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The effects of the last round of auction were quickly over under Tang Cong-lins outstanding hosting.

The next round of auction items, which were dazzling enough, once again stirred up the atmosphere of the auction venue.

The waves of bids from the crowd increased with each wave.

However, although the auctioned items were of high-level, they could hardly arouse Gu Xis interest again.

He closed his eyes and rested his mind throughout the whole process.

He chose to turn a deaf ear to the noise around him and waited quietly for the end of the auction.

Although Gu Xi appeared to be doing nothing on the surface, he had already secretly released his spiritual sense, firmly locking onto the red-clothed mans movements.

As long as the latter made a slight movement, he would immediately detect it.

Very soon, the red-clothed man made a movement.

Taking advantage of the heated bidding around him, the red-clothed man stood up and left his seat.

First, he went backstage to pay a total of ten million high-grade spirit stones and took away the priceless spirit array, then, he hurriedly left the auction house.

As soon as the man in red left, Gu Xi opened her eyes.

A bright light flashed in the depths of his pitch-black eyes.

He got up and tidied his clothes, then walked toward the door.

“Are you really going” At this moment, Tong Shan interrupted Gu Xis footsteps.

“Pavilion Master Tong, dont worry.

Ill take care of this matter.” Gu Xi turned his back to Tong Shan and smiled, then left the venue without looking back.

Until Gu Xis figure completely disappeared from the main entrance, Tong Shan let out a long sigh.

There was obvious worry in his slightly turbid eyes.

With Qing Zhu leaving, Gu Xi became the absolute main force of the Ten Thousand Treasures Pavilion team.

If anything happened to him, then the Ten Thousand Treasures Pavilion could declare that they had no chance of winning the grand competition this time.

Moreover, with Gu Xis talent and strength, Tong Shan had wanted to recruit him into the Ten Thousand Treasures Pavilion for a long time.

This was why he had promised to award him the honorary elder of the Ten Thousand Treasures Pavilion after the Grand Sect Competition.

Therefore, Tong Shan did not want anything to happen to Gu Xi.

Moreover, the opponent that this guy was looking for was the Blood Spirit Society, which was in the middle of the Grand Sect Competition.

With the methods of the Blood Spirit Society, if Gu Xi was slightly defeated, the outcome would be extremely miserable.

“This little guy really makes people worry.” After pondering for a moment, Tong Shan shook his head with a bitter smile, and then he stood up and left.

He did not want to miss the spot to go to the Central Plains because of the Blood Spirit Society.

Therefore, no matter how he looked at it, in his eyes, Gu Xi must not have the slightest mishap.

After leaving the auction house, Gu Xi quickly sensed the location of the man in red with the mark left by his spiritual sense.

However, what puzzled him was that the man in red did not return to the location of the Blood Spirit Society.

Instead, he circled around Lanjiang City alone.

Gu Xi was hanging behind him from a distance.

There were people coming and going on the street, which made him unable to attack the man in red.

He could not help but feel a little helpless.

“Could it be that this guy is afraid” Gu Xi looked at the figure in his line of sight and frowned.

If the man in red had been circling around a place with a large number of people, then he indeed did not have the chance to attack him.

After all, it was currently a special period of the Grand Sect Competition.

According to the rules of the grand tournament, except for the arena, all the sects participating in the tournament could not engage in private fights in Lanjiang City or the surrounding areas.

Otherwise, both or more parties involved would be disqualified from participating in the tournament.

In other words, if he attacked the red-clothed man here, then the entire Ten Thousand Treasures Pavilion would lose the right to continue participating in the Grand Sect competition because of this.

In comparison, an earth-grade spirit array was insignificant.

However, what made Gu Xi sigh in relief was that the red-clothed man finally left after strolling around the downtown area for a long time.

He left in the direction of Lanjiang City.

Gu Xi thought for a while and then continued to follow him.

At this time, he had already made a guess in his heart.

The man in red did not return to the place where the Blood Spirit Societys participants lived in the end, but chose to leave Lanjiang City instead.

It was very likely that he had already predicted what would happen next.

Thinking of this, Gu Xi no longer continued to follow him secretly.

Instead, he appeared not far behind the man openly.

As he expected, the man did not react at all.

Instead, he continued to rush over on his own.

After leaving Lanjiang City and following the mans footsteps, the two of them gradually left Lanjiang City.

It did not take long for them to arrive at a relatively remote mountain forest.

In the mountain forest, the man in red gradually slowed down until he finally stopped completely.

He just stood there quietly, as if he was waiting for something.

After a few breaths, Gu Xis figure appeared behind the man.

“Tsk tsk tsk.

Its a good thing that you followed me.

Otherwise, I would have wasted ten million spirit stones.

I might even be taught a lesson by Boss later.” The man in red turned around and chuckled under his bamboo hat.

Gu Xi raised his eyebrows and said with interest, “You really expected me to follow you.

But according to what you said, you snatched this spirit array from me just to attract my attention so that I could attack you”

“Smart, your answer is correct.” The man raised his head slightly, revealing his blood-red eyes.

“Why” Gu Xi narrowed his eyes and could not help but feel a little puzzled.

He had already sensed that the people of the Blood Spirit Society were from the demonic race in the outer realm.

No one else besides him, Qing Zhu, and Little Nine knew about this matter.

There was no reason for the Blood Spirit Society to suddenly target him like this.

“The reason is very simple, because you will be a stumbling block for us.”

The red-clothed man did not conceal anything at all.

At this moment, there was already a faint blood Qi flowing around his body, and his killing intent was not concealed at all.

“As long as I kill you, I believe that the competition this time will be much smoother than our Blood Spirit Society… Moreover, fighting in front of so many people in the arena is really a bit of a hindrance.”

“It seems that you are very confident.” Gu Xi grinned, and the spiritual power in his body began to circulate quietly.

He stared at the red-clothed man not far in front of him.

He continued, “However, its also a coincidence that Im also very interested in the people of your Blood Spirit Society.

Not only that, but Im also determined to obtain the Double Lotus Spirit Slaughtering Array in your hands today.”

“Since thats the case, lets have a good time.”

The red-clothed man licked his tongue as a hint of excitement surged in his eyes.

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