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Chapter 18

Because of Mu Yixi’s interruption, Mu Yiqi had forgotten about his displeasure with Feng Weiming.

Children were naturally interested in small animals.

Louis was cute and hilarious.

Not only that, even the majestic Caesar was very well-behaved.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan had quickly forgotten about the fright.

They were enthusiastic and also wanted to give it a try.

Without Feng Weiming restricting Louis, he immediately ran around happily and played with them.

Not only wasn’t he angry that people were cuddling and massaging his fur, he became even more excited and happy.

The entire time, Caesar was very indifferent.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan revered him, not acting as carefree and lax as they were with Louis.

They summoned the courage to lightly pat his fur, trembling while doing so.

After they touched his fur, they immediately held in their breaths and withdrew their hands, watching their reactions.

Caesar looked at them and placed his paws down lazily.

Mu Yixuan and Mu Yiqi immediately smiled.

Mu Yiqi wasn’t even tired of playing with the pets all day long.

He’d chase and cuddle them.

Mu Yixi had an adult’s soul while Mu Yixuan acted like a young, wise and virtuous young lady.

They originally still acted quite reserved, but after Louis whose fur was soaked in water flopped around for a bit, they subconsciously let themselves become unrestrained.

Laughter filled the room.

Feng Weiming glanced at the group of children rolling on the grass.

He naturally wouldn’t join because of his personality.

However, Louis and Caesar only listened to him.

They obtained the advantage while playing around.

Mu Yiqi and the rest couldn’t handle the dogs’ playfulness, so they were forced to ask Feng Weiming.

He found it quite annoying, but he’d still call out the dogs’ names at the right moment, having them stop.

When Louis heard his voice, he turned around and humphed.

Don’t mention how wronged he felt.

Young master, you’re biased!

There was once when a courageous thought bloomed in his heart and he excitedly pounced towards Feng Weiming.

Caesar’s lazy attitude immediately changed to that one of ferociousness.

He leaped quickly and unbelievably, kicking Louis before chasing and biting him.

The children were at first shocked and dumbfounded, but then they admired Louis’ courageous action and started clapping!

“You go, Caesar!” Everyone supported Caesar.

Louis: QAQ.

Caesar suddenly knocked Louis on the ground and he rolled on his stomach, limbs facing the air.

They suddenly cheered, “Mighty Caesar, yay!”

Caesar listened and stepped on Louis’ snow-white stomach, acting like a great general.

As for Louis… Louis felt lifeless, his head tilted to the side.

He stuck his tongue out and pretended to act dead.

But the moment Caesar let go of him, he immediately recovered his vitaliy.

He barked and charged towards the group of children.

Everyone shrieked before scattering.

In the afternoon, after the housekeeper obtained Feng Weiming’s approval, he brought everyone to come and shower for Louis and Caesar.

The two dogs showered by the outdoor showering area by the swimming pool.

They each occupied about three square meters of area and used a hose to shower.

There was a little basket by the water pipe.

There were some specialized bathing utensils for the dogs.

Mu Yixuan and Mu Yiqi had never done this.

They found it to be very new and odd, joining in enthusiastically.

What made it shocking was that Feng Weiming actually rolled out his sleeves and was about to personally shower the dogs.

The housekeeper explained, “Ever since Caesar and Louis came here, the master has always brought the young master to shower for them.”

Everyone nodded, not quite understanding.

As the adopted father, Mu Jiuqing, must’ve spent a lot of effort to help Feng Weiming get close to Louis and Caesar.

Mu Jiuqing and Feng Weiming spent their time together showering Caesar and Louis.

Showering the dogs took up most of the time.

Because there were a lot of people, they divided into two groups.

The experienced Feng Weiming chose to shower Caesar while Mu Yixi smiled shyly as he walked over.

Feng Weiming’s indifferent gaze swept over him but he didn’t’ object to this.

The housekeeper led Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan to shower Louis.

After the water sprayed out, the two sides were incredibly contrasting!

For Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, Caesar remained unmoved as the water splashed on them.

He’d lift his paws and legs when needed, incredibly calm and unflustered.

Even if he became a soaked dog, he was still an extraordinary soaked dog.

Feng Weiming carefully and delicately washed the dog.

He applied the specialized shampoo for the dog and scratched his fur while he was at it.

He washed the bubbles off after adjusting the water pressure.

His exquisite and indifference face was focused as if he was doing something very important.

Mu Yixi originally wanted to say something to him but after seeing his expression, he decided to delay this.

He focused on helping Feng Weiming in washing Caesar.

He had a great sense of foresight.

Feng Weiming didn’t say anything but the moment he slightly moved, he knew what he wanted.

Then, he’d give help at the right time.

He and Feng Weiming mutually understood each other.

The scene where the two beautiful boys got along with a dog was very warm and loving.

As for Mu Yiqi and the others, it was a tragedy.

Once the water was sprayed from the water pipe, Louis became incredibly playful.

He foolishly laughed nonstop, scratching and biting at the water pipe.

His fur got soaked, so he’d shake his fur firmly.

The housekeeper, Mu Yiqi, and Mu Yixuan quickly became soaked.

The housekeeper sternly scolded Louis as Mu Yiqi wailed.

Mu Yixuan stepped to the side and refused to come over.

Louis knew they were angered, so he became more obedient.

