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Under Washi’s confirmation, Minato, who was still in World 04, also returned to the main world.

After Washi agreed, he left the warehouse.

“Sama, long time no see.”

As soon as Minato appeared in the garden, he smiled at Washi and the others.

After greeting, Minato looked around and found that the scenery here was not like the previous courtyard.

“Well, we are still in Sujo City.

We just moved to a place.

It is quite big now.” Washi sat down again and said to Minato, “Why do you want to come back early”

“The things over there have been dealt with, so I came back early.” Minato looked around, wanting to see where Naruto was.

After looking around, he couldn’t find his son.

When Washi saw Minato’s action, he knew that this guy was looking for Naruto.

So he pointed to the direction Tsunade disappeared and said to Minato, “Naruto is over there.

Tsunade just went over.

If you want to find him, go ahead.”

“Haha, then I’ll go first.” After Minato smiled, he walked towards the area where Naruto was.

After Minato disappeared into the corridor, Hashirama, who had not spoken, said, “Minato seems to be much better.”

After Minato joined the team, Hashirama had been paying attention to the 4th Hokage.

At that time, although he had a smile on his face, his heart was not as bright as his face.

But now, after coming back from another world, Minato seemed to have changed.

“I think so too.” After the post, Washi also compared the changes in Minato in his heart, and nodded in agreement.


“That’s good.” After more and more members of the team come, Hashirama was not just thinking about retirement.

After getting a lot of information about this world and other worlds from Washi, Hashirama felt that it was necessary to make some changes to this world.

“By the way, didn’t you talk about the future plans last time Now that Minato is back, let’s talk about this.”

Previously, Washi had told Hashirama that there were more and more people now, and it should be the most detailed plan.

He couldn’t spend his time in Sujo City every day.

It was not enough to get money.

However, Minato was still in another world, so he didn’t execute it immediately.

Now that Minato returned from another world, this plan could be done.

“Well, Minato is back.

We can have a meeting now.” This suggestion was proposed by him, so of course, Washi supported it.

“I’ll talk to Minato later.”

After that, Washi looked back at the laboratory, “Call Orochimaru and Jiraya when the time comes.

These two are half of the team.

When the time comes, ask them if they want to join the team.

If they want to join, we can listen.”

Washi didn’t know how to arrange for these two people who had been living in his home.

When the time came, all of them would go to the meeting.

Don’t let Orochimaru directly run away.

Therefore, Washi was ready to call these two people.

“Okay, okay.” Hashirama didn’t care.

These two were Ninjas of Konoha.

Although he was not very satisfied with many of Konoha’s actions, they still belonged to Konoha, and he still had a lot of feelings for Konoha.

“It’s settled.

Later, you tell Female Orochimaru and the others that I will go to find Minato.

After lunch, let’s discuss it directly.” After saying that, Washi stood up and went to look for Minato.

After Washi stood up, Hashirama also jumped off the bench and quickly came to Washi’s side, “Tell Tsunade not to play with Naruto, she can’t win.”

These days, Hashirama had seen Tsunade lose money, and he couldn’t bear to let Washi go over and remind her,

He was looking after Hashirama, so he didn’t have time to care about his granddaughter.

“Okay, I’ll talk to her after I go over.” Washi smiled and nodded to Tobirama.

From the laboratory area where Hashirama was to the small garden where Naruto was, it was actually not too far away.

After going around a corridor, the garden directly entered Washi’s eyes.

But to Washi’s surprise, Minato, who had just rushed over, did not go to the garden to find his son, but stood silently at the corner of the corridor.

“Why don’t you go over” Washi came behind Minato and saw Naruto chatting with Tsunade in the garden while Tsunade was rolling around in the garden.

“Naruto seems to be very happy.” Minato also looked at his son and said to Washi, “Is this girl from the Hyuga Clan also the Hokage you brought”

Washi directly answered, “Yes, the Hokage of another world, Hinata, just happened to know your son.”

“Hinata Is she the one you talked about last time”

Although Female Orochimaru spoke the most in the team, she talked about some research topics or some irrelevant words.

However, Minato was different.

He rarely talked, but he talked the most with Washi in private.

And he also learned a lot of things about this world from Washi.

Among them, there were some things about Hinata and Naruto, and before going to his world, Minato knew that he would have such a daughter-in-law in the future.

“Yes, it’s that Hinata.

However, she is not the young one of this world, and she might not be interested in your son.” In order to prevent Minato from forcing the two of them together, Washi warned him, “Now, that young girl in Konoha likes your son.

You can consider going to Konoha to steal that girl.”

Washi was joking.

Hinata had nothing to do with Washi and the others.

When he robbed, could he directly say to Hiashi Hyuga that this was my future daughter-in-law Washi believed that even if Minato was blackened, he would definitely not say it.

As Washi expected, after Washi finished, Minato waved his hand again and again, “This matter can be discussed later.

Let’s talk about it later.”

“By the way, Minato, when you left, your son was thinking about Konoha’s friends.” Before Minato’s departure, Naruto thought that he had lost his father again.

This made Naruto suddenly think of his friends and classmates.


Back then, when he took Naruto back from Konoha, Minato fought with Konoha’s Ninjas because of his son’s encounter.

He really didn’t think about anything else.

“You can talk to Naruto at night.

I came to find you because of another matter.

I discussed it with Hashirama.

After lunch, we will have a meeting to discuss our next plan.”


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