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The group climbed to the top of the mountain, sweating and panting.

However, the scenery on the top of the mountain was quite good.

Their eyes were full of greenery, the breeze was blowing, and the fragrance of flowers and plants could be smelt.

There was a small pool not far away, the pool was covered with moss, but the water was crystal clear.

Looking far into the distance, the city had shrunk into a small ball, they could no longer heard the hustle and bustle, and their hearts suddenly felt refreshed.

Lunch was barbecue as suggested by Mu Yixi.

The oven, utensils and ingredients had been taken to the designated location by the staff of the hot spring hotel in advance, and they had told them that they would barbecue by themselves when they had climbed up.

The young masters and mistresses who were present there had lived a life of pampering.

Although they had eaten barbecue, it was the kind of food that was cooked by others, deliberately picked, and then brought to the table for them to eat.

It was the first time they would be doing it themselves, and because it felt very novel, everyone was eager to try it.

As the proposer, Mu Yixi assigned the work with a well-understood authoritative attitude.

The task of igniting and burning charcoal was handed over to Qin He, Mu Yiqi was responsible for cleaning up the weeds and leaves, Yan Yu moved the table and stool, and the two girls washed and set the dishes.

Feng Weiming…

“Sit down and rest for a while, you’re tired…” Mu Yixi said gently, taking out a tissue and wiping his smooth forehead like he was a treasure.

The cool and sweat-free Feng Weiming: “…”

“Brother is partial!” Mu Yixuan pretended not to obey.

Mu Yixi turned back and smiled: “Xiaoxuan, please rest for a while, and ask Qin He to do your share.”

Mu Yixuan immediately looked at him with a look of “brother is too bad”.

Anyone could see that Mu Yixi was deliberately tossing Qin He, as he specially entrusted him with the task of igniting charcoal.

And Qin He was trying his best to perform, without saying a word, as he rolled up his sleeves to work.

If Qin He even took over Mu Yixuan’s “job”, he would definitely be happy.

However, Mu Yixuan felt sorry for Qin He, and she couldn’t support her brother’s move, so how could she increase her boyfriend’s burden

Mu Yixuan obediently held the barbecue fork to clean.

She smiled sweetly at Qin He, when passing by him, who was holding the stove with the charcoal pile which had made his hands dark.

Qin He’s eyes were shining, and he looked more motivated.

Mu Yiqi came over with a handful of dry leaves and placed them between them: “I heard that this one burns faster, I’ll add it in!” Then he threw all the leaves into the stove, making a mess.

Qin He looked at him, Mu Yiqi smiled but it didn’t look like a smile, sorry he just broke up and couldn’t stand the stimulation of dog abuse.

Qin He lowered his head and continued to work silently.

Seeing this, Mu Yixuan stomped on Mu Yiqi’s foot with a sweet smile and walked to Qin He’s side to accompany him.

The older Qin He grew, the more serious and tough his looks and temperament became, and because he was in the period of voice change, he didn’t like to talk much, but he never gave a cold face to Mu Yixuan, and said softly, “It’s dirty here, don’t come over.

Go there and have a rest.” Qin He longed for a cute sister when he was a child, but when Mu Yixuan really became his sister, he didn’t want her to be just his sister.

Qin He understood that his thoughts had changed much earlier than Mu Yixuan’s.

The girl he had had a crush on for a long time finally became his girlfriend.

Qin He was almost floating in the air.

He knew that Mu Yixuan admired Mu Yixi, and he had to work hard to do better than Mu Yixi, so that Mu Yixuan would only look at him!

“It’s not dirty, I will accompany you.” Mu Yixuan said.

Qin He’s eyes softened instantly.

The two looked at each other, and their eyes were like silk, it was as if they couldn’t see other people.

When Lin Pei’er saw it, she was envious and couldn’t help but glance at Mu Yiqi with some resentment.

The hairs on Mu Yiqi’s whole body stood up, half of which was because he had gone numb from his sister and Qin He’s PDA, and half of which was after being looked at by Lin Pei’er.

“Idiot.” Feng Weiming commented on Mu Yiqi in a low voice, giving Qin He a chance to perform in vain.

Mu Yixi handed a cup of slightly hot milk to him, and whispered, “It’s a pity that Qin He is not stupid.” There was some regret in his words.

If Qin He was stupid, it would be much smoother for him to throw him out of Mu Yixuan’s sight.

