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Their eyes met and the atmosphere froze.

Mu Yixi felt the temperature on Feng Weiming’s forehead and said, “The fever has gone.” Then he calmly retracted his hand.

Feng Weiming’s cold eyes followed his movements.

He wanted to say something, but his voice could not come out, and a touch of bewilderment flashed across his face.

Mu Yixi said: “It’s okay, you just have a dry throat.”

Seeing the warm water on the bedside table, Mu Yixi sat on the bed and lifted Feng Weiming up.

Perhaps it was because of illness and weakness or because Feng Weiming was embarrassed, but the spikes all over his body were softened against Mu Yixi, and he sat up with Mu Yixi’s support, unusually docilely, leaning against Mu Yixi’s not generous chest.

The body temperature and smell that belonged to Feng Weiming came over to Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi, the old soul in a tender shell, felt a trace of satisfaction, and there was a certainty that he had finally captured a corner of Feng Weiming.

He picked up the water cup to feed Feng Weiming water, and when doing so, his movements were gentle and meticulous.

Feng Weiming also felt the warmth that belonged exclusively to Mu Yixi.

As long as this person wanted, he could make people feel very comfortable.

It was just that it was hard to tell whether he was being genuine or had other purposes.

If it was Feng Weiming from before, he would have definitely pushed Mu Yixi away when he thought this, and coldly sweep his eyebrows.

But at this moment, Feng Weiming had no strength.

After drinking water, his dry mouth and throat became more comfortable.

Feng Weiming licked his lips unconsciously and asked, “…Where is he”

Feng Weiming’s face was pale, his petal-like lips were red after being moisturized, and his small body appeared fragile and delicate.

Mu Yixi was so close that he could see clearly how much concentration was needed for him to ask this and couldn’t help thinking: If he had been in this state, he would definitely not be able to ask about anyone.

He knew that Feng Weiming was asking about Mu Jiuqing.

He was curious as to why the father and son fell out, and to the extent that it actually made Feng Weiming refuse Mu Jiuqing to the point where he didn’t even want to call him Father or even Mu Jiuqing’s name.

But in the end, they would surely reconcile.

When Mu Yixi entered Mu’s house at the age of 12, he never heard that Mu Jiuqing and Feng Weiming had any conflicts.

The relationship between the father and son had always been harmonious, even better than between biological father and son, which was amazing.

Mu Jiuqing had not married or had any more children until Mu Yixi’s death in his last life, and only had Weiming as his son.

“The third uncle has returned to France.

He was very worried about you and requested my mother to take good care of you.” Mu Yixi tentatively said: “Obviously, the third uncle is so good to you, don’t be angry with him, huh”

“He is not at all good to me.” Feng Weiming’s eyes flashed fiercely, and his voice was extremely cold: “He is a liar.”


“He…” Feng Weiming almost blurted out, but then he saw the curiosity in Mu Yixi’s eyes, and he immediately became angry: “You are also a liar! Get out!” He reached out and pushed him!

It was a pity that after the illness, his whole body was almost limp, and he wasn’t able to push him.

He even leaned back due to the reaction force and almost knocked himself against the headboard of the bed.

Mu Yixi responded quickly and gave him a hand to prevent him from knocking out that pretty little head.

But Mu Yixi was really confused.

Why did Feng Weiming always say that when he changed his face

Why was he a liar When did he lie to him

But looking at Feng Weiming again, his black, bright and clear eyes were already full of tears, and he was still biting his lip stubbornly to hold back, staring at him with wet and vicious eyes…

It turned out that it was not an illusion last night, he really cried.

Mu Yixi found it funny but also felt a little angry.

How could he compare with a kid throwing a tantrum

“I’m not a liar.” He reasoned with him.

“You are! You don’t really care about me at all, you just want to know what happened between me and him!” Feng Weiming said coldly.

Mu Yixi: “…”

He was speechless.

Why was a five-year-old so smart and sharp Could he eat this intelligence

Don’t show guilt at this time.

Mu Yixi calmly said: “Many people really care about you! Mom took care of you all night last night (I bit you), Xiaoqi didn’t even eat breakfast after getting up, and kept looking at you.

When you woke up, he had just walked away.” Well, his motives were impure, he admitted.

But Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yiqi are really kind to him, so he should go and thank them!

