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Chapter 32

Translated by Springlila

Edited by Prius


Director Lee suggested that we go on an overseas trip together during the Lunar New Year holiday.

I refused.

It wasn’t for any big reason, I just needed some time to think.

Director Lee is rich, whereas I’m not.

It’s time to consider the dating gap.

I even imagined swiping Director Lee’s card and paying whenever I pleased.

If it’s Director Lee, I thought he would willingly give me his wallet.

The model citizen within me filed a petition.

That is not the case.

“I want to see a movie on the last day of the holidays.”

The most reasonable compromise was proposed.

Director Lee agreed with my suggestion.

“I will meet you at your house.

Your real house.”

Director Lee emphasized the word “real.” I’m not sure if it was a mistake, but I sensed his resentment.

Director Lee eventually found out my real address.

I’ll never forget the look on Director Lee’s face, which was tinged with betrayal.

Ordinary days continued from that point forward.

I ate lunch with Deputy Kang and talked with Director Lim when I had a chance.

The number of times to check the internal messenger had increased.

Director Lee chatting with me became a minor daily routine.

I went out, I’m on the third floor, where have you been, etc.

It was fun to run into Director Lee in front of the elevator and pretend it was a coincidence.

We tried to reach an understanding.

Director Lee, who used to talk a lot about luxury goods, started talking about soccer for me.

I turned off the TV and searched about art galleries.

We talked while gently holding hands and then letting go.

It was its own signal.

This interaction worked, we could talk more about this next time.

He is an Alpha who grew up in a luxurious culture.

I’m just an ordinary Beta.

It will take some time for us to adapt together.

Every moment was enjoyable.

Every time I came home from work, Director Lee gave me a rose.

Roses began to pile up in the house one by one.

Graduation season will arrive soon.

I think I can sell flowers at my alma mater.

“Your expression is a little off”

Kim Joo-young asked as she put her leg on my shoulder.

“Aren’t you getting heavier”

Kim Joo-young’s weight increased sharply.

My shoulder almost fell off.

Kim Joo-young pinched both of my ears.

“Are you really going to be unemployed”


I’m going abroad without you now.

Because you keep bothering me.”

“Oh, I hope you’re banned from reentering the country.”

I went back to my parent’s home on the holidays.

It was peaceful.

My father and I had a good time climbing the mountain.

The majority of my time was spent on chat apps.

I also spent a lot of time talking to Director Lee.

It seems that most of the holidays were spent on the phone with Director Lee.

I called because I had nothing to do.

Director Lee said he does not attend family gatherings.

Everyone claimed that they were too busy to celebrate the holiday properly.

Director Lee said he wanted to see me.

I also wanted to see Director Lee.

– On the last day of the holiday, what should we do after watching a movie Eat something delicious

“I don’t know.”

I think just looking at Director Lee’s face would be interesting.

Then I wouldn’t have to say anything.

In my opinion, Director Lee went a little too far if I said too much.

I later discovered that Director Lee intended to rent a movie theater on the last day of the holiday.

It’s inconvenient.

If there is nothing for the family to do, everyone will go to the movies, there is no reason to rent it.

There are not enough movie theaters.

One time I said that I wanted to see him, and he said it would take about three hours to get to my house.

When I asked what he meant, he explained that he was on a business trip to Busan, but that if he gets on a plane now, he will be able to arrive in time for dinner.

I stopped him that time.

Dating is nice, but earning a living comes first.

Director Lee was extremely disappointed.

I thought maybe Director Lee also wanted to leave the office with my excuses.

Still, I thought it would have been nice if he really came to see me.

Kim Joo-young began arguing a lot as I kept smiling throughout the holidays.

She can’t imagine the person who gives her pocket money being happy.

I said I’d give her pocket money if she shut up and rolled backward three times, and she did.

While rolling, she landed her ankle on the door.

Kim Joo-young screamed, and I burst out laughing.

I offered her an extra 30,000 won if she rolled forward, but she strangled me with her legs as she rolled.

I screamed this time.

Our mother beat both of us for being too loud.


“Are you sure I don’t need to rent it”

“Why are you renting a movie theater Don’t spend your money on something like that.”

Director Lee tilted his head at my bruise.

Oh, it’s adorable.

He obviously doesn’t understand what I said, but he’s handsome.

I’ll buy all that Coke.

Of course, we already bought it, but we can buy it again.

Director Lee carried the Coke.

I simply placed my mouth on the straw.

I’m like a mosquito.

“Let’s watch a romance movie.”

