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The letter was torn to shreds before scarlet flames roared and engulfed it into ashes.

However, the expressions of the Fire Phoenix Patriarch and the elders behind him remained infuriated.

They were all dressed in formal attires, appearing the same except for the Fire Phoenix Patriarch.

He raised his head and spread out his hands.

What is this kind of response Can\'t you all see the contempt that the Aurora Cloud Gate holds us in After being insulted to this level, can we still allow this to slide

Surrounding them were many other powers, their auras poised and stable as though ready to erupt at any moment.

To the opposite side of them sat the Earth Dragon Clan, and to the other side sat other prominent powers.

Considering their attire and auras that had uniquely been recognized from time immemorial, they also seemed to be from the Dragon Clans and Phoenix Clans.

At this moment, the guards at the corners couldn\'t help but tremble underneath the tremendous pressure released by the Fire Phoenix Patriarch.

They could see that he was incomparably angered.

Looking around a bit brazenly, they recognized that the faces of the other powers didn\'t seem good.

They were all more or less angered.

Why did this happen

Because the Fire Phoenix Clan and the Earth Dragon Clan requested their alliance to put forward a word to the Aurora Cloud Gate, asking them to end the scourge, Davis Alstreim, but most importantly, send their immortal inheritors back to their custody.

However, not only did the Aurora Cloud Gate fail to respond in time, they were late and irresponsibly arrogant, telling them to ** off in a polite yet condescending manner!


However, the other party was a mighty Elder of the Aurora Cloud Gate.

They heard he was an Immortal Emperor, so they wondered if there were any meaning behind it, but to their dismay, they could only feel the insult stinging their cheeks.

It was a resounding slap to the request put forward by the dragon alliance and the phoenix alliance.

With the Fire Phoenix Patriarch demanding action needs to be taken, almost everyone presents here felt their blood boil.

When their dragon alliance or phoenix alliance gathered, who dared to slight them in the least! Much less when they actually came together to try out something but were still ignored and insulted by the Aurora Cloud Gate.

Even if they wanted to look the other way, they couldn\'t.

This was blatantly provoking their pride, which was not only forbidden to many, but the consequences were also known.

I disagree.

But suddenly, someone from the gathering stood up.

It was a woman.

Her white hair gently flowed down over her shoulder while she wore a white veil.

Her sharp, curved eyes seemed piercing but also seductive, instantly causing many gazes to fall on her supreme and wistful beauty.

I don\'t know who Elder Aradiel Furiose is, but I see that he only insulted you as the letter was addressed to you instead of the alliance, Fire Phoenix Patriarch Killian Zenflame.

There\'s no reason for my Ice Phoenix Clan to get involved in this matter other than hunting down a Divergent, but even then, it is told that he is the savior of his plane, so how could he be a bad person

That woman\'s eyes sharply narrowed, Besides, you were rather quick to burn that letter, a piece of evidence that\'s insulting you rather than us.

Savior of his plane Hmph!

The Fire Phoenix Patriarch waved his crimson sleeves in annoyance, That doesn\'t matter when he has our future in his hand, trying to take it away from us.

A saint could\'ve done many things to help people somewhere else, but if he came here and made our people suffer, will you sit back and watch, saying that he had done well before, so let\'s let our people suffer so a few others will be saved

He sneered, causing the woman to frown behind her veil.

A layer of silence enveloped the gathering before murmurs started to spread, but the open soon opened her mouth.

I, the Ice Phoenix Matriarch, do not engage in rhetoric nor see eye to eye with twisted moralistic views.

White is white, and black is black.

However, even the harmony between yin and yang states that not everything is white and not everything is black.

Even the greatest good has a portion of darkness hidden within it.

You don\'t need to use his status as a Divergent and vilify him just to obtain the inheritor.

Instead, you could openly behead him, and people would respect you more.

Killian Zenflame\'s expression sharply sank as he glared at the white-robed woman.

However, he coldly curled his lips.


I know why you\'re doing this, Ice Phoenix Matriarch.

Out of all the phoenix clans, only the Ice Phoenix Clan\'s last immortal inheritor has yet to appear.

Since you haven\'t gotten your inheritor yet and would soon perhaps obtain them, are you somehow trying to sabotage us Just how calculative are you, Ice Phoenixes


The Ice Phoenix Matriarch coldly uttered, If the Fire Phoenix Clan thinks I\'m here to sabotage them, then I\'m leaving.

My Ice Phoenix Clan wouldn\'t interfere in this matter anymore.

She flew above the seating area, and followed by her, a few more white-robed elders stood up, intending to leave.

Seeing this scene, a trace of nervousness flashed across the Fire Phoenix Patriarch\'s eyes, but he quickly chuckled.

Oh really You say that you wouldn\'t interfere anymore when it is said people have witnessed one of his people using ice phoenix flames

The Ice Phoenix Matriarch stopped in mid-air, turning to cast a look at him.

It\'s just a rumor.

What if it\'s not

Both of them stared at each other with sharp eyes before the Ice Phoenix Matriarch harrumphed.

Then my clan will deal with it on our way instead of relying on brute force.

Ice Phoenix Matriarch, you are wise... Suddenly, a golden-robed man stood up from the seats and cupped his hands towards her, ...

but regardless of your opinion, there is the matter of him slaughtering my Golden Dragon Family\'s people.

Until I make him cough up an answer that will make me refrain from slaughtering him, I\'m going to have to side with Fire Phoenix Patriarch on this matter.

I agree with Golden Dragon Patriarch as we share the same opinion. Another crimson-robed person who sat at the center of his group stood up and gave his opinion.

As expected of the Golden Dragon Patriarch and the Fire Dragon Patriarch.

We do indeed share the same sentiments.

Don\'t be so happy, Fire Phoenix Patriarch.

If Davis Alstreim is proven innocent, we will not harm him and wouldn\'t help you either.

The Fire Dragon Patriarch scoffed while Killian Zenflame clenched his fists, appearing to be frustrated over their indecisiveness.

The reason he had gathered them all was to form a coalition, and even with something as insulting as the letter, these powers were not moving at all.

Only now did he truly understand the influence of that ancient sect, but he still couldn\'t help but ask.

Then what about the Aurora Cloud Gate



Suddenly, a person came running from the entrance, causing the Ice Phoenix Matriarch to echo.

Her voice garnered all their attention as they turned to look at that man.

Reporting to the elders and clan heads, the Aurora Cloud Gate has declared that it wouldn\'t harm their disciple who is a Divergent as long as they follow the rules of the sect and live peacefully, saying that they deserve a chance as any other being born into this world.

What! Are they insane

The Fire Phoenix Patriarch waved his hand in irritation, wondering why everyone in the Aurora Cloud Gate would be like Law Enforcement Elder Aradiel Furiose, while the expressions of the others churned with many thoughts, musing why the Aurora Cloud Gate would go so far a single disciple who could only be detrimental to not only them but any power.


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