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Li Yuanqing tried to fuse these powerful devil crystals, but these things resisted very violently.

He could not be too hasty, so in the end, it became a tug-of-war.

Days passed, and he sat in the cave like a wooden statue without moving for more than ten days.

In the world outside the domain, in Sea City, there was a free market.

“Bastard, you dare to snatch my things Have you never heard of my name If I dont kill you today, my name wont be Zhao Batian!”

A vendor of the Spirit Transformation realm heavily threw a thin middle-aged cultivator to the ground.

This middle-aged cultivator was thin and had a slender face.

He did not seem to have any fat on his body.

There were two mustaches hanging from the corners of his mouth, and his eyes were bright.

His face looked like a big rat.

Seeing that the stall owner was angry, the fellow hurriedly rolled to the side and the gravel hit his back.

Where he had been lying just now, a huge ax shattered the stone slab on the ground.

The stone slab was smashed into flying stones that scattered in all directions.

Liu Wen turned around with a cry and looked in the direction of the explosion.

He covered his butt and looked unhappily at the burly man.

He and Yang Tianqi had been in Sea City for half a month.

During this half a month, the two of them mainly came here to cultivate, so they often went to various venues and arenas.

In the beginning, the two of them were still more introverted and would not get involved in those things too much.

However, these two brothers were helping each other now and were still doing well here.

They were like locals.

Speaking of which, most of the people in Sea City had moved in from outside, so there was nothing to say.

It was easy for these foreign kids to adapt, but this was also one of the problems.

This was because the structure of this place was too loose.

After all, it had only been organized for a short period of time, so children like them were still relatively dangerous outside.

Fortunately, Li Yuanqing had arranged it for them before he left.

He seemed to have arranged for a beautiful sister called Little Man.

That sister had only seen the two of them twice, but for some reason, the two of them had basically not encountered any danger since they arrived.

It should be because Sister Little Man had promised them that she would secretly protect them after that.

Otherwise, there would still be many dangerous situations.

These two children did not know that the Man-eating Vines current attainments in array formations were at the Proficiency level.

All the array formations in Sea City were built by her.

It was very simple for her to protect the two children.

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After noticing Liu Wens unfriendly gaze, the bully who called himself Zhao Batian widened his round eyes and looked over.

“What are you looking at, brat If you look at me again, Ill pull out your two smart eyes!”

Zhao Batian threatened the two of them angrily.

Liu Wen gritted his teeth and glared at him.

However, there was nothing he could do about this.

This person was a true Spirit Transformation realm cultivator.

The two of them had yet to reach the Foundation Establishment realm.

To that fellow, it was simply a matter of moving his fingers.

Yang Tianqi saw that Liu Wen was about to get angry and hurriedly blocked him.

“What are you screaming at Were all in business.

Dont make everyone angry.

No one will have a business then.”

The surrounding crowd looked at the two little fellows.

Their cultivation levels were not high, but their tone was quite arrogant.

They did not dare to speak to Zhao Batian like this, but these two little fellows dared to speak so arrogantly.

It was really impressive.

They did not know if they could withstand Zhao Batians anger.

Zhao Batian was originally very angry because he had caught that guy who looked like a big rat trying to steal something from his shop.

However, this anger was completely transferred to the two of them.

These two little fellows were just passing by.

It had nothing to do with the two of them.

However, they suddenly could not take it lying down and insisted on taking on this lousy job.

He ignored the middle-aged man and strode towards Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi.

Yang Tianqi was intimidated by the aura on his body and could not help but take a step back.

He swallowed his saliva and looked at him warningly.

“What do you want Im warning you.

The City Lord Manor has a clear rule that youre not allowed to hit anyone for no reason in this free market.

We have no grudge with you.

If you dare to touch the two of us, the City Lord will not let you off.”

Zhao Batian could not help but laugh out loud when he heard their childish words.

“Oh, did I hear wrongly Why are you two trying to reason with me here If you say this, I have to tell you what rules the City Lord Manor has set.”

Yang Tianqi straightened his chest and glared at him.

“Alright, then tell me.”

Zhao Batian smiled evilly as he watched the two children rub their palms together in anticipation.

“Little guy, its not appropriate to say this here.

The two of you will come back with me.

Ill explain everything to you in my cave abode later.”

As soon as he said this, the onlookers laughed along.

They were all adults and knew what this fellow meant.

He clearly wanted to take these two brats back and use them for other things.

Yang Tianqi snorted coldly and glared at him.

“Youre quite arrogant.

Do you know that the City Lord has been strictly arresting those bandits who wantonly take others away I didnt expect that not only are you not afraid, but you even took the initiative to introduce yourself.

Just you wait.

Ill report it now.”

Zhao Batian laughed even more happily.

He patted his stomach and said arrogantly, “Little fellows, what use are you two other than to play with your bodies Dont tell me you really think you can improve on your cultivation in this life However, I think your talent is not bad.

Go back with me and let me play with you.

I will naturally give you benefits.”

Liu Wen took out a short sword and sneaked out from behind Yang Tianqi.

While the guy was laughing, he stabbed him in the crotch.

There was a clang.

Zhao Batians smile immediately froze on his face.

He put on an angry expression and lowered his head to look at Liu Wen, who was clamped under his crotch.