Director Lee said, pulling the corners of his mouth.

“Do you like romance movies”

“Not necessarily.”


Director Lee handed me a Coke again.

I drank the Coke again.

“I want to see a romance with Joo-hyuk-ssi.

It’s our first date.”

Director Lee had a romantic side.

Should I call it fresh or naive Roses as well.

Waiting for the movie, Director Lee’s expression was as excited as a child’s.

I think it’s good that I asked him to see a movie.

While waiting for the screening time, I sat down with Director Lee and talked about the movie.

I waited for this moment.

I already selected which movies we might watch the day before and researched everything from the director to the actors in advance.

If asked to make a report, I could do it.

My heart is pounding.

I want to show Director Lee that I’m sincere.

Of course, this would not be reflected in the personnel evaluation, but anyway, I wanted to emphasize that I’m a sincere person.

After listening to my enthusiasm for the movie, Director Lee put popcorn in my mouth.

My mouth is dry.

I drank some Coke again.

When the flow of words stopped, only Director Lee’s sweet eyes remained.

“I think you really like movies.”

“I researched to tell Director Lee.”

I’m hoping for a compliment, but Director Lee just clenched his chin and stared at me.

I’m thirsty and drank Coke.

When attending regular meetings, Director Lee drank three cups of coffee each time.

Occasionally, he even stole Departement Head Seo’s coffee and drank it.

I think I know how Director Lee felt at those times.

“Thank you.

Actually, I’m a little disappointed.”


I’ll make up for it.

I will improve and report back.

“I researched a lot about the movie.

I wanted to talk about it today.

But there’s nothing I can say in more detail than Joo-hyuk-ssi.

I did a lot of research, too…”

The corners of my lips rose effortlessly.

I’ll do even more research! I was called Kim Joo-hyuk, the data researcher, in my college days.

Director Lee also did research! He researched the same thing as me.

“I had no idea Joo-hyuk-ssi was so into movies.

I believe it would be beneficial to attend a film investor meeting the next time.

Tell me about your favorite director or actor.

I will make certain that Joo-hyuk-ssi’s opinion is reflected in production and distribution.

Finally, on the entertainment side…”


I put popcorn in Director Lee’s mouth.

Director Lee chewed the popcorn.

I also pushed the Coke to him.

The lips with the straw are red.

“Let’s go in now.”

Director Lee tends to be a little much.

Director Lee held my hand as soon as I walked into the theater.

I’m a little flustered.

We were supposed to hold hands during the romantic scene.

I’ve already finished researching when it’s appropriate to hold hands.

We have to hold hands in the scene where the female lead confesses her feelings to the male lead.

Director Lee, who has no idea what I’m thinking, held my hand during the advertisements.




However, I couldn’t tell him to let go.

Let go of my hand, let’s hold it again later.

It’s weird.

Director Lee held my hand and brought it to his lips.

The white light from the screen shone on one side of Director Lee’s face.

His nose is shining.

“The movie will be fun.”

I think it would be fun to see Director Lee’s face.

I decided to make Director Lee understand.

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an Omega like that!’

‘Isn’t that what made her more attractive’

‘Oh my, Hwa-sang!’

The movie was a simple romantic comedy.

I focused on the movie.

I had to guess which scene would touch Director Lee’s heart.

I wanted to create the atmosphere.

Director Lee knew a lot about me, but all I knew was that he was handsome and wealthy.

Oh, I know his cousin is Ha Won.

But I can’t talk about his cousin on a date.

As my worries deepened endlessly, the noise from the seat next to me grew louder.

“Oh, no…”

“Hm… uh… huh.”

I can’t focus on the movie.

When I looked to the side, it looked like a couple was sitting.

The couple had no interest in the movie and were whispering to each other.

“There are so many people…”

“No one is watching.”

I’m watching.

I am.

“You are so cute.”

“Uhm, here…”

“Shh, don’t make a sound.”

Your voice is more annoying than that person’s moaning.

I hate to hear it, but the more I try not to pay attention, the more my ears open up.

They chattered briefly before quieting down.

I think it’s over now.

The film is approaching a climax.

So did the next seat.



I thought I heard a moan.

I felt a chill down my spine.

I stroked my arm after letting go of Director Lee’s hand.

I returned my gaze to the front.

I heard something I didn’t want to hear.

Director Lee looked at me puzzledly.

He smiles at me and turns his gaze back to the movie.

The couple sitting next to me made some more strange noises and then got up altogether.

They’re definitely going to the bathroom.

I’m not sure what kind of people like torturing other people’s hearing.

