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On the other side, Ye Qiluo in Rong City had also received the same news.

The news of the seven lords under the Black Dragon attacking together spread everywhere.

It could be said that Rong City had suffered a huge blow, especially after the last battle in Rong City.

The current Rong City was no longer as powerful as before.

It was hard to say if it could survive in this situation.

Ye Qiluo had already rebuilt her cabinet.

These people were already the most powerful figures she could find now.

However, the strongest expert was only at the peak of the Spirit Transformation realm.

However, it was rumored that the three great feudal lords were about to rush over.

They were three true Formation Arrangement Realm experts.

Spirit Transformation Realm experts were simply like ants against these Formation Arrangement Realm experts.

It was simply effortless.

Ye Qiluo naturally knew the logic behind this, but she had no choice now.

These people were all that the entire Rong City had.

“City Lord, in my opinion, we should just lower our heads to the demons.

Although the Black Dragon is a demon, if we submit to the Black Dragon, the Black Dragon will definitely give us a way out.

He wont kill us all.

This is our only way out.”

Many people suggested to Ye Qiluo that she submit to the Black Dragon.

The people standing in their team naturally scoffed at this surrender.

“Dont you have any conscience at all Have you forgotten who saved you back then Its only been a short while, but youve already forgotten all these things.

Your conscience has really been eaten by dogs!”

Both sides had their own excuses, and everyone had their own opinions.

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On one hand, they said that the human race had to unite and resist the enemy together since the Sword Immortal had saved them back then.

As long as they could withstand it, their future development would definitely be smooth-sailing.

On the other hand, they didnt think so.

“Its fine if you think about it.

In the end, that Sword Immortal is only a Sword Immortal of Ping City.

If something happens to us and Ping City at the same time, do you think the Sword Immortal will still care about us”

“Its just that the Sword Immortal wont be able to take care of himself when the time comes.

I think its a good thing to surrender early.

There are always benefits.”

These peoples words angered the people on the other side.

“Forget it.

Do you really think the Black Dragon will let you off Ever since the day we occupied Rong City, we have been irreconcilable with the demons.

The demons will definitely not let us off.”

“The only thing the human race can do is to grow stronger.

At that time, we will be able to protect our lives and not think about surrendering to others all day long.”

Both sides had their own arguments.

No one could convince the other.

They could only continue in this stalemate.

There was nothing they could do to each other.

However, it was not easy to do.

At this moment, Ye Qiluo was also in a difficult position.

It was very difficult to handle this situation.

In the end, the Sword Immortal was from Ping City.

Ever since he came last time, no one knew when he would come again.

Ye Qiluo was not confident that the Sword Immortal would come to save her next time.

She could only leave it to fate.

However, how could they tell the people in the city about such a matter Could it be that they had to tell everyone that no one knew what would happen to their lives now Then they could only panic and escape.

The people below were tired of arguing, so they threw this contradiction to Ye Qiluo.

“Since no one is convinced by each other, let the City Lord decide what to do.

In any case, she has to give us an explanation.

In my opinion, theres nothing to say about this.

We still have a chance if the Black Dragon doesnt appear.

Now that the Black Dragon is serious, we dont have any chance of winning.”

“Alright, let the City Lord say it and see how to decide!”

Everyone looked at Ye Qiluo angrily.

They had been arguing here for a long time, but this argument was meaningless.

They knew it in their hearts.

It was just a gesture.

They hoped that he could leave him a way out when the time came.

If the human race really could not hold on anymore, wouldnt everyone have to find a way out They couldnt possibly die with the human race, right

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Ye Qiluo sighed and rubbed her brows.

“Who are the three great lords who are coming”

“Reporting to the City Lord, they are Lu Yongchuan of the Linlu Clan, the Divine King of the Snowmen Clan, White God, and the Patriarch of the Bull Clan, Niu Batian.”

They could not help but sigh when they heard these names again.

They had already remembered the strength of these people clearly.

Other than the Snowmen clans White God who was a second-grade Formation Arrangement Realm expert, the other two were first-grade Formation Arrangement Realm experts.

That was true, but any Formation Arrangement Realm expert could deal with them all.

They did not have the ability to resist so many experts.

At the thought of this, Ye Qiluo could not help but have a headache.

Even if Li Yuanqing was here, he would not be able to do anything.

It seemed like she had no choice but to surrender in this situation.

It was hard to say if she could really surrender.

“Can Brother Li come” Ye Qiluo muttered to herself.

The people below looked at Ye Qiluo strangely, not knowing what the City Lord had just said.

“Could it be that the City Lord has already found reinforcements and is already on the way”

“Who is this brother youre talking about Could it be that this person has such powerful strength that he can fight against three Formation Arrangement Realm experts at the same time Thats really our Rong Citys fortune.”

Both sides looked at Ye Qiluo curiously.

They wondered who the person Ye Qiluo was talking about was.

Could it be that they could only rely on one person to save their Rong City now It was probably impossible to rely on one person.

Ye Qiluo did not answer their questions.

Instead, she thought for a moment and asked the cabinet elders below,

“I wonder what do everyone think if we cooperate with Ping City to tide through the difficulties, what are the chances of success”

Ye Qiluos question was unbelievable to the elders below.

The First Elder sitting on Ye Qiluos left pondered seriously for a moment.

He looked at Ye Qiluo uncertainly and asked, “City Lord, do you know how many lords are going to Ping City”

“Of course I do.

There are four of them.”

“City Lord, you actually know that four Great Lords are heading over there.

