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“What did you say Worship Worshiping a live person”

“Thats right, thats right.

This mighty figure is really a saint.

Hes the stabilizing force of the Northern Kingdom.

He should enjoy our worship.

There are also rumors in the Wilderness that the Northern Kingdom is prosperous.

There hasnt been a beast tide for so many years.

The citizens and soldiers of the Northern Kingdom should confer a title to the mighty figure…”

Wang Shun felt that His Highness reaction was a little strange.

In fact, the commoners only wanted peace.

Someone like that mighty figure should enjoy the worship of the common people.

Just like how they worship the founding ancestor of the country.

“Your Highness, you dont know how difficult it has been for the Northern Kingdom all these years.

Everyone is saying that the founding ancestor of the Northern Kingdom has already passed away.

If there are no mighty figures to support the Northern Kingdom, there will soon be war.

Its better to be a dog in a prosperous era than be a man in a chaotic era…” Wang Shun looked at Li Yuanqings unhappy expression and said tentatively.

The Crown Prince had been staying in this Wilderness valley all year round and had no idea that the Northern Kingdom was in turmoil.

After all, the Li Dynasty had only been established for a hundred years.

It was a country that even the founding ancestor could die in.

However, it was so vast.

How difficult would it be to maintain peace for decades or centuries

The commoners only wanted this country to remain peaceful!

Li Yuanqing lowered his head and drank his tea.

He did not say anything else and only waited for Wang Shun to leave.

Li Yuanqing took a stroll in the Wilderness Valley.

When he reached Clearwater Lake, he made up his mind.

His figure quickly disappeared.

Two to four hours later, he appeared in the hinterlands of the Wilderness.

This place was almost an endless mountain range, and the terrain was dangerous.

It was not suitable for humans to live in at all, but it was a paradise for vicious beasts.

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Along the way, Li Yuanqing saw many strange vicious beasts.

He walked three hundred miles east from the hinterlands of the Wilderness.

There was a mountain with a lot of jade on it.

Moreover, there were many stones at the foot of the mountain that contained gold and copper.

Li Yuanqing stopped and took a few more glances before continuing forward.

Soon, he saw a vicious beast that looked like an ox.

It had a red tail and a bulging piece of meat on its neck.

This kind of vicious beast was called Ling Hu.

Every time there was a beast tide, it would be the favorite vicious beast of the Wilderness soldiers.

This was because they could obtain a lot of meat by capturing it.

Each of them weighed more than five hundred kilograms.

Of course, this kind of vicious beast was very fierce.

It was difficult for ordinary people to escape even if more than ten people encountered it.

Moreover, this vicious beast was very smart.

After seeing Li Yuanqing come over, it did not dare to approach at all and fled without a trace.

This was because Li Yuanqings aura made it afraid.

“Ow!” At the foot of the Yang Mountain, Li Yuanqing suddenly let out a cry that sounded like a vicious beast.

This sound spread very far and reached the highest mountain in the hinterlands of the Wilderness.

There, the Qilin Beast was about to eat.

There were thousands of vicious beasts prostrating in front of it.

They all lowered their heads and let it stretch out its claws to pick and choose.

Suddenly, it pointed at an especially majestic Ling Hu, indicating that it was todays breakfast.

The Ling Hu was lying on the ground, but his huge body was trembling.

He did not dare to run when facing the Qilin Beast, looking like he was waiting for death.

The remaining vicious beasts stood up one by one when they saw that the Beast King had already chosen its food.

It automatically made room for the Beast King to eat.

When Li Yuanqings voice reached the Qilin Beasts ears, it jumped in fright and gestured for all the vicious beasts to quiet down.

Then, it listened attentively.

Soon, it stood up and patted the Ling Hu.

Then, it let out a long cry as if in response.

Then, with its food, he charged towards Yang Mountain in a mighty manner.

It ran exceptionally fast.

The Ling Hu who was going to be eaten by the qilin beast looked at it in a daze.

Under the surveillance of a group of vicious beasts, it obediently followed the Beast King to Yang Mountain.

Li Yuanqing, who was standing at the foot of Yang Mountain, quickly saw a vicious beast that looked like a sheep.

However, it had nine tails and four ears, and its eyes were on its back.

When it saw Li Yuanqing, it ran away from afar, looking rather timid.

An earth-shattering commotion sounded.

It was as if there was thunder on the ground.

More than a thousand vicious beasts surged over.

The one running at the front was the Qilin beast.

Not far behind it was a group of vicious beasts who surrounded a Ling Hu that looked like a small mountain.

When the Qilin Beast saw Li Yuanqing, it seemed to be abnormally excited.

It circled around him and even deliberately lowered its head so that he could touch it.

“Go find Hu Jiujiu and ask her to send a message to Zhaoyang and ask Li Huanjun to come and see me…”

This Qilin Beast could understand human language, and it could communicate with Hu Jiujiu.

The key was that it was very fast, so it should be good for communication.

As expected, the Qilin Beast completely understood Li Yuanqings words.

After it circled around Li Yuanqing in a fawning manner and roared at the countless vicious beasts behind it, the vicious beasts lay down and slowly dispersed.

Soon, only the Qilin Beast and the trembling Ling Hu, were left in front of Li Yuanqing.

The Ling Hus eyes were wide open as it looked at Li Yuanqing in shock.

It suddenly knelt down towards him with limp knees, and its eyes were moist as if it was about to cry.

This Ling Hu looked like a cow, but it was much bigger than a cow.

Even though it was half-kneeling, it still looked much taller than Li Yuanqing.

Moreover, its head kept nodding at Li Yuanqing, its eyes filled with pleading and pity.

Although it could not speak, Li Yuanqing understood what it meant.

It seemed to be begging him.

The Qilin Beast was a little angry.

It raised its claws as if it wanted to slap the Ling Hus head.

Its claws were extremely sharp.

In addition, it felt that the Ling Hu did not know the rules, so it slapped out angrily.

However, the Ling Hu seemed to be stunned and did not dare to dodge at all.


Since Ive seen it, it can be considered fate.

Let it live in the valley…”

Li Yuanqings call to stop scared the Qilin Beast so much that its slap changed direction.

Then, it looked at the Ling Hu with envy and barked at him, although he did not know what they were saying.

However, Li Yuanqing looked at the Ling Hus overjoyed expression and how it kept nodding its head.

It even walked up to Li Yuanqing and half-knelt down, stretching its head over as if it wanted to carry Li Yuanqing.

The soldiers of the Wilderness had been dealing with vicious beasts all year round.

They had also captured this kind of Ling Hu and tried to make it their mount, but they had never succeeded.

This was because this vicious beast had a violent temper.

It was huge and ran especially fast.

Once its eyes turned red, the impact would be very strong.

Even if it was caught, it would crash into the stone wall and seek death!

However, this Ling Hu seemed exceptionally docile at this moment.

This reminded Li Yuanqing of the big yellow bull in his previous life.

He simply jumped onto the Ling Hus back and let it carry him back to the Wilderness Valley.

The Qilin Beast nodded at Li Yuanqing three times before quickly disappearing!


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