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Hello… My name is Kang Jung Won.

I hope you still remember me.

(hopefully T_T)

I want to ask you something about Kim Geon Hyeong through this e-mail.

If I ask him directly, it seems like he won’t answer me and will just say something rude to me.

Therefore, I want to ask you as his friend.

That friend of yours, why is he so bad Even though his appearance looks fine.  -__-;

Ah, that’s not what I want to ask you.

I want to ask, what kind of food does he like He’s eating rice, right ^^; Can you tell me what he likes to eat Even though he doesn’t seem to like our house, I still have to feed him, right Two days ago, we had an early morning fight because he wouldn’t eat mushrooms.

So, this morning I chopped up some mushrooms to mix with eggs, but he still wouldn’t eat them.

I don’t know why he’s so picky about food like that. 

If there are any foods that he is allergic to or foods that he shouldn’t eat, please let me know too.

Not foods that he doesn’t like, but foods that are harmful to him..

I also don’t want him to die while living in our house.

(Although I wanted to kill him before.)

Also, please tell me if there are any other important things I should know.

And things to watch out for while living with him.

Then, one thing that I really want to ask for… Can’t you just take Kim Geon Hyeong away from here It seems like he can’t last more than three days in this house.

Maybe that’s why you also intentionally sent Kim Geon Hyeong to our house and pretended not to know about it.

The air is getting hotter now.

My head is also getting hotter.

Finally, I hope you will reply to my e-mail and thank you.


Jason read the contents of the E-mail he received that morning and smiled with laughter.

The renovation of the villa was planned to be done for one month, but this time it seemed like it would take longer.

The villa would really be transformed into a home suitable for a newlywed couple.

Who knows, the house would indeed meet its real owner soon.

“You look so happy.”

Jason said casually while looking at his friend’s face who was frowning.

Probably because he was forced to eat mushrooms this morning.

However, Jason only got a cold stare that seemed to finish him in response.

I know that you’re suffering quite a bit right now.

But, picky eating is not good, my friend.

“How about just dating Jung Won for real”

“Your jokes are getting worse by the day.”

“I’m not joking.

If it’s with Jung Won, I agree.”

Jason replied unconcernedly even though Geon Hyeong warned him again with his sharp gaze. This is the first time I’ve seen that look, Jason thought.

“Never mind, don’t talk weird.

You just finish the renovation quickly.”

“I’m taking care of it as soon as I can.”

However, Jason’s face showed that he was not handling the matter in a hurry.

His face looked relaxed and satisfied.

Geon Hyeong frowned again at his friend.


Jung Won, who had finished preparing the menu for next week and ordered an extra side dish from their regular place, took a moment to go to Hwaniwon and sit on the garden chair.

The gentle spring breeze was beginning to turn into the heat that heralded the arrival of summer.

For some reason, the campus and Hwaniwon felt quieter and quieter today.

Usually, Jung Won often helped the undergraduate students in the greenhouse.

She helps remove lice from the roses or separates the tiny apple blossom seeds that are still attached.

However, right now it seemed like she was too tired to do those things.

Ever since the newspaper ad case, Jung Won’s life has become much more miserable and difficult.

Living with the man who paid her debts at the bank is not an easy thing.

Even if it’s just for a few days, he’s not someone who can accept a noisy or slightly chaotic home atmosphere.

At first, Jung Won thought she would only have to prepare meals once or twice a day for him.

However, living with someone who is not family, coupled with his picky and fussy nature really requires extra patience.



Of course I still remember you.

Men usually have a hard time forgetting a ‘sweet’ person like you.

I also don’t understand why Geon Hyeong is like that.

Even so, sometimes he can be sweet too.

Even though he’s uncaring and uninvolved from the outside, Geon Hyeong is a sensitive person.

For example, he has to hang towels of the same color in his bathroom before he can feel comfortable.

Therefore, he always wants everything to look neat.

As for food, there doesn’t seem to be any particular food that he doesn’t like.

So, it’s great that you told him to eat mushrooms.

But he has an allergy to beans.

He also has an allergy to unshelled rice… what’s it called.

Oh yes.