Why do you feel that Ping City still has the time to interfere in our troubles In my opinion, they cant even protect themselves.

Im afraid they will be the first to fall.

“There are two big shots in the Formation Arrangement Realm over there.

Even if there is really the legendary Sword Immortal, their strength is not something that the Sword Immortal can control.”

Although there seemed to be nothing wrong with what these people said, many people still had a trace of hope.

“Perhaps the legendary Sword Immortal can save Ping City.

If the Sword Immortal can save Ping City, he can definitely save us, right”

“What a huge joke!”

The people from the opposition were not so excited just now, but when they heard the faction that insisted on guarding the city say such words, they could not help but curse.

“Of course we know its the Sword Immortal who saved us from the abyss of suffering last time.

But its different now.

Last time, there were only two guys at the peak of the Spirit Transformation realm.

Now, these are real Formation Arrangement Realm experts.

How can we take those for granted”

Their companions echoed, “Thats right.

This is a true Formation Arrangement realm expert.

The expert, Sword Immortal, is at most an existence at the Formation Arrangement realm.

Facing three, four, or even seven Formation Arrangement realm experts at the same time, immortals can only sigh in disappointment when they descend, let alone the Sword Immortal.

Theres nothing he can do.”

At this moment, in the corner of the hall, a green plant with a tender red sprout on it appeared from nowhere and sprouted.

The little sprout quietly stared in the direction of the meeting table and recorded their every move and words.

Li Yuanqing, who was thousands of miles away, quietly watched what happened.

Rong Citys foundation was weak now, and they indeed needed help.

Although there were fewer people there, Rong City would probably not be able to survive this calamity without his help.

Ye Qiluo was a City Lord with great potential.

Li Yuanqing did not want to see Ye Qiluo being dealt with like this.

The argument between the two sides in Rong City was very reasonable.

Li Yuanqing did not care.

He just wanted to see how Ye Qiluo would choose in the end.

Ye Qiluo seemed to have noticed something and looked up at the plant.

She kept feeling like something was staring at her there.

However, there was clearly no additional spiritual energy fluctuation.

It was like a normal plant.

There seemed to be no problem with it.

Ye Qiluo had a headache from the argument between the two sides.

She sighed and said to them,

“This situation is very critical now.

Everyone is an elder.

Everyone has survived such a huge matter last time.

I believe that we will definitely be able to survive this trouble.

However, everyone must be united.”

“City Lord, dont say such sarcastic words now.

Its fine to say such words, but its useless.”

“How can you speak to the City Lord like that Could it be that the last thing we should do at a time like this is to be united Its already so late, yet youre still thinking about consolidating your own interests.

Im afraid that you people who only want to surrender will immediately offer suggestions and become their lackeys when the time comes!”

It was really annoying to watch both sides, which had just stopped to rest for a while, were about to start arguing again.

On the other hand, Ye Qiluo did not know what to do.

She really wanted Li Yuanqing to save Rong City again, but was Li Yuanqing willing to get involved in such a mess

This time, it was extraordinary.

There were seven Formation Arrangement Realm experts.

No matter how powerful Li Yuanqing was, could he deal with seven Formation Arrangement Realm experts at the same time

Although Ye Qiluo fantasized that Li Yuanqing could save Rong City again, this fantasy was too unrealistic.

Anyone who calmed down and thought about it would find it ridiculous.

But was there any other way This was the only way they could think of now.

Could they expect the Black Dragon to spare them Spare this group of humans

She could find no answer.

However, at this moment, the pot of vegetation in the corner of the hall moved slightly.

The little sprout suddenly moved.

Its head became like a very tenacious bamboo stick.

It slowly bent its body, picked up a leaf, and threw it into the air.

The leaf floated in the air and unknowingly floated in front of Ye Qiluo.

Ye Qiluo raised her hand and grabbed it.

Ye Qiluo looked around, but she could not find the origin of this leaf.

There were the same plants in these corners.

What did this leaf mean

This leaf was very hard and different from ordinary leaves.

Coupled with its shape, this small leaf was like a small sword.

Looking at the leaf lying in her palm, Ye Qiluo somehow thought of Li Yuanqing and the Sword Immortal who could shock the world.

Ye Qiluo was inexplicably filled with confidence again.

This inexplicable confidence, this confidence to fight for the honor of the human race, swept away all the gloom.

“Do you remember what kind of life the humans in Rong City had before we came”

Just as both sides were arguing again, Ye Qiluos cold and firm voice suddenly remembered to stop all the arguing.

The two parties arguing looked at Ye Qiluo helplessly.

“But City Lord, they at least have a way out.

I think the Black Dragon still needs us.”

Ye Qiluo suddenly stood up and looked at everyone present.

“Everyone has followed me all the way here.

Youre all my elders.

Youve protected me all the way to today.

Im very grateful for your contributions to Rong City and the efforts of the human race.”

Everyone looked at Ye Qiluo in confusion.

They did not know why Ye Qiluo would say such words.

It was very strange.

“Then have you made your decision, City Lord What should we do”

Ye Qiluo looked at them firmly and said, “Uncles, I dont care what you decide.

However, as the City Lord of Rong City, I will firmly defend the honor of Rong City as an open city.

I will defend Rong City to the death!”


“City Lord…”

Everyone below looked at Ye Qiluo with different expressions, as this meant that they were going to fight Black Dragon to the death.

“Uncles, theres no need to say anything else.

Todays meeting will end here.

Everyone, go and prepare.

Tomorrow, the entire city will enter an emergency state of alert!”


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