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In the past, the Northern Kingdom only had the Royal Martial Arts Academy.

Those were specially taught to the descendants of aristocratic families and the royal family to cultivate.

It was almost impossible for ordinary people to enter the Royal Martial Arts Academy.

It was too difficult for them to nurture a martial artist.

This time, Zhaoyang used the treasures she had seized from the aristocratic families to set up countless Martial Arts Academies.

As long as one was a commoner who was not over the age restriction, they could come for the post-study assessment.

Although there was no effect yet, Princess Zhaoyangs actions had completely won the support of the commoners of the Northern Kingdom.

Because Princess Zhaoyang had given them hope that their child could also become a martial artist one day and bring honor to their ancestors, completely changing the fate of their family.

Such a princess should become the Crown Princess.

“Princess Zhaoyangs residence has been changed to the Crown Princesss residence.

Moreover, the Princess has already begun to help His Majesty handle the court affairs.

His Majesty doesnt seem to be in good health…”

Wang Shun was full of praise for Princess Zhaoyang.

Although Princess Zhaoyang was a woman, she was much better than the Fourth Prince who was the Crown Prince.

Li Yuanqing also knew that Li Huanjun had used secret techniques to forcefully increase his cultivation a few times.

In fact, it had already injured his foundation.

His body was naturally not in good condition, so Zhaoyang spent more time helping him deal with the government.

“Okay, you can go back first!”

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Li Yuanqing finished his cup of tea and gestured for Wang Shun to leave first.

In fact, he had also received a letter from Princess Zhaoyang about her appointment as the Crown Princess.

However, Li Yuanqing did not intend to attend the ceremony.

He was focused on studying the array formation.

The array formation he had signed in from the Wei clan was extremely profound, making Li Yuanqing very interested.

This array formation also required deduction and calculation, and its defense was very strong.

This made Li Yuanqing willing to spend more time studying this array formation.

After destroying the seven great clans, the effect of the Saint Extermination Stone was greatly reduced.

Therefore, he spent the rest of his days cultivating the Saint Extermination Stone.

As for the Clear Sky Sword Art, he had already reached the Master level.

It seemed very difficult to take another step forward.

He could only slowly accumulate it over time.

Li Yuanqing often went to the strange rocks at the back of the valley to sign in.

There, he repeatedly signed in for a lot of Vitality Reinforcement Pills.

He used these Vitality Reinforcement Pills to cultivate bit by bit and had not left the Wilderness Valley for the past three years.

During this period of time, Princess Zhaoyang brought her martial artists and set up Martial Arts Academies everywhere to accumulate the foundation of the Northern Kingdom according to what Li Yuanqing had told her.

One day, Wang Shun came to deliver food to Li Yuanqing.

During the meal, he talked about some major events that had happened in the Northern Kingdom recently.

“Your Highness, do you remember how the seven great clans were destroyed by a mysterious person three years ago”

Wang Shun suddenly mentioned the seven great clans again.

This made Li Yuanqing, who had been engrossed in studying the Heavenly Cycle Demon Extinguishing Array, stop his chopsticks and look at Wang Shun in surprise.

If he remembered correctly, he had spent two and a half days three years ago disintegrating the seven great clans overnight.

However, not many people knew about this.

Of course, Wang Shun was not among them.

“It has indeed been three years since the incident I heard about.

Could it be that something happened again recently”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I heard that this was done in a fit of anger by the mighty figure standing behind the Northern Kingdom back then.

It was because of the punishment for the seven great clans disobedience.

This mighty figure is really too powerful.

Its simply unfathomable.

You dont know, but recently, this mighty figure has made a move again…”

Wang Shun spoke with relish.

He had no idea that the mighty figure he admired so much, who was a mysterious person like the god of the Northern Kingdom, was actually the Crown Prince, Li Yuanqing, whom he brought food to every day.

“Made a move What move” Li Yuanqing was stunned.

In the past three years, he had never taken a step out of the Wilderness.

Where did Wang Shun hear that he had taken action again

Li Yuanqings question probably made Wang Shun even more excited.

He almost danced with joy as he recounted what he knew.

“Your Highness, you dont know.

Her Highness, the Crown Princess, has been promoting the Martial Arts Institute all these years.

The Grand State Preceptor, who was originally in charge of the Royal Martial Arts Institute, has always said that the expenses of the ordinary Martial Arts Institute are too high and that it should increase the usage of the Royal Martial Arts Institute.

Because of this, he has repeatedly petitioned His Majesty in the Imperial Court to cancel the expansion of the ordinary Martial Arts Institute…

“Who knew that after the Grand State Preceptor insulted Her Highness in the royal court, the Grand State Preceptor died silently because His Majesty was merciful and did not punish him…

“The mighty figure is still powerful.

The Grand State Preceptor is someone who has one foot in the peak of the Martial Saint realm.

He still died silently.

When he was discovered, he was actually on the bed, but his wife didnt notice at all.

Its exactly the same method as the mighty figure from three years ago!”

At this point, Wang Shun had a look of admiration on his face.

Now, that mysterious mighty figure was not only Wang Shuns idol, but also the pillar of the entire Northern Kingdom.

It seemed that as long as he was around, the Northern Kingdom would be able to live in peace for a long time.

However, no one knew that the mysterious mighty figure was actually Li Yuanqing.

“This is no longer that person! Who did you hear it from Moreover, the Grand State Preceptor died just like that.

Didnt anyone investigate”

Li Yuanqing found it a little funny.

He had not left the valley for three years.

There was still a legend about him in the Northern Kingdom.

Moreover, once someone died silently, someone would think of him and think that he was the one who did it.

Only Li Yuanqing knew that he was not the one who killed the Grand State Preceptor.

He had not left the Wilderness Valley for three years.

“Princess Zhaoyang immediately investigated.

Who knew that the Grand State Preceptor had embezzled a large amount of funds from the Royal Martial Arts Academy over the years.

Even some of the treasures that the royal family had bestowed to the Royal Martial Arts Academy had been embezzled by the Grand State Preceptor.

Princess Zhaoyang found a lot of evidence in the basement of the Grand State Preceptors house.

If not for that mighty figure, who would have the ability”

Wang Shun shook his head and told Li Yuanqing.

After the incident with the Grand State Preceptor, the Royal Martial Arts Academy had actually begun to increase the number of spots for recruitment every year.

The increased spots were all selected from the ordinary Martial Arts Academy.

These people would also be qualified to enter the Royal Martial Arts Academy in the future.

“This was personally done by that mighty figure.

A commoner has requested for the Northern Kingdoms temple to worship this mighty figure so that they can make ordinary commoners pay their respects to this mighty figure.

The cheers are very high now…

“Everyone in the Wilderness is signing a petition.

They plan to persuade the Imperial Court to worship this mighty figure and give him a title!”

When Wang Shun said this, Li Yuanqing, who was drinking tea, almost spat out his tea.

How could this be

He was still so young.

Was he going to enjoy the sacrifice of the temple like the founding ancestor of the Northern Kingdom


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