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A few hundred miles away from Rong City, a vast demon camp was stationed here.

These tents were all in the same shape.

There were two huge bull horns on the tents, and a strong demonic aura rushed into the sky.

At the front, a wide tent was filled with people.

The people who called themselves pythons were actually all mighty figures of the Bull Clan with bull horns.

Most of the experts of their tribe were actually gathered here.

This time, they were under the orders of Lord Black Dragon.

No matter how arrogant Niu Batian was, he did not dare to be negligent.

Patriarch, I see that the Linlu Clan and the Snowmen Clan wont be able to achieve anything.

I heard that there are only a few sixth or seventh-grade Spirit Transformation Realm old fellows in Rong City.

They wont be a threat to us.

Why dont we make a move early and take Rong City directly At that time, we can ask Lord Black Dragon for credit.”

“Thats right.

Those humans in Rong City are just a group of small fries.

Were not the stupid fellows from the past.

How can we let these ant-like humans occupy our territory Its really embarrassing to lose such a huge city just like that.”

The Bull Clans words were filled with disdain for the demons in Rong City.

It could be said that they were fully responsible for the current situation.

Rong City was a territory personally bestowed to them by Lord Black Dragon.

It was really embarrassing to be reduced to such a state by them.

Niu Batian had no intention of disciplining his subordinates.

Instead, he glared at the entrance of the tent.

The direction facing the entrance of his tent was where Rong City was.

This place was a hundred miles away from Rong City.

Of course, nothing could be seen with the naked eye.

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Niu Batian did not panic.

He said indifferently to his subordinates, “Lord Black Dragon only instructed us to gather here and take over Rong City.

If we act rashly, we will anger Lord Black Dragon.”

A young and vigorous Black Dragon Race expert argued with Niu Batian.

“Patriarch, I thought that Lord Black Dragon had overestimated the power of these humans, so he was seeking stability.

However, if we take down Rong City earlier, the progress in Ping City will be smoother.

This is very beneficial to the entire plan.”

“I think Sixth Brother is right.

Lord Black Dragons envoys were killed last time.

Im afraid he still has lingering fears, so hes a little too cautious.

I think we dont have to be afraid of them with our strength.”

The members of the Bull Clan were all powerful and were in high spirits.

As soon as they received Black Dragons order, they rushed here and arrived at the meeting place as soon as possible.

If they attacked now, they would have the upper hand.

However, Niu Batian, who was usually quite reckless, was unexpectedly cautious this time.

He felt like a different person.

Niu Batian leaned back in his chair and rubbed his brows.

He asked the people below, “Where are those two families Theres still no news They should be able to arrive today, right”

“Patriarch, the Linlu Clan is almost here.

I believe they will arrive before evening.

However, the Snowmen Clan will have to wait a little longer.

We might have to wait until tomorrow.”

Niu Batian closed his eyes and thought while the few generals below started arguing again.

“White God.”

“Its this guy again.

Hes always dawdling every time he does something.

Its as if someone owes the Snowmen Clan something.”

“This White God is always delaying things.

In my opinion, its the same without him.

We might as well not wait for him to come.”

“Its been so many years.

What important thing can we count on the snowmen With their sloppy appearance, I think we should forget about it.”

Everyone spared no effort when mocking the snowmen.

In an inconspicuous corner of the tent, a small red vine was wrapped around a small wooden pole.

The vines head was facing Niu Batian.

“Master, did you see that Niu Batian is domineering and has a huge aura.

Hes not someone to be trifled with.

Its very dangerous to go against him.

I think we should forget about this matter.

Why do we have to get involved”

The Blood Vine was very anxious now.

He kept thinking about how to let Li Yuanqing escape.

However, Li Yuanqing was like a hothead.

No matter what he was told, he did not leave.

Instead, he stayed in this small courtyard calmly.

He did not know what was there to guard in Ping City.

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They are already about to send an army to the border of Rong City.

Ping City was next.

However, they had yet to arrive.

When they arrived, they would still be toys in the hands of others.

“Master, thats a true Formation Arrangement Realm expert, and its not just one.

Black Dragon has made up his mind.

Cant we not argue with him”

The Blood Vine kept urging Li Yuanqing left and right, but Li Yuanqing closed his eyes and carefully observed everything that happened in the tent.

The image sent back by the little vine could vaguely sense the aura of the demons.

This detection ability was still very powerful.

Li Yuanqing listened to their conversation while observing the tent.

There were more than ten Spirit Transformation Realm experts inside.

Moreover, most of the people who could sit in this tent were at the seventh-grade Spirit Transformation Realm or above.

Those who were lower could only stay outside.

Theres so many experts with Niu Batian sitting at the head of the table.

The demons in this room would have peak combat strength anywhere.

Black Dragon was really ruthless to send so many experts to encircle and annihilate them.

The argument in the tent continued.

“Patriarch, in my opinion, we cant delay here.

Its not easy for us to come so early.

Lets take down Rong City first and then go to Ping City to get a share.

Ping City is the big deal.

Theres a true Formation Arrangement Realm expert there.

As long as we take down that guy, we can share all the treasures on him.”

Although they had been sent to Rong City, they had still heard the news from both sides clearly.

They had already targeted Li Yuanqing.

They knew that there was such a powerful person in Ping City, and the human race was now lively and rich, where they had all kinds of treasures and materials.

As the top experts of the human race, they must have countless treasures on them.

As long as they took down this so-called Sword Immortal, they would all get a big piece of cake.

Although these demons were strong, they lacked the ability to protect their tribes.