He’d lift his paws and legs when he was asked to.

He acted as though he had deeply realized his mistake and became gentle and docile again.

Paired with his moist black and round eyes, he appeared very innocent and pure, softening everyone’s hearts.

Mu Yiqi was deceived and Mu Yixuan also came back.

Only the housekeeper who knew Louis’ personality was still on alert, but there wasn’t anything he could do about him for now.

As expected, once they started washing him, Louis became quiet for one minute before returning to his original state.

He started playfully flopping around again.

Even more, he changed his way of flopping, lying his heavy and wet body on Mu Yiqi, hugging his waist tightly and licking him enthusiastically.

This time, Mu Yiqi couldn’t even escape.

He wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

They finally finished washing Louis, but the housekeeper and Mu Yixuan were half-soaked while Mu Yixi was fully soaked, as if he was fished out from the water.

In contrast to Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, they were clean and refreshing, making people envious of them.


Mu had been sitting by the side and watching them play.

Although Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi were six years old and should start accepting Mu Family’s elite education, Mrs.

Mu didn’t plan on restraining their freedom.

After all, this was a slow process and it wouldn’t go well if she forced it upon them.

Because the kids were young, there was no pet in Yilian Garden.

But seeing how even Feng Weiming’s indifferent personality had changed because of the pet, Mrs.

Mu suddenly thought that it was a pretty good idea to let the children raise a pet, so that it could cultivate their responsibility.

Seeing Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan’s soaked clothes, Mrs.

Mu brought them to change clothes.

She handed the task of blow drying Caesar and Louis’ fur to Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi.

The housekeeper brought the blow dryer out and asked Mu Yixi, “Does Young Master Xi know how to use it”

“Yes.” Mu Yixi said.

But seeing how the innocent-looking Louis had shrunk because his fur was soaked, he felt a headache rising.

Feng Weimign picked up the blow dryer and walked straight towards Louis.

Mu Yixi looked shockingly at him.

He knew that Feng Weiming wanted to tease him today.

People were frightened by Caesar’s appearance because they had rarely seen that type of dog before.

In reality, Caesar was indeed a breed that had been recently cultivated.

Its name was the American Bully, a synthesis of American Pit Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terriers’ features.

He appeared fierce and sinister on the surface, but he was very loyal and calm.

He had a lot of patience and was extremely friendly and lenient on children.

In a few more years, this type of dog would become the trend and it’d be common within families domestically.

Mu Yixi had the memory of his past life, so he naturally recognized the breed.

Feng Weiming raised Caesar.

Without Feng Weiming’s order, he definitely wouldn’t walk towards him and Mu Yixuan.

Even more, although Caesar had a powerful imposing manner, his pair of golden-yellow eyes were very gentle and warm.

This was why Mu Yixi would try to be the hero and Feng Weiming’s prank became unsuccessful.

After the entire day, only at this time could Feng Weiming get his wish fulfilled.

Letting him blow dry the playful Louis was going to be a hard task.

By the time he finished blow drying him, he’d be soaked as well.

Don’t mention what sort of new tricks Louis would play on him.

In the end, it wasn’t like Mu Yixi could argue with a dog.

Did he suddenly realize and changed his idea

Mu Yixi dried Caesar while wearing a questioning expression.

Towards the fierce Caesar, he found it strangely cute.

It might be because Louis had played around the entire day that he became a bit tired.

Even more, Feng Weiming was more intimidating than the others.

He was considerately more obedient.

He just tried to act cute and bit on the wire of the blow dryer in the beginning in order to attract Feng Weiming’s attention.

He let go once Feng Weiming looked at him, whimpering.

Then, he lied down and had Feng Weiming blow dry him.

He comfortably closed his eyes and occasionally lazily rolled around.

Feng Weiming stroked his fur, a faint glint of warmness flashed in his calm and indifferent eyes.

Mu Yixuan and Mu Yiqi were children, so their moods passed by quickly.

They were originally angry at Louis’ playfulness and how he got their clothes wet.

After changing their clothes, they didn’t see Louis and Caesar, so they walked around as they called out their names.

They spent the entire day playing with the two dogs; they adored them.

They even chatted with Mu Jiurong and Mu Jiuqing about this for a while when they returned from work.

They expressed their desire to raise a pet through their words.

Mu Jiurong didn’t mind a pet, as long as it didn’t disturb his work.

He waved his hands and had them go nag Mrs.

Mu about it.

As long as she agreed, he’d too.

He believed in his wife’s capabilities.

Hearing that Feng Weiming allowed Mu Yiqi and the others to help wash Caesar and Louis, Mu Jiuqing knew that his son and his elder brother’s kids did indeed get along well.

This was very rare.

Mu Jiuqing watched Feng Weiming’s faint smile.

The latter calmly drank his milk, acting the same like Caesar who was by his feet.

Bustling about, it was time to sleep.


Mu carried the exhausted kids upstairs to their beds.

After giving each one of them a goodnight kiss, she turned the lights off and left.

Mu Jiuqing had a large villa, enough for Mu Jiurong’s family to each take a room.

Besides Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu who slept in the same room, Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi, and Mu Yixuan slept alone in their own rooms.

After Mrs.

Mu left, Mu Yixi opened his eyes.

He wore Winnie-the-Pooh pajamas and walked out of the room quietly, knocking on Feng Weiming’s door.


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