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After the Ba-Serpent was led away by their patriarch, the entire clan began to migrate to the Northern Kingdom.

They had raised many black snakes with the bloodline of the Ba-Serpent, as well as green snakes, other than the Ba-Serpent.

Although these snakes were not as powerful as the Ba-Serpent, they were very big and swam very quickly because of the Ba-Serpents bloodline.

Every time the Ba-Serpent Clan Patriarch led the Ba-Serpent to battle, they would bring those snakes and quickly follow.

It was so that they could quickly plunder the fruits of victory when the Ba-Serpent occupied another country.

Moreover, as a tribe that worshiped the Ba-Serpent, the members of the Ba-Serpent clan had almost arrived at the Northern Kingdom when the Ba-Serpent fought Hu Jiujiu in the Imperial City.

When the Patriarch of the Ba-Serpent Clan began to chant an incantation, it was as if there was a magical power that allowed the members of the Ba-Serpent Clan to arrive at the Imperial City as quickly as possible!

When the Ba-Serpent was injured and a rain of blood began to fall from the sky, the members of the Ba-Serpent Clan became even more anxious.

They urged the black snakes that were in charge of transporting them to move faster!

It was rare for the Ba Serpent to be injured.

If the Ba Serpent was finished, their clan would not be far from being exterminated.

In the past thousand years, they were the only ones who had destroyed other peoples homes.

They had never encountered a danger of being exterminated.

The patriarch of the Ba-Serpent Clan chanted even more urgently.

The sweat on his head had already drenched his clothes, and there was a rain of blood on his head.

He looked like he had been scooped up from a pool of blood.

When he saw that his clansmen had arrived, he heaved a sigh of relief!

As he relaxed, he suddenly let out a sharp and ear-piercing sound.

The Ba-Serpent, who was already injured, perked up when it heard the sound.

It turned around and saw the dense food not far away.

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Thats right, those clansmen who were riding the black snakes were delicacies in its eyes.

Only by eating these delicacies could it recover quickly and even break through!

A black hole appeared in the sky again.

In the palace of the Northern Kingdom, there was a moment of panic because these people knew that the Ba-Serpent was about to devour them again!

However, to everyones surprise, the Ba-Serpents target was not the Imperial City.

It actually devoured the members of the Ba-Serpent clan who seemed to have delivered themselves to its doorstep.

The hundreds and thousands of people sitting on the back of the black snakes were like a delicious meal delivered to its door.

Even those snakes with the Ba-Serpent bloodline were mercilessly devoured by it!

The Ba-Serpent was injured.

It needed to eat! Devouring was its instinct.

Only by devouring more things could it become stronger.

Li Yuanqing watched as the Ba-Serpent devoured the living humans and its kind.

The rain of blood that had been pattering down had stopped.

It turned out that the wounds on the Ba-Serpents body were recovering at a visible speed.

So thats it

When the Ba-Serpent was injured, it would use the flesh and blood of the Ba-Serpent clansmen or its own kind to heal itself.

An endless stream of members of the Ba-Serpent Clan would automatically be fed to it, but the Patriarch of the Ba-Serpent Clan did not care at all.


If he didnt make a move while the Ba-Serpent was devouring humans, he probably wouldnt have a chance when it recovered.

No wonder the Ba-Serpent had destroyed so many countries in the past thousand years.

So many Martial Saints had been devoured by the Ba Serpent!

This was because no one had the ruthlessness of the Ba Serpent clan, nor was there anyone with such a powerful recovery ability.

At the thought of this, Li Yuanqing did not show any mercy.

He took out the Clear Sky Sword and slashed at the Ba Serpent one by one.

In the night, his sword was like a bolt of lightning, giving everyone in the Imperial City hope!

He was the guardian of the Northern Kingdom.

At this most critical moment, he stood up!

Cheers sounded from below the Imperial City.

Although some people could not see Li Yuanqings face, they could see that light was slowly appearing in the dark sky!

Hu Jiujiu and the Qilin Beast also rushed forward!

Especially Hu Jiujiu.

She had been recuperating in the Northern Kingdoms Imperial City for the past few years and had obtained many high-grade medicinal herbs from the royal family to recuperate.

Moreover, Princess Zhaoyang treated her very well.

Sometimes, she would even sneak onto the streets of the Imperial City.

Especially during the annual Lantern Festival in the past few years, she would sneak out and see lanterns and fireworks everywhere in the Imperial City.

There were also children running around celebrating.

After staying in the Imperial City for a few years, she had become fond of this place, so she was unwilling to see blood flow like a river here.

Then the Ba-Serpent could only die!

After devouring countless people, the injuries on the Ba Serpents body could no longer be seen.

It plunged its head into the Imperial City again.

It was injured here so it would devour everyone here!

Otherwise, it would be difficult to resolve the hatred in his heart!

However, this time, when it rushed towards the Imperial City, it saw a flash of light above the Imperial City, and its body hurt!

It couldnt get in! Should it find another place to rush in

The Ba-Serpent was unconvinced and continued to rush towards the Imperial City.

However, it only realized at this moment that the surroundings of the large Imperial City was actually surrounded by an array formation.

No matter what method it used,

it could not rush in at all.

The entire Imperial City was like a huge net, blocking it and making it unable to go in!

It had already devoured all the food sent by the Ba-Serpent Clan.

Without any replenishment, the Ba-Serpent was injured again!

In particular, the sword in Li Yuanqings hand could stab it every time.

It wanted to devour Li Yuanqing, but it realized that this person was running too fast.

It could not even keep up with his afterimage.

Li Yuanqings Sand Escape Technique was unleashed to the extreme this time.

Moreover, the Ba Serpent had the intention to retreat after its attack on the Imperial City was blocked!

Li Yuanqing could not bear to let it go.

He had to destroy this thing that was causing trouble! However, the scales on the Ba Serpents body were very hard.

The Clear Sky Sword could only scratch its scales every time, but it could not stab it to death!

But Li Yuanqing was ruthless.

What he did not lack the most was patience.

He could cultivate alone in the Wilderness for so many years.

If he didnt have patience, he wouldnt be able to stay there.

Therefore, he began to chase after the Ba Serpent.

He chased it from the Imperial City of the Northern Kingdom to the Wilderness, then from the Wilderness to the Jiangnan area, and then from the Jiangnan area to the Wilderness.

He chased it for ten days and ten nights!

In the past ten days and ten nights, it had been raining blood non-stop.

It was the blood left behind by the Ba Serpent.

In the end, after the Ba Serpent was forced by Li Yuanqing to the Wilderness Canyon, it was already at the end of its rope.

This Ba-Serpent disaster was the most difficult battle in Li Yuanqings history.

When the huge Ba-Serpent landed in the canyon, it was more than ten times smaller than its original body.

Even so, it was still bigger than a few mountains.

When it fell into the canyon, the entire place collapsed and shook violently!


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