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This was a very strange phenomenon.

Since enrolling in school, Mu Yixi had been very low-key in dealing with people, and he had not revealed any outstanding features.

He had an ordinary personality, ordinary grades, and was ordinary in sports.

He was almost inseparable from Mu Yiqi.

Where Mu Yiqi went, there was his figure there.

As long as Mu Yiqi had spoken, he would stop expressing opinions and instead agree to support Mu Yiqi’s decision.

The students gradually got used to Mu Yiqi’s brother as another supporter of Mu Yiqi, and Mu Yiqi’s thoughts were equal to Mu Yixi’s thoughts.

Mu Yixi’s sense of existence was getting weaker and weaker… but as if it was just a blink of an eye, this little boy with a face similar to Mu Yiqi suddenly became three-dimensional and vivid, and his words and deeds made people feel shocked.

At least Ms.

Chen and Feng Kun were surprised.

Teacher Chen felt that there was the feeling of a mantis stalking a cicada while an oriole was waiting behind them, and the children’s intelligence quotient gave him a great shock.

He once thought that Mu Yixi was Mu Yiqi’s shadow, the simplest and easy to understand, but in the face of a trap specifically aimed at him, his calm way of coping was as if he had seen through everything a long time ago and was scheming against them.

When everything happened as he expected, he fell silent again, watching coldly, letting his roommate who had lived with him for several months become the victim of the game, unmoved.

Teacher Chen thought that all the dust had settled, but he unexpectedly opened his mouth again, and he couldn’t guess what he wanted to do.

Did he want to help Lin Xiaoyang intercede

Feng Kun also wanted to know what Mu Yixi wanted to do.

He hadn’t figured out how his “seamless” plan would get such a result! But it must be inseparable from Mu Yixi!

Lin Xiaoyang stared at Mu Yixi with hope on his face!

Originally, Lin Xiaoyang was also a carefree little boy.

His father was the most promising in his family.

He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth and grew up in the palm of his family’s hand.

He had been studying in Ya’an since he was in kindergarten, and his friends were all very rich.

He was once the envy of many people.

But this kind of pampered life ended a year ago.

Not long after he entered the first grade of elementary school, his father failed in business and owed a large amount of debts.

Unable to bear the blow, he jumped from a high building and committed suicide.

His mother, who had never been out to work, had to work hard to raise him and pay off the debts.

Those who used to smile at him and his mother changed their faces overnight, and even his little friends who had been called brothers and sisters stayed away from him, and even began to laugh at him.

After Lin Xiaoyang suffered a series of blows, he quickly changed from a doted and ignorant child to what he was now.

Lin Xiaoyang was grateful to Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi was the only person who had not alienated him after knowing what happened to him and was still friends with him.

He also knew that this friendship was precious.

However, he had to listen to Feng Kun.

Because his mother could not bear the pressure of life even after hard work, she became the lover of someone using her beauty.

The person who was raising her was Feng Kun’s second uncle.

Feng Kun knew all this and took Lin Xiaoyang’s handle.

As long as Feng Kun said this in public, Lin Xiaoyang would not be able to stay in Ya’an.

If Feng Kun wanted him to frame Mu Yiqi, Lin Xiaoyang might still consider it.

But who Feng Kun wanted him to frame was Mu Yixi, an illegitimate child who had a natural opposition to Mu Yiqi.

Lin Xiaoyang didn’t expect things to develop to this point!

Hearing that Teacher Chen asked him to go to the office with her, Lin Xiaoyang couldn’t imagine how sad his mother would be when she knew about it!

Mu Yixi asked Teacher Chen to wait, Lin Xiaoyang suddenly had hope in his heart!

Maybe Mu Yixi wanted to help him intercede

Both he and Mu Yiqi knew about his family affairs, and they both sympathized with him and took good care of him.

Mu Yiqi was so kind and generous, his brother shouldn’t be bad, right

By the way, Mu Yixi listened to Mu Yiqi!

Would Mu Yiqi believe he had not done it And did he not know that he and Feng Kun were in the same group

Lin Xiaoyang looked at Mu Yiqi with pleading eyes, only to be ignored.

Mu Yiqi moved a little uncomfortably.

Mu Yixi said: “Teacher Chen, Fang Wei and the others just came in and said I was stealing things.

The facts proved that I was innocent.

They slandered my personality without basis.

Shouldn’t they apologize” Lin Xiaoyang was not mentioned.

Teacher Chen was taken aback for a while.

Fang Wei yelled: “No!”

The several classmates who booed before also looked unhappy.

“Oh, you did something wrong, but you are determined not to correct it, am I right” Mu Yixi raised his eyebrows and hooked his lips unclearly.

