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Chapter 8

Mu Yixi stayed in the Mu Family just like this.

Besides recuperating, Mu Yixi needed to go to school.

Because it wasn’t time for summer vacation yet, after seeing Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan returned to school the next day.

The two were students in Xin’an City’s noble schools— Ya’an Elementary School and Kindergarten.

Mu Yiqi was in first grade while Mu Yixuan was in the medium class for kindergarten.

Students could dorm in the elementary school, so Mu Yiqi only returned home once a week.

However, Mu Yixuan returned every day.

They arrived at eight in the morning and left at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Xu Qingli was in charge of bringing Mu Yixuan to and from school the majority of the time.

After they returned, she would look after Mu Yixuan too.

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi were about the same age.


Mu wanted to put Mu Yixi in the same class as Mu Yiqi, so they could be classmates.

She was originally worried that Mu Yixi had never been in a school before, so that he couldn’t follow the course.

However, she noticed that he had some knowledge when they were in the hospital.

She asked him about it and he said that his aunts and sisters taught him it.


Mu guessed that he was probably referring to his neighbors and volunteers.

Coincidentally, they had a summer vacation’s worth of time.


Mu wanted to hire teachers to tutor Mu Yixi.

Xu Qingli volunteered to take on this job.

“Madam, don’t worry.

Elder master is obedient and smart.

It definitely won’t be a problem...or are you worried that I can’t teach him” Xu Qingli said.

She had already gotten a teaching license.

Her last sentence, however, was said in a teasing tone.


Mu treated her like a half sister.

Even more, she took good care of Mu Yixuan.

Therefore, Mrs.

Mu wasn’t worried.

However, she still asked about Mu Yixi’s opinion.

“Are you fine with Sister Qingli teaching you how to write and read”

Mu Yixi’s face reddened and he nodded seriously.

“Thank you Sister Qingli.”

Xu Qingli took out her materials to teach Mu Yixi.

She made it easy to comprehend and she was patient and gentle.

She didn’t teach him half-heartedly just because he was an elder master that suddenly appeared.

Even if she was in school, she was probably the most popular teacher.

Did Mu Yixi like her

He obviously ‘liked’ her just like how Xu Qingli ‘liked’ him.

The others must question his background, but Xu Qingli wouldn’t.

Seeing his age and appearance, she immediately guessed that he was Mu Jiurong’s illegitimate son.

She probably knew about his birth mother, Hu Qin, as well and her motive too.

Mu Yixi couldn’t eliminate the possibility that Xu Qingli was behind Hu Qin’s sudden appearance and the ruckus she caused.

He was the evidence that proved that Mu Jiurong didn’t just belong to Mrs.


Xu Qingli was naturally happy to see him.

His existence pierced Mrs.

Mu’s heart and she loved that.

She put in her best effort to teach Mu Yixi, probably hoping that he might even surpass Mu Yiqi.

She waned Mrs.

Mu to see his son being beaten down by an illegitimate son.

Mu Yixi had pretend in front of Mrs.

Mu for twelve years and his acting could be mistaken as real.

It was easy to deceive Xu Qingli.

This was also because Xu Qingli didn’t place the shy six years old that had been subjected to harsh torture and finally lived a good life in her eyes.

Because she was young, she would occasionally reveal her true face in front of a harmless person at home.

In his past life, Xu Qingli didn’t hurt him, so the latter allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

In this life, he was hell bent on protecting Mrs.



He’d reluctantly protect Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan as well.

He would monitor Xu Qingli.

If she dared to overstep her boundaries, he’d chop her hands off first.

Mu Yixi was never a noble man nor a gentleman.

He was used to being shameless and crafty.

Therefore, Mu Yixi and Xu Qingli got along well.

Xu Qingli had become one of the people that Mu Yixi ‘liked’ the most besides Mrs.



Mu was comforted.

As the future female head of the Mu Family, Mrs.

Mu was actually really busy.

She needed to handle and learn lots of things.

Even so, she still made time to become close with the children.

Even though there was an extra Mu Yixi now, she still treated him the same as her other children.

Because Mu Yixi was injured, she took even more care of him.

Xu Qingli was great at teaching, so Mrs.

Mu gave her all the power.

Without Mrs.

Mu’s constant close attention, Xu Qingli’s attitude had slightly changed.

To a real six years old little boy, they wouldn’t be able to detect it.

However, Mu Yixi immediately felt it.

That was a type of jealousy that rose after a moment of triumph.

After Mu Yixi came to the Mu Family, Xu Qingli took pleasure in Mrs.

Mu’s sadness.

But seeing that Mrs.

Mu didn’t care at all and treated Mu Yixi as her own child, Xu Qingli gradually became disappointed seeing that Mrs.

Mu wasn’t in pain nor did she fight with Mu Jiurong.

Not only was Mu Yixi’s existence a shock to Mrs.

Mu, but it was also a shock for her too.


Mu wasn’t Mu Jiurong’s only woman nor was she the only one to bear a child for him, but Xu Qingli was never in his list of potential women.


Mu was prettier and had a nicer background than her.

However, how was Hu Qin any better than her Yet, she had a fling with Mu JIurong and even had his child before.

This piece of knowledge led Xu Qingli to look at Mu Yixi gloomily as she stared at him practicing his writing seriously.

It wasn’t obvious, but she seemed to say naturally, “Madam cares about you a lot.

She treats you as her actual child.”


Another example was, “Xiao Xi will be in the same class as the second young master in the future.

He definitely knows how to answer this question.

Xiao Xi needs to work hard.”

Or, “Second young master performs outstandingly in school.

He’s the madam’s pride.”


The two main points were that Mu Yixi wasn’t Mrs.