“Kid, Im telling you nicely here, but you want to ambush me!” Zhao Batian suddenly laughed out loud and grabbed Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi like they were chickens.

“Kid, werent you being stubborn just now You said that I had no reason to beat the two of you up.

Why arent you talking now You were the ones who attacked me first.

I was just defending myself.

You have nothing to say, right Hahaha!”

Liu Wen gritted his teeth and waved the short knife in his hand.

He wanted to continue attacking, and he slashed Zhao Batians arm again and again.

It was as if he had slashed on steel bars.

Not a single mark was left.

Yang Tianqi took advantage of the moment when Liu Wen had attracted the other partys attention to take out a steel needle from somewhere and throw it at Zhao Batians face.

As soon as these steel needles appeared, they exploded in midair like cannonballs.

They accelerated and turned into illusions that smashed towards Zhao Batians face.

Zhao Batian was caught off guard and was stabbed in the face by these steel needles.

He did not care much at first, but he did not expect this thing to be so powerful.

Zhao Batian, who was smiling very happily just now, had his face pierced like a porcupine.

The onlookers were all laughing very happily.

It had been a long time since this bully had been humiliated like this.

It was really ridiculous to be humiliated by two children.

“Kid, Ill kill you today!”

As Zhao Batian spoke, his hands were about to crush their necks, but at this moment, he suddenly felt his entire body stiffen, as if he could not move.

He still wanted to use strength, but he was surprised to discover that he could no longer control his spiritual energy.

He had completely become a puppet.

“What are you doing What did the two of you do” Zhao Batians eyes darted around.

He felt that someone must have secretly shot arrows at him.

“Who are you Come out if you have the guts.

Dont hide there like a coward!”

Just as he finished shouting, a graceful woman in green descended from the sky and landed in front of him like a beautiful immortal.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this beautiful woman.

The Man-eating Vines form was becoming more and more mature.

She still looked like a graceful beauty.

“Are you looking for me”

As soon as the Man-eating Vine appeared, someone immediately recognized her.

Although Sea City was very chaotic now, they knew that there were a few ruthless figures that they could not provoke.

One of them was undoubtedly this elusive array formation master.

This array formation master was like a ghost.

She could appear anywhere in this world.

Zhao Batian had wanted to shout just now, but he immediately recognized the identity of the Man-eating Vine.

His legs instantly went limp from fear and he almost peed his pants on the spot.

Most importantly, he knew that he could not cross the line.

He definitely did not dare to be disrespectful to this array formation master.

“State Preceptor! Why are you here This is all a misunderstanding!”

Zhao Batian was so frightened that he almost peed his pants.

He looked at the Man-eating Vine and begged for mercy with a trembling voice.

The Man-eating Vine waved her hand gently and saved the two little fellows from him.

Her voice was even more ethereal, as if it came from the sky.

“Were you going to kill them just now”

“State Preceptor, this is all a misunderstanding.

Its all a misunderstanding.

I was just joking with them.

I definitely didnt mean it like this!”

“Is that so”

“Thats right.

I went crazy from cultivating today.

I was confused.

I didnt know anything.

Ive already forgotten what I said just now.

I dont even know what I said now.

I dont know these two brats at all.

What I said just now should be a misunderstanding.”

However, in the next second, his voice immediately stopped.

His huge head, with his two round eyes, rolled to the floor.

Before he died, he was still praying for forgiveness.

However, the Man-eating Vine would not forgive him.

After the Man-eating Vine arrived, her eyes were simply bloodshot.

Anyone who was touched by her would not be able to escape.

With her strength and the fact that she could control such a huge array formation here, no one in Sea City could escape the clutches of the Man-eating Vine.

The onlookers were as silent as cicadas in winter.

They had been laughing happily just now, but now, they could not say a word.

They carefully retreated, not knowing what to do.

Now, it was awkward whether they left or stayed.

The Man-eating Vine glanced at the two children.

Before Li Yuanqing left, he had instructed her to let the two children develop freely here.

It was not appropriate for the Man-eating Vine to interfere too much.

Otherwise, she would not have appeared when their lives were in danger.

She did not know how to deal with her relationship with these two children, so she pretended not to know them.

She did not look at the two of them.

Instead, she smiled and turned around, scaring the onlookers so much that they did not even dare to raise their heads.

“The City Lord has no intention of showing any mercy to these willful bullies.

I advise you to take care of yourself and do trade in the market.

Its better not to have any other ideas.”

Everyone immediately echoed after her.

“The State Preceptor is right.

We all do our business here well.

Hes the only one who always bullies others.

The others dont.”

“Thats right, State Preceptor!”

“We would never do such a thing!”

The Man-eating Vine chuckled in satisfaction.

With a wave of her sleeve, she disappeared, leaving only a fragrant breeze.

After a long time, they finally dared to raise their heads to see that there was no one else in the empty space.

Only then did they heave a sigh of relief.

“Goodbye, State Preceptor!”

“Goodbye, State Preceptor!”

They shouted and checked their surroundings again and again, hoping that the Man-eating Vine would leave early and not return.

“She should have left, right”

“Who knows”

“What about those two brats Whats their relationship with the State Preceptor”

“Why cant I find them”


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