I can’t concentrate on the movie anymore.

I gave up on trying and stared blankly at the screen.

‘You! Then the wallet thief! I’ll never let you go!’

‘You can’t catch me!’

I held Director Lee’s hand again in a scene that had nothing to do with romance.

The movie’s content is pretty mediocre.

Director Lee interlocked my hand, which was resting lightly on it.

I placed my finger on the back of Director Lee’s hand.

Director Lee strengthened his hand.

I returned my gaze to Director Lee.

Director Lee is focused on the film.

The film appears to be entertaining.

It’s a little disappointing.

Not to the point of being a nuisance, but, like, no, well.

A nuisance.

“I didn’t really understand what the movie was about.”

“After watching it so focusedly”

We held hands until the end of the movie.

As we left the theater, Director Lee came out and swung our hands up and down.

“Still, it was nice to hold your hand.”

“If Director Lee liked it, then I like it too.”

“Ah, Joo-hyuk-ssi is cute.”

“I’m going to go to the bathroom.”


As I was going into the bathroom, I saw a couple being dragged out by a staff member.

“You can’t do this here.”

“Hey, wait, wait…”

“Ugh, aw…”

I just took a back step.

“Aren’t you going to the bathroom, Joo-hyuk-ssi”

“I’m not going.”

Director Lee decided to drive me home.

Director Lee shouted, ‘Stay still!’ as soon as I sat in the passenger seat, and I fastened my seatbelt.

As he gets closer, I can smell Director Lee’s scent.

I resisted the urge to bury my face in his arm.

I saw Director Lee’s dimple deepen mercilessly when I heard a click from the seat belt.

He looked like a skilled craftsman who had finished a task for the first time in decades.

“Did you like it that much”

“No, I just really wanted to do this.”

I checked my phone briefly while Director Lee started the engine and found a message from Ki-do.

He is saying that meeting would be difficult for a while.

His rut was said to have overlapped due to overwork.

When it came to his rut, Ki-do was particularly whiny.

He stated that it hurts and that he feels sick.

This time there is less talk than usual.

What is a rut ​​like for an Alpha There is an Alpha right next to me.




It’s a little strange to ask about a rut with someone you just had your first date with today.

I had a great time watching today’s movie while holding hands on a date! But did you have a good dream the night before Isn’t that how you start to ask further I’m not sure what a rut is, but I know it has something to do with estrus.

I’m thinking about buying some nutritional supplements for Ki-do, but Director Lee suddenly asked,

“Who are you talking to”

“A rut”


I shut my mouth.


Director Lee’s voice lowered.


“Is that your friend I thought he was going to rut soon, but it looks like he really did.”

Do Alphas have an organ that detects that Let’s not ask because it’s rude.

Director Lee then whispered to me,

“By the way, I heard he has a lover.”

“Ah yes.

I heard there is.”

“Then leave him alone.

As Joo-hyuk-ssi knows, it’s normal to spend time with your lover when that’s the case.

Whether it’s a rut or a heat cycle, you spend it with your lover.

With a lover.

Not friends.”

So, Director, will you spend the next rut with me

Ehem, ehem, I cleared my voice.

I can’t ask him this openly.

“When is Director Lee’s rut”

I stared intently at Director Lee.

He turned his head a little and answered slowly.

The pace of his speech is very slow as if he was struggling.

“I usually take inhibitors.

When my rut comes, it’s hard to overcome the desire, um, that’s it.”

Director Lee smiled shyly and licked his lips.

So, Director, are you going to spend the next rut without taking inhibitors with me Is there anything wrong with spending it with a Beta I have a couple of questions, or at least a few, and they were not pleasant.

“Oh, I see.”

Will you be taking an inhibitor this month How much will you take Can you adjust the dosage How strong is the desire if it occurs When will we take our next step Will you give me a kiss Will you kiss me on your next rut Please let me know.

Will you go into a rut with me It will either be a rut or a heat, I assumed.

Hey, Director.

Please don’t just drive around and respond to my questions.


Let’s pull over to the side of the road.

I think we should have a serious discussion.

How on earth do Alphas go about dating When are we going to kiss

“So don’t worry too much.

Especially don’t worry about that friend.

Really, don’t worry about his rut.

Don’t bring anything.

Knowing Joo-hyuk’s personality, you are sure to give him some vitamins, but don’t do it.”



Give it to me if you’re going to get it.”



Director Lee smiled.

The tip of Director Lee’s ear is red.

I put the phone in my pocket.

“Alright then.”


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