Feng Weiming looked at him lightly, if Qin He was stupid, Mu Yixi, the elder brother who loved his sister, would have struck him out long ago.

Compared with Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi, Feng Weiming considered himself more rational.

At least for now, Qin He was barely worthy of Mu Yixuan, except that he was not cunning, gentle, considerate, and stupid… (Hey! Who are you taking as a reference)

The fire was lit, and Qin He’s face was stained with the color of coal, making him look a little pitiful.

Mu Yixuan quickly wiped it for him, while entrusting Mu Yiqi to help her barbecue the food.

Mu Yiqi went happily, just avoiding Lin Pei’er’s implicit gesture.

However, as a novice at barbecue, he accidentally barbecued all the food into black coke.

On the other hand, Mu Yixi and Yan Yu were very skilled.

The roasted things were fragrant and tender, the meat was golden brown, the corners were slightly burnt, and they were coated with a layer of honey oil.

After exercising, everyone was hungry.

Looking at the finished product barbecued by the two, they couldn’t help swallowing their saliva, and their stomachs began to growl.

It was a pity that all the meat Mu Yixi barbecued went into Feng Weiming’s stomach.

Over the years, everyone had been accustomed to Mu Yixi’s appearance of taking care of Feng Weiming.

At this time, it was not surprising.

They just watched Feng Weiming enjoying it gently, their eyes flashing with satisfaction and envy.

Probably seeing Mu Yixi’s sweating and caring about his hard work, Feng Weiming rarely reciprocated, he picked up a knife and cut the food into small pieces and fed Mu Yixi a piece from time to time.

The two cooperated tacitly, which made people deeply feel how good their relationship was.

In normal times, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were also the objects of Mu Yixi’s care.

But Mu Yixuan had a boyfriend, so he should be in charge of her.

Mu Yiqi held the food that was barbecued with a few forks.

At this time, he didn’t have the face to ask his brother to barbecue it for him.

And somehow, he felt that the atmosphere between Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming was a little weird, which made him feel that it was difficult to intervene.

Mu Yixi had no time to care about other people, so Yan Yu became his savior.

He was not in a hurry to eat, so he kept roasting it.

The finished product was placed directly on the table, and anyone could eat it.

He also patiently instructed everyone on how to bake a delicious finished product.

In the end, everyone ate what they barbecued by themselves, including Feng Weiming, but he only ate two bites, while Mu Yixi ate the rest.

“You invited me to eat, and I’ll invite you too.” Mu Yixi’s action of holding Weiming’s leftovers to eat was so natural that he suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.

Mu Yixi smiled and patronized without explaining, Feng Weiming glared at him and found a far-fetched reason.

Invite your brother to eat the rest of what you eat, hehe…

Mu Yixi was still reliable: “Actually, I want to try Mingming’s craftsmanship.

Well…not as good as mine, but not bad.”

Feng Weiming didn’t say anything, but he seemed to be a little proud as he took a sip of milk.

This concealed the corners of his lips that had risen in a small arc.

This time, the mountain climb was full of fun.

Back to the hotel with sweat and the smell of barbecue, they went back to their rooms to take a bath and rest, and then planned to go to the hot spring together at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Qin He opened a large suite for everyone.

Mu Yixuan and Lin Pei’er were sharing a room, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were sharing a room, and Mu Yiqi, Yan Yu and Qin He were sharing a room.

The room had a living room and a large bathroom, it was very spacious and luxurious.

When Feng Weiming came out of the shower, his cheeks were pink, his body looked tender, and his cold face had become more and more translucent.

Mu Yixi couldn’t hold back, so he walked over and grabbed the person and took a bite…

At four o’clock, they went to the hot spring together, and their whole body felt relaxed as their pressure was relieved.

Dinner was an extensive buffet.

After dinner, everyone took a walk in twos and threes.

Mu Yiqi came with Lin Pei’er to see the fountain in the hotel courtyard.

This was because Mu Yixuan was really sad to see that Lin Pei’er was always avoided by Mu Yiqi, so she couldn’t help but say to Mu Yiqi, “You know that Sister Pei’er likes you, if you really can’t accept her, then you can tell her.

She has made it clear, don’t keep dragging people around! After you have made it clear, if she pesters you again, you would have a reason to ignore her…”

In fact, Mu Yiqi was also tired of the current state.

He originally wanted to save some face for Lin Pei’er, after all, the other party was a girl.

