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Feng Yangchu was filled with emotions.

He no longer insisted on promoting his nephew to Qiqi.

He only repeatedly instructed her, “When you reach the Ghost Island, try to watch and not participate! That competition… is different from our ordinary medical competition.

Its very cruel! In addition, you must remember not to clash with the witch doctors of the Tongan Kingdom! Try to… stay away from them!”

Witch doctors in the Tongan Kingdom

Was there really a witch doctor in the world

Gu Qiqi listened curiously, as if she had found a clue.

She couldnt help but ask, “Master, did these witch doctors bet with you back then”

Feng Yangchus eyes flickered, but he did not comment.

“Theyre full of evil techniques.

In short, stay away from them and dont provoke them.

You cant go wrong.

Remember! Remember!”

He didnt want to tell Gu Qiqi about the past completely.

It was too cruel and because there was too much blood and hatred.

He didnt want his genius disciple to participate at all.

He hoped she would heed his advice.

It was the least he could do to protect her.

He had no right.

Otherwise, he would have accompanied her to…

= = =

Gu Qiqi bid farewell to Feng Yangchu and rushed to Ghost Island on an international flight.

The voyage was long.

She stared out the window at the sea of clouds for a while.

She looked at her phone in flight mode again.

She definitely wouldnt be able to get any calls.

Gong Jues contact was still blank.

She had no idea how well he was fighting now, where he was, and whether he was injured.

It would be a lie to say that she didnt miss him!

She missed him so much!

However, she still endured her worry and retracted her tears.

She smiled slightly and muttered, “Jue, Ill go to the Great Pharmacist Guild Conference to see the world.

You have to work hard to kill the enemy.

Well… meet again when we return to the country!”

Hopefully, this farewell would go smoothly and they would be reunited soon!

= = =

It was seven oclock in the evening when the plane arrived.

There were no flights to Ghost Island.

The nearest town was Nukualofa, the capital of Tonga.

It was the same for Gu Qiqis international flight.

It was an unfamiliar country and everything was unfamiliar.

Fortunately, Tonga was once an affiliated protectorate of England.

The citizens also spoke English, so it was not a problem for Gu Qiqi to communicate with them.

She hailed a cab and headed straight for the largest hotel in the city.

When she was out, safety came first.

She was willing to use money to buy convenience and peace of mind.

By the time she reached the hotel, rain was pattering down.

According to the porter who carried her luggage, it was the rainy season in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Rain as sudden as this came several times a day.

Gu Qiqi smiled and asked, “It rains every day.

Arent there a lot of mosquitoes here”

The porter answered readily, “The mosquitoes are fine.

At most, they can bite a little.

The most annoying thing is a kind of bug.

I dont know how to translate it for you.

Lets call it a little smelly bug.

If youre accidentally bitten by it, its palp will enter your blood bug.

Then, its body will bulge into a ball and suck your blood away.

Not only that, but it will also inject the poison in its body into your blood vessels.

Then, people will get measles and become red and swollen.

In serious cases, they will go crazy and die! Little miss, you must be careful not to be bitten by that kind of little smelly bug.

Here, let me show you the photo I took.

Its this kind of black, rice-sized and inconspicuous bug… If you suck blood, it can become the size of a small egg…”

As the porter spoke, he enthusiastically showed Gu Qiqi how she could avoid the little bug.

Gu Qiqi smiled and gave the porter a medium-sized red packet.

She was thanking him for helping to carry her luggage and for his reminder.

Perhaps, just a little, she was thinking of her little packrat because she had heard him call her “Little Miss”!

Little boy, I miss you!

Gu Qiqi washed up briefly and went downstairs to eat.

Unexpectedly, the restaurant had already finished serving their main meals.

If she wanted to eat, she could only go to the small tavern beside the hotel.

Gu Qiqi had just stepped into the noisy tavern when she heard someone call a familiar name—


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