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Mu Jiuqing did not purchase any other real estate in Xin’an City.

Every time he came back, he either stayed in a hotel or lived in the Mu family’s old house.

He had a long-term private room booking in a five-star hotel in the city.

It was this hotel that Feng Weiming had brought Mu Yixi to.

He had a room card in his hand for a long time, so that when Mu Jiuqing returned to China, he could come to find his father at any time.

Feng Weiming had been here several times and walked to the VIP customer’s special elevator familiarly.

When the elevator arrived at the floor where Mu Jiuqing’s room was, Mu Yixi held down the door closing button, took a deep breath, adjusted his expression to “handsome, gentle, and calm” before letting go of his hand and letting the elevator door open.

Feng Weiming saw his actions from the elevator car wall and couldn’t help but smile again.

When Mu Yixi saw him smiling, he followed suit.

So, when the elevator door opened, and Mu Jiuqing, who had come to greet his son in person, saw Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi “lovingly” looking at each other and smiling together.

Even with his father, his son, who was always cold, was smiling happily and beautifully at a stinky boy, Mu Jiuqing’s good mood immediately flew away, and his face became dark.

However, when Feng Weiming saw him, he did not restrain the smile on his face, and called out respectfully, “Father.” Mu Jiuqing’s expression softened immediately.

“Third uncle.” Mu Yixi said respectfully.

Mu Jiuqing glanced at him inexplicably, without the friendly elder’s attitude he had shown in the past.

Mu Yixi felt a sudden shock, but Mu Jiuqing didn’t look at him anymore, instead he waved at Feng Weiming: “Come here.” Then he turned around and entered the room.

Feng Weiming followed obediently.

Mu Yixi also followed him spontaneously.

After entering the room, Feng Weiming took a seat on the sofa.

Mu Yixi reflexively wanted to sit beside him, but Mu Jiuqing’s eyes swept towards him, however Mu Yixi didn’t care, and continued to sit down.

Feng Weiming reached out and patted him, his eyes looked at him, Mu Yixi paused, then sat obediently on the sofa next to him.

Mu Jiuqing’s eyes were first cold, then slightly satisfied.

Mu Jiuqing’s assistant Jiang Xinyu came over with the drinks they both liked.

Jiang Xinyu was still beautiful, fit and charming at the age of forty.

She had been with Mu Jiuqing for many years, had experienced two marriages during this time, and was now single again.

She didn’t have any children, so since she had watched Feng Weiming grow up, she felt he was the same as her own son.

Jiang Xinyu put Earl Grey tea in front of Feng Weiming, gave him a loving and slightly worried look, and gave Mu Yixi a cup of milk tea exuding a strong fragrance, while the concerned look from the past had turned into sharp scrutiny.

Mu Yixi blinked pitifully and seemed to be begging for mercy, trying to exude a well-behaved and honest atmosphere.

Jiang Xinyu snorted almost indiscernibly, walked towards the bar swaying with a tray, folded her hands on the table, and looked at them for a moment.

Mu Jiuqing lovingly said to Feng Weiming, “Are you tired Didn’t have a good rest last night You have only come back for a few days, how did you lose weight Let’s drink something first.”

Mu Yixi felt a dull pain in his knee.

Seeing Feng Weiming pick up Earl Grey tea and drink it slowly, he also took a sip of his own milk tea, and then his whole body froze—

The bitter and unbearable taste exploded in his mouth, making him almost uncontrollably spit it out!

Keenly aware of Mu Yixi’s abnormality, Feng Weiming glanced at him with concern from the corner of his eyes.

Mu Yixi put the milk tea back on the coffee table, twitched his lips and shook his head slightly, then he glanced at Jiang Xinyu.

Jiang Xinyu looked back at him with a half-smile which was not a smile.

Mu Yixi thought bitterly: Well, the child who has finally been raised is abducted by others.

As a group of relatives and friends, it is acceptable to express anger and resentment! After all, the person will belong to him in the future.

These people however live in no fixed places and travel around the world.

No matter how they want to reach them, they won’t be able to reach them! snort!

╭(╯^╰)╮ Mu Jiuqing turned a blind eye to Mu Yixi’s discomfort.

After Feng Weiming finished drinking, he slowly said, “I know about your business.”

Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi looked at him together.

Mu Jiuqing smiled slightly, stared at Mu Yixi and said, “As long as you become the head of the Mu clan in China, I will agree.”

Mu Yixi was stunned.

For a long time, Mu Yixi was not interested in the Mu family from the bottom of his heart, and just wanted to Mu Yiqi to go up so that he could stand on his own as soon as possible.

Mu Jingwei and Mu Jiurong knew his attitude was like this.

It was precisely because of his attitude that they did not make things difficult for him and Feng Weiming too much.

Mu Jiuqing had someone in the Mu Clan, and it was impossible for him not to know that he had clearly proposed this because he wanted the abroad Mu family to become independent from the Mu Clan.

Besides, how could he compete with Mu Yiqi, Mrs.

Mu’s biological son, for the right of inheritance

“Why, can’t you In your generation, you and Mu Yiqi are the only ones left who have not given up their inheritance rights.

You are also Mu Jiurong’s own son, so you don’t have the confidence to surpass Mu Yiqi” Mu Jiuqing asked contemptuously.

“Third uncle, Xiao Qi is the legitimate heir of the domestic Mu clan…”

“Feng Weiming is obviously also the heir of the overseas Mu clan!” Mu Jiuqing said flatly: “What do you have left without the Mu clan Great He is obviously the heir to the high-ranking overseas Mu clan, you are a poor man, what will you use to match Mingming”

Mu Yixi was almost choked to death! How many people in this world could make a billion dollar fortune by their own efforts before the age of 20 No matter which corner of the world you get this amount, it was not bad, right The maximum amount of funds that could be used by overseas Mu Clan was estimated to have been capped at tens of billions.

