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The Glamorous Fraudulent Marriage of The Fake Saintess

rene10-13 minutes

* * *

The long-awaited Engagement Ceremony has finally arrived.

I tilted my head as I looked in the bathroom mirror.

‘What’s this’

The ends of my hair were dyed a different color.

Pink like petals.

‘What’s on it’

As I rubbed my dyed hair, the situation became more serious.

The pink color began to spread further.

“Ugh, why is it like this”

“Lady Irene! What’s going on”

Annette’s voice was heard outside the curtain.

I answered hastily.

“It’s nothing!”

I stared blankly into the mirror, putting my face close to it.

‘This… What the hell is this’

Without even touching it, my hair was quickly turning pink.

‘What’s this What’s this! Why is it doing this!’

I watched, utterly speechless, as my reflection in the mirror changed almost instantly.

My hair turned almost completely pink in less than a minute. 

It wasn’t just that.

My eyes also changed into a splendid golden color.

I stared blankly at the mirror.

The strange thing was that it didn’t feel incompatible even though I had a completely different hair and eye color.

As if this was my original appearance.

‘No way.’

Celina, the heroine in 『A Saintess Doesn’t Know Love』 often enjoyed changing her appearance.

I liked the scene where the male lead used a transformation powder he had procured and went on a date without anyone recognizing him, enough to read it several times.

‘No way, the original owner of this body… What if number 76 also used it’

The goosebumps spread slowly down my spine.

This pink hair and gold eyes were definitely too flashy for the dark guild members who had to take missions in the darkness. 

So did ‘she’ intentionally disguise herself as having common brown hair and green eyes

‘This is driving me crazy.’

I pulled at my pink hair.

It so happens that today is the morning of the Engagement.

‘Let’s be calm.

Lee Seoyeon, calm down!’

I took a deep breath.

There’s a saying, even if you are caught by a tiger, you will survive if you keep your cool. 

[TL/N: it means there is always a solution to problems.]

For now, the ceremony is still a few hours away.

Changing my hair and eyes back to their original color is my top priority.

I called Annette who was waiting outside the curtain.

“Miss Annette”

“Yes, Lady Irene!”

“Can you run an errand for me”

“Of course! Just tell me!”

“I want you to go to the Magic Tower.”


I quietly lowered my voice.

“Miss Annette.

I will definitely be indebted to you if you could carry out the errands I am asking you to do and keep it secret.”

Annette is a faithful and loyal believer.

If a person like Annette would be attracted to a reward, this would be it.

“Miss Annette, you do know that I am a Saintess right”

“What Yes.

Of course.”

“Alright, I shall promise you this.

I will definitely use my powers once for Miss Annette when I am able to use them freely.”


A shrill voice was heard behind the curtains.

“Lady Irene, that’s too much for me…”

“It’s okay.

Anyway, I’m in a hurry for now, so could you run an errand for me without asking any questions”

“Ju-Just say anything!”

Annette raised a serious voice at the same time, realizing I was being serious.

I told her the outline of the errand.

Go to the Magic Tower.

Buy transformation powder.

Options are with brown hair and green eyes. 

Transformation powder is expensive, but fortunately, it was an item that could be easily obtained with money.

“If you look in the third drawer, you will find gold coins in a gray pocket.

Please take 5000 Mars with you!”

The gold coins that Ian had handed over the other day were being put to good use, as they could immediately solve problems that would need the use of cash.

Annette appeared to be perplexed about the 5,000 mars, but she quickly responded.

“Yes! I’ll be right back!”

I slid into the bathtub as I heard Annette’s footsteps.  

I hope she doesn’t get caught by anyone.

* * *

Rozeline Mayer, a second-class wizard in Magic Tower, was yawning and tidying up the desk.

The most important thing in entertaining guests was the clean exterior.

Rozeline, in the spirit of ‘The customer of the Magic Tower is the king,’ tends to keep things organized even on a sleepy morning.

‘I didn’t come to the Magic Tower to become a salesperson, but… uhh.

I should quickly accumulate my annual leave and enter the research tower.’

It was then that a customer came in these early hours.

“Ah, hello.”

A cute girl with brown hair timidly walked into the counseling room.

She looked quite awkward.

Incidentally, she is the Magic Tower’s first visitor of the day.

“Welcome, customer.

How can I help you”

“I want to get transformation powder.”

The awkward customer ordered something quite daring.

The process and materials used to create transformation powder are extremely difficult, but you can get it by merely paying some money at the Magic Tower, where the best wizards gather.

The problem is that you would need quite a lot of money.

“The item you ordered is not unusual, and I think we can give it to you right away without any additional process.

The price is 4,000 Mars.

How would you like to pay”

“I’ll pay it all in cash.”

