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From elementary school to junior high school, Feng Kun had been in the same class as the three Mu family brothers, and according to the current development momentum, it was very likely that through high school and university, they would continue to be in the same class.

Since the dormitory theft incident in elementary school, the relationship between Mu Yiqi and Feng Kun had completely cooled down.

In the past, Mu Yiqi would still respond to Feng Kun’s provocation, but then under the guidance of Mu Yixi, he started turning a blind eye to Feng Kun.

Feng Kun did not dare to do anything, as they had Qin He, who had a lot of force power, to deal with him.

Up to now, they and Feng Kun had been in a delicate hostile relationship, such that the river did not violate the well water[1].

In front of the parents of the two sides who were friendly to each other, all of them pretended to be polite and friendly.

When the parents turned their faces, they immediately started ignoring each other.

But in the third year of junior high, Feng Kun’s attitude began to change.

He started shyly approaching them for the sake of Mu Yixuan.

Just as once Mu Yiqi reached this age, Mu family started worrying about his marriage, other people had also begun to think about their children’s marriage.

Feng Kun and Mu Yiqi were about the same age, and his mother Zhong Ruizhen had also begun to pay attention to her son’s marriage.

In Zhong Ruizhen’s eyes, her son Feng Kun was naturally good everywhere, and deserved a princess.

In fact, Feng Kun was also really good, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, tall stature, among the best in academic performance, and from a good family background.

If one calculated, he should have a lot of room for choice in marriage.

Zhong Ruizhen had taken a fancy to Mu Yixuan very early on.

Mu Yixuan had a first-class family background, and she was a favored person.

She was raised by Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu in the palm of their hands, and her character and appearance were excellent.

Her marriage to Feng Kun would be a help to the Feng family and Feng Kun himself.

And thinking about the fact that Mrs.

Mu’s beloved daughter would have to call her mother and also have to serve her, Zhong Ruizhen felt an indescribable pleasure.

It was rare that Feng Kun did not object.

Feng Kun began to make girlfriends after entering junior high school, and in the second year of junior high school, he had even had a relationship with a senior sister.

But don’t look at how affectionate he was to those little girlfriends; he was not ambiguous at all when breaking up with them.

When it came to the candidates for his future wife, he automatically ignored all the girls who had been chased by him.

The one who disliked the others like this was obviously very picky.

When it was Mu Yixuan’s turn, Feng Kun was a little relaxed.

Mu Yixuan was charming, cute, gentle and demure.

She was a very famous little goddess in Ya’an Primary School and Middle School.

At least eight out of ten boys were attracted to her.

It was a pity that behind the little goddess stood the three brothers of the Mu family and the big Buddha of Qin He.

If you took any of them out, they could kill 99% of the boys in seconds.

No one dared to stand in front of the little goddess and express their feelings.

Feng Kun felt excited at the thought of being able to snatch their sister from his thousand-year-old rivals.

And he always remembered that Mu Yixuan always liked to chase after him calling him elder brother Kun when they were children.

But when Mu Yixi, that illegitimate child, came, she “betrayed” him and didn’t stand by him, which made Feng Kun very angry.

The first time he saw her after that, he wanted to coax her back, and then teach her a good lesson to make her listen to him in the future.

However, Mu Yixuan had always been cold to him, no longer as intimate as before, which made Feng Kun feel uncomfortable.

Feng Kun had a little bit of unwillingness towards Mu Yixuan.

But when it came to marriage, with the support of both parents, the situation would of course be different.

Even if Mu Yixuan was reluctant, she had to allow Feng Kun to approach.

At that time, with Feng Kun’s method of picking up girls, he would definitely be able to deal with the young, innocent and ignorant Mu Yixuan.

But before that, Feng Kun had to pass the level of Mu Yixuan’s brothers.

If Mu Yixi and the others forbade Mu Yixuan to be with him, Feng Kun’s thoughts would all be in vain.

Mu Yixi could see clearly what Feng Kun was thinking.

Mu Yixuan was young, but her mind was clearer than Mu Yiqi.

Relying on the fact that her brothers acted as her backers and played a black face, she was gentle and amiable, looking very soft and cute, but others didn’t know how sharp the claws that she had hidden were.

Mu Yixi didn’t believe that she couldn’t see Feng Kun’s bad intentions.

But somehow, Mu Yixuan’s reaction to Feng Kun was always a bit strange.

She neither welcomed nor rejected Feng Kun’s approach.

If Mu Yixi hadn’t known that Feng Kun was a scumbag, he would have applauded Mu Yixuan’s method of hanging people.

This detached, vague attitude was the most seductive.

Boys were tempted by it, but still dared not act rashly and were completely played around in the palm of her hand.

However, Mu Yixi was worried that Mu Yixuan would corner herself in while playing.

But he couldn’t lock Mu Yixuan in the room and not let her see any one for a lifetime or shake her shoulder and tell her that Feng Kun was not a good person!

What a belly of fire!

Since she was his younger sister, he was also soft towards her and reluctant to scold.

So, Mu Yixi raised a creepy smile and thought about gathering people to beat Feng Kun under a cloth bag to turn him into a pig’s head…

If Mu Yixuan often saw Feng Kun’s pig-headed face, she probably wouldn’t have any chance of falling in love with him!

——Of course, the above was just Mu Yixi’s fantasy.

He could beat Feng Kun once, but not twice or three times, otherwise once Zhong Ruizhen found out, she would go crazy.

At that time, Mu Yixi would also have to peel off a layer of his skin.

His half-sister Hu Anqi had also come to cause trouble at this time.

She saw Feng Kun somewhere, took a picture of him and threw it in front of him.

And of course, she said, “Brother, is this your classmate Introduce me to him!”