Mu’s biological son and that Mu Yiqi was very outstanding.

He was Mrs.

Mu’s precious son.


When one heard it, it didn’t seem like a big deal.

After all, it was the truth too.

Even if someone accidentally heard it, they wouldn’t think that she was trying to drive a wedge between him and Mrs.


They would just think that she was teaching Mu Yixi to be grateful and was encouraging him to work and study hard.

But when the target was an adopted son living under someone’s roof, who knows if this may secretly influence him after accepting the words.

This was Xu Qingli’s motive.

She didn’t want to achieve her goal in one step but rather to plant a seed in Mu Yixi’s heart.

She wanted to let it sprout and grow into a huge tree.

One day, he’d be of use to her.

Therefore, she was extremely patient.

Mu Yixi acted as though he had listened well.

This pleased Xu Qingli.

Besides putting in effort on Mu Yixi, Xu Qingli also tested Mrs.

Mu’s attitude.

Mu Yixi was close to Mrs.

Mu and valued her too.

The result was much better if Mrs.

Mu said something wrong to Mu Yixi.

“Elder master is very talented.

He basically got it after I taught him once.

He is obedient and diligent.

He’s not any worse than the second young master.

No wonder madam likes him.” Xu Qingli reported to Mrs.

Mu when she asked about his progress.

Mu Yixi was just by his side.

She compared Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi because she didn’t think that any legal wife would like someone saying that their husband’s illegitimate son was stronger than their son.

They probably wouldn’t even believe that they were on the same level.

“Xiao Xi is very good.

Troubling you to put in more effort.” Mrs.

Mu said to Xu Qingli, not overthinking at all.

“Elder master is outstanding.

He’d definitely be the second young master’s great assistant when he grows up.” Xu Qingli replied.

“Why do we have to talk about the future that early Let them decide for themselves.

Don’t say something like this anymore.” Mrs.

Mu thought that she was just casually saying this, so she didn’t place this in her heart.

She didn’t think of cultivating Mu Yixi into Mu Yiqi’s follower either.

She waved at Mu Yixi, indicating for him to come over, “Xiao Xi, take your time to learn.

Don’t pressure yourself too much.”

Mu Yixi lifted his head.

“Sister Qingli said that I’m as great as my younger brother!”

Hearing this, Xu Qingli was secretly happy.

She thought that her ‘teaching’ had an effect now.

Mu Yixi was the one who brought this up, comparing himself with Mu Yiqi in front of Mrs.



Mu caressed Mu Yixi’s hair and said, “Sister Qingli is right.” Since Mu Yiqi went to school, Mrs.

Mu barely saw him anymore.

She missed him more or less.

Seeing Mu Yixi’s similar face, it gave her some comfort.

Mu Yixi happily responded, “I got four math questions wrong yesterday, but only two today.” He lifted two fingers.

Xu Qingli’s smile froze.

With Mu Yiqi’s level, he definitely would be able to get all the elementary school level math questions right even with his eyes closed.

Although Mu Yixi said the truth, after she just praised him for being outstanding and not any worse than Mu Yiqi, shouldn’t he accept the praise quietly After all, his honesty was like a slap to his face.

However, Xu Qingli suddenly realized that this was a six years old little boy whose background couldn’t even be compared to ordinary families.

He wasn’t trained at a young age nor was he smart and tactful like the young masters of influential families...


Mu said, “You improved a lot.

Xiao Xi, continue to work hard.

As a reward, you can have an extra pastry, okay”

“Okay.” Mu Yixi leaned on Mrs.

Mu longingly, nodding at the encouragement.

Xu Qingli felt that her effort during this time period had gone to waste.

Just a slice of pastry could make him become devoted to her.

Was there anyone more superficial than him It seemed like he had taken in her words, but didn’t understand it.

As expected, this was the attitude of a bastard.

He was useless.

Xu Qingli cursed in her heart.

After seeing how confused and slow Mu Yixi was, Xu Qingli didn’t treat him as sincerely anymore.

Although she would try to drive a wedge from time to time, she was scared that he’d repeat the words to Mrs.

Mu without thinking through.

He had done so, barely stopping before he said those ambiguous words.

This made Xu Qingli who was standing by him terrified.

Therefore, she didn’t dare to say much.

Even if she did, she had to carefully pay attention to her words before saying it.

However, if she kept it too vaguely, Mu Yixi definitely wouldn’t understand.

She had hidden her thoughts from Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu, but it was unsuccessful on a six years old boy.

Xu Qingli was clearly irritated and annoyed.

She accidentally took it on Mu Yixi, but the latter didn’t react at all as if he didn’t feel it.

Xu Qingli unconsciously relaxed around him after a while.

There was not a single stupid person in the Mu Family including Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan.

Xu Qingli was usually cautious, scared that she might expose her trace.

Who knew that she could casually deceive this useless Mu Yixi.

Xu Qingli tested the waters and neglected him, but he didn’t say a word to Mrs.


It wasn’t that he didn’t dare to complain, but that he didn’t detect it at all.

Mu Yixi thought that he was still in a dream since he went from having to serve his family and being beaten up to being served and treated kindly.

He was most grateful towards Mrs.


As long as she was the one that arranged it, he’d accept it happily.

He didn’t put his guards on at all.

He couldn’t distinguish between his foes and friends.

Because Xu Qingli was his tutor, they interacted the most.

She quickly got a feel for his temperament.

She wasn’t afraid to reveal her true feelings now.

The neglect due to her disdain for him was concealed by Xu Qingli and he barely detected it.

However, someone did.

And it was someone Xu Qingli would’ve never thought.

It was Mu Yixuan.


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