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Chapter 2413 How About This

Davis had them form their own hypothesis about his poor origins as he took his hand back, restoring his countenance as a young expert.

Rayleigh and the wind cultivator\'s eyes were shining as they saw that their decision to follow Mo Tian couldn\'t be any luckier.

They had truly decided to follow him even outside if given a chance.

Taking this chance, they obediently sent him the spatial ring of the Blazing Thunder Sect\'s Cerdic\'s they managed to steal.

Davis received them as he nodded at them, acknowledging their errands.

Abruptly, he raised his hand as though a school of fishes had been caught in his multitude of fishing lines, eight spatial rings appeared in his presence, belonging to the dead, as well as three golden rat carcasses and two dark violet bodies.

The latter belonged to the Darkflame Tribe of the Dark Void Flame Spirit Tribe, causing Jairen Darkflame to shudder as he raised his head.

Mo Tian, you can\'t desecrate the corpses of my brethren.

That\'s a serious crime against my spirit race.

Even if you were to kill me, we would not forgive you!

I just want the spirit cores. Davis lightly shrugged.

What… Don\'t you understand that\'s what the crime is…

Davis narrowed his eyes, It\'s not like I have killed them for the spirit cores even though I have an interest in void flames.

Remember, it was you all who offended me and not the other way around.

These are my spoils for being victorious.

Go ahead and take them, Mo Tian.

My Goldsun Family\'s Immortal King will aid you. Erin Goldsun gave his voice of support.

My Lumin Family would do the same.

So will my Blackryst Clan\'s Immortal King Beast.

Farle Lumin and Wyther Blackryst also voice out their support, causing Davis to turn and nod at them.

On the other hand, Jairen Darkflame became speechless.

Seems like his words fell on empty ears.

The reason didn\'t matter, but the looting of the spirit cores was considered desecration and would appropriately be dealt with.

After all, if one spirit core spread, many would start lusting after their spirit cores and would eventually be hunted for it in various ways, including being framed.

Nonetheless, he didn\'t dare to open his mouth, finally having been quelled by a figure that he didn\'t know could even exist.

Rather than hatred, he felt that his horizons were truly broadened, mostly because the ones Mo Tian eliminated in his tribe were upcoming rivals for him.

As for the others, they were heavily injured and perhaps even at death\'s door.

Now then, I trust everyone understands that no one is capable of obstructing me, Davis uttered in a cold voice as he waved at them, causing them to stand up and return to their group as they started healing the survivors.

At the same time, Davis turned to look at Klein Zyrus and his intact group.

They narrowed their brows while their gazes locked with him, causing them to feel some heaviness in their hearts.

However, Klein Zyrus took a step forward and rose to Mo Tian\'s level, appearing in front of him.

You might say that you do not fear the Immortal Kings outside, but you wouldn\'t dare to kill me.

The two of their gazes clashed, sparks flying between as their dominating intent surged.

However, Davis blinked before he smiled.

You\'re right.

I won\'t.

You\'re apparently a Young Master Candidate, after all.

The status you have is naturally different than these wannabes.

He chuckled.

However, his words spoken in the persona of Mo Tian hurt everyone\'s hearts, including the ones who considered him an ally during this expedition.

However, they had to accept that Klein Zyrus truly did occupy a vastly greater position than them because he possessed the Ghastly Cloud Physique.

Other than the crazy assassination powers, no one here dared to kill Klein Zyrus for fear of extreme retaliation.

They could also kill as they were from the same level of power, but even then, they would have to look at the other\'s position and the weight their family had placed on them, wondering if the risk was worth the effort.

If they were foolish in seeing through the intricacies, they were the ones who would end up dead, and most people truly were foolish as they had seen a lot of similar geniuses who would try to step out of the hierarchy but end up facing a tragic fate.

They didn\'t want to end up like them.


Hearing Mo Tian\'s response, Klein Zyrus\'s cold expression receded as he laughed.

You do seem to understand.

