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“Come back!”

Yang Tianqis shout was useless.

Liu Wen and the middle-aged man disappeared into the narrow path.

He did not understand what Liu Wen was doing.

Was his mind muddled Why did he leave with such an unrelated person Why

Yang Tianqi slowly recovered from his shock.

He hurriedly turned around and ran towards the City Lord Manor.

“Kid, youre quite bold.

Youre much more unyielding than your brother.”

The man looked at Yang Tianqi with a wicked smile.

The two of them had arrived at a very dark and dilapidated house.

The house was reluctantly completed without any leaks.

It could be said that the house was bare and had nothing useful.

Liu Wen looked at the man coldly and pulled out half of the silver sword.

“Im warning you, dont talk glib nonsense with me.

Im willing to cooperate with you, but you have to follow the agreement just now and split what we get equally.”

“Thats easy.

I think your strength is extraordinary, and your courage is outstanding.

With your strength, you will definitely be able to take out a lot of good things after you enter.

Then I will have to benefit from you.” The man rubbed his hands nervously and took out the storage bag again.

He took out a map from it.

He placed the map in front of Liu Wen and explained to him, “This map was drawn according to the description of the person who came out.

Its generally accurate, but there are still some uncertain factors on it.”

Liu Wen took the map.

There were a few strange patterns drawn on it.

At first, he could not see them clearly and did not understand the meaning of the markings on it.

However, after looking at it carefully a few times and understanding the connection, he could tell that the map was a very carefully drawn terrain map.

On the map, it could be seen that the upper half of the map was drawn with three tall mountains that connected together, forming a barrier.

Above the barrier was a gray area.

There were only a few simple fork-shaped marks on it, and it looked like no one had been there.

Below the barrier were three different areas.

In the middle of the three mountains was a dense forest.

At the very least, there were a few strange trees drawn on it.

In the two areas below the forest, there was a desert on the left and a large lake on the right.

This structure was very strange.

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Most importantly, there were many materials names marked above these areas.

According to this meaning, these areas should be rich in such materials.

However, the markings on them were very simple.

There were only two or three types of materials marked in each area.

“These are the materials we need.

The map is relatively rough now.

After all, it hasnt been long, and the space inside isnt completely explored, so you might encounter some other materials.

You can bring them back.”

The man introduced the items to Liu Wen as he held them.

Liu Wen pursed his lips and placed the map on the dilapidated table.

“Why is there only the name of the materials on the map and nothing else Dont tell me that theres no danger at all, or that theres not a single demon beast.” Liu Wen looked up at the man.

“And since the two of us have already cooperated, I cant possibly not know who you are, right”

The man was very satisfied with how cautious and smart Liu Wen was and took the initiative to introduce himself.

“Little brother, Im even more at ease now.

You can call me Huang Daxian or Big Brother Huang.

I wont call myself uncle.

If you follow me as my younger brother in the future, I guarantee that you will have a good life.”

Liu Wen scoffed at this and replied very coldly, “Im afraid youre not qualified to take me in as your brother.

My name is Liu Wen.”

Huang Daxian raised his eyebrows slightly, not caring much about this.

“As for what you said, it does exist.

There are fixed demon beasts guarding every area.

This is also the main reason for the damage.”

Huang Daxian explained very sincerely.

“To be honest, only one in ten people who went in at the beginning can come back.

Moreover, the person who came back was seriously injured or deeply poisoned.

He died not long after.

However, after figuring out the situation inside, the probability of survival has increased to two out of ten people coming out alive.”

“So youre sending people in batches for this twenty percent success rate”

Huang Daxian hurriedly cut ties and said, “Brother, this has nothing to do with me.

Ive already escaped from them.

You cant blame me now, right”

“What is your goal What do you want me to do for you”

Huang Daxian pointed at the desert and said excitedly, “Theres something I want here.

The fruits of the sand vine have very dense spiritual energy, and it can be used to refine some special pills.

You only need to go here and help me pick them back.

Its fine even if you dont need them.

I can exchange them for spirit stones of equivalent value for you.”

“Why do you want this”

“This is my own business.

Brother, you dont need to know this.

Let me tell you about the dangers in this desert.”

“The most common thing in the desert are desert scorpions.

These scorpions are elusive and usually hide about forty to fifty feet below the sand, making it impossible to guard against them.”

“There are also some snakes, insects, rats, and ants.

Although they are also very dangerous, there arent many of them.

As long as you pay attention, they shouldnt pose a big threat.

The most important thing is these scorpions because their numbers are too huge.

If youre entangled, you wont be able to escape at all.”

Liu Wen looked at the storage bag in Huang Daxians hand and asked, “It seems like youre already very prepared.”

Huang Daxian took out a small ball and a light green talisman.

“This Azure Shield is a pretty good defensive artifact, I spent a lot of money to buy this thing from the market.

Its expensive and can protect you from those guys surprise attacks at critical moments.

“And this Wood Escape Technique.” The corners of Huang Daxians mouth twitched slightly.

Clearly, these two treasures had cost him a lot of money.

Otherwise, he would not have secretly reached out to that fellow.

