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Chapter 3

Mu Yixi suddenly opened his eyes and a tint of sterness flashed by.


He naturally knew whose voice that was.

Besides Hu Qi, who dared to act that confident No matter what she did, she always blamed it on someone else and said that it had nothing to do with her.

In her past life, Mu Yixi was deceived by Hu Qin’s image as his biological mother.

Even when there were clues that proved that everything was fake, he refused to believe in it.

Instead, he believed in her because she was his real mother.

Who knew...


“Hu Qin, this is the hospital.

Be respectful! Leave!” Mrs.

Mu’s angry voice rang.


Mu Yixi watched as she stood in front of his head.

He knew that she wasn’t angry by Hu Qin’s false accusation.


Mu was well-mannered and would definitely not be angry over these rumors.

She was angry that Hu Qin barged in and disturbed Mu Yixi’s rest.

Because Mu Yixi was heavily injured, he needed sufficient rest and nutrition.


Mu looked after him closely.

Whenever they were done eating, she had him go sleep after digesting.

Even more, she told him bedtime stories.


Plus, Mrs.

Mu tried her best to avoid letting Mu Yixi know about the truth of his real mother.


“What right do you have to talk about me when you stole my son! Hand him over, you bitch! You should be the one leaving!’ Hu Qin shrieked, walking over and wanting to hit Mrs.



The doctors and nurses in the middle hurriedly stopped her.

“Miss, please calm down!”



Mu arranged a superior-quality single-person ward for Mu Yixi.

Nobles and influential people lived on this floor.

The patients and relatives were people that paid attention to their manners and actions.

When had they seen such a shrew The doctors and nurses all sweated.


“Let me go! What do you guys want to do! Stop justifying yourself when you guys stole my son! I’m going to call the police! Don’t think about bullying me just because you guys have more power!” Hu Qin didn’t let this go.


“The doctor is hitting someone! The doctor is hitting someone! So what if you guys have money You think you can casually bully someone!” A thick and coarse female voice rang.


Okay! Even her good grandmother that beat him to this point, Hu Lijiao, was here!


Mu Yixi clenched his teeth as he listened.

She only knew that someone was trying to steal her son now! But what had she done six years ago! He couldn’t remember anything about Hu Qin  before he was six years old.

However, the past two lives were the same.

Hu Qin only appeared after Mrs.

Mu wanted to adopt him!


...Wait, how come Hu Qin only appeared after Mrs.

Mu wanted to adopt him


Mu Yixi suddenly thought of this point that he neglected.

Was it that much of a coincidence Who told Hu Qin that Mrs.

Mu wanted to adopt him


However, now wasn’t the time to think about this.

Seeing the group of people pushing one another, Mu Yixi needed to think of an idea.

He knew that Mrs.

Mu hadn’t completed the documents to adopt him yet.

However, Hu Qin suddenly appeared.

As his birth mother, she had an advantage if she wanted to fight for custody.


It was clear that Hu Qin wasn’t fighting for custody so that she could take good care of him.


He must not let her prevail!


An idea bloomed in his heart.

In a weak and muffled voice, he called out, “Mommy…”

It was noisy in the ward and it covered Mu Yixi’s voice.

However, Mrs.

Mu was closest to him and she slightly trembled.

She immediately turned around and asked, “Xiao Xi, you’re awake”


If it weren’t that her attention was mostly on him, Mrs.

Mu wouldn’t have reacted that quickly.

Only the kindhearted Mrs.

Mu truly cared about him.


Mu Yixi tugged on her sleeves longingly.

Before he could say anything, Hu Qin pounced over when everyone was in a daze.

Seeing Mu Yixi’s emotional state, her tears fell down.

“Yixi, Yixi, my son! My baby! Mommy is here to pick you up.

Mommy won’t let anyone steal you…”


“Ahh—!”  An extremely tragic shriek interrupted Hu Qin’s confession as a kind mother.


Mu Yixi glanced at Hu Qin’s face and suddenly curled up into a ball.

He let out a terrified scream and exclaimed, “Ah! Ah! Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! Please, please! Ahhh! It hurts so much! It hurts so much! Ahhhh! Mommy, mommy, save me! Save me…”


“I didn’t hit you…” Hu Qin blurted out in shock.

Glancing at Mu Yixi’s crazy state, a glimpse of apprehension flickered through her eyes.

However, she looked around and gritted her teeth, reaching over to hug him.

“Don’t be scared.

Mommy is here to save you…”


She just touched Mu Yixi when the latter started shaking violently as though bitten by a poisonous snake.

He lifted his head up hastily to look at Hu Qin before his eyes widened and he frantically started to struggle free from her grasp.

“Ahh! Don’t hit me! It hurts, it hurts, hurts so much...Mommy, mommy…” He kicked at Hu Qin despite a thick layer of gauze wrapped around his legs.

He begged for Mrs.

Mu to intervene, his face full of tears.


For a moment, Mrs.

Mu was deceived by Hu Qin’s “sincere emotions.” However, she immediately pushed Hu Qin away in the next second and hugged the trembling and terrified little boy, kissing the tip of his hair nonstop.

“Good boy, good boy.

Baby, don’t be afraid.

Mommy’s here.

Mommy will protect you…”


Mu Yixi couldn’t stop trembling, trying to suppress his tears.

Anyone could hear the pain and fear in his voice.

“Save me...save me…”


“Doctor!” Mrs.

Mu teared up and hurriedly asked the doctor for help.

However, she kept hugging Mu Yixi, trying to comfort him.