I\'m starting to like your character.

Well, how about this I\'ll buy the Void Dust Tree Fruit from you for ten million immortal crystals.

I have six million with me now.

After we head back, I\'ll pay you back the remaining four million immortal crystals.

What do you say

Davis couldn\'t help but raise his brows.

Ten million immortal crystals were truly overpriced for this kind of resource.

After all, ten million immortal crystals exceeded the level of an ordinary Level Nine Immortal existence.

This was a resource that wasn\'t even considered Immortal Grade.

But considering its rarity and profitability, this heavenly resource could truly go for such a price.

Even if Davis was rich, he would have no reason to decline such a transaction that would profit him.

However, not only was the Void Dust Tree Fruit a shortcut to him comprehending Space Laws as it was a heavenly resource, but he was also after Klein Zyrus\'s head that was worth ten- no, a hundred million immortal crystals, ten times more than what was being offered now.

I appreciate it, but I\'ll have to reject the offer.

Davis didn\'t even think about it as he answered, causing Klein Zyrus\'s expression to sink.

Won\'t you reconsider I\'m willing to offer higher prices and sign a Blood Soul Contract.

The Void Dust Tree Fruit is truly important to me.

It\'s more important to me.

Now, if you\'ll excuse me instead of wasting my time.

Davis clasped his hand and was about to turn around when an angered voice echoed out.

Hmph! You could afford to ignore my words, but what if I said that the Zyrus Family higher-ups are pining on me to retrieve the Void Dust Tree Fruit for my usage, which ultimately leads to the betterment of my Zyrus Family\'s future Would you be able to handle the backlash by then!


Erin Goldsun and the other young leaders who were healing their group had their eyes shot wide open.

Now that they had seen it with their own eyes, they came to understand the importance of this secret realm\'s opening.

Although the Zyrus Family acted like it was all the same, happening once every hundred years, this time, the opening truly seemed to be special because of Klein Zyrus\'s existence.

That meant the Void Dust Tree Fruit held a special meaning to the Ghastly Cloud Physique! Was it related to his physique and the future of the Zyrus Family

Arriving at this conclusion, they finally understood how important this expedition was for the Zyrus Family.

In that case, their powers should\'ve also sent heavenly geniuses, but they failed to do so, not having seen this coming as they thought this was just a normal tempering session.

Although the Void Dust Tree Fruit was famed for its effects, it was still a mortal fruit and wouldn\'t attract many eyes.

Because of this, their powers truly let the Zyrus Family take full advantage of this scenario.

Even more than the humiliation they endured from Mo Tian, they truly couldn\'t help but clench their teeth in anger over the failure of their powers to prevent this from happening.

However, they also felt that it couldn\'t be helped because the Zyrus Family had truly been low-key with this arrangement, not sending many people to guard Klein Zyrus as though it wouldn\'t be warranted.

They fell for the trap.

Fortunately, they strangely became thankful that Mo Tian was here, but even he would cave in when threatened with the entire force of the Zyrus Family, right

Davis fully turned around, staring at Klein Zyrus for three whole seconds before he sighed.

You got me.

Klein Zyrus\'s expression instantly brightened, Well, if you had agreed before, you could\'ve-


A resounding slap echoed throughout the area that made the others recoil before Klein Zyrus disappeared, crashing kilometers away elsewhere into a spatial ore mountain.

That\'s your Zyrus Family\'s fate if they even tried to test me.

Davis coldly warned before he turned around, finally heading towards the Void Dust Tree with no challengers ahead.

Not even the Ghost Tear Hall\'s Void Terror dared to near him, perhaps staying away because he wasn\'t a target nor a pushover.

Once Davis\'s eyes laid on the big fruit, his lips widened.

But inwardly, he was smirking because he marked Klein Zyrus as he slipped a minute concealed strand of darkness energy when he slapped and was awaiting his chance, the chance for Dead End to make his appearance and assassinate Klein Zyrus.

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