun wiped the sweat off his forehead and walked out.

Liner couldnt help but say, “Sister, I didnt expect you to be so powerful.

Im really lucky.”

Hu Jiujiu was a little disapproving.

“Whats wrong with that My master is much more powerful than me!”

Liner was shocked and asked carefully.

“Master May I ask who your master is”

Hu Jiujiu thought for a moment and said, “Hes not sacred.

Hes just an ordinary human.”

Liner was shocked and trembled.

“What The demons are servants to others How is that possible!”


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