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Chapter 19

Feng Weiming opened the door, astonished.

This was the first time someone knocked on his door while he was about to sleep.

Then he glanced at the fair-looking and elegant young boy with his hands behind his back wearing Winnie-the-Pooh pajamas.

His smile seemed to be sparkling and bright under the warm-yellow light’s reflection.

Feng Weiming got distracted for a second before he immediately thought of Mu Yiqi.

Next, he wondered why the two similar faces gave him such a different feeling.

Mu Yiqi was stupid, but he was geuine and pure, like an energetic ball of sunshine.

Although Feng Weiming found him to be annoying, he didn’t dislike him.

As for the one in front of him…

Feng Weiming closed the door without warning, but he wasn’t surprised that he received resistance.

Whilst Feng Weiming was stunned, Mu Yixi quickly pushed the door and squeezed it.

The only thing that pleased Feng Weiming was that Mu Yixi’s annoying smile dropped.

Mu Yixi finally made it in after having the door almost closed on him.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Mingming, you hate me that much” He felt very wronged.

Maybe he was influenced in his previous life, but he shamelessly used his advantage in age to bully Feng Weiming who didn’t place him in his eyes.

However, Feng Weiming was hard to deal with just as he expected.

He didn’t gain much advantage either.

Even more, he quickly realized that Feng Weiming assisted Mu Yiqi, so Mu Yixi stopped making life difficult for him.

In order to restore their relationship, he even took good care of him.

But why did this little boy not appreciate his efforts and continued to frown at him

“Annoying.” Feng Weiming said this icily, without hesitation.

Mu Yixi kept quiet.

“Don’t call me ‘Mingming.’ Leave.” Feng Weiming added salt to the wound.

Anyone with an ego would probably not be able to endure his cold expression.

Feng Weiming one shotted many children around his age who dared to approach him because of his status.

I’m only six and I don’t understand anything.

Mu Yixi thought.

He looked up at Feng Weiming and seemingly smiled.

“No.” It sounded as though he wouldn’t leave unless someone kicked him out.

He refused to leave and he even closed the door behind him, turning around to observe Feng Weiming’s room.

Compared to how simple Mu Yiqi and his room were, Feng Weiming’s room was much more spacious and luxurious.

Mu Jiuqing gave him the biggest room in the house and the arrangement could be compared to a presidential suite in a five-star hotel, but child-sized.

Mu Jiuqing wanted Feng Weiming to entertain his companions in his room, so he made sure there was enough room to throw a party if needed.

But for the past two years, Feng Weiming only made use of the bed, cabinet, and closet.

He wasn’t an ordinary child.

He was arrogant and intelligent.

He appeared to be sensible and quiet, but he was difficult to raise and please.

Mu Yixi didn’t expect Feng Weiming to approve of him like Mu Yiqi had done.

After all, he also didn’t like him.

He just hoped that he could be nicer to him than ordinary people, so that it wouldn’t put his effort in pleasing him to waste.

Now, it seemed like it was no use.

“That’s how you treat someone that helped you” Mu Yixi crossed his arms over his chest.

He wore an astute expression on his child-like face; it didn’t seem out of sorts in any way.

Feng Weiming looked expressionlessly at him, a glint of mockery flickered through his eyes.

He finally stopped pretending

Mu Yixi knew that he had seen through him.

“You ordered Caesar to scare me and this made Xiao Qi misunderstand you.

If it weren’t for me, Xiao Qi would definitely be angry at you.” Mu Yixi said the truth.

“Shouldn’t you repay me for helping you”

“So what” Feng Weiming said in his cold child voice, “You weren’t doing this for me.” He had deep and meticulous thoughts.

He long knew that Mu Yixi didn’t want Mu Yiqi to offend him which is why he tried his best to maintain his and Mu Yiqi’s relationship.

Feng Weiming knew that his uncle, Mu Jiurong, wanted his father’s support.

He must’ve told the three siblings to get along well with him.

Mu Yixuan was too young and didn’t understand.

Mu Yiqi didn’t know how.

He thought that he just had to be a big brother, so he did his best to let him do whatever he wanted.

However, he was nevertheless annoyed at him when he was in a bad mood.

Only Mu Yixi understood what he meant.

He pretended to be nice to him.

Feng Weiming thought that he had understood.

Mu Yixi had seen through his thoughts and his heart trembled.

Although Feng Weiming was a bit off, he was accurate in his thoughts for the most part.

Imagine when he gets older! Mu Yixi started to wonder whether it was because Feng Weiming didn’t place him in his eyes that he had won.

If Feng Weiming had set about earlier on, who knew whether he would win or not.

He was definitely someone he wanted to befriend.

“No matter who I’m doing this for, you get benefitted from this, no” Mu Yixi refuted and tried to say honestly, “Mingming, you’re really smart.

You should know that I don’t have any bad intentions.”

That was the truth.

No matter what Mu Yixi’s true intention was, he was considerately nice to Feng Weiming in everyone’s eyes.

He was one of the rare ones that didn’t mind his cold expression, always smiling at him.

He also knew how to take good care of people.

He was gentle and considerate.

Therefore, no matter how much Feng Weiming hated him despite him taking good care of him, he didn’t actually reject him outside the door.

If he really wanted to ignore Mu Yixi, he wouldn’t have closed the door with that little strength.


