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‘It happened.’

I don’t know how Ian’s going to react.

‘It’s okay’, I comforted myself.

I am someone who is supposed to deceive the whole nation for the next year.

We can easily break through this difficulty!

I opened my mouth with an awkward smile.

“I was just going to get some fresh air, but the big Twin Towers caught my eye.

As you know, the Magic Tower is one of the most famous places in the world.

I couldn’t resist my curiosity.”

Ian raised one eyebrow.

It was a look wherein he didn’t hide his suspicion.

Suddenly, Annette shouted.

“It’s because of me, Commander! Lady Irene was just looking around the Magic Tower, but I left Lady Irene at will.”

“Miss Annette.”

I looked back at Annette in surprise.

Annette’s face had an outwardly confident expression, but I could see her fingers fidgeting behind her dress.

“Why did you do that”

Ian frowned.

Annette’s fingers trembled more and more.

“I thought it would be fine because I was only going to buy things nearby for a bit.

Then I stopped and met bad people… I’m really sorry.”

Annette lowered her head and had a long face.

“Because of me, even the Lady was in danger.

I have nothing to say to excuse myself.”

“Lady Irene…”

In fact, all Annette did was walk along the main street.

Annette probably had no idea she’d run into such big, crazy people in such a bustling place.

I was about to defend her by telling the truth, but Annette looked up at me with deeply moved eyes.



I see.” With a sigh, Ian made an unexpected statement.

I raised my head in surprise.

“Do you believe me”

“I won’t lock you up, but please be careful in the future.

Even though the rules are strict, but

 such trash exists everywhere.”

Ian threw his cold eyes behind us.

The bullies, who had been frozen like statues, fell to their knees when Ian appeared.


“Please for-for-forgiiiiiive us, Commander! We were wrong!”

But their pronunciation was very strange.

‘The Orbyi fruit did a good job.’

The guys who were hit by the fruit I had thrown had swollen faces.

Their puffy lips looked ugly in appearance.

“You’re not supposed to apologize to me, right”

Said Ian as he looked down at the bullies with an ice-cold gaze. 

‘Wow, if I were you, I would have passed out right here.’

My limbs shrunk just watching from the side, but how terrifying would it be for the bullies

‘Then why did you harass me on the street Crazy bastards!’


I’m sowwy!”

[T/N: It’s supposed to be 죄송합니다 means ‘I’m sorry’, but author makes it in cuter way.]

“I have committed a mortal sin!”

As I listened to the bullies’ strange pronunciation, I tilted my head.

“Sowwy, what language is this Miss Annette, Do you understand”

“I don’t!”


“Anyway, there is no agreement and I want you to be judged by the court.”

People like that should not be let loose into society.

Then, I heard someone rushing in.

“Lady Irene! Are you all- Commander”

It was Dame Joan who ran down the alley.

Dame Joan, who had found Ian and me, bowed modestly.

“I am glad to see that you are safe.

It’s all my fault for not escorting you properly.

I will accept any punishment.”

“No, Dame Joan! I came out through another door and Dame Joan couldn’t find me.

It was my mistake, Ian.

Dame Joan didn’t do anything wrong.”

I hurriedly defended Dame Joan.

Dame Joan was just tricked by me.

When I watched movies, I was so angry when I saw characters who were making trouble by avoiding the bodyguard’s surveillance, but I didn’t know this would end up being me too.

“Raise your head.



“I’ll hold you responsible for what happened today.

I’ll take Lady Irene back home, so you take care of them before you go back.”

“Yes, Commander.”

As Dame Joan approached the bullies, they trembled like crazy.

“Hik, Joan Ortes”

“The crazy dog, Joan!”

“Ple-please save us!”

The bullies bowed deeper and began to beg.

As Joan got closer, some started crying.

I wanted to see more of it, but Ian took me out of the alleyway.

“If you are curious about the Magic Tower…”

Ian spoke softly as he walked to the carriage.

“I’ll do you a favor.

I’ll accompany you.”

“Sir Ian will accompany me on my tour to The Magic Tower.

Are you really going to do it”

“There are dangerous people in the Magic Tower.

A Saintess who hasn’t appeared in 15 years must pique people’s interest.”

Ian didn’t look very good as he said that.

‘Dangerous people… Are you talking about Rizello’ 

Well, even in the original story, Ian and Rizello were not on good terms.

Of course, Rizello was obsessed with the original heroine, and Ian was…

‘Because he was the first love of the heroine.’

I thought that Rizello, who was jealous of Ian, started to quarrel with him over everything and their relationship was not good. 

‘What are we going to do’

I didn’t meet Rizello.

There are only 13 days left before the Saintess Verification Process.

I had to meet Rizello before then.

‘Visiting the Magic Tower directly is unreasonable for the time being.’ 

