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Chapter 939: First BatchTranslator: CKtalon 

The sixth floor of the underground building was divided into small partitions by walls, baffles, and iron gates.

Every partition was a department.

The radio station was in Zone C.

There were tables and chairs at the door, and an old man who didnt seem young and was almost at the age of retirement sat there.

The radio station wasnt a particularly important department, nor was it involved in confidential matters.

It was already quite good to have a dedicated employee guarding the door.

Moreover, there was a team from the Security Department patrolling this floor.

Long Yuehong and Bai Chen walked over and appeared very calm.

It was as if they had been ordered by their superior to discuss an interview at the radio station.


In a sense, this was the truth.

They had indeed been ordered by their superior, Jiang Baimian, todiscuss the matter regarding Shang Jianyaos interview.

As for whether the other party agreed or not, it wasnt in their considerations.

They had to do it no matter what.

Just as the two of them reached the door, the old man asked warily, “Who are you looking for, and what are you doing here”


Long Yuehong smiled.

“We are Feng Yunyings friends.

We have something to discuss with her.”

Feng Yunying was his first blind date, and she was also the only radio station employee he knew.

As for the people like Hou Yi, he only knew her name but didnt know her details.

He couldnt bluff his way through.

“Feng Yunying” the old man asked back and received an affirmative answer.

He was very familiar with all the staff members at the radio station, so he naturally knew Feng Yunying.

Therefore, he asked a few detailed questions to make sure they werent lying to him by randomly mentioning the name of an employee.

Long Yuehong answered fluently.

He had done his homework!

He hadnt seen Feng Yunying for two to three years, but his mother—Gu Hong—and Feng Yunyings mother were colleagues and had a very good relationship.

After making it clear that the radio station was their target, Long Yuehong had indirectly asked Gu Hong about many things, including whether Feng Yunying was still at the radio station, which program team she belonged to, what her job level was, who she had married, and whether she had children.

If it werent for the fact that Bai Chen had found an opportunity to ask these questions on his behalf, Gu Hong wouldve most likely imagined that something had happened to her sons marriage and that he was having other thoughts.

Of course, Bai Chens questions about Feng Yunying also made Gu Hong feel that something was amiss.

She suspected that her daughter-in-law had heard something and wanted to dig up and raise an old issue.

Back then, there was nothing wrong when both of them were unmarried! Could it be that her son was indiscreet and still yearned for Feng Yunying, who had rejected him Did he let it slip in his sleep one night

The old gatekeeper nodded when he heard that, and his attitude became much friendlier.

“Just register using your electronic card, and you can enter.”

Long Yuehong and Bai Chen took out their electronic cards and handed them over calmly.

They had no intention of hiding their identities at all.

If this matter succeeded today, they would be the saviors of most of Pangu Biologys employees.

If it failed, it was impossible for the two of them to hide it.

There were cameras everywhere.

The ordinary-looking old man with a graying beard took the electronic cards and swiped them on an electronic device on the table.

The corresponding information was displayed on the small screen of the machine.

The old gatekeeper swept his gaze casually, and his gaze suddenly froze.

“D8 Youre already at D8” He looked at Long Yuehong in surprise.

The young man opposite him looked to be only 26 or 27 years old.

If it werent for the elements that left traces on him, he mightve appeared even younger.

Even the radio station director was only a D8.

The old man had worked hard to reach D3 with his qualifications, waiting for his retirement before advancing another rank.

Long Yuehong raised his right hand and displayed the mechanical arm as he smiled.

“I spent the past few years in the Security Departments outfield team.”

“Oh.” The old man immediately felt better.

This young man had risked his life to reach his rank.

He was already missing a limb and wasnt something enviable.

When he swiped Bai Chens electronic card, his eyes almost popped out.

“You are a D7”

Bai Chen smiled and replied, “He and I are colleagues.”

The old man wiped his forehead.

“Go on in; go on in.”

To him, D7 and D8 were considered reputable figures.

Which person like this wasnt a pillar of Pangu Biology How could they ruin their future and cause trouble at the radio station

That young man was already a D8 at such a young age.

He might be able to make it to management in the future!

Moreover, nothing could be ruined.

The work at the radio station was mainly to provide mental sustenance for the employees after they knocked off work.

They only reported the time during the day.

Long Yuehong and Bai Chen thanked him and walked forward unhurriedly.

On the lowest floor of the underground building, in the room with the supercomputer, Omega.

Some data entered, and after some calculations, it turned into a message: “Targets have made abnormal movements by visiting the radio station.

Confirmation for normality is needed.”

As this message was generated, Pangu Biologys Director Ji Zes phone rang.