It was very difficult for them to produce a large business group, so there was no large number of trade goods.

These demons also liked to collect treasures, but their efficiency was far inferior to humans.

Therefore, demons of the same strength had much fewer treasures than humans.

Generally speaking, as long as they captured a human, they could get many things.

Moreover, this Sword Immortal was a rare expert.

Many experts of the Bull Clan echoed, “Thats to say, if we wait here for so long and White God steals our credit, we will suffer a huge loss if he goes to Ping City to split the things.”

“Thats right.

Patriarch, have you forgotten Those snowmen love to do such sneaky things.”

“We cant let them take advantage of us again this time.

We let them steal everything last time.

If we indulge them this time, when will you break through”

Niu Batian shook his head when he heard that.

Although he had made up his mind to follow Black Dragons instructions this time, what his subordinates said was true.

The snowmen were the most untrustworthy.

They had tricked him a lot back then.

If they were to do this again, he would not be able to answer to his subordinates if they were to work for nothing.

However, this was no small matter to the Black Dragon.

If they acted rashly and made a mistake, he would not be able to withstand Lord Black Dragons anger.

At the thought of this, Niu Batian trembled impatiently.

Why could there be such a troublesome matter Wouldnt it have been fine if Lord Black Dragon had asked him to come here alone Why did he have to call the three old fellows here with such fanfare How could the three of them split Rong City now Rong City was only so big, and it was not easy for them to split it.

Just as Niu Batian was feeling frustrated, he suddenly felt a strange energy fluctuation.

His eyes widened as he looked in the direction of a shelf in the corner.

On the short legs of the shelf, there was an invisible vine.

The little vine was covered in blood-colored patterns.

Its young fangs were pointed in Niu Batians direction.

The two of them seemed to be looking at each other.

Niu Batian stretched out a large palm and suddenly grabbed in the direction of the vines, grabbing the shelf and the vines.

The Blood Vine was quick-witted and had long cut off his connection with the vines.

Although this small seed had been uprooted and a large net-like vine had been pulled out, he no longer had a mental connection to prevent any follow-up damage.

The Blood Vine heaved a long sigh of relief and looked at Li Yuanqing helplessly.

He wondered what his master was thinking.

Was he really so stupid Experts of his strength usually cherished their lives very much.

If he was such a rash person, how could he have such powerful strength

The Blood Vine did not understand why Li Yuanqing was so confident.

Li Yuanqing looked very strange from top to bottom.

Even Li Yuanqings cultivation revealed a strange aura.

“Its fine.

It seems like nothing will go wrong in Rong City in the short term.”

“Master, how can you say that nothing will go wrong Theyre already surrounded.

Didnt you see Now, theyre just waiting for the other two lords to arrive.

Theyre going to attack immediately when the three lords gather.

I dont believe the humans in Rong City can defend themselves.”

The Blood Vine squatted at the side gloomily and looked at Li Yuanqing silently.

He thought that Li Yuanqing would be fooled by him and follow him to search for those ruins.

However, he did not expect Li Yuanqing to be distracted by the matters in Ping City and Rong City.

Moreover, these two cities were clearly not something he could save with his ability.

Why did he have to stay here

This made the Blood Vine wonder if his decision to kill Tarzan was right or wrong.

Thinking back, if he hadnt caused Tarzans death and made him guard his territory obediently, he would probably have already set out to find those possible locations.

Now, it was a different scene.

Just as the Blood Vine had this thought, Li Yuanqing replied as if he had heard his thoughts, “With Tarzans strength, Im afraid he wont be able to help you fulfill your wish.”

The Blood Vine looked up at Li Yuanqing and realized that after the two of them signed the contract, their hearts were connected.

Li Yuanqing could easily read his mind.

The Blood Vine said helplessly, “Since Master knows, why are you so persistent These humans are just useless ants to you.

Whether they live or die, they have no value to you.

As long as youre still alive, wont the humans have hope Why do you care”

When the Blood Vine said this, there was a hint of loneliness in his tone, but it was unknown where this loneliness came from.

Li Yuanqing looked at the Blood Vine seriously.

The aura on this fellow was too strange.

He did not look like a pure demon, but the evil aura on his body was abnormally heavy.

His background was probably worth investigating carefully.

Li Yuanqing looked at him and said, “Since you know that Im your master, you only need to understand that you dont have to think too much about my decision.

You just have to follow it obediently.

Its that simple, did you remember it”

Although the Blood Vine wanted to argue further, he was helpless.

“Since youre the master, I can only listen to you.

However, Im beginning to be a little uncertain if its good or bad to trust you with my life.”

As the two of them were talking, the Man-eating Vine suddenly crawled out of the ground and looked at Li Yuanqing proudly.

“Master, Little Man has already connected the two array formations together under your guidance.

After some adjustments, its power has increased greatly compared to before.

It can be said to be impregnable!”

Li Yuanqing took out a small shield that was only the size of a palm and placed it in the Man-eating Vines hand.

“Keep this Divine Fire Shield for now.

Protect yourself well.

Whether Ping City can be defended or not will depend on you.”

“Master, what do you mean With Master around, Ping City will definitely not be in trouble.”

“Blood Vine and I are going to Rong City.

We might not be back until two days later.

If anything happens in the next two days, you have to ensure that everyone in the city is safe.”

The Man-eating Vine was originally quite happy, but now her face drooped.

“Master, arent you going with me How can Little Man fight four Formation Arrangement Realm experts alone Why are you going to Rong City in such a hurry”


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