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Hu Jiujiu didnt think much of it.

“Whats impossible about that The strong are respected.

My master is very strong.

Of course he can be my master!”

Liners eyes widened as she exclaimed, “Heavens, Sister, youre so strong.

How powerful is that human to be your master!”

In the hall of the She Clan, She Tianjun was pacing back and forth.

It was actually the Heavenly Fox Clan.

He definitely couldnt provoke them! Not only was she not to be provoked, but she also had to be served well.

Otherwise, even if our She Clan had the protection of our Patriarch, It was probably very dangerous!

Thinking of this, a scheming glint flashed across his eyes.

“Call my son over!” She Tianjun ordered the guard behind him.

The guard received the order and left.

Not long after, a handsome young man strode in.

He was She Tianjuns eldest son—She Jinlin.

She Jinlin said respectfully, “Father, why are you looking for me”

She Tianjun said with a serious expression, “Do you know that a female fox came to our She Clan”

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She Jinlin didnt think much of it and asked curiously, “Father, shes just a fox woman.

Why are you so cautious”

“My son, you dont understand.

The other party has the bloodline of the Heavenly Fox race.

The Heavenly Fox race is famous for being protective, so you must not provoke her.

Not only can you not provoke her, you must serve her well.

Perhaps our Black Dragon race can even befriend her…”

She Jinlin revealed a surprised expression.

“This woman killed an elder of my clan.

Are we just going to let it go”

She Tianjun smiled and said, “Hes just an elder.

Its nothing to my She Clan, but there are definitely endless benefits to curry favor with this fox woman.

Go to the kitchen and prepare the best meal.

Send it up personally on my behalf to apologize to her.”

“I understand, Father.”

Since She Tianjun had given the order, She Jinlin could only nod helplessly.

She Jinlin ordered the servants to prepare an exquisite meal and then personally brought them to Hu Jiujius door.

As a voice came from inside the house, “Come in!”

She Jinlin revealed a deliberate smile and strode into the room.

“Miss Hu, this is our clans best meal.

Please enjoy.” As he spoke, She Jinlin looked up and was stunned.

He saw a beautiful woman joking with Liner.

That woman could be said to be the most beautiful demon woman She Jinlin had ever seen.

Even though he was knowledgeable, he was still shocked.

For a moment, his heart was filled with waves and intense possessiveness.

“What a beautiful girl!”

Hu Jiujiu saw that the other party seemed to be stunned.

She frowned and coughed unhappily.

Only then did She Jinlin come back to his senses.

He hurriedly bowed and smiled.

“Miss, this is the meal my father asked me to deliver.

He also asked me to apologize to you on behalf of the She Clan.

Please forgive me for my negligence.”

This could be said to be very gentlemanly.

Coupled with She Jinlins handsome appearance, he could basically charm a group of demon women the moment they met.

This move could be said to have worked every time.

However, it seemed to be useless against Hu Jiujiu.

Hu Jiujiu did not even look at the other party and only snorted coldly.

“Hmph, got it.

Leave it on the table and go out!”

“Okay.” Although She Jinlin was a little angry, he still tried his best to maintain his gentlemanly attitude.

After She Jinlin brought the servants out, Liner chuckled and said, “Sister Jiujiu, that was my big brother just now.

Hes a young talent in Ping City and has many fangirls.

What do you think of him”

Hu Jiu Jiu gently picked up a piece of pastry and placed it in her mouth.

She curled her lips and said, “The pastry is not bad, but the person is a little lacking.

Hes far inferior to my master!”

Liner smiled bitterly.

“Your human master is actually so outstanding!”

“Of course!” Hu Jiujiu immediately said arrogantly.

After She Jinlin walked out of the room, his face immediately darkened.

He had quite a lot of experience in picking up girls.

This situation was clearly a failure.

“What an arrogant girl.

I must think of a way to get you!” She Jinlins expression turned incomparably gloomy as he strode away.

She Jinlin walked to the Lotus Pavilion in the city and invited his two friends.

These two were both profligate sons of large families in the city and had the best relationship with She Jinlin.

One of them was called Zhang Yuge.

His family was a branch of the Sea Clan and had a noble bloodline.

He was also one of the great clans in Black Dragon Ping City.

There was also another person named Xiang Sanli.

His family was also a large family with hundreds of years of history.

They had a very high status in the city.

Nothing good usually happened when these people gathered together.

However, this time, it seemed a little different.

Zhang Yuge and Xiang Sanli laughed and exchanged toasts.

She Jinlin lowered his head with a gloomy expression.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Zhang Yuges mind was the most active.

He gently gestured to Xiang Sanli.

Xiang Sanli immediately understood.

Xiang Sanli poured a glass of wine for She Jinlin and smiled.

