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“What kind of rubbish have you made” Mu Jiurong threw two documents on the desk.

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi, who were sitting opposite him, both bowed their heads as if admitting their mistakes.

Secretary Zhang, who was sitting next to them as a bystander, had a drop of sweat on his forehead as he sighed for the two children.

Mu Jiurong had been in the top position for a long time.

With the growth of age and experience, which was once gentle and elegant had become majestic and profound.

He was enough to make people gasp when he didn’t speak, let alone facing such harsh criticism.

From Secretary Zhang’s point of view, although the plans made by the two young masters Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi lacked some enthusiasm, they were still neat and tidy, and they were better than many people who had been working formally for many years.

You must know that they had done less than a year of internship at Mu’s, and they had to balance their studies and work, so they could only come to work on weekends! According to him, it was pretty good to have such results.

But the president as a father was strict.

What he asked for was not good, but outstanding!

Therefore, as sons, they were forced to be miserable.

Mu Yiqi was rebellious before, and had some unpleasantness with Mu Jiurong, but fortunately it only lasted for a short period of time before he turned around and continued to receive family education.

During that time, Mu Jiurong’s mood was also not very good, and those who were his subordinates had to keep their tails tucked.

Secretary Zhang knew how much Mu Jiurong expected from Mu Yiqi, as the younger generation of the Mu family pointed to Mu Yiqi as the future successor of the Mu family.

Mu Yirun, the son of Vice President Mu Jiu’an, had no business acumen, and Mu Yiqi’s “adopted brother” Mu Yixi was purely accompanying the prince to study.

Everyone knew that the focus was on Mu Yiqi, and the pressure was too great, so it was no wonder that he had a rebellious mentality.

Mu Jiurong resisted the urge to press his forehead.

Mu Yiqi was his and Mrs.

Mu’s only son, and Mu Jiurong only recognized him as the heir.

This son lived up to expectations and looked very good, such that no one could say a bad thing about him.

But he didn’t know if the elder Mu Jingwei and the men of their generation had used up all their power, so none of the grandsons headed by Mu Yiqi could shine.

In business, except for Mu Yiqi, who had some wisdom roots, the others had not shown any acumen.

Mu Yiqi was not bad, but it was only not bad.

His personality lacked the sinister viciousness unique to businessmen, and he appeared to be too upright and pure.

If it was a period of stable development, it would have been enough to keep the success.

But today’s society was changing with each passing day, and policies were changing overnight.

Every family was trying to occupy resources and grow itself.

Mu Jiurong used his vision and ability to gain some advantages, but in the future ,he would have to rely on the younger generation.

To meet this challenge, with Mu Yiqi’s character, Mu Jiurong didn’t dare to think.

However, Mu Jiurong was a little uncertain when it was said that there was really no one in Mu Yiqi’s generation who could hold up the situation.

His third younger brother, Mu Jiuqing, managed the overseas Mu family’s business well, and his adopted son, Feng Weiming, was a genius, and even adults like them could not fathom his mind.

If his surname was Mu, he would definitely be the first child to be raised in the family, and even Mu Yiqi would have to stand aside.

Even if he didn’t have the surname Mu, he could have been trained to be the right and left arm of the Mu family, but Mu Jiuqing loved Feng Weiming to the bottom of his bones, even though they did not have a parent-child relationship.

And when it came to taking over the Mu family’s business, Mu Jiuqing would ask Feng Weiming to consider the business in his hands first.

Feng Weiming had become a treasure for the domestic Mu family that could only be seen from a distance.

In addition to Feng Weiming, Mu Jiurong’s “adopted son” Mu Yixi was also a person whose mind was unpredictable even for adults like them.

Mu Yixi seemed to be very simple.

He respected and showed filial piety to his elders, loved his brothers and sisters, his academic performance was above average, while his business ability was mediocre, and he seemed to be a typical example of a person with virtue but no talent.

Through unremitting efforts, such a person could be qualified for a middle management position in the Mu family, which was not worth mentioning at the level of Mu Jiurong.

But both Mu Jingwei and Mu Jiurong agreed that he was not as simple as he appeared to be.

It was an intuition characteristic of well-honed people.

Mu Yixi’s performance was too much in line with his identity, but it seemed a little distorted.

And some of his occasional performances had shown that he could be better, such as the extremely dazzling high school entrance examination results, the almost all-around learning ability of other talents, and so on.

It was like the project Mu Jiurong was holding in his hand.

In Mu Yiqi’s plan, Mu Jiurong knew that he had done his best, and Mu Yixi’s plan was obviously inferior to Mu Yiqi’s, but Mu Jiurong was not sure whether this was the true level of Mu Yixi’s talent.

Mu Jiurong has always had mixed feelings about this son.

There was no doubt that he greatly disliked his origin.

When he saw him, he remembered that unpleasant experience where he had been designed against, which was the stain and shame that the arrogant Mu Jiurong always remembered in his heart.

But Mu Yixi and his favorite son, Mu Yiqi, looked too similar, and he didn’t care when he couldn’t see it with his own eyes.

After seeing it with his own eyes, Mu Jiurong, like Mrs.

Mu, couldn’t accept that any misfortune happening to this boy who looked so much like his son.

Therefore, Mu Jiurong acquiesced to the existence of Mu Yixi, but he didn’t plan to invest into him emotionally.

This son also never cared about his feelings and was even willing to accept his indifference.

Because the less he cared about him, the better his soft-hearted wife would treat him.

Mu Yixi could revolve around Mrs.

Mu like a puppy, and take care of and protect Mu Yiqi, Mu Yixuan, and Feng Weiming like a wolf.

He didn’t even care about his life and felt that even looking at his father was a waste of time.

Mu Jiurong gradually had some unpleasant feelings in his heart.

Even if Mu Yixi’s attention to him was only one-tenth of what he showed to Mrs.

Mu and the others, maybe he and him could have a different father and son relationship…

It’s a pity that Mu Yixi didn’t take the initiative, and Mu Jiurong, as a father, did not want to lose his face.

Mu Jiurong originally thought that since the Mu family recognized this adopted son and regarded him as a member of the Mu family, it was a good ending for Mu Yixi.

As long as he didn’t have any crooked thoughts about the Mu family.

Now it seemed that, don’t talk about crooked thoughts, people didn’t care about Mu’s at all, and they didn’t try to perform at all, so that after graduation, they wouldn’t have to enter Mu’s and seek a position.

Don’t think that he didn’t know that some of Mu Yiqi’s previous plans were written by others.

This other person, except Mu Yixi, he could not think about anybody else.

Mu Jingwei and Mu Jiurong looked at him for a long time, waiting for when he would show his claws and show his true ability, but they didn’t expect to wait and wait, and after waiting all they got was still his inaction.

Mu Jingwei and Mu Jiurong had to accept a guess that neither of them believed.

In the Mu family, Mu Yixi only cared about Mrs.

Mu and a few younger siblings.

He even fervently hoped that Mu Yiqi could stand on his own and officially become the next heir…

Including the adopted son, there were six children in the Mu family’s direct line, five of whom had no interest in the Mu family, and the only one who has received the education of the pre-determined heir was not good enough.

The situation of the new generation of the Mu family’s direct line was worrying.

It was very likely that the Qin family, which had made countless jokes and was declining day by day, might end up better than the Mu family.

The Qin family now had a good son-in-law, Yan Kai, to stand up, and Yan Kai’s son Qin He in the same year as Mu Yiqi, already had a reputation for being smart and capable at a young age.

Mu Jiurong needed to discuss this issue in detail with Mu Jingwei.


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