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‘What do I think’

‘What are you asking It looks horrendous.’ 

It wasn’t just the staff members, even Aden and Lorena had their eyes on me.

I groaned inwardly.

‘Honestly I don’t like it, but Cordelia seems to be satisfied with it…’

Besides, if I tell her my honest opinion straight out, I’m afraid Aden and Lorena will kill me with their gaze.

Of course the best answer is this.

Just as I was about to open my mouth.

“Hey, do you really need to ask for someone else’s opinion You can see the answer just by looking in the mirror, Lady Cordelia.”

“That’s right.

You are so beautiful.

You’re so perfect as you are right now.”

Aden’s commotion quickly prompted the staff to appease her.

Cordelia then tilted her head.


I definitely prefer the purple earrings, but I’m concerned about the necklace.

I’m curious if this one is better…”

Cordelia said as she took another necklace from the jewelry box.

It was an orange necklace, but it looked a lot better than the pale blue necklace, which was almost white and looked like it had been soaked in water for a long time.

But Lorena was startled and waved her hand.

“Oh my! What are you talking about”

“Whoever sees you now will notice that the necklace you were wearing was much better! It suited you well.

It’s perfect as it was.”

Aden and her staff also joined. 

‘Are you serious’

I couldn’t hide my uncomfortable expression.

If Cordelia liked it, I thought I would just give it a thumbs up and pretend that I also liked it or that it looks good on her.

But those people were ignoring Cordelia’s taste and pushing only their own opinions.

This is almost like a fraud.

“Lady Cordelia.”

I don’t know what they were doing. 

I jumped up from my seat.

Everyone stared at me as I walked closer to get the jewelry box, and they were startled by my actions.

I searched the jewelry box without hesitation.

“Lady Cordelia, do you like purple”

“Yes Oh, yes.

I do.”

“Please try changing to these earrings.”

I took out a purple earring which has a much lighter and softer color from the jewelry box.

The employee’s face became hardened for a moment.

Cordelia seemed slightly startled as she held the earring to her ear.

By simply looking at them, her skin color changed slightly to the point where it was incomparable with the previous earring.

“And with this necklace.”

I handed her a studded necklace with light green gemstones like a delicate bud this time.

While Cordelia put the necklace on, a light exclamation could be heard around her.


“Your skin looks brighter.”

For the first time, honest admiration flowed from the mouth of those who were watching her.

And I noticed Aden and Lorena were locked in intense stares. 

Cordelia touched the necklace awkwardly.

“It’s pretty, but… a bit, Isn’t this necklace a little bit plain The color is light.” Cordelia said something absurd.

Because it was different from what she usually wore, as she was usually plastered with bright primary colors, she seemed to feel a sense of incongruity.

I shook my head.

“I doubt it.

I think a light pastel tone like this looks much better on you.”

“I think… It seems so…”

“You certainly look much better now.” Then someone’s voice interrupted.

I shifted my gaze to see who it was.

It was a young man who introduced himself as Baron Ray Monaghan during the greeting time earlier.

“Right You have good eyes.”

“Also Isn’t this our first meeting”

“I think you have a good eye for some reason.

I mean, it feels like you are carefully observing a lot of individuals.”

I said it with a smirk as if I were joking.

Ray’s previous expression then disappeared all of a sudden.

His eyes became cold as he stared at me.

Ray quickly changed his expression back and smiled softly.

“I’ve never heard that before, haha.

It’s unclear whether it’s a compliment or not, but I’ll take it as a compliment.

Thank you.”

“It’s a compliment! That’s how cool you look.”

I tried hard to ignore the slight goosebumps and smile back at him.

While Ray and I were talking, Cordelia seemed to have finally made up her decision.

“I’ll purchase these.”

“But, Lady Cordelia! This jewelry has much better quality……”

“No, I like what I’m wearing now.

I’ll trust what Lady Irene chooses.”

Cordelia’s staff eventually paid for the accessories that I had chosen for her.

Even though she bought the accessories, their expression seemed sour.

After receiving the bill, Cordelia tilted her head.

“I saved a lot more money than usual.”

When I heard Cordelia as she was talking to herself, I realized.

‘That’s why.’

The reason why Aden and Lorena forced Cordelia to choose accessories that did not match her well.

Because those were the most expensive accessories they offered today.


Are you trying to force sell something to a Saintess’

I stuck my tongue out at their audacity. 

Cordelia looked even more lively in her new pastel-toned jewels.

The employees left the salon and now we enjoyed tea time.

Cordelia looked happy, as she kept smiling and looking in the mirror; she must have been pleased with her new appearance.


I laughed inwardly.

My cheeks tingle from Aden and Lorena’s stares, but I could ignore it when I saw how cute Cordelia was.