“You’re very annoying.” Feng Weiming said.

Mu Yixi was defeated, glancing at him gloomily.

He was sure that the words “I’m annoying” weren’t written on his face.

Even up til now, besides Feng Weiming, none of the people he interacted with hated him.

Half of this was due to his cute and handsome face.

One look at Mu Yiqi and people could tell that he was a cute and handsome little boy.

Even more, his bashfulness made people like and trust him more compared to Mu Yiqi’s playfulness.

But why did Feng Weiming hate him that much Was it because they weren’t compatible

Mu Yixi didn’t find Feng Weiming that annoying though! It wasn’t fair!

Since Feng Weiming saw through his act, Mu Yixi just exposed himself.

“Then what do I need to do for you to not hate him”

Feng Weiming asked calmly, “Does it matter” After this vacation, Mu Yixi will probably only see him once a year.

Even more, they shouldn’t expect him to put good words for Mu Jiurong on their behalf even if they tried to please him.

Don’t mention how he was indifferent in the first place.

Mu Yiqi wasn’t stupid.

He should know this.

Therefore, does it matter whether he liked or hated him

“It’s important.” Mu Yixi nodded without hesitation.

The battle within the Mu Family had always been very intense.

Feng Weiming was an adopted son, but he obtained Mu Jiuqing’s love.

To Mu Yiqi, he was a great helper.

Mu Yixi refused to let Feng Weiming’s hate for him influence Mu Yiqi.

Feng Weiming paused before saying, “I don’t know either.” He hated Mu Yixi because it was a natural feeling.

Feng Weiming didn’t know how to change himself.

Mu Yixi saw a glint of confusion in Feng Weiming’s eyes.

Who knew how invulnerable Feng Weiming would be when he grew up

“Seeing that I’ve helped you before, try to like me, okay” Mu Yixi asked.

Feng Weiming stayed silent for a while.

He reluctantly nodded after seeing Mu Yixi’s serious expression as if this was something very important.

Mu Yixi cheered softly, pouncing on Feng Weiming in a few steps.

He kissed his face and jumped on him like Louis!

(Louis: Why’d you have to drag me I’m clearly a very good dog.

Look at my pure and innocent looking eyes.)

Feng Weiming didn't expect this.

When he felt the soft and warm touch, he felt terrible.

He hated Mu Yixi!


They planned on staying in France for ten days.

When the kids adjusted to the timezone, Mrs.

Mu brought everyone out to play.

Mu Jiurong had to work, so he didn’t come along.

However, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were used to this.

They didn’t think much about it.

They carried the task of enjoying the vacation and going back to tell Mu Jiurong about it.

Mu Yixi snorted at Mu Jiurong for tricking them.


Mu basically took care of the kids, but he shamelessly claimed half the contribution.

The pair of siblings looked up to Mu Jiurong in admiration.

Mu Yixi was unhappy with Mu Jiurong.

He didn’t try to please him like he did in his past life.

The father and son were quite indifferent with each other.

However, Mrs.

Mu thought that Mu Yixi was scared of Mu Jiurong and didn’t want their relationship to be stiff, so she put in good words for both sides.

After all, Mu Jiurong was still cold-blood and indifferent towards Mu Yixi despite knowing that he was his son.

If there was a conflict in the future, it would probably be harder to mediate the two’s relationship.

Mu Yixi was in a disadvantage.


Mu was worried that she may not be able to protect him.

After all, the father’s image influenced the child greatly.

A mother couldn’t replace this.


Mu hoped that Mu Yixi could truthfully feel the atmosphere of a family.

Since she adopted him, she’d be responsible for him.

Towards their worrisome wife and mother, Mu Jiurong and Mu Yixi indicated that they heard her words.

They tried to relax themselves in front of her, but behind her back...

Mu Jiurong: If he really treats me as his father, why isn’t he trying to talk to me He thinks that I can’t tell that he genuinely likes my wife, but is reluctant towards him What a little brat!

Mu Yixi: Just ignore the slag of my father.

I just need to act in front of Mrs.


The two looked at each other in dislike.

Mu Yixi was happy that he didn’t have to be with Mu Jiurong and that he got to go on vacation with Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yiqi, as well as Mu Yixuan.

As for Xu Qingli and the bodyguards, they weren’t in his line of sight.

Mu Jiuqing sent a car to drive the group of people.

He even sent two guides, one old and one young.

The young one was naturally the indifferent Feng Weiming.

Mu Jiuqing naturally wanted them to get along.

As the host, he went along with everyone.

The old one was Mu Jiuqing’s assistant, Jiang Xinyu.

It was a masculine name, but she was beautiful.

She was Chinese and about 5’9.

She wore the ten centimeter tall heels as though she was walking on flat ground.

She had wavy hair and wore exquisite makeup.

Those that didn’t understand Mu Jiuqing would’ve thought she was Mu Jiurong’s mistress.

However, Mu Yixi knew that Jiang Xinyu was Mu Jiuqing’s trusted aide, and Feng Weiming’s in the future.

Her power was not to be underestimated.

Mu Jiuqing didn’t even send the bodyguards out with her by their side.

They only sent a driver to drive.

One could tell how much he trusted her.


Mu and the kids all knew Jiang Xinyu, so they greeted each other.

The group got ready and into the car, preparing to head out.

Their first stop was Disneyland.


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