This charge was beyond the scope of the children’s tolerance, Fang Wei and the others shrank back together by coincidence, and at the same time there was a sense of horror of being stared at by an extremely terrifying animal in their heart.

“I agree with Xiaoxi.

You should apologize.” Mu Yiqi said.

Mu Yiqi felt so angry when he thought that they had condemned them just now!

“Yes, you should apologize for doing something wrong, so that you are good boys.”

“Obviously I didn’t steal anything.

You insisted that I stole it.

I am wronged!”

“After that, you didn’t see the thing.

I can also say that you stole it… …”


“Yes, I apologize to Xiaoxi and Xiaoqi!” The classmates who were close to Mu Yiqi said one after another, and Fang Wei’s face turned blue.

“Xiao Kun, what do you think” Mu Yixi tilted his head and asked Feng Kun.

Feng Kun was suffocated for a long time before he smiled and said without a smile, “They should apologize.” He looked at Fang Wei and the others: “Apologize, you can’t do this again in the future.”

Mu Yixi praised: “It’s still Xiao Kun who understands the truth.” Feng Kun choked to death.

Fang Wei and the others looked at each other, but Feng Kun had already spoken, and they had ghosts in their hearts again.

So, one after another, even though they were unwilling, they had to apologize to Mu Yixi.

“I’m sorry, Mu Yixi, you shouldn’t be wronged…”

“I forgive you.

But before you speak, please think about it.

Xiaoqi and I are surnamed Mu.

Our family gives us anything we want, and we never need to steal.”Mu Yixi said every word, his eyes cast heavily over the children who had accused him, and wherever his gaze went, the children were forced to bow their heads and couldn’t look at him.

After that, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi invited the classmates to have a party at Mu’s house in the name of celebrating their good results in the exam, so that they could get to know the richness and power of the Mu’s family.

The gifts Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi received casually were several times the total amount of the theft.

They used facts to tell everyone that they wouldn’t become thieves for small things and small money.

It was meaningless to frame them for that kind of reason! He slapped some people’s faces until they swelled up.

This incident would be mentioned later.

Mu Yixi forced them to apologize before this matter was finished.

He didn’t say anything until Teacher Chen took Lin Xiaoyang away.

Mu Yiqi watched the hope and pleading in Lin Xiaoyang’s eyes turn into despair and silence, feeling very uncomfortable.

Lin Xiaoyang had always been his roommate.

They had lived in the same dormitory for more than a year and had a good relationship.

Mu Yiqi did not expect Lin Xiaoyang and Feng Kun to get together and set up a situation to frame them (to harm his brother was also to harm him).

This kind of betrayal came too suddenly and unexpectedly, and it severely impacted Mu Yiqi’s still very simple and pure three views.

There were only the two brothers left in the dormitory.

Mu Yiqi figured out the ins and outs at Mu Yixi’s advice.

He asked Mu Yixi in a depressed manner: “What punishment will Xiaoyang be given”

“Kicked out of school.” Mu Yixi said.

He had no second way to go.

Theft was a very serious behavior in this era.

Ya’an’s school spirit and reputation would never tolerate such a student, and it must be dealt with seriously.

The Lin family had quickly fallen after Lin Xiaoyang’s father died; Lin Xiaoyang didn’t have enough backing to keep things down.

Mu Yiqi couldn’t help but say, “Feng Kun is obviously the instigator! He must have forced Xiaoyang!”

“Do you have any evidence” Mu Yixi asked.

Mu Yiqi said: “Xiaoyang can testify against him.”

Mu Yixi did not refute him but said: “Ms.

Chen took him for questioning.

If he doesn’t want to be kicked out, he might testify against Feng Kun!”

Mu Yiqi was looking forward to it.

He didn’t know what he was expecting.

But Lin Xiaoyang dropped out of school calmly.

It was said that Teacher Chen asked his mother to explain the situation.

His mother was crying and unwilling to accept, saying that she would call the police and return her son his innocence.

Lin Xiaoyang was very excited thinking that there was still room for reversal, but after he said a name, his mother immediately covered his mouth and agreed to drop out without saying anything.

Lin Xiaoyang walked away quickly.

Mu Yiqi returned to the dormitory after class.

Lin Xiaoyang’s bed was already empty, and all traces of Lin Xiaoyang in the dormitory had disappeared, as if he had never existed.

“How could this be” Mu Yiqi felt uncomfortable and felt it was unfair.

Lin Xiaoyang would rather drop out of school than tell the truth, so that Feng Kun, the initiator, was safe and sound.

Mu Yixi was not surprised at all.

Feng Kun obviously held an important handle against Lin Xiaoyang.

