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Chapter 2414 Makeshift Auction

Davis appeared before the brownish-purple tree as a manifestation of the starry skies hung above it.

Its leaves were mesmerizingly violet, flailing ever so lightly from the breeze.

The tree was rooted into the light-purplish gray void dust soil that covered the land everywhere as though it was a small desert.

His gaze was on the giant fruit that was three meters in radius.

It was enormous and seemed to be like a magical beast\'s feast.

Still, he couldn\'t help but become enchanted by the star patterns flowing through its bare skin like it was some kind of display and, sometimes, displayed the empty void.

The insights of Space Laws surged into his mind like they were a river stream, allowing him to imagine just what would happen if he ate it.

\'As expected of a heavenly resource at the apex of the mortal realm...\'


A furious shout rang out from behind him, sounding from quite a distance.

Davis became annoyed before he turned to look around, his gaze falling on Klein Zyrus, who was trying to suppress his rage from exploding.

At the same time, his face seemed to have caved in while blood was dripping from his lips.

It was unknown how many teeth he lost, but with him keeping his mouth shut, no one could see the full impact of Mo Tian\'s slap.

Enduring the humiliation he felt, Klein Zyrus opened his mouth.

Half the fruit.

I\'ll give you fifty million immortal crystals and sign a Blood Soul Contract! Surely, there\'s no reason to deny this offer!

Haha. Davis couldn\'t help but chuckle, You\'ll just try to kill me after I come out.

I can suppress you now, and I can suppress you after becoming an immortal.

It\'s all the same.

Klein Zyrus\'s expression fell, but he also laughed a moment later.


Do you think you can match me in the Immortal Stage How ridiculous.

All you acquired is comprehension-based power.

I don\'t know how you managed to become this powerful, but for me, my power stems from both my comprehension and physique.

When we step into the Immortal Stage, we will experience a huge loss of prowess.

Mine will be less.

After all, my Darkness Soul Physique will allow me to produce an innate Earth Immortal Soul Vessel while my Supreme Immortal Sigil will allow my prowess to increase by two levels.

Moreover, my family will help me attain a Heaven Immortal Vessel and Heaven Immortal Soul Vessel as long as I prove myself to be the Young Master, allowing me to become a true heavenly genius.

You will not be a match for me, Mo Tian, so I have no reason to bother with you, much less try to ruin your prospects.

Honestly, you\'re overestimating yourself.

Klein Zyrus chuckled with a sympathetic expression on his face, seemingly full of pity for Mo Tian.

Davis simply smiled, not giving a reply as he turned around and raised his hand.

Chaotic martial energy surged from his middle dantian, and before it could extend out of his body, it turned into earthen martial energy.

The resulting burst of energy surged from his palm, turning into a wide-enough palm that caught the big fruit and ripped it from the large branch.


The tree trembled as it let out a vague cry that seemed like it existed and did not, but there was no response after that.

Furthermore, the starry sky manifestation above the tree slowly began to disappear.

You want half of it Davis\'s smile became more prevalent as he turned to look around, Kneel and beg for it.


Klein Zyrus\'s expression churned, almost becoming unsightly.

You know what\'s better for you and your people.

I won\'t say no more.

Are you threatening me

Davis\'s eyes squinted into two slits as blazing killing intent erupted out of his pupils.

It caused Klein Zyrus to narrow his eyes and take a step back, unable to believe that he was facing this much pressure from just a look.

When he saw his fingers, he saw them quiver, further making his expression turn unsightly.



I hereby forbid you from nearing the inner zone of the Void Dust Tree.

If you step into it, then don\'t blame me for being merciless.

What! You think you can exile me from my own secret realm!

Klein Zyrus was beyond furious.

He was unable to obtain the Void Dust Tree Fruit, but he couldn\'t even cultivate and comprehend in the inner zone of the Void Dust Tree

As he would be able to absorb the soil there and improve his Spatial Laws, it was of immense benefit, but with Mo Tian forbidding him from entering the inner zone, the rate of insights he would receive would be low as the quality of the void dust soil would also be low.

Just as he wanted to open his mouth, he abruptly shot back, his figure retreating like a dark comet.

When he reappeared in the distance, his chest couldn\'t help but heave heavily.

\'Impossible… he\'s even able to lock me in place with sheer martial pressure!\'

Klein Zyrus found it extremely shocking that he could be suppressed.

His ability as a cultivator with the Ghastly Cloud Soul Physique was far supreme when it came to being slippery.

After all, it was a Darkness Law Physique, not to mention that it also possessed the minor properties of space that could be unlocked little by little.

For him to be locked down by pure pressure from a cultivator with a similar cultivation base when he was slippery in the first place had never happened before, so the result left him feeling aghast that he instantly sacrificed a minute portion of his soul essence to escape.

It made him feel dizzy a bit, but he was used to it, quickly recollecting himself.

However, the look he gave Mo Tian was no longer the same.

Although it was still full of hatred, there was also trepidation.

After all, even without having to fight, he came to understand that he was not a match for him.


Abruptly, he dodged an incoming dagger at the last moment as he turned into a dark comet and fled to his group.

He was still being hunted by Void Terror of the Ghost Tear Hall.

Tch, what a coward...

Davis clicked his tongue and raised his hand, his voice raising an octave as he announced.

Listen up, everyone.

The Goldsun Family, Lumin Family, and the Blackryst Clan can occupy the inner zone.

The others can occupy the outer zone.

I don\'t want to offend or kill anyone and just want to make sure no one disturbs me during my cultivation.

However, if you\'re unhinged or unwilling and want to go against my words, then don\'t blame me for your untimely demise.

Mo Tian, there\'s a fourth spot in the inner zone.

I\'m wondering if I could purchase it

Suddenly, Jairen Darkflame couldn\'t help but ask in a meek tone.

After all, Klein Zyrus had tried to negotiate many times but kept failing.

He was afraid that he was overstepping his bounds for this moment because, as a Dark Void Flame Spirit, the outer zone was useless to him.

Only the inner zone rich with spatial energy would be helpful to him to immerse and obtain benefits.

Nonetheless, the others couldn\'t help but wait for Mo Tian\'s response.

You could.

I\'m also willing to purchase it! Roland Melias quickly interjected.

Me as well! Kain Goldvein also echoed with a pesky voice.

I also… want… to… cough!

Last but not least, Cerdic woke up from his knocked-out state, but he still seemed heavily injured.

Hearing all the willingness brought in by sheer power, Davis couldn\'t help but smile.

Alright, the starting price is a million immortal crystals and a vow to kill yourselves if I\'m attacked by anyone from your power for killing your subordinates other than their relatives, which is understandable.

Whoever gives me the best price will obtain the spot.


Mo Tian\'s words left all the powers here stunned, but they also found a bit of leeway that he put there.

Their relatives could seek revenge.

They didn\'t know if he was honoring their lives or was naive but were happy to raise their hands and quote their prices.

Two million!

Three mi- no, three and half million!

Six million immortal crystals!!!

Roland Melias and Kain Goldvein quickly bid, but even before Cerdic could open his mouth, Jairen Darkflame screamed out as his eyes turned bloodshot.

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