“Whats wrong, Brother Jinlin Why do you look like you didnt have enough fun today Is there something on your mind”

She Jinlin finished the wine in one gulp and remained silent with a gloomy face.

Zhang Yuge rolled his eyes and guessed most of it.

Only a woman could make She Jinlin like this.

Zhang Yuge smiled and said, “Brother Jinlin, have you taken a fancy to some girl Its not easy to get her”

This sentence hit the nail on the head.

She Jinlin gritted his teeth and said, “I do like a beautiful girl, but its a pity that she doesnt seem to like me.”

Zhang Yuge and Xiang Sanli looked at each other and laughed.

“I didnt expect that Young Master She, who has seen countless women, would have such a day.

Its just a woman.

If she doesnt like you, then tie her up and sleep with her.

If that woman would rather die than submit, then just drug her.

Its just a woman.

Brother Jinlin, theres no need to think too much.”

Zhang Yuge chuckled and suggested.

She Jinlin shook his head.

“Its different.

This womans background is very deep.

If were not careful, our She Clan will get into big trouble.”

Zhang Yuge picked up a glass of wine and took a sip.

“Isnt that simple Women are all the same.

They look unruly on the surface, but after getting them, arent they still obedient to you”

Xiang Sanli also smiled and said, “Young Master Zhang is right.

Its just a woman.

With Brother Jinlins aptitude, you can get any woman you want.

Perhaps the other party is just pretending to be cold on the surface, but she has already taken a fancy to Brother Jinlin in her heart! Were just encouraging you.

What will happen”

She Jinlins eyes lit up.

He was clearly tempted.

His expression gradually became lighter as he picked up his wine glass and downed it.

“Thats right! Im so handsome, this b*tch must be pretending to be cold on the surface! As long as I get her, wont I have the final say Brothers, do you have any good ideas”

Zhang Yuge chuckled and took out a small jade bottle from his pocket.

“This is the medicinal liquid my uncle brought back from the Sea Clan.

Its colorless and tasteless.

As long as you mix it into her food, wont you be able to do whatever you want”

“Hahaha, as expected of my good brother.

Ill treat you to a tour of the brothel after this!” She Jinlin laughed and kept the small jade bottle.

Zhang Yuge and Xiang Sanli also stood up.

“Lets follow Brother Jinlin to prepare now.

Ill help you keep a lookout tonight!”

“Thank you, brothers!” She Jinlin cupped his hands gratefully and left with the two profligate sons.

Time passed and night fell.

The demons became excited and walked out of their houses to enjoy the nightlife.

Coincidentally, it was time to change the patrol route today.

Li Yuanqing followed the patrol team and patrolled the streets.

The night was especially long.

He had basically circled most of the city.

Li Yuanqing activated his Aura Divination Art and discovered that more than one small courtyard was surrounded by black aura.

Moreover, most of these black auras gathered in the areas where humans lived.

He sensed that he was very close to the truth.

The patrol team also patrolled the She Clans territory as usual.

Li Yuanqing did not release the Man-eating Vine.

After his previous experience, he had to ensure that he would not be discovered.

However, at this moment, he had a thought.

Hu Jiujiu sent a telepathic message.

Li Yuanqing said, “Brother Zhao, bring your brothers to continue patrolling.

Ill go to the She Clan to take a look.”

Zhao Taian nodded and said, “Brother, be careful.”


After saying that, Li Yuanqing quietly walked into the darkness and gradually disappeared.

Zhao Taian trusted Li Yuanqing greatly.

He waved his hand and led his team members to continue patrolling.

Li Yuanqing secretly spread out a large number of flying ants and flew silently in the dark sky.

He used the Shadowless Art and Sand Escape to sneak in the darkness.

Soon, he arrived at Hu Jiujius room.

At this moment, a few figures appeared in front of him and whispered something.

One of them with a big forehead was Zhang Yuge.

He was chuckling as he poured a small jade bottle into a pastry.

“Hehe, Brother Jinlin, let me tell you.

When this medicine is used, cultivators below the Grotto-Heaven realm wont be able to resist at all.

You can do whatever you want to that Fox-race woman at that time!”

Xiang Sanlis eyes also lit up.

He smiled and said, “Brother Jinlin, dont forget to let me see the fox woman you mentioned.

I want to see how beautiful she is that even you are mesmerized.”

She Jinlin smiled and said, “Brothers, dont worry.

After I finish eating, you can also try the leftovers!”

“Then Ill thank Brother Jinlin first!”

Li Yuanqing frowned.

Hu Jiujiu was probably the only female fox in the She Clan.

These idiots were really tired of living.

They even dared to touch his own people!

Thinking of this, Li Yuanqing sneered and his figure flashed.

He appeared in front of the three of them.

She Jinlin was shocked to see Li Yuanqing appear.

