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The operation to return to the Naruto World was very simple.

After Washi confirmed it, everyone directly disappeared from the world where Danzo was.

“Washi-sama, you are back.”

When Washi appeared in the Mayor’s house, Naruto, who had been waiting at the side, came over happily.

On the first day, he had been chatting with Hinata in the garden, but the friend who had just appeared disappeared.

After he asked the 2nd Hokage Tobirama, he knew that Hinata had gone out with Washi.

“Yes, she’s back.” “You shouldn’t be waiting for me, right Hinata is behind you.

Go find her.” Washi nodded.

After saying that, Washi and Female Orochimaru walked to the laboratory.

Tomihashi walked to the kitchen consciously.

Looking at the time, it should be almost noon.

It was time to prepare lunch.

When Washi and Female Orochimaru arrived at the laboratory, they saw the door of the laboratory.

Hashirama and Orochimaru were sitting in front of the flower terrace with a stool to bask in the sun.

Perhaps it was because of boredom, Jiraya and Tobirama also entered the ranks of retirement.

Little Tsunade ran blindly in front of the four people.

It was unknown whether she was catching insects or strolling around.

The old group led by Hashirama were all lying on their chairs, looking at Tsunade who was running around with a smile on their faces.

“You’re back.” The first to notice Washi was Hashirama, who was closest to Washi.

When Washi came, he had already attracted his attention.

As soon as Hashirama finished speaking, everyone turned their eyes to Washi.

Among these people, Orochimaru was the fastest to react.

When the others were still sitting in their chairs and watching, he had already stood up.

When he came to Female Orochimaru’s side, Orochimaru immediately grabbed her arm and walked in the direction of the laboratory.

“You finally back.

I thought of something.

Come in with me.

What do you think…”

Jiraya also saw this and followed, ready to see what Orochimaru was up to.

Since Washi and Female Orochimaru left, Hashirama took over the laboratory.

After entering, Hashirama also saw the hair that was secretly taken by Tsunade.

Although Orochimaru explained everything, Hashirama still took the hair back in the end.

It was estimated that Orochimaru was in such a hurry because of this matter, and he was looking for Female Orochimaru to discuss countermeasures.


At this time, Little Tsunade, who was playing, also noticed Washi who had returned.

She had not seen him for a day and ran straight towards him.

Washi reached out and picked up Little Tsunade.

This two year old little hirl had eaten a lot recently, and her weight had obviously increased a lot.

“Where did you go yesterday I was still looking for you to play.

Sister Orochimaru is not here, only Grandpa can play with me.”

Little Tsunade cared about her all day long and still played.

Today, she greeted Washi so warmly because she had already lost all her money.

Although she did not gamble with it, she tried her best not to lose the money to Naruto.

“Looking at you, you don’t have any money, right” Washi immediately saw through Little Tsunade’s thoughts.

However, after going to the world where Danzo was in, he did not encounter any battles.

In his joy, he gave Tsunade 10,000 again.


After receiving 10,000 silver, Tsunade smiled and was about to break free.

When her foot landed on the ground, Tsunade moved towards the direction where Washi had just come from.

She, the Princess of the Senju Clan, was going to find an opponent on the gambling table to take revenge.

When Washi completed the task to return to the original world, Minato was already preparing to return to the original world.

“Sensei, you want to leave early”

On the top platform of the Hokage building, Itachi was asking his teacher.

There was still a long time left to the ninety-day deadline, but his teacher was ready to leave early.


“Yes, I’m leaving.

Naruto, I’ll leave it to you.” Minato smiled and patted Naruto on the shoulder.

He knew that he would not be able to return to this world in a short period of time.

But in the end, Minato was ready to return in advance, because in the other world, there was Naruto that most people in Konoha hated.

Naruto here had a very good treatment.

He had many friends, and he also had the same cheerful and generous character.

The other Naruto was only seven years old, but he had nothing.

He endured everything alone, and I had become his only light.

Therefore, the more he stayed here, the more Minato wanted to return to that world.

Naruto brought him out of Konoha, and I can’t just leave him here.

“Haha, Father, you can go with ease.

I’m fine.” Naruto had learned a lot about other Naruto from Minato, and Naruto also hoped that his father could take good care of his other self.

Minato nodded with satisfaction.

His son was very sensible.

“Next time I have a chance, I will ask Washi to bring him over.”

“Really That’s great.” Naruto grinned and said to Minato.

“Listen to Itachi, and clean up the house.

I don’t want the house to be so dirty the next time I come back.” Minato patted his son on the shoulder again.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Naruto told Minato that he had heard it several times in the past few days.

“Well, then I’ll go first.

Itachi, please.”

Minato took back his hand on Naruto’s shoulder and nodded slightly to Itachi.

What he asked was not only his son, but also the entire Konoha, as well as the whole Ninja World.

“Don’t worry, sensei.” Itachi looked at Minato, a smile on his face that he hadn’t seen for a long time.

After Itachi responded, Minato looked up at his statue and breathed a sigh of relief.

Goodbye, my world.

“Minato Namikaze requested to return.

Do you agree”

In the main world, Washi, who had just sat next to Hashirama, received a notice from the Naruto Warehouse.

Isn’t the time not up yet

With this doubt in mind, Washi entered the Naruto Warehouse.

The outer wall of the warehouse was marked with the news of Minato’s application to return.

[Remaining time hasn’t reached, profit has been cut in half.

The settlement income is: 31,978.

Because the world hasn’t been conquered, the profit is in charge of the warehouse.]

“More than 30,000 kunai How much does that cost”

Seeing the income data, Washi first thought of the value of this kunai.

The daily consumption of this family made Washi very sensitive to money.

“Can’t take it out What’s the use of it”

However, it’s good that Minato can come back early, and he can go out to work.

Recently, there seem to be a lot of rebels near Sujo City.


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