Brown Rice.

He is also allergic to that rice.

Well, the most important thing.

Geon Hyeong doesn’t like being in a dark room.

Hence, he usually always sleeps with the lights on.

He also doesn’t really like being in an elevator.

He said it was cramped and made his chest tight.

Jung Won ssi, please take good care of Geon Hyeong.

Even if you feel like killing him, please be patient.

If he doesn’t listen to what you say, you can kick him.

Just don’t lock him up in the basement even if you’re angry.

With love,

Your Jason


I can’t invite Geon Hyeong to stay at my house.

I’m tired of taking care of chatty guests like him.

I’m sorry, Jung Won ssi.


He doesn’t look sensitive from his appearance How subtle his friend’s words are.

To Jung Won, it’s clear from his appearance that Geon Hyeong is a very sensitive person.

Jung Won let out a long sigh remembering Jason’s reply e-mail.

She understood why Jason rejected Geon Hyeong.

He really didn’t want to make that troublesome and cranky man his housemate.

That housemate really acted like a boss in Jung Won’s house.

After only two days in the house, Hee Won has repeatedly asked Jung Won when the man will leave their house.

So Hee, who likes to run around in the house, even walks on tiptoe because of the creepy Ajusshi.

Especially Sung Won who is in the same room as him, it looks like he’s really tormented.

What can we do Even his own friend don’t like him.

“What are you thinking about”

Jung Won, who was thinking about how she and her younger siblings could survive Geon Hyeong, was surprised to hear a heavy voice coming from above her head.

Kim Jae Hyun sonsaengnim was standing nearby and staring at her.

“Ah, no.

Just a little housekeeping.”

Hearing Jung Won’s answer, Jae Hyun nodded his head and sat next to Jung Won.

Looking at the sweat on his white forehead, it looks like he just came out of a greenhouse.

Oh my God, Kim Jae Hyun sonsaengnim is sitting next to me. Jung Won’s heart started pounding.

“Do you want to”

Jae Hyun offered the drink he was holding.

It seemed like he misunderstood Jung Won who kept looking at him and thought it was because of the drink he was holding.


I’m so embarrassed. Jung Won panicked, afraid that she might drool in front of her prince.


It looks like Sonsaengnim is very thirsty.”

“I already drank one bottle.

A student gave me this drink.

It would be bad if I refused, so I just accepted.”

As soon as Jae Hyun handed the drink back, Jung Won politely accepted the orange juice bottle.

“Today they said there were new plants in the orchard, didn’t you go there You like things like that, right”

“Oh, it’s today.”

As soon as Jae Hyun told Jung Won that, Jung Won’s eyes went wide.

Lately, she had too much on her mind to forget such important things.

The fragrance of flowers carried by the wind filled the Hwaniwon for a moment and then disappeared.

The evening sunlight slowly disappeared.

“Want to go there with me”

“Ah, I can’t.

I have some business this afternoon.”

Jung Won said with a regretful face and Jae Hyun smiled a little understandingly.

For Jung Won who loves even every blade of grass on this campus, Jae Hyun knew that Jung Won was really sorry that she had to miss the chance to see the new little plants.

“Then, I’ll see you again.”

“Yes, Sonsaengnim.”

Jung Won bowed her body in a spirited salute as Jae Hyun walked past her.

Suddenly, Jae Hyun stopped his steps and turned to her with a frown on his forehead. Did I do something weird, Jung Won thought.

Jae Hyun then took a step toward the panicked Jung Won.

“I actually have a favor to ask you…”

“Yes, just say it.

I’ll definitely help you.”

“Please don’t call me ‘seonsaengnim’.

It makes me feel like a white-haired old teacher.”


“Kim Jae Hyun.

You don’t know my name”

How could Jung Won not know.

How could she forget the name that the person next to her was busy whispering about when her prince first entered the greenhouse Jae Hyun smiled as if he knew the answer and walked away from Jung Won casually.

Jung Won tried to hide her overwhelming feelings of joy and pressed her prince’s precious cold drink to her heated cheeks.

Jung Won could feel her prince’s hand from the bottle.


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