Seeing that Mu Yixi was going into shock, the doctor immediately commanded, “The patient is too emotional.

Prepare the sedative.”


“What’s the matter Is he crazy” Hu Qin suddenly grabbed onto a doctor’s collar and asked.

Her waist was faintly hurting from Mu Yixi’s kick.


“You’re the crazy one! Didn’t you see that Xiao Xi only went into shock after seeing you” A nurse couldn’t help but say.

She already disliked this vulgar and rude woman for a long time! Mu Yixi had been in and out of the hospital a few times and everyone felt pity towards this well-behaved and sensible cute child.

They were displeased with the abusive Hu Lijiao.

This time, Mu Yixi almost lost his life.

They were holding in a ball of anger.

Thankfully, Mrs.

Mu appeared and treated Mu Yixi kindly.

No matter the inside story, at least she treated him genuinely.

They trusted Mrs.

Mu’s personality.

Everything was improving, but Hu Qin suddenly appeared and caused trouble.

Thinking of how the so-called mother never took care of Mu Yixi in the past six years and even tossed him to his grandmother to abuse, the nurse couldn’t help but be angry.


“I never hit him…” Hu Qin argued.


The doctor that Hu Qin stopped saw that his colleague was handling the little patient, so he patiently stood next to her to prevent her from suddenly acting on a rampage and going to upset the little patient.

He glanced at the beautiful Hu Qin and then at the gloomy faced and old Hu Lijiao.

The two were clearly ages apart, but their looks and voices were quite similar.

He was disgusted by them.

He said, “You guys look too similar.

You should be the one that had beaten Hu Yixi into the hospital, right” He pointed at Hu Lijiao.


Panic flickered over Hu Lijiao’s face.

She argued, “He accidentally tripped and fell.

I didn’t hit him!” She carefully looked at Hu Qin.


He accidentally tripped and fell, landing him with a concussion, broken ribs and legs, and a body full of bruises She didn’t even think through her lies! One could tell that there was an issue when the little patient almost went into shock just seeing Hu Qin’s face.


She acted like a kind mother, but in the blink of an eye, she asked fearfully if her son was crazy or not with lingering fear.

Did she think they were blind


“The police will find out whether you beated him or not.” The doctor said coolly.


Hu Lijiao nervously said to Hu Qin instantly, “You said I’d be fine…”


“Shut up!” Hu Qin suddenly shouted and stopped Hu Lijiao from blurting words out.

She looked around in alarm.


The majority of the people’s attention was on Mu Yixi, so not many were looking at them.

However, the doctor talking to them looked at them mockingly, as though he had seen through their plans already.


Hu Qin was nervous in her heart, but she couldn’t let this go.

She could tell that no matter the reason, Fang Zhen cared about her cheap son a lot.

This was her chance.

She didn’t believe that an ignorant child that had been abused at a young age could reject his birth mother’s “love.” As long as she had time, she could control him just like how she had deceived the crafty Mu Jiurong.


Thinking of this, Hu Qin covered her face with her hands and cried out loud, “Yixi, Yixi, my son! My baby! Mommy loves you.

Don’t be scared of mommy.

Mommy will definitely protect you…” She said this with deep feelings.


The doctors and nurses surrounded the bed, so she couldn’t tell how Mu Yixi was.

Mu Yixi was originally comforted by Mrs.

Mu, but now he started trembling and shivering in fear again.

People couldn’t help but feel suspicious towards his birth mother and whether she had taken part in abusing him either.



Mu finally couldn’t hold in anymore and hollered, “Enough! Kick them out of the hospital!”


Mu Family’s bodyguards had been staying still because they hadn’t received Mrs.

Mu’s order, but now they immediately moved.

The two tall and sturdy men lifted the two women without a care, forcing Hu Lijiao and Hu Qin out of the ward.


“What What are you guys doing Ah, it hurts! Let go! Let go! Yixi, Yixi, don’t believe her.

She’s the bad guy.

I’m your birth mother…” Hu Qin shrieked, her voice off tune as she was being roughly manhandled.


However, Mrs.

Mu was hell bent on making them leave.

Hu Lijiao and Hu Qin’s voice faded into the distance and silence in the ward finally returned.


Mu Yixi hugged Mrs.

Mu tightly.

He gradually stopped shaking now that he couldn’t hear Hu Lijiao and Hu Qin’s voice.

He just shook from time to time.

But after this, sweat drenched his body and his clothes were soaked.



Mu and the nurse gently pried his hands apart and helped him wipe his sweat and change his clothes.

Mu Yixi was still and his face was still wearing a fearful expression, making others feel bad.


When the doctors and nurses saw his state, they all couldn’t help but sigh.


“What a pitiful child…”


“He’s so unlucky to have such a treacherous and abusive relative!”


“Rest well, child.”



Mu, if something happens, please call for us at any time.”


“Thank you.” Mrs.

Mu nodded.


The doctors and nurses left the ward successively, leaving only Mrs Mu and Mu Yixi.


Mu Yixi laid in bed and closed his eyes, but the moment Mrs.

Mu moved, he would immediately widen his eyes and tear up, as though begging her not to leave.



Mu felt bitter in her heart.

She held his hands and said gently, “Mommy will stay with you.

Don’t be afraid.”


Mu Yixi looked at her longingly and said in a soft voice, “You’re my mother, right”



Mu said without hesitation, “Yes.”


“You won’t hand me over to them”







Mu kissed his forehead and said, “I promise.”


Mu Yixi felt he’d die without regret.


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