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Thump, thump!

It was like someone was hitting me in the head with a hammer.


I groaned, struggling to open my eyes.

I had a pounding headache. 

What did I do last night Oh right, didn’t I attend Soyeon’s birthday party I was so excited that I couldn’t stop myself from drinking.

I ended up downing more liquor than a lightweight like me could handle. 

‘God, you are punishing me right now’

My head felt like it was about to break, it was the worst hangover I’ve ever had.

Let’s drink some water first.

I finally fully opened my eyes.


When my vision cleared, it wasn’t the childish flower-print wallpaper of Soyeon’s house that greeted me, nor was it the white ceiling of my house.

“Wha- Huh”


The bare shoulders of a naked man came into sight. 


I bolted upright, clamping my mouth shut.

My vision was filled with his chest and shoulders. 

His collarbones were recessed beneath broad shoulders, with defined muscles under smooth skin. 

What the hell am I looking at

What the hell was this man with flawless abs doing in my bed

‘What happened to me last night’

The most perfect abs I’d ever seen flexed once more.

Then, a cold voice pierced my ears at the same time. 

“…..Who are you”


My breath was caught in my throat as I raised my head in surprise. 

Blue eyes, bluer than the sky in winter, met mine.

Suddenly my lips stuttered unconsciously.



The mysterious handsome man frowned.

In the next moment, my world was upturned. 

Rustle. Not even the chirping of birds were heard over the eerie silence that befell upon us.

Then suddenly, a cold object was held to my neck.

“Are you kidding me What are you doing in my bed”

The man let out a low groan.

Wa-wait, this thing under my neck right now… is a dagger, right Was it a real knife

“Ca-calm down….

Please calm down.”

“Hey, I don’t want to play word games with you.

Identify yourself right now.”

The cold blade was pressed closer to my neck. 

This was driving me crazy.

My head was still throbbing from the hangover, and I wasn’t fully awake yet.

Furthermore, the man threatening me while he pinned me down had an unrealistically beautiful face, which was unsuitable for this bloody situation.

‘What the hell is going on here!’

Is this not a dream That’s it! I must be dreaming.

Right, this unrealistic situation couldn’t be real. I muttered in vain.

“What a strange dream, haha, ha.”

Then the handsome man’s face wrinkled again as if on cue.

“You must want to die.”

The wide side of the dagger pressed against my throat. 

Huff. I let out a small gasp.

The suffocating pain was too vivid as if it was real.

“Intruder, I don’t want to have a long discussion.

Now, you tell me who’s behind this, or–“

The blade of the dagger that was reflected in the man’s blue eyes flashed.

I realized instinctively-

This was a real situation.

I had no idea what had happened before waking up, but my life was currently in danger. 

I closed my eyes tightly as soon as I realized how crucial my next moves were. 

A video clip of ‘How to Cope When Met With a Strange Person’ that I watched one day flashed through my mind. 

When you’re threatened by a stranger, the first thing you should do is not engage in shallow self-defense.

The first thing ordinary people must do is…


Scream out loud to ask for help! The man flinched at the loud cry.

An opportunity! As I was about to turn over my body-

“Sir Ian! Are you all right”

Snap. The door opened.


I looked back at the door in surprise.

I screamed for help, but I didn’t expect it to come so quickly.

The man who opened the door saw us and hardened like a stone.

Only the handsome man who was attacking me spit out swear words in a low whisper.


“Is there a problem!”

“Are you an intruder”

People rushed into the room with their swords crossed.

Their bodies stiffened as soon as they saw us.

“Si-sir Ian.

This is….”

“Are you….

not an intruder!”

“I-I am sorry Sir Ian! I’ll leave!”


The man hurriedly shouted and got up.

The blanket that was covering us slipped at the same time.

“This isn’t the case at all! Wait—”


The people’s eyes widened with surprise.

I looked down at my body with certainty, my figure that was hidden under the blanket was exposed.

The seductive purple silk slip worn last night and– 

‘Wait What is this’

I’ve never worn anything like this before! I freaked out at the erotic pajamas I had never seen before.

It wasn’t just that.

Hickeys were visible on an exposed portion of skin….

“Argh! What’s all this”

“W- we are leaving.”

“I’m sorry, Sir Ian!”

People covered their eyes and left hastily.

Soon, the door closed.

