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“Another thing What is it”

Minato wasn’t clear about the changes in the team, so he couldn’t guess what Washi wanted to say.

“Hashirama and I are going to let everyone discuss the road ahead.

It’s too idle to stay in Sujo City all the time.” Washi explained to Minato.

“Is that so That’s good.” Having just solved his own world, Minato felt that unifying the Ninja World was a very good decision.

After the Ninja World unified, the war in the world he was in also stopped, and the number of rebels was rapidly decreasing.

Seeing that Minato did not object, Washi smiled and said, “Haha, that’s decided.

Let’s go and see how your son and Hinata are chatting.”

After saying that, Washi rushed to Naruto and Hinata before Minato.

However, before he could reach them, he was blocked by Tsunade who was still rolling in the grass.

“Washi, I lost again.” Seeing Washi, Tsunade who was rolling immediately stopped and lay on the ground, waving the die in her hand at Washi.

Seeing Little Tsunade like this, Washi bent down with a smile and picked up Little Tsunade, “Isn’t this normal Why, is it Naruto who lost”

“No, the one who lost to today is her.

She is new.

I don’t know her.” Little Tsunade pointed at Hinata and said to Washi.

“Yes, she is new.

She is Naruto’s friend.

Her name is Hinata.”

Although Little Tsunade had seen Hinata yesterday, she did not go forward to communicate with her.

Therefore, she did not know his name.

Today, in order to seek revenge on Naruto, she came here.

However, when she came, she met Hinata.

Before Naruto could introduce her, Little Tsunade invited Hinata to bet with her.


However, the result still disappointed Little Tsunade.

She did not win this newcomer.

“Tsunade.” Although Little Tsunade did not know him, Hinata had already known him from Naruto.

“Hey, how did you know my name was Tsunade” Tsunade held the die in her hands and looked at Hinata with a puzzled expression.

Hinata smiled and pointed to Naruto.

“He told me.”

Tsunade still wanted to say something, but Minato was already in front of them.

When Naruto saw his father, he quickly stood up and ran to Minato.

After shouting excitedly, Naruto hugged Minato and said, “I thought you left me again…”

Minato rubbed Naruto’s hair and whispered, “How could it be How could it be”

“Mister Minato.” As the two father and son embraced each other, Hinata also stood up and greeted Minato.

After Hinata greeted Minato, Washi directly called everyone and walked towards the hall.

Next was the business to do today.

When Washi arrived at the hall with Minato and the others, Hashirama had already brought Female Orochimaru and the others over.

The table in the hall was also full of the food that Tomihashi had prepared.


In the room, Jiraya was looking in the direction of the door.

When Minato, who was carrying Naruto, appeared in the hall, Jiraya stood up and looked at him.

“Jiraya-sensei!” Minato saw his teacher, and his reaction was not as intense as Jiraya’s.

The 4th Hokage bowed slightly to his teacher, and then he put him down.

Jiraya left Konoha and came to Sujo City to find Minato and ask his disciple why he left Konoha.

But, when he saw Minato carrying Naruto into the hall, he didn’t know what to say.

Was it questioning or criticizing Naruto was like that in Konoha.

Was he qualified

After letting out a sigh, Jiraya didn’t continue to talk, but sat back down in front of the table.

Minato didn’t ask anything, nor did he take the initiative to ask.

He pushed Naruto, who was standing in a daze, to the table, and Minato also sat down.

Everyone’s meal became unusually quiet because of this small episode.

After hastily ending the dinner, Tomihashi quickly cleaned up the dishes.

Because Tomihashi was also a member of the team, Washi didn’t start the meeting immediately.

When Tomihashi returned, Washi said to everyone sitting in the hall, “I asked everyone to stay today to talk about something.”

“By the way, Orochimaru, Jiraya, you are not a member of the team yet.” Before the meeting began, Washi first turned to look at Jiraya and Orochimaru, who were sitting side by side.

“If you two are willing to join, you can join us.

I wonder if you two want to join our organization”

Among the two, Washi was actually not too reassured about Orochimaru.

He often joined and quit in one go, and this kind of operation was like a common occurrence for him.

“Of course I can.” The first to answer was Orochimaru, who Washi didn’t really believe.

For him, the organization was not a fetter for him.



Orochimaru easily agreed, but Jiraya was silent.

He was a Ninja of Konoha, not a traitor.

He had no reason to join this organization.

But in this organization, there were Hashirama, the 2nd Hokage, and his own student, the 4th Hokage of Konoha, Minato.

They were also representatives of Konoha.

Therefore, Jiraya hesitated on this choice.

“There is no conflict between the organization and the village, but our team is higher than the village.” Washi saw the reason why Jiraya was hesitating and said, “In the absence of conflict, you can be a ninja of Konoha, but once the two sides fight, I hope you belong to the organization first.”

Washi had already made it very clear to Jiraya that after joining the team, Konoha would definitely not be above the organization.

“I…” After thinking again, Jiraya looked at Hashirama, the God of Ninja, and took a deep breath.

“I can join.”

Seeing that Jiraya didn’t object, Washi knocked on the table, glanced at everyone, and said, “Well, in that case, let’s start the meeting.”

“We are mainly here to discuss the goal of the organization.”

After Washi said that, Hashirama took the lead and said, “Let me say it first.

I hope to stop the war in this world, just like what I did in this world in the past.”

“Well, let’s unify the world, Hashirama-sama.”

In the room, a familiar voice sounded.

The owner of the voice belonged to the 4th Hokage, Minato.


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