And: “If I want to know what happened between you and your third uncle, does that mean I don’t care about you What do you think you are like Third uncle was so anxious! Everyone is worried about you and third uncle; I hope you hurry up and make peace with him.”

Feng Weiming pursed his lips and rolled his head to the side.

“No matter what the third uncle did, he is your father; and he is sincere to you.

Can’t you forgive him” Mu Yixi estimated that this was what Mu Yiqi would have said to Feng Weiming.

It was a bit high-sounding, and it would definitely anger this little ancestor that could get inexplicably angry.

So let him do it! Anyway, he got used to Feng Weiming’s character in the last life.

( ̄Д  ̄)

Feng Weiming said┍ “This is my business with him, and it has nothing to do with you.

Let’s not talk about it, you go out!” Sure enough, Feng Weiming said with a sullen face.

Mu Yixi shrugged and jumped out of bed: “Well, I’ll go out.

If Xiaoqi has finished breakfast, I will ask him to accompany you.”

“No need.

I can be alone.” Feng Weiming said.

“I’ll call him.” Mu Yixi couldn’t understand him at all.

Feng Weiming glared at him.

Mu Yixi turned his back, did not see this and left while waving his hand.

Feng Weiming glared at him until he went out of the room and disappeared.

Feng Weiming took a deep breath, and Mu Yixi, who had just left, suddenly poked his head from the door, causing Feng Weiming to suddenly choke.

Mu Yixi smiled and said, “By the way, it’s obviously the first time I heard you say so much! It’s so good!”

Feng Weiming couldn’t help but want to grab something and throw it over!

Feng Weiming’s fever came quickly and retreated quickly.

In the afternoon, he had regained his strength enough to reappear in front of others.

He was so stimulated by Mu Yixi, that he was not as depressed as others thought he would be.

Facing Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu, he was quite calm and polite.

He said very appropriately that because of family affairs, he needed to stay in the house of his uncle and aunt for a while.

And he was very sorry to disturb everyone.

Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu both expressed their welcome but didn’t ask much else.

Apart from resolutely refusing to contact Mu Jiuqing, Feng Weiming was still the same Feng Weiming.

But over time, everyone still noticed that he had changed a little.

Although his personality was still cold and indifferent and most of the time he still had facial paralysis, but the feeling of rejection from thousands of miles away was not as strong, and he also felt a little softer.

As adults, Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu were happy to see him make such a change.

The children of the Mu family could be moderately arrogant and noble, but if they were too much, they would be seen as arrogant, rude and lofty.

The previous Feng Weiming had this tendency, but because of Mu Jiuqing’s pampering, everyone found it difficult to say it.

Now that he knew how to adjust himself, it was naturally better.

In addition, Feng Weiming’s attitude towards Mrs.

Mu had also undergone a subtle change.

If the former Feng Weiming only looked at Mu Yiqi a little differently.

Now when he was getting along with his uncle’s family, there was another Mrs.


Feng Weiming respected Mrs.

Mu even more than before.

In the beginning, he was a little unsure, he just sat and watched her quietly, but who was Mrs.

Mu, when she saw that he wanted to get close, she deliberately sat next to him to talk to him.

Gradually, Mrs.

Mu would occasionally have a delicate and beautiful little thing lying on her lap.

He did not speak, his face was expressionless, but he would listen to Mrs.

Mu intently, treating Mrs.

Mu as a real relative.

This frustrated Mu Yixi so much that he puffed into a balloon.

Originally, that was Mu Yixi’s fixed position next to Mrs.


He always stayed on one side and gave the other side to Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan.

But when Feng Weiming came to join in the fun, Mu Yixi could only give in.

Although he could hold on to the remaining side, what should Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan do The two were not biological children, so could they completely squeeze the biological two away He and Feng Weiming sat face to face, both looking bored

Forget it.

Mu Yixi chewed on the comfort candy that Mrs.

Mu had fed him, thinking like a big brother.

Feng Weiming lived in Yilian House for a month, but Mu Jiuqing still failed to obtain his understanding, so he could only ask his elder brother and sister-in-law to take care of his son.


Mu arranged Feng Weiming to go to school in the primary school attached to Ya’an.

In view of his level and personality, he was directly asked to skip one level and become a classmate and roommate of Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi.

So dormitory 206 was full again.


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