After entering the radio station, Long Yuehong and Bai Chen immediately walked to the recording studio.

They knew the exact layout, not because Long Yuehong couldnt find anything else to talk about when he was with Feng Yunying in the past, nor was it because he had spent a lot of effort figuring out the radio station through his relatives.

This was all thanks to Shang Jianyao.

This guy wasnt just joking in the past about barging into the radio station and holding Hou Yi hostage to spread the news.

He had already secretly made some friends and drew out the layout of the radio station, committing it to memory.

As the saying went, it was best to be prepared!

This was completely incomprehensible to ordinary people, but Shang Jianyao was a genuine mental patient after all.

According to what Long Yuehong knew, this guy would even silentlyupdate the radio station map every time he returned to the company to prevent any changes in the layout due to renovations and expansion.

Therefore, Long Yuehong and Bai Chen were much more relaxed after obtaining detailed information beforehand.

They only asked around to see if the radio station had undergone any major renovations recently.

Along the way, the two saw many radio station employees.

It was a relatively leisurely period for them.

The doors to many rooms were open, and the employees gathered in groups and were chatting.

Long Yuehong saw Hou Yi at a glance.

It wasnt that he knew the other party, but the broadcasters characteristics were too obvious.

She was even shorter than Bai Chen—only 1.5 meters tall.

In this aspect, she was a failed case of genetic enhancement.

She couldnt even reach her parents height.

Of course, she also had the results of genetic enhancement.

Her facial features were good, and her voice was very sweet.

Long Yuehong retracted his gaze and suddenly sighed with emotion.

From all the news he had heard, not only did Hou Yi not feel inferior because of her height, but she also became enthusiastic, cheerful, confident, and independent.

Finally, she became the chief broadcaster of the radio station.

In comparison, the former Long Yuehong clearly had an inferiority complex.

Long Yuehong and Bai Chen walked past the room where Hou Yi was and arrived outside the recording studio.

This was the room they planned to take for their operation.

To be honest, Long Yuehong was very nervous.

He felt that he and the others were overestimating themselves.

Even if those New World experts in the company couldnt return and provide help, just the board of directors, other Mind Corridor-level Awakened, and a large number of Security Departments staff could make them suffer.

Even if they were divided for conquering, just any one of them wasnt something the two of them could deal with.

The number of people Shang Jianyaos recording could affect was at most 10,000—it was impossible to rely on it to quickly control the entire company.

Therefore, there was a low chance of survival in this operation.

Long Yuehong could only hope that his team leaders plan was effective and that Shang Jianyao could carry it out without any problems.

The key to Jiang Baimians plan was: Focus your forces on destroying the command structure first!

In other words, Shang Jianyao was to mainly affect those people in the Management Zone and the employees of the various important departments and internal forces (especially those in charge of guarding the doors) during the first broadcast to disintegrate most of Pangu Biologys strength.

After that, they would focus on affecting a portion of the floors and create the situation of everyone running out, allowing the unaffected to beinfected with the emotions of those with implanted thoughts and follow the rest.

It could have a viral effect!

When Pangu Biology was in complete chaos, Long Yuehong and Bai Chen would be much safer.

When formulating the plan, Jiang Baimian didnt forget her personal interests and requested Shang Jianyao to take care of his family and Long Yuehongs family in the second batch.

She wanted them to have their thoughts implanted and run out without hesitation to prevent them from missing the opportunity.

Under normal circumstances, the probability of Jiang Baimians plan succeeding was basically zero.

This was because Pangu Biology still had many sleeping New World powerhouses and had the attention of Big Boss.

But since Long Yuehong and Bai Chen had started taking action, it meant that something was amiss in the New World.

There was a high chance that those powerhouses wouldnt be able to do anything.

As Long Yuehongs thoughts flashed, Bai Chen stretched out her right hand and opened the door to the radio stations recording studio.

The earthquake brought about by the unrest caused the streets to crack and houses to collapse in the New World.

Everything was in a mess.

Some areas even had huge pits, and one could see deep darkness.

Jacob and the other New World Awakened hid in different places, waiting for this calamity to pass.

At this moment, the tower silently snapped, and a huge vortex appeared, sucking in countless rocks, bricks, and wood.

These things were reduced to pure mental energy in midair.

Immediately after, Jacob and the others floated up uncontrollably and flew in the direction of the tower.

They tried their best to resist and used all kinds of abilities, but it was useless.

They screamed and disappeared into the center of the vortex.

With the infusion of nutrients provided by this batch of New World Awakened, Master Zhuangs doors opened with a bang.

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