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Shocked by Mu Yiqi’s behavior of bringing his girlfriend back, and on the premise that their relationship has been exposed, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming should not be too close, Mu Yixi sent Feng Weiming back to his room to rest, but Feng Weiming glanced at him before entering.

Mu Yixi ruffled his hair and said, “It’s none of your business.

Xiaoqi is very familiar with that girl, so it probably didn’t take a day or two for him to come up with this idea.” Feng Weiming probably felt that Mu Yiqi was like this and had gotten an extra girlfriend in a short period of time, probably because he was stimulated by the truth that Feng Weiming told him.

Feng Weiming was caught off guard by the messed-up hair, his usual clean and noble image was broken, a few strands of hair were curled up, and his stunned expression showed a hint of cuteness.

Mu Yixi covered his mouth and couldn’t help but smile.

Feng Weiming pressed his head angrily and kicked him at the same time.

Mu Yixi was in pain, and with a “hiss”, Feng Weiming closed the door ruthlessly.

Mu Yiqi sent Bai Ying back, and when he got home, he was met by Mu Yixi in the living room.

Mu Yixi had been waiting for him.

Mu Yiqi would definitely not spend the night outside tonight, otherwise it would be bad for Bai Ying’s reputation.

After all, it was the first time he brought his girlfriend home to meet people, but he went to send his girlfriend home and never returned.

People wouldn’t be able to help but think about it.

Mu Yixi didn’t expect that Mu Yiqi would be gone for so long, and he fell asleep waiting for him.

“Xiaoqi, are you back” Mu Yixi said, with a hoarse voice indicating he had just woken up.

Mu Yiqi’s footsteps stopped, he was tangled for a while, then he turned to face Mu Yixi: “Brother, you haven’t slept yet” He came back so late on purpose to avoid Mu Yixi.

“Are you hungry Wang Ma made you a late-night snack, should I go and warm it up” Mu Yixi said softly, as if he didn’t see his dodging.

Mu Yiqi opened his mouth and slumped his shoulders: “No need, brother, I’m not hungry.” He walked heavily to Mu Yixi’s side and sat down, his face full of bitterness and hatred.

A smile flashed in Mu Yixi’s eyes: “What’s the matter Is there anything you can’t tell your elder brother about”

“Brother!” Mu Yiqi glanced at him resentfully.

After being brothers for many years, he still had some understanding of Mu Yixi.

He was clearly forcing him to come over to talk, so why ask him knowingly

“You still have reason” Mu Yixi’s face sank as he stared at him: “Tell me, what’s the matter with you and this Miss Bai”

“What’s the matter That’s what happened! She’s my girlfriend!” Mu Yiqi opened his eyes wide and tried his best to be calm.

He was not guilty, really!

Mu Yixi sneered: “Do you think that I am blind”

“You…you” Mu Yiqi was surprised.

Mu Yixi snorted coldly, looking at him uneasily, but didn’t tell him what it was.

“Brother…” Mu Yiqi began to use the mourning soldier policy.

“Obviously what did you do You tell me.” Mu Yixi put his hands around his chest.

Mu Yiqi’s eyes began to wander, and his lips pursed stubbornly.

“If you are looking for such a ‘girlfriend’ because of what you heard, you don’t have to.

I have already told father that I will focus on my studies recently and will reduce the time I spend working at Mu’s.” Mu Yixi said: “You don’t have to worry about Lin Pei’er.

I’m breaking up with her, and she can’t wait more than this.” So, you don’t need to find a marriage partner to stop everyone’s mouths in order to release the bondage on him.

“You can be on your own.

And I can rest assured.” Mu Yixi patted his shoulder and said seriously.

Mu Yiqi’s face changed: “This is not fair, brother! You have paid so much for the Mu family in the past two years, and you are so capable, why should you leave You are also a descendant of the Mu family, born in the direct line, and can compete for the role of patriarch.

The location…”

Mu Yixi was stunned: “You know” He didn’t expect that Mu Yiqi already knew that he was the illegitimate child of this family.

Since Mu Yiqi was so resistant to “child from the third party” when he was a child, so Mu Yixi never dared to tell him.

Mu Yiqi nodded stiffly: “I’m sorry for you, brother…”

Mu Yixi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Why was he sorry for him Mu Yixi thought about it, probably because Mu Jiurong wanted to provoke Mu Yiqi to fight with him, so he “inadvertently” revealed his identity! However, it was estimated that Mu Jiurong could not have imagined that Mu Yiqi would deviate in a different direction.

“I do, Xiaoqi.

I’m very happy to see you grow up and become a man that everyone can trust and rely on.” Mu Yixi rubbed his head: “No matter what happened in the past two years, now I just want to say that you have made me proud.”

Mu Yiqi’s eyes were red.

He took Mu Yixi’s arm: “I’m sorry, brother, I don’t know anything…I didn’t know…they will force you…I also…” He felt ashamed.

He didn’t understand why his grandfather and father were so harsh and cruel to Mu Yixi.

They were also Mu Yixi’s grandfather and father.

Just because he didn’t have a biological mother which was not their choice If his mother wasn’t Mrs.

Mu, wouldn’t his father and grandfather that he always respected and loved do the same to him Why was Mu Yixi so stupid Did he need to work so hard for a younger brother who was not as good as him in everything, but because he had a good mother, he could easily get everything He was an illegitimate child, shouldn’t he hate him, and spare no effort to fight with him for everything

“What are you talking about, you are the younger brother.” Mu Yixi said.

This was the sin he should atone for.

He thanked God for giving him a chance to make up for all his regrets.

“Brother…” Mu Yiqi choked: “I will work hard, I won’t let you down… You can do whatever you want, I won’t let people force you again.

Don’t be wronged again for me.”

Mu Yixi was a little dazed for a moment.

As expected of mother and son, they said almost exactly the same thing.

He smiled warmly: “Okay, I didn’t suffer any grievances.

It’s you, don’t be too hasty.

Marriage is not a child’s play, don’t be impatient and make hasty decisions.

It’s interesting to find a life partner you like.”

“I’m not treating it as child’s play.” Mu Yiqi wiped his face: “I’m serious about Bai Ying.”

Mu Yixi frowned: “You don’t like her at all.”

Mu Yiqi: “But I don’t hate her either.” He looked at a certain point on the floor and murmured, “I don’t have anyone I like.

After Xia Weiwei, for so many years, I can’t be bothered with anyone.

Since everyone is the same, and I have to get married and have children, so why can’t I settle down earlier Bai Ying is very good, she doesn’t love me, but she thinks I will be a good husband.

We can work together as friends to run a marriage.

In this circle, which couple is not like this Interests are more reliable than feelings.

Many times, when there is a relationship, the relationship breaks down, which makes the trouble even more ugly and difficult to deal with.”

Mu Yixi: “But…”

Mu Yiqi interrupted him, and said firmly: “Brother, you don’t need to say any more, I have decided to get engaged to Bai Ying.

This is my marriage, my life, and I have the right to decide.”

Mu Yixi shut up.

This was the first time that Mu Yiqi had told him so decisively what he wanted.

“Brother, trust me once! I will have a good life, and I will not let you down.” Mu Yiqi promised solemnly.

Mu Yixi stared at him for a long time, and finally nodded with a sigh.


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