But since his ex-girlfriend Xia Weiwei appeared, Lin Pei’er’s performance had become more and more obvious, leaving Mu Yiqi at a loss.

Mu Yixuan was a girl, and she should understand a girl’s mind better.

Mu Yiqi decided to listen to her and asked her to bring word to Lin Pei’er, so the two of them could have a good talk.

Lin Pei’er was shy and surprised when she saw Mu Yiqi: “Yiqi…”

Seeing her expression, Mu Yiqi knew that Mu Yixuan didn’t tell her that he had come to reject her on purpose, and he couldn’t bear to do it, but if it dragged on, everyone would have a hard time.

So, with a straight face, he said, “Pei’er, I want to make it clear to you that we are not suitable.”

Lin Pei’er never expected him to be so direct, and her face immediately turned pale.

“Yiqi, you…what are you talking about” In fact, it was not that Lin Pei’er didn’t know that Mu Yiqi had no romantic interest in her, but she liked him and always felt that as long as she worked hard, one day she would be able to catch him.

Mu Yiqi bit his lip and said, “Pei’er, you understand what I mean.”

Lin Pei’er was silent for a while, and then she said quietly, “Why You have already broken up with Xia Weiwei, why can’t you try to accept me What’s wrong with me In terms of looks, intelligence, and family background, how am I inferior to Xia Weiwei”

“Pei’er, don’t be like this…” Mu Yiqi said laboriously, “It’s different.

It’s not about appearance, intelligence, or family background.

You meet someone and you fall in love, it’s that simple.

That kind of liking is different…”

“I like you.” Lin Pei’er blushed, but she said seriously, “I like you, Mu Yiqi “

“But…” Mu Yiqi looked at her in distress, sighed and said softly and firmly: “But I don’t like you, Pei’er, at least not that kind of liking.”

Lin Pei’er said, “How many people from our family background are together simply because they like each other We’re suitable and don’t annoy each other, based on this, we could live a lifetime…”

Mu Yiqi said, “I want to be together with someone I like.”

Lin Pei’er pursed her lips stubbornly: “I hope you can get your wish.

But what I like, I will strive for it.

I will not give up until you are married!”

Mu Yiqi was stunned.

Unexpectedly, he picked up his courage and refused, but he still couldn’t convince Lin Pei’er to give up.

But just because he had said it, Mu Yiqi’s psychological burden was suddenly not so heavy.

He was quite sure that he would not like Lin Pei’er ever.

In this case, he would not give her another chance to get close.

As if aware of Mu Yiqi’s thoughts, even Lin Pei’er could not hold back her tears.

Her love might not be completely pure, but she was only fifteen years old, and her feelings were still quite direct and pure.

She was sincere to Mu Yiqi.

Being rejected by someone she liked made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Mu Yiqi stood on the spot, neither advancing nor retreating, he could only stand rigidly to accompany her.

Lin Peier couldn’t wait for his comfort and cried even more sadly.

She felt that she had done so much for nothing, and she was ashamed enough to die.

“Go away, don’t look at me!” Lin Pei’er stomped her feet and shouted, no longer pretending to be a strong and weak little girl.

She had always been an arrogant and willful lady, and she changed herself in front of him for Mu Yiqi’s sake.

“I can’t leave you alone.” Mu Yiqi shook his head.

If he didn’t like her, he didn’t like her, but he couldn’t make a joke about the safety of girls.

This area was sparsely populated, and it was night time, so it was not safe to leave a girl alone by the fountain.

Lin Pei’er thought he was too annoying! She didn’t like him being so gentle!

She cried and ran to the hotel.

She was going back to her room!

Mu Yiqi followed her from not too far away and watched her go back to the room.

After a while, he also went back to his room.

Qin He and Mu Yixuan should not have come back.

There was no figure of him in the room, and only Yan Yu was there.

He was leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window leading to the balcony and looking out the window with a dull expression.

Mu Yiqi walked over curiously, Yan Yu glanced back at him, hesitated, but in the end did not stop him from following his gaze.

Mu Yiqi was stunned when he saw this!

Looking from this angle, he could just see the corner of the stairwell at the end of the floor corridor.

The light yellow light was slightly dim, but Mu Yiqi could still see Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming clearly.

Feng Weiming leaned against the wall and his head was raised slightly, while Mu Yixi pressed him and leaned down to kiss him…


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