He shouted angrily, “Where did this servant come from You scared me.

Get lost!”

“Im not a servant here.

Who are you” Li Yuanqing asked calmly.

Zhang Yuge said disdainfully, “I can tell that youre a human.

How dare you! Even a human dares to trespass into the She Clans territory.

Hurry up and scram!”

“Haha, Ill leave immediately…” At this point, Li Yuanqing paused and revealed his white teeth.

“But only after you die!”


She Jinlin and the other two were shocked.

The flying ants in the sky suddenly flapped their wings crazily, emitting an earth-shattering buzzing sound.

Before they could react, the three of them were surrounded.

The extremely ferocious flying ants could devour most of the weapons, let alone the three of them.

Zhang Yuge and Xiang Sanli only struggled a few times before they were devoured until only their bones were left.

A moment later, Zhang Yuge turned into a huge octopus with incomplete body parts.

He was deader than dead.

Xiang Sanli had turned into a camphor skeleton with a lot of minced meat left on it.

Only She Jinlin, although extremely terrified, still used all his strength to resist.

At this moment, Hu Jiujiu quietly walked out of the room.

“Master, let me hammer him.

Ive long disliked this hooligan!”

Following Hu Jiujius shout, Li Yuanqing willed the flying ants to scatter.

Hu Jius tail suddenly contracted and struck She Jinlins crotch like a sledgehammer!

She Jinlin let out a miserable cry, then his mouth was blocked with her other tail.

The remaining seven snow-white tails turned into barbs and began to whip She Jinlin.

She Jinlins eyes were bloodshot.

His dantian and snake gallbladder had been shattered.

Hu Jiujiu heaved a sigh of relief.

With a flick of her tail, She Jinlin was flung aside like a broken sack.

Although he was still alive, his dantian and snake gallbladder were shattered, and all the bones in his body were shattered.

Even if he healed, he would be useless.

Li Yuanqing did not expect Hu Jiujiu to be so cruel when she was angry.

Hu Jiujiu turned into a little fox and jumped onto Li Yuanqings shoulder, snuggling up to him.

Li Yuanqing used the Shadowless Art and teleported to the center of the territory, where the spirit stone mine was.

The spirit vein here was even larger than the two spirit veins in Li Yuanqings domain combined.

It was already considered a large vein.

This was also the reason why the She Clan was so powerful in Black Dragon Ping City.

But now, this mine belongs to Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing stretched out his hand and placed it on the spirit stone mine.

A huge pit that stretched into endless darkness instantly appeared on the ground.

The spirit stone mine had already been transferred to Li Yuanqings domain.

The creatures in the domain were instantly excited, especially the Man-eating Vines.

It had contributed the most these few days, and it had broken several vines in order to escape.

Such a large spirit stone mine instantly healed its injuries, and it even evolved.

Li Yuanqing stuck his head out and looked into the deep pit.

A dense black aura appeared from within.

The black aura transformed into the form of a black dragon.

The black dragons demonic aura emitted waves of killing intent as it pointed at Li Yuanqing.

[The restriction of the ancient Greater Demon has been discovered.

Do you want to take it with the Purple Gold Gourd]

The systems voice sounded in his mind.

In his mind, he chose “Yes!”

The Purple Gold Gourd leaped out from between Li Yuanqings brows, and an endless terrifying suction force began to devour the black dragons demon energy.

No matter how hard the black dragons demon energy tried to resist, it was still gradually sucked into the Purple Gold Gourd.

The Purple Gold Gourd had a great restraining effect on the demons.

The restriction was broken, and an undetectable fluctuation instantly spread throughout the city.

Cracks began to appear on the human-faced snake statue in the city.

[Detected the location of the Black Dragons restriction.

Do you want to sign in]

“Sign in!”

Li Yuanqing made a prompt decision.

[Sign-In successful.]

[One: Reward 50 domain fragments.]

[Two: Reward: 500 years of cultivation.]

“Choose Reward Two!”

What Li Yuanqing needed the most now was strength to deal with the subsequent changes.

[Reward issued successfully!]

As the systems voice fell, a majestic cultivation appeared in Li Yuanqings body.

He instinctively began to break through.

Second-stage Spirit Transformation, third-stage Spirit Transformation, fourth-stage Spirit Transformation…

Ninth level of the Spirit Transformation realm!

After reaching the ninth level of the Spirit Transformation realm, there was still a lot of surplus cultivation.

Li Yuanqing made a prompt decision.

He gritted his teeth and continued to break through to the Formation Arrangement realm.

First stage of the Formation Arrangement realm.

Li Yuanqing directly broke through to the first-stage of Formation Arrangement realm and became the first human cultivator in Black Dragon Ping City to cultivate to the Formation Arrangement realm.


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