“Xiaoqi, even if Feng Kun was behind him, Lin Xiaoyang did something wrong.” Mu Yixi said, “Is it because Feng Kun was not punished, shouldn’t Lin Xiaoyang be punished”

Mu Yiqi was stunned.

Suddenly: “I didn’t think like this…”

Mu Yixi said, “Have you ever thought that if I didn’t take out the things Lin Xiaoyang put in my schoolbag, it would be me who was framed as a thief, and you would become a thief’s younger brother, our mother would have a thief son, and our Mu’s children would be considered thieves while we study in Ya’an… Even so, do you think Lin Xiaoyang deserves our forgiveness”

Mu Yiqi opened his mouth and thought.

After a while, he was discouraged and said: “I just don’t think he is the worst one.” The worst is Feng Kun! Humph, it’s all right!

“If he really treats you as a friend and Feng Kun threatens him, he can tell us! Wouldn’t we help him beat Feng Kun” Mu Yixi said.

Mu Yiqi was speechless.

Because the answer was yes.

If he knew Feng Kun bullied Lin Xiaoyang, he would definitely not let Feng Kun go! He was afraid that even Lin Xiaoyang knows this.

But he never said it.

“Don’t be sad, Xiaoqi.

Now we all know that he is not our friend, he is Feng Kun’s subordinate.

It is not worth it to be sad for Feng Kun’s subordinates.” Mu Yixi touched his shoulders.

“I hate Feng Kun!” Mu Yiqi said sullenly next to his brother.

The worst was not punished, he was so angry!

For Mu Yiqi’s temperament, he would call whoever he hated by name, and that was really not annoying.

Mu Yixi was very satisfied.

If Mu Yixuan still could think of falling in love with Feng Kun in the future, the opposition would increase.

“One day, he will be punished.” Mu Yixi said.

Hum, he only pulled out Lin Xiaoyang’s nail, although there was a reason why he couldn’t move against Feng Kun for the time being.

But after this incident, Feng Kun’s influence on his subordinates would definitely be affected.

For the subordinates who were so valued like Lin Xiaoyang and entrusted with a “heavy task”, Feng Kun turned his face against him after he was caught, trampled people to death, and also forced Fang Wei and others to bow their heads to their opponents to apologize.

Feng Kun as the “boss” could be described as a lot of uselessness.

The friends around him were all at an age of ignorance and acting domineering.

It was impossible for him to hold a handle in his hand against everyone like he did with Lin Xiaoyang.

Seeing that Feng Kun’s character was poor and incompetent, they were almost implicated in doing bad things.

Whether they would listen to him as before was still unknown.

Now even the teacher Chen, the head teacher, saw Feng Kun’s character, so he would intentionally or unintentionally favor them, which had become a favorable bargaining chip between the two sides in the future.

The temporary silence did not mean that they will not retaliate in the future.

Could Mu Yixi be framed casually

Moreover, for Feng Kun, his goal was not that simple.

He wanted to let Feng Kun expose his nature bit by bit, tarnish his reputation, and ensure that he would never appear on the list of Mrs.

Mu’s son-in-law candidates when he grew up.

A fierce light flashed in Mu Yixi’s eyes, but they softened when he turned to Mu Yiqi: “Xiaoqi, I have to thank you.

Fortunately, you believed that I am not a thief.”

“You are my brother, I must believe you.!” Mu Yiqi said.

Mu Yixi’s heart warmed, and he said: “Then you have to believe me in the future.”

Mu Yiqi nodded: “Yeah.” After thinking about it, he added: “I have learnt from Xiaoyang.

Even if others are good, they can do bad things.”

Ha ha, it seems that he still learned something.

But the connotation of this sentence was too rich, Mu Yixi smiled and nodded, and solemnly reiterated: “I will tell you whoever I am good with, and everyone will be friends together.

So should you, and whoever you are good with, also tell me!”

Mu Yiqi thought about it, and thought it was good.

Without Lin Xiaoyang, he still had his little brother! The optimistic guy was happy again: “It is settled!”

Mu Yixi was stubborn and stretched out his little pinky finger: “Pinky promise.”

“You are so naive, brother!” Mu Yiqi chuckled, but still stretched out his little pinky finger and hooked with his.

“Whoever breaks the promise is a puppy!” the two brothers said in unison, laughing at each other.

Many years later, Mu Yixi felt very fortunate that he and Mu Yiqi had made such an agreement.

And Mu Yiqi commented countless times: “According to the punishment of violating the agreement of ‘being a puppy’, my brother should have changed into a puppy countless times.

I am stupid, always thinking that he did not become a puppy.

It’s a terrible thing, I never dared to lie to him…”


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