Before the time of life and death, Mu Jiuqing, the “Third Master Mu”, could not use discounts!

Moreover, the original investor of Tianxing was Mu Jiuqing.

With Feng Weiming’s arrogant character, even if he used his plan to get even, he would never take away his credit.

Tianxing having developed to now had his share, and Mu Jiuqing must know that he was not an incompetent person.

To say that he had left the Mu family was not a literal problem, it was obviously a rhetoric, and he was just bullying him!

Mu Yixi looked pitifully to Feng Weiming for help, but Feng Weiming’s expression was cold, and his eyes showed a thoughtful look.

Mu Yixi’s mind flashed, and suddenly he understood! Where did Mu Jiuqing make trouble and oppress him unreasonably Obviously, it had brought back bad memories of Feng Weiming! When he had a falling out with him, wasn’t it because he chose to help Mu Yiqi and marry the Lin family instead of him, making it difficult for Feng Weiming to live with him, so he walked away in anger

Mu Jiuqing knew about this, so he used his own way to treat others, and he was forcing him to choose again!

If he refused to compete for the position of the patriarch for Mu Yiqi’s sake, wouldn’t Mu Jiuqing have reason to accuse him of giving up on Feng Weiming again to “repay his kindness”

Mu Yixi’s scalp went numb, and he immediately put away his pretense, his expression became stern, and he earnestly assured: “Third uncle, if you give me three years, I will not let Mingming suffer with following me.”

“Why would Mingming go with you” Mu Jiuqing asked, displeased.

“Who is following you” Feng Weiming said at the same time.

Mu Yixi said: “Third uncle, I have always been curious, with your ability and temperament, you can make a breakthrough without the Mu family, why do you trap yourself The Mu family is not bad, it has survived for hundreds of years.

The legacy that has been handed down can be shaded by a tree, but it also means a profound conservative tradition and intertwined roots.

For so many years, you have been working alone, and you are beyond the reach of grandfather and the others in China, and their help is limited.

You must have spent a lot of effort and energy to get to where you are today.

If you had to choose again, would you still choose to take over the overseas Mu Clan”

This question was quite unexpected, and Mu Jiuqing was slightly taken aback by the question.

Whether or not to take over the overseas Mu family, the right to choose had not been up to him from the beginning.

At the age of six, he was taken away by the previous head of the overseas Mu clan.

His father, Mu Jingwei, was more than happy, because this way, his direct descendants had the opportunity to infect the entire huge Mu clan empire.

Mu Jingwei and Mu Jiurong were both enterprising people, and they were eager to satisfy their greater desire for power through him, so the little Mu Jiuqing’s wishes were never in their consideration.

Originally, there was a tacit understanding between the direct line and the collateral line, one occupying the country and the other occupying the overseas holdings.

The existence of Mu Jiuqing broke this tacit understanding, and the difficulties he received could be imagined.

When he was not strong enough, all the hardships were carried alone by him, which he swallowed with blood and tears.

The previous person in charge of the overseas Mu family had given him a lot of help.

For him, that person’s image was more like his father.

The person in charge valued his qualifications but didn’t want him and his direct descendants to unite the domestic Mu clan and the overseas Mu clan.

Therefore, he had a feeling of absolute loneliness.

Sanctions created absolute corruption, and long-term checks and balances at home and abroad were the real development path.

So, when he gained control over the overseas Mu clan, although he would occasionally give Mu Jiurong some convenience, but he did not really open the door to the domestic Mu clan.

That’s why he didn’t have a close relationship with his family.

Because of this, some old-fashioned members of the Mu family were not so resistant to him taking over the overseas Mu family.

If he asked himself, Mu Jiuqing didn’t have much interest in managing the overseas Mu clan when he was a kid.

He preferred to focus his energy on new things.

The overseas Mu Clan was led by him to be more energetic than before, but the reaction speed of this vitality was comparable to that of a snail.

Mu Jiuqing had to spend a lot of energy in order to lead a large group of people under him to move forward.

But the overseas Mu family had become his responsibility when he was very young.

After so many years, that sense of responsibility had been integrated into his bones and blood and was inseparable from him.

In this life, Mu Jiuqing could not get rid of this huge burden.

Mu Jiuqing had never been married, which also had a very important reason.

He didn’t want anyone to divert his mind through marriage and kids.

Feng Weiming was a beautiful accident, so he was willing to guard this accident and give him all the good things.

It was not that easy to steal this treasure from him!

Mu Jiuqing said coldly: “This has nothing to do with you.

You can’t change the subject.”

“I didn’t change the subject.” Mu Yixi said seriously: “In your eyes, third uncle, is overseas Mu’s a good thing Do you really hope that Mingming will inherit it and work hard for it as an ‘outsider’”

“He’s obviously my son!” Mu Jiuqing was stimulated by the word “outsider”.

“For us, of course he is not an outsider, but what about other Mu family members Even, for grandpa” Mu Yixi was aggressive.

This answer did not need Mu Jiuqing to say anything, everyone knew it well.

Except for Mu Jiuqing, no one would really regard Feng Weiming as a family member of the Mus.

Mu Jiuqing was a child of the direct line, and it was still difficult for him to take over the overseas Mu clan, let alone an adopted son with a different surname Feng Weiming’s road to take over the overseas Mu clan would definitely be much harder than Mu Jiuqing’s.

Mu Jiuqing loved Feng Weiming so much, that he couldn’t wait to give him all the good things, was he willing to let him suffer like this


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