“This Wood Escape Spell can be used three times at most, but the effect will become worse and worse.

It can only achieve full effect the first time.

You should use it carefully.

However, it can help you break out of the encirclement at a critical moment and save your life.”

Liu Wen played with the two items in his hand for a while.

These two artifacts should be very good treasures for ordinary people, especially for an entry-level cultivator who did not even have a Foundation Establishment artifact.

He would be thanking the heavens if he could possess such artifacts.

However, who was Liu Wen His master was the omnipotent Li Yuanqing.

The treasures in his domain were stacked up in mountains.

These were not worth anything at all.

He had seen even more things.

Since this guy was willing to take out so many spirit stones to buy such a precious Dharma artifact, it could be seen that he was quite concerned about this matter.

Liu Wen took the two Dharma artifacts into his arms without hesitation.

Huang Daxians mouth twitched.

“Brother, since youve accepted these treasures, it means that youve promised me.

You cant leave secretly.

Although I dont have any other abilities, my tracking and pursuit abilities are top-notch.”

Liu Wen glanced at him disdainfully and said, “Theres no need to be so nervous.

Its just two low-grade Dharma artifacts.

Look at how anxious you are.”

Huang Daxians mustache twitched.

Liu Wen continued, “I see that you wanted to invite the two of us brothers to join you just now.

Then you should have prepared two sets of things, right In that case, where is the other treasure”

Huang Daxian looked at Liu Wen in shock and said, “Brother, what do you mean Weve just started working together, and you havent even taken a step out.

Are you thinking of cleaning me out”

Liu Wen looked at him very proudly.

“Old Huang, you should understand the situation.

Only if I can survive can you get what you want.

If I die inside, you will have nothing.

Why do you still have these things”

“Youre too greedy!”

“Cut the crap and get your things out.”

On the other side, Yang Tianqi stood behind the Man-eating Vine and did not dare to make a sound.

The Man-eating Vine closed her eyes and looked at the two figures flickering on the map, silently thinking.

“Sister Little Man, what should we do now I dont know whats wrong with Liu Wen.

I feel like hes a different person now.

He wont listen no matter what I tell him.”

“Did he really tell you that”

“Thats right.

That guy said that theres such a place.

I dont know where it is either.

If theres really such a mystic realm, you will definitely know, right Could Liu Wen have been tricked this time”

The Man-eating Vine thought about it.

Recently, many people had indeed disappeared for no reason in the city.

There was some panic.

She was also thinking about why she could not find anything on these people.

From the looks of it, there seemed to be an explanation for all of this.

However, it was too strange that there was such a mystic realm in the city and she did not know about it.

“Theres nothing wrong with what Little Wen did.

I searched carefully, but I still didnt find any abnormalities in the city.

If Little Wen can find the entrance to the mystic realm this time, I can save him.”

“Then Sister Little Man, do you mean to let Liu Wen be such a bait But hes very impulsive.

Will he…”

“Thats hard to say.

Im still not sure what method they used to hide that mystic realm.

However, if we want to find that place, we must have clear coordinates.

Otherwise, we wont be able to see anything.”

Yang Tianqi gritted his teeth and volunteered, “Then Ill go with Liu Wen.

Hes too impulsive.

If anything goes wrong, itll be difficult for him to survive.

Ill go and keep an eye on him.”

“No need, under my surveillance, hell be fine.

Just stay here and dont go anywhere.”

“Sister Little Man, let me go.

I shouldnt have left him alone or let him face such a strange person.”

“You have to know that this is very dangerous.

If Master… Senior Li finds out, he will probably be very angry.

Dont worry.”

“Sister Little Man, stop talking and let me go.

Im very regretful now.

If I hadnt insisted on going against him just now, Im afraid he wouldnt have insisted on going to the mystic realm with those people.”

Seeing that it could not stop Yang Tianqi, the Man-eating Vine could only agree.

Before Li Yuanqing left, he had also instructed her to leave these two children here mainly to give them more chances to train.

It seems to be a very good opportunity for them to experience this mystic realm.

If they could be used well, these two children could grow up a lot in this mystic realm.

However, she still did not know much about the situation in the mystic realm.

She was still a little worried.

After thinking about it, the Man-eating Vine took out a vine from her slender hand and wrapped it around Yang Tianqis wrist.

“Bring this vine with you and it can be connected to me at any time.

You can communicate with me at any time.

If the two of you are in any danger, report to me immediately.”

“Thank you, Sister Little Man.

Ill go now!”

After Yang Tianqi left, the Man-eating Vine slowly closed her eyes again.

A very huge three-dimensional map appeared in her mind.

The map covered the entire Sea City.

Even every extremely subtle corner of Sea City was marked.

However, all these places looked so normal.

There was nothing strange about them.

Where was the mystic realm they were talking about They could only wait for the two children to check before finding it.

The Man-eating Vine turned to look at the closed secret room behind her with concern in her eyes.

If not for the fact that Ye Qiluo was seriously injured, she would probably have gone out personally this time.

However, Ye Qiluo is very seriously injured now.

She still had to preside over the overall situation, so she could not completely follow these two children.

“Master, please bless me.”


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