In the middle of tea time, a blond man was seen walking towards the terrace alone.

‘Is it Ray’

My real goal for today, Ray Monaghan.

I got up from my seat and I thought of an opportunity to talk alone with him.

“I’ll go get some air for a while.”

I entered the terrace with those excuses, and the blond man was alone, enjoying the ambiance.

Suddenly, he looked back at me.

‘Oh my.’

I clicked my tongue. 

The man was not Ray, but Aden Othello.

He tried to defraud Cordelia with her parent’s direct staff.

I mistook him because his hair color and slender body were almost similar to Ray.

When Aden also saw me, his expression hardened.

“It’s Lady Irene.”

I was just thinking about leaving this place.

But Aden approached me with a stiff expression.

He spoke quietly when he reached up to me.

“It was pretentious of you, Lady Irene.

I have been helping Lady Cordelia for a long time.

I know what she likes better than anyone.”

“I see.

I thought she liked the jewelry I chose more.”

A mark would have appeared on Aden’s forehead if this scene were a cartoon.

The beautiful young man quickly hid his face behind his hand and continued speaking.

“I am her close friend, and know what Cordelia needs the most, I am confident about this.”


Is that so”

I swallowed my annoyance and swept my hair back.

It was specified that someone needed to check before choosing the accessories.

However, Aden’s attitude of treating Cordelia like a child in the palm of his hand proved to be hilarious.

Then I talked casually as if I was merely passing by.

“This is a different story, but in the past, I was obsessed with a certain chef for a while and went to the same restaurant.”

It was a pure lie.

In fact, the school cafeteria style corner was where I spent the most time.

The sausage was delicious.

But since it was just an analogy, it didn’t matter if I mixed in a little of my bluff.

I smiled with an innocent expression on my face.

Suddenly I saw someone whose side profile of the face was sharp like a fox, with golden hair. 

This time I was sure.

This person was Ray Monaghan.

He was clearing his seat at the time, as if he was about to leave.

“I’ll have to leave for today.”


“You always go back quickly.”

People expressed their regrets, but he smiled and promised that he would come for the next meeting.

Ray Monaghan is a busy man, hence having to return so soon.

I naturally followed him, as if my movements coincided with his by chance.

I saw Ray’s back as I stepped out into the hallway, meanwhile he was already walking far ahead.

Fortunately, I was able to catch up to him quickly.

Ray had to be apprehended before he could leave the mansion, where Dame Joan awaited me.

Fortunately, Ray turned around.

It seems he had heard my clacking shoes.

“Aren’t you the new Saintess Do you have something to discuss with me”

With his eyes folded, a handsome man with fox-like features smiled.

However, I knew this look was fake. 

I smiled and approached Ray.



Are you saying hello twice”

“It’s different.

I’m not greeting Sir Ray this time; instead, I’m greeting the Master of Magic Tower.”

Ray’s smile had vanished from his fox-like face.

“What do you mean by that…… No.

Losing one’s feet makes no sense if you pinpoint it exactly like this.”

[TL/N: Losing one’s foot means to wash one’s hands off, sever connection with, break (off) with, break away from, withdraw oneself.]

Ray, No.

Rizello smiled brightly.

“How did you know”

‘I read it in a book.’

I mumbled the answer.

The Genius Master of the Magic Tower, Rizello had several hobbies.

One of his hobbies was to disguise himself as ‘Ray Monahan’ and hide in society.

In particular, he tends to participate in all of Cordelia’s regular social gatherings.

“Depending on the answer, I may become very hostile to the Saintess.”

Rizello said with a grin on his face.

Those eyes already showed signs of bitter hostility.

Honestly, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t scary.

Rizello was a genius wizard who could make me explode with a single gesture.

But wasn’t it because the strongest Sword Master had already threatened his life

I could look up at him more calmly than I thought.

“It’s because of my divine power.”

“….Divine power”

“God Elune has given me the ability to glimpse into the future.”


Rizello’s eyes widened.

“Of course, it’s still early and the range is very limited.

But finding out that Sir Rizello was here was pure luck.”

Rizello, who had been silent for a moment, slowly opened his mouth.

“The Saintess, indeed, is amazing.”


“As was to be expected.

It’s worth observing.”

The strange goose bumps penetrated my spine.

I tried to ignore that feeling and brought out the main point.

“Sir Rizello.

Please accept me as your official client.”

Rizello gave me a curious look. 

Anyone can freely put a request in the Magic Tower.

But the Master of the Magic Tower was different.

He is a person who is capable of making the impossible possible.

“I’ll hire you.”

Rizello laughed as if he heard something funny.

“You are a Saintess with a big heart.

Let’s hear what you want so much.”


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