Over the years, Mu Yixi, Hu Qin and Hu Anqi, this mother and daughter had never seen each other for a long period of time.

They had almost cut off all contact.

The number of times they met was limited, and Hu Qin’s purpose was to remind Mu Yixi not to forget them, and she even threatened Mu Yixi that she would bring him back to live with her, so that he “wouldn’t be able to continue to live a life of fine clothes and food in Mu’s house”.

But Mu Yixi said yes with joy, saying that the Mu family treated him well on the surface, but in fact they didn’t take him seriously at all.

He hoped that Hu Qin, his biological mother, would take care of him.

He said these few words to fool them in the past.

However, Hu Qin didn’t doubt the authenticity of Mu Yixi’s words at all.

After all, if she was in Mrs.

Mu’s place, she would really treat Mu Yixi as if he was a ghost! It was a waste of rice to keep him! Only doing superficial work was completely in line with Hu Qin’s impression of the big gold and jade families.

But she thought that in this way, Mu Yixi would think of their goodness more.

With the growth of age, Hu Qin finally learned to do a little drama, verbally caring about Mu Yixi’s study (urging him not to lose to Mu Yiqi), let him make more friends (secretly forming an alliance against Mu Yiqi), and warning him not to be discovered by Mrs.

Mu who was a hidden snake (hate her and resent her)

Compared with Hu Qin, who knew how to take a little detour, Hu Anqi unceremoniously asked Mu Yixi to do this and that for her.

What Mu Yixi could do, she took it for granted, without even saying a word of thanks, and when Mu Yixi couldn’t do something, she immediately swept over him with a “useless” look, complaining that he wasn’t a good brother, look at who’s who Brother, what did they give to who and who – completely arousing Mu Yixi’s familiarity from his previous life.

At that time, Mu Yixi would do his best to satisfy Hu Anqi’s wishes, but now he automatically translated Hu Anqi’s words into: In the last life, you were so stupid, so stupid, so stupid…

Then he was too lazy to care about her.

But Hu Anqi didn’t notice Mu Yixi’s impatience at all.

Every time they met, she made various demands, no matter if Mu Yixi could do it or not, or what price it would take to do it.

Moreover, she was also his younger sister, so Hu Anqi liked to inquire about Mu Yixuan’s news the most.

She wanted to know what Mu Yixuan ate, what she wore, and where she went to play.

As soon as Mu Yixi said it, she felt all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred.

Because no matter what Mu Yixi said, she thought that what Mu Yixuan got was better than what she was getting.

Mu Yixi was very curious about what Hu Qin had instilled in Hu Anqi in private, so that her thoughts were twisted like this.

But Hu Qin and Hu Anqi didn’t think there was any problem.

Hu Qin’s most common sentence was: “You are also a child of the Mu family, why don’t you have it”

Mu Yixi wanted to say: Yes, his surname is Mu, so he has the right to decide whether to take it or not.

But your surname is Hu, why do you think that the Mu family’s things are yours, and my things are yours as well

Mu Yixi felt that the more time he spent with them, the little bit of affection he had for them in his heart would be consumed by an extra point.

In this manner, there were very few of these points left.

Keeping in touch with Hu Qin and Hu Anqi, Mu Yixi’s biggest gain was knowing that Hu Qin knew an “Uncle Wei” (in Hu Anqi’s words).

This “Uncle Wei” gave Hu Anqi a lot of fun things and delicious food every time he came, and then he was locked in the room with Hu Qin until he left.

Mu Yixi thought about installing a bug in Hu Qin’s residence, but was afraid of being discovered, so he finally gave up the idea.

Because he found that these people had stopped their actions by a lot since Xu Qingli left the Mu family, at least after the Mu family’s servants were cleaned up, they could no longer get any accurate inside information about the Mu family’s private life.

In this case, it was better to wait and see what would happen.

As for Hu Anqi’s request to meet Feng Kun, Mu Yixi pretended not to hear it.

However, Hu Anqi started to shout: “He is Mu Yixuan’s boyfriend, right He is so good, why did you introduce him to Mu Yixuan and not to me Don’t you think I am your sister!”

That’s right, Hu Anqi also liked to order Mu Yixi to only treat her as his sister, and to not treat Mu Yixuan as his sister, because: “My brother can only have one sister, that is me! If you recognize Mu Yixuan as a sister, I won’t recognize you as a brother!”

Mu Yixi: Hehe… I didn’t ask for it, why is your head so swollen

Anyway, Hu Anqi decided that Mu Yixi cherished her as his sister the most.

When she said this, she held up the almighty arrow and could order Mu Yixi to do anything.

Hu Qin also helped her: “Is he the young master of the Feng family Fengs are a rich family, this young master is an only son and is very valuable.

It is also a good thing for Anqi to know him.

Maybe they can meet each other In the future, the young master Feng will also be your helper.

If Mu Yixuan gets along with him, it will be Mu Yiqi and not you who will get his help in the future…”

Mu Yixi did not refute, nor did he tell them that his relationship with Feng Kun was very bad, he just said: “Wait.

Let’s talk when there is a suitable opportunity.” He wouldn’t push Hu Anqi into the fire pit with his own hands, but if she insisted on jumping into the pit, he wouldn’t stop her either.

Mu Yixuan meant something different to him.

He owed Mu Yixuan, so he held her tighter.

As for Hu Qin and Hu Anqi, he gave everything he could to them in his previous life, so in this life, they were no longer his responsibility.

After Mu Yixi returned from Hu’s house, he continued to worry about Mu Yixuan’s affairs.

Having seen enough of his restlessness, Feng Weiming said, “Don’t worry, Mu Yixuan doesn’t look favorably on Feng Kun.”

Mu Yixi looked at him in surprise!

Feng Weiming continued: “She is looking at Qin He.”


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