The brown-haired girl held out gold coins with her hands trembling.

It was a large sum of money that didn’t sit well with the awkward hands.

She was a customer who paid a large sum of four thousand mars for transformation powder so early in the morning, with an expression as if she had never been to the Magic Tower before.

‘You are a unique customer.

But there are always one or two unique customers who come to Magic Tower.

This guest most likely has a unique story, but if Rozeline listened to every single one of the guests’ stories, his nerve cords would have worn out by the end of the evening.

The brown-haired girl returned home while holding a magical bag of transformation powder.

She had a cautious demeanor, as if she were carrying a newborn baby rather than a bag.

What a cute guest.

It was then that Rozeline grinned and was about to sit back down.

“Who’s that customer, just now”

“Gee, ah! “

Rozeline unintentionally screamed. 

A tall man appeared out of nowhere at the doorway.

He is tall and has messy black hair.

In addition, he wore a mask with an odd pattern on his face.

There is only one person that wears a mask like that in this Capital.

“Master.” Rozeline said, rubbing his chest.

“When did you get here”


Did I surprise you I’m sorry.

But the customer who just came here, what did she buy”

“It was transformation powder, Master.”

The Master of the Magic Tower took a step towards the window and looked down through it.

The figure of a brown-haired girl who was just walking through the Magic Tower was reflected in the Master’s eyes.

“Why did a Cathedral member need transformation powder”

“What Is she from the Cathedral”

Rozeline’s eyes widened. 

There was no law prohibiting Elune’s congregation from visiting the Magic Tower, but visits between the Cathedral and the Magic Tower were extremely rare.

This is because there was no overlap between divine power and mana.

“How did you know that”


You can tell by just smelling the holy power.”


Rozeline rolled his eyes.

He didn’t know at all.

Sure enough, does genius have a good sense of smell 

Regardless of Rozeline’s question, The Master of the Magic Tower muttered while stroking his chin.

“I don’t think she came to buy the powder for herself.


“Why are you thinking so hard, Master” Rozeline asked implicitly.

He couldn’t work any longer because his boss was still in the same room.

The Master of the Magic Tower looked back at Rozeline and smiled.

“Oh, I’m sorry.

I just hope that there will be active exchanges between the Cathedral and the Magic Tower on this occasion.

I was thinking about something like that.”

“Exchange Ah, yes…” Rozeline said, barely hiding his trembling expression.

There is no benefit in exchanging divine power and magical power because they are completely incomprehensible to each other.

As expected, his boss is unique.

Rozeline was thinking this when the Master of Magic Tower, who appeared to be deep in thought, opened his mouth.

“Then it would be quite interesting.”

The corners of his lips, which were visible through the mask, went up.

* * *

I nervously patted the bathtub rim while waiting for Annette. 

Meanwhile, my hair had completely turned pink, and even after rubbing and washing my eyes in disbelief, I couldn’t see my brown hair.

‘I’m not even a female wizard who uses transformations, what the hell is this It’s crazy.


When I hit the bathtub’s rim so hard that my fingers hurt, Annette had returned.

“Lady Irene, I brought you exactly what you requested!” 

Annette murmured quietly, like a cautious squirrel.

I reached out my hand outside the bathroom curtain towards her.

Soon, a silk pouch was in my hand.

“Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I will never forget what happened today!”

“Don’t say that! I am glad I could help you.”

“I am sorry for the sudden request again.

It might have been a little embarrassing, but this is a secret.

Can you keep it”

“Of course, Lady Irene.

Don’t worry about that.”

Isn’t Annette actually an angel or a fairy 

I wiped away my tears and opened the pouch Annette had given me.

It contained five-colored transformation powder.

When the powder was dissolved in the bathtub, the water instantly became a perfect iridescent color.


I took a deep breath and dove into the bathtub’s water.

I emerged from the water after a short time and hurriedly approached the mirror.


As before, a woman with brown hair and green eyes faced me in the mirror.


That’s it.’

The light was turned off.

I bit my lips and finally finished the long bath.

‘There is no way there will be an incident no matter what kind of life enters another body.’

I had all sorts of complaints on my mind.

I hope the rest of the day passes safely.

* * *

Since morning, the Cathedral has been alive with activity and excitement.

The guests who had filled the temple murmured fervently.

“I still can’t believe that Sir Ian is getting engaged.”

“But I’m glad he is in a serious relationship with that woman.

If he had just been playing with her at night, I would never trust any man in the world in the future.”

“Sir Ian, who was like a statue, became love-struck… Ah.

I can’t believe it either.”

“What kind of woman could make Sir Ian give up on the Cardinal position.”

“That is the main thing the people who have gathered here today are curious about.

What kind of lady is his fiancée” 


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