‘Do I have to give up and find another way’

It was the surest way to go straight to the Magic Tower, but since this happened, there was nothing I could do.

As I sighed deeply, Ian glanced at me.

“Do you remember that the day after tomorrow is our engagement”

“Of course.”

I couldn’t have forgotten.

It’s my first engagement.

‘I’ll be engaged to a man I’ve known for three days, Lee Seoyeon’s life is so exciting and mysterious.’

I understood why Ian was in such a rush.

Since the scandal hit the headlines in the newspaper, the relationship had to be officially acknowledged as soon as possible.

Before this nasty rumor gets bigger.

I clearly understood that we had to wedge ourselves into a serious engagement relationship, not one playing with fire.

‘But that’s when Ian is perfectly convinced that I’m a Saintess.’ 

I know that Ian decided to believe in me because I told him about the previous Emperor’s remains.

Ian had to decide whether or not to abandon me because the Saintess Verification Process would take more than ten days.

In the end, it was a good thing for me that Ian chose to be in the same boat as me.

But, what if Ian finds out that he made the wrong choice Have I made any plans for that 

With a great deal of curiosity, I opened my mouth.

“Perchance, though it’s not likely to happen, undoubtedly a one in a million chance.

But, what if I don’t pass the Saintess Verification Process What would happen”

“Are you curious”

Ian slanted up one corner of his mouth.

I got goosebumps all over my body and quickly regretted asking and shook my head.


I’m not really curious.”

“I’ll tell you.”

“It’s okay! I won’t listen.”

“I’ll tell you.

I don’t think my wife fully understands our contract yet.”

Ian slowly leaned his upper body towards me.

Blue eyes as clear as a glass lake stared me down.

“We’re already in the same boat since we shared the immutable contract.

Whoever cheated or lied… Even if you’re not a Saintess, for the duration of the contract, you’re still my wife.

In any form.”

‘In any form’ 

A dangerously low voice pierced my ears.

His soft voice was as friendly as ever, but the content was gruesome.

‘What kind of form will I be in!’

“Of course, it hurts to be betrayed.”

Then Ian made a remark that made my jaw drop.

‘It won’t hurt you.

That’s when you’re going to take me to the dungeon and not forgive me.’

I snorted unconsciously with whispers that couldn’t be heard.

Ian looked at me and raised the corners of his mouth as if it were funny.

“So don’t betray me, my wife.”

“Stop calling me wife, especially when it’s only the two of us.”

“I don’t want to.

Even if you hate it, you have to get used to it.”


I laughed profusely inside.

So that’s how you’re going to be like.

If so, that’s good.

I won’t be the only one being teased.

“You’re right, honey.”


I looked up at Ian and smiled, my eyelashes fluttering.

The word ‘honey’ was emphasised.

“You need to get used to it from now on.

We’re still only engaged now, but we’ll have to get married and have our first night soon.

Isn’t that right, honey”


Ian’s face hardened visibly at the words of the first night.

I giggled on the inside.

“I can’t wait for that day.

How far shall we go on our first night I’m nervous.

Isn’t that right, honey”

Ian’s face became pale.

I giggled and leaned deeply on my back.

‘It’s easy, a pure man.’

Ian didn’t say what he was thinking until the carriage went all the way.

* * *

“Sir Ian’s aide… Lucian, I heard he’s making the rounds through all the big groups of merchants.”

A smooth voice rang through the Emperor’s private office.

The owner of the voice has red hair hanging down to her waist.

She is Empress Lorelai, the main character who created a stir in The Empire five years ago with ‘The Marriage of the Century’.

“People say they are buying all kinds of rare flowers, jewelry and outdoor decorations.” 

Emperor Rashid sniggered.

“He must have decided to throw a grand wedding.

My brother isn’t the type of person to be extravagant… Is it a late affair Or is the Saintess that attractive”

“Your Majesty only watched Sir Ian because he didn’t have the will to make a family.”

Ian Esteban is the first heir to the Imperial Family.

However, until now, it was an established fact that Ian would become a Cardinal and would not be seen as an heir.

That was one of the reasons why many of the imperial faction did not keep Ian in check.

“But now, he will have a Saintess as his wife.


Rashid gently stroked his chin.

“Did my brother have a change of heart What do you think, Empress”

“Sir Ian has always shown his faithfulness to His Majesty.

Until now”


As he spun the wine glass in his hand, Rashid murmured slowly.

“Did my dear brother really find his first love, or did he start coveting this throne… oh, right”

Rashid’s eyes lit up as if he remembered something.

“If you meet that Saintess, it will be easy to get a sense of it.

Can’t you see through her eyes whether she’s really in love with my brother”

“Soon, Duke Beyontin will move first, Your Majesty.

How about waiting until then”


Rashid shrugged at Lorelai’s words.

“The Empress knows the best, but I’m not the type to just wait.”


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