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I have changed once again into old sweats and tank top. Even though I have been warned that I won transform into Jewel tonight, I have a feeling that I will still get dirty. Otherwise I would not have been warned to shift with my parents only as witness.

It is typical for a pack to come together and celebrate a new adult in their shift as a whole. My mother has been fielding phone calls from the alpha, luna, beta and his mate all day. She finally forwarded my text message to the alpha as a screenshot so that he could finally ease up on the harassing calls and links. Instead the luna called once again to apologize and try to weadle more information from my mom.

I found all of this funny, but not in a haha way, more like an odd reaction to seeing an uncomfortable scenario played out in front of you.

It lacked real humor, but was oddly entertaining to watch.

Myself, I kept busy doing odd things around the house, outside, or just relaxed outside in the hammock. I liked watching the leaves play in the wind, and the shadows that they caused.

I tried not to nap during the day.

Night time was filled with destruction like entire packs collapsing due to rogue attacks or natural disasters.

Day time was filled with death omens.

I could warn other packs about disasters that were coming, but I could do nothing for death omens.

If I even tried to warn the person or alpha, then I would feel excrutiating pain radiating out of my body. Its a form of balance. I can warn against destruction, good side. I can warn or stop death, bad side. So, since I can stop it, I stop myself from napping during the day.

I go to the bathroom to pick out some nail polish. I once went and got manicures and pedicures from our local nail technician, but it is painful for anyone but my parents to touch me for extended periods of time.

That is only one side effect from my healer abilities. I can touch someone for ten to twenty seconds to heal them, at the cost of one second of my life. Yet, if I allow someone to hold me longer than that, their pain leaks into my body. Silent wounds that they are not even aware of. The trauma from a childhood experience that they have forgotten, I will get it. The pain from child birth, I will get it.

So, I limit any bodily contact to healing and nothing more.

I find the color I want, a "river moon blue" it says on the side. Its a beautiful blue, like the sky at dusk on a clear summer day. I head back into the living room where my dad is reading some medical journal on fairies and vampires and push play on the series I was watching on hulu.

I like the supernatural shows. Sometimes they get the lore right, and I always wonder if a supernatural helped them with the plot.

We are not totally out of the woods so to speak yet. Some governments are aware of our existence, and work with us. Mostly the military units. We help train humans in combat and fighting skills, in turn, we are given land and other resources that help our packs thrive.

Maybe that is why I love the movie, Men in Black so much. Supernaturals are not aliens, just a branch that has diverged from the human race. Similar to monkies. The ape species have numerous different breeds. That is us with the humans. We are just a different breed, but have the same root existence.

Even the fairies and the vampires.

Evolution at its finest. While watching the vampire series and painting my toe nails, I peak up at my dad from time to time. I like watching his serious face, and his presence helps to soothe me. I am one lucky wolf to have a strong healer for a dad.

Beside him on the table is a family photo we took on my fifteenth birthday.

I smile at the memory. I had just learned about quinceaneras and asked my family for a traditional Mexican birthday party, complete with a live band.

My mom and her friends set up classes for us to learn the proper dances so that we could fully immerse ourselves in this cultural experience.

In the picture I am wearing a beautiful authentic dress, with my hair styled with braids and ribbons.

That party was my last birthday with the pack, so its especially memorable for me.

I tried to have a sweet sixteenth birthday with friends, but that was when my first blessing manifested. The pain kept me awake for dawn to dusk as my body assimilated the new power.

Even then, I couldn tell my parents the real cause as the goddess spoke with me the entire day. The my parents I was in a comatose state, dad even took me to the pack clinic.

Eight months later I received my healer blessings. I was warned the night before, so I was able to book it to the waterfalls in time so that my parents would not worry.

Upon my arrival, I showed my dad the healer mark.

To say he was happy would be an overstatement. Instead he was upset that I was alone, young, and in pain without him near. As far as my parents and any non seer wolves are concerned, I have only been blessed once.

I spend most days with my dad at the clinic healing kids while he tends to the warriors and those with more severe wounds.

I smile and finish my last toe. Jewel, I hope you can go through my memories while you are resting. I want you to know me better than I know myself. I want you to feel true love and acceptance. I don know if she can hear me, but I feel as if she did.

I can feel the change in the air, I look down at my wet nails. "Oh well, Ill just reapply later." I say aloud. I see my dad look at his watch, then up at me.

"Your mom is heading to the back yard, come on kiddo. Its time." he then reaches out and grabs my hands. I can feel his shaking from nerves. Not enough for another wolf to feel, but plenty for me to. I latch on and squeeze.

I smile up at his taller, lithe frame, "Im ready."

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