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Chapter 1032: Two WomenTranslator: Lonelytree

There was a high-end club in the capital city.

To enter this club, one had to have a membership card, and the minimum value of the membership card was five million!

In a dim private room in this club, there were two women.

Even in the dim light, one could vaguely see that these two women had good facial features and were beautiful.

One of the women said with a smug and vindictive smile on her face, “Xiao Lingyu has become a rat on the street.

Everyone is crying out to have her head.

We have made her into a mistress.

I believe that in a short while, both her person and her career will be completely destroyed.” She paused and said, “I dont believe that a woman whose career has been destroyed will be able to endure for a few more days.”

Men were all concerned about their reputations.

His wifes reputation and career had been destroyed.

Such a wife had already made him lose face.

If he continued to maintain the relationship between husband and wife, his career would also be affected.

When a man made a choice between a woman and his career, successful men would choose their career.

Because a man who had a career would have all kinds of women.

But a man who chose a woman might have nothing.

Gong Tianhao was one of the most successful men in the world.

Naturally, he would not give up his career.

Therefore, the only person he could give up was his wife, Xiao Lingyu.

When the other woman heard her words, she frowned slightly and revealed a worried expression.

She said, “Piaoxue, dont you feel that our plan is going too smoothly”

However, Leng Piaoxue didnt care at all.

She smiled and said, “Hehe, its good that its going smoothly.

Im afraid that it wont! Weve bribed all the necessary parties.

With the power behind me and the interference of the Royal Forest Group, Xiao Lingyu, this village girl, doesnt have any ability to resist.” Saying this, she paused for a moment and asked directly, “Jingjing, what are you worried about” She then comforted her, “Xiao Lingyu is a woman who has a company worth hundreds of billions.

However, she has Gong Tianhao backing her up.

Without Gong Tianhao, she is nothing.

So, you dont have to worry!”

However, Weng Jingging did not feel comforted at all.

She frowned and thought for a while, “But, Piaoxue, I am worried! I feel that things are going too smoothly.

Moreover, Xiao Lingyu is scolded so badly on the Internet, but Xiao Lingyu seems to be too calm and doesnt respond at all.

Dont you think this is strange And…”

She looked directly at Leng Piaoxue and said doubtfully, “Based on my understanding of Gong Tianhao, he cant just sit by and watch his wife being bullied, right”

Leng Piaoxue thought for a moment and said, “Thats not strange at all.

Gong Tianhao doesnt care about this matter because youre his first love, and he still has deep feelings for you.

“He must need a reason to get together with you.

“With his current status, its impossible for him to abandon his wife and children so easily.

Therefore, he is relying on our cyber violence.

Gong Tianhao married Xiao Lingyu in the image of a victim and a responsible man.

This did not do any harm to Gong Tianhao.

“Soon, Gong Tianhao could use a legitimate reason to directly abandon Xiao Lingyu and her son, and then marry you.” At this point, Leng Piaoxue raised her wine cup towards Weng Jingjing and said with a smile, “Jingjing, in the future, you will be Gong Tianhaos wife and become the young madam of the Imperial Group! As for Xiao Lingyu…” As she said this, a cold smile appeared on her face as she said, “At that time, she will be a wife who has been disgraced.

Moreover, she will be a woman whose reputation will be ruined, and her image and career will be completely ruined.

She will definitely live in great pain.”

After hearing Leng Piaoxues words, Weng Jingjings eyes immediately lit up, and the expression on her face also flickered.

Ever since she knew Gong Tianhaos true identity as the crown prince in the capital, she had been looking forward to getting back together with Gong Tianhao.

But at that time, she had already chosen to leave the country.

Therefore, she decided to make use of her time to better herself so that when she returned, she would be more compatible with Gong Tianhao.

Before leaving the country, she left a letter for Gong Tianhao, hoping that Gong Tianhao could wait for her for two years.

However, Gong Tianhao did not read the letter and threw it away.

For Gong Tianhao, Weng Jingjing chose to betray him in order to leave the country and be with another man.

This was an insult to his memory of his memory.

Naturally, his feelings for Weng Jingjing disappeared.

As for the letter that was left behind, there was no need for Gong Tianhao to read it anymore.

It was just that Weng Jingjing did not know the truth behind Gong Tianhaos interest in her.

She had always thought that Gong Tianhao loved her.

That was why he chose to drink himself to death after she left the country.

Therefore, when someone came to her and said that they could help her take back Gong Tianhao, she was excited and excited.

The position of the woman beside Gong Tianhao, the young madam of the Imperial Group, and the mistress of the Gong family was hers, to begin with.

So it was only natural for her to take it back, wasnt it

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