The sound of grinding teeth could be heard in the silence. 

“That was your plan.”

“What No, wait a minute.

I didn’t know what was going on-“

“You are pretty smart.

So tell me who is behind all of this”

The man looked at me with stern eyes.

His blue eyes sparked with flames.

“I, Ian Estaban, will screw over the person who decided to mess with me.”

Ian Estaban.

The moment I heard his full name, I frowned.

It was an overly familiar name.

The dream I had last night came back to me.

I’ve been having strange dreams for a while. 

The plot of the romance novel「A Saint Doesn’t Know About Love」which I had just finished reading, kept repeating itself in my dream.「A Saint Doesn’t Know About Love」is a lovey-dovey romance novel between a heroine who was a saint and the male lead who was a knight.

It had a very peaceful and cute atmosphere until the final villain blackened.

‘Final Villain.’

Although he was successful in usurping the throne by rebelling, he was cursed and turned into a tyrant who ran amok.

“Hey, please calm down.”

My scared reaction was a little late, so I laughed awkwardly in a cold sweat. 

It couldn’t be, I don’t think so.

There was no way the man in front of me was the ‘Ian Esteban.’

I guess I haven’t fully awakened from my dream yet, since I’m experiencing hallucinations.

I was sure about that.

“Commander! It’s me!”

Someone hurriedly knocked on the door, Ian groaned lowly.

“Come on in.”

“What the hell happened! The guys who just left spoke of nonsense that the commander slept with a woman- ugh!”

The young man who approached me opened his eyes wide as if they were about to pop out. 


You really brought a woman….”


Damn it, it can’t be!”

Ian growled.

He said as he swept his hair roughly.

“Somebody pushed this woman into my bed, I guess this is what that person wanted.”

The young man then opened his mouth and quickly covered his forehead with his palm as if he had a headache.

“Yes, that’s brilliant….! ​​ You’ll have trouble getting to the cardinal position if you don’t correct the rumors correctly!”

“Cardinals have to be chaste from generation to generation… God damn it.”

Ian glared at me, goosebumps raised up across my back. 

“Who is it Who sent you”

This was driving me crazy, I licked my lips.

Everything felt surreal, but the bloodthirsty flowing from this man was insanely vivid. 

‘Am I really going to die like this’

Ian clicked his tongue and gave me a hard stare, one as hard as a stone.

“Lucian, get my sword.”

“Yes, sir.”

Lucian… At that name, I gulped.

Lucian was clearly the name of the faithful subordinate to Ian Esteban in the novel.

Come to think of it, even his indigo hair matched with the description of ‘Lucian’ in the novel. 

I was stunned that there was more proof that this wasn’t a hallucination.

Meanwhile, Ian slowly drew the sword that Lucian had given him out.

My chin was soon lifted by the cold sword tip.

“Tell me who made you do this.”

Ian whispered in a low voice like a demon. 

“If you want to live.”

‘He is serious!’

I realized instinctively.

This life was real.

Let’s think! Let’s think! Think of a way to stop him from killing me!

I opened my mouth with a strong survival instinct.

If this is really the world in 「A Saint Doesn’t Know About Love」, the only way I can survive was-

“Wait, a saint! I’m a saint!”


I closed my eyes and shouted.

When I slowly opened my eyes again, I saw Ian and Lucian staring at me blankly.

I breathed in and shouted again.

“I’m a saint who was called by God and just fell into the church!”

There was a saint in the world of the novel,「A Saint Doesn’t Know About Love」.

She had been called by God, was living happily until she received a revelation and was summoned to the church.

The news was spread that the woman was destined to fall anywhere in the church whether in a hallway, a bathroom, it was literally anywhere.

However, the saint who was thus summoned was treated with the utmost respect as a holy messenger of God. 

‘If this person in front of me is really Ian, then this place would be in the church too!’ 

It was a quick-witted trick and seemed to make sense.

I felt a ray of hope when I looked up at Ian.

The blue eyes stared at me with suspicion.

“Don’t lie.”


Did I get caught

“I’ve never heard of a saint appearing in only a scanty piece of cloth.”

Oh, my clothes were a little…

I looked down at my body.

The silk slip I was wearing still had a lethal figure hidden in it, which made me blush just by looking at it.

I swear I’ve never spent money on such erotic clothes.

‘Where the hell did these clothes come from!’


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