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“If you accept me as a regular client first, I will tell you the details of the request.”

It was not an unreasonable approach.

Everyone that had big names would also take this measure when they were requesting Rizello.

Once one formally puts a request in, the contents of the request are referred to.

If the request was decided to be difficult to carry out, Rizello could annul the request.

However, the contents of the request that he has already heard could not be disclosed anywhere and to anyone.

That was a contract called ‘official request’.

“What reason do I have to discuss with the Saintess like this”

“I will close my eyes to the fact that you are Ray Monaghan if you accept me as a regular client.”

Rizello eyes’ widened.

“Are you threatening me right now”

“I’m offering you a deal.”

The character of Ray Monaghan may be a mask that Rizello has worked quite hard on to create.

It would be a waste to throw it away that easily.

Rizello stared at me.

My mouth became more dry as the silence grew longer, and a few seconds later, he finally spoke.


Let’s hear it.”

I did it.

I smiled complacently to myself.

Rizello would not refuse if he hears this request.

“Before that.

Wait for a moment.”

Rizello beckoned softly into the air.

Then, I felt that the surroundings had become strangely quiet.

“Now, our presence will be only vaguely perceived by passers-by, almost as if no one were here, feel free to say it.”

“…Thank you.” I answered, hiding my surprise.

It was magic that made your presence seem shallow to the outside.

It was unique, like a wizard who spent a lot of money on all sorts of strange magic items.

“Please tell me how to block my divine power.”

“What did you say”

Rizello’s eyes widened, as if he had heard something unexpected.

I recited the script that I had prepared slowly in my mind and without wavering.

“As I said, my divine power is foresight.

Do you know The pain of peeking into someone else’s future even if I don’t want it.”


“When I went downtown, I got a lot of visions of the future.

Maybe it’s because I’m still inexperienced and so I’m not capable of sorting out the information.

I just suffer from a flood of information.”

Heaps of information that cannot be sorted are worthless.

As a researcher, Rizello would know better than anyone else.

I think it was a pretty plausible excuse.

“Of course, I am not saying that I want to completely remove my divine power.

If you can just block my divine power for a few seconds when I’m too tired.

If you could, I would be able to breathe freely.”

Rizello became silent for a while.

He then asked an unexpected question a few seconds later.

“Does your fiancé know That the Saintess is going through such troubles.”

‘You’re bringing up my fiancé Suddenly Here’

The sudden mention of my fake husband surprised me.


That person can never know.’

If he finds out that I had secretly met Rizello even though he had already warned me, he would not leave me alone this time.

I replied to Rizello’s annoying question with a faint smile.

“He doesn’t know.

I don’t want to make him worry.”


Don’t you think a husband and wife are supposed to share sadness or joy” Rizello said that and smiled widely.

“Oh, well.

We weren’t even a real married couple yet.”

It sounded strangely annoying, as if he were suggesting the possibility that we may not be a real couple.

“You are engaged, so it’s like you both are already a married couple.” He said with a soft smile.

I was very sensitive to this matter.

Of course.

It’s a 10 million Mars contract!

“Shall we go back to my request I hope the deadline is within ten days.”

I vainly cleared my throat.

It was a sign to stop talking nonsense and get back on track.

Fortunately, Rizello didn’t stray from the topic anymore.

“There is a way to block divine power.

The deadline of 10 days is a bit tight, but… well, it’s an interesting request.”

I snorted inside.

It was not just an interesting request, but also very tempting.

Studying and learning about divine power was one of his interests for a long time.

In fact, he successfully invented a way to block divine power in the original story.

‘Because there were so many restrictions, there wasn’t much of a use for it in the story.’

Anyway, Rizello had definitely succeeded in creating it.

That was why I came to this person.


Finally, Rizello nodded.

“The request, I accept it.”

“Thank you for your kind acceptance.

How much do you want for the request”

“Don’t worry about the money.”

When I heard what he said, my eyes widened.

Did the Master of the Magic Tower just refuse to be paid for an official request

“I wish Saintess would help me when I need it.” Rizello whispered to me with a deep voice.

‘…What a jerk.’

I squinted my eyes.

Did he say I should help him whenever he wants

Do I know when or how to help him when he is in trouble Needless to say, it was an unfair contract.


I’ll give you money.

How about 500,000 Mars”

Rizello seemed to rethink it as soon as I listed out the amount.



Finally, Rizello nodded once again.

Rizello had the personality trait of being addicted to money, like a crow on the lookout for something shiny.

He couldn’t afford to miss out on 500,000 Mars.

‘It was a huge expense for me as well…’

I was willing to accept it.


It was something I had to put up with.

If only I could make it through the Saintess Appointment Ceremony safe and sound.

“It’s a deal.”

Then I reached out my right hand to Rizello.

He took my hand and whispered secretly,

“Do you agree to sign a formal contract with me”

“I agree.”

Suddenly, blue flames rose above the two shaking hands at the same time as I answered.

A magic contract.

It had the same effect as the immutable contract stone I shared with Ian.

I will pay the request without lies and Rizello will carry out the request.

And above all else, neither of us should disclose the contents of the contract to the outside.

Failure to do so will result in serious penalties.

Like the immutable contract stone, it was probably a kind of penalty that damages the soul.


Rizello smiled contentedly.

“You have become my regular customer with this.

I’ll do my best to carry out the request.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

In an empty hallway, a secret deal was made.

*          *          *

From tea time with Cordelia, and even a chance to talk with Rizello.

I became exhausted after finishing two schedules.

‘I have to take a long nap today.’

The pride of having a deal with Rizello eased me a little.

He would not fail.

He will surely meet the promised deadline.

That was the faith of a reader who knew the character of Rizello.

As a reader of the original story, it was a bit regrettable that I didn’t see Rizello’s real face.

Rizello always wears a mask when he wasn’t disguised as Ray Monahan, and there’s a description that his face from beneath is so handsome that even the original heroine admits it.

What I wasn’t actually disappointed as I was already tired of seeing a handsome face everyday.

My eyes are comfortable, even though it is bad if I start to get used to it.

‘Should I take a bath first’

Thinking so, I opened the door to my living quarters and I felt relieved to be at home in the familiar space.

It was the moment that I opened the bedroom door when suddenly my body went numb.

“Are you back now”


I heard a voice that should not be heard here.


I turned to the side where I heard the sound with shock.

I saw Ian was sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching me.

“Why are you so surprised You’re acting like someone who has sinned.”

“Sin… What are you talking about”

Then I laughed haha as if I heard a bland joke.

‘God damn.

You don’t know anything, do you’

Dame Joan and Annette were definitely waiting outside the mansion.

No one witnessed the meeting with Rizello.

‘Okay, let’s be calm.

Lee Seoyeon, there’s nothing to be afraid of!’

I looked at Ian and wore a confident expression on my face.

“You broke into a lady’s room without permission, excuse me.”

“You mean between us”

‘What is the relationship between us!’

…What kind of relationship… We were engaged after someone spread a deep scandal about us.

In the Rehart Empire, there was probably no other couple that had become a topic as hot as we have.

I averted my gaze because I had nothing to say.

Then Ian got up from the sofa and strode towards me.

‘Keep the distance, keep the distance…’

I suppressed my apprehension and took a step back.

As soon as I met his blue eyes, my effort to keep the distance didn’t bear fruit.

I was not at all comfortable to face Ian at the moment since I did something wrong and felt guilty.

“I’m sorry that I came in suddenly, but I received some unpleasant information.”

“Yes, yes”

My face became pale as if the had blood drained from my face.

I looked up at Ian with an expression saying ‘what are you talking about again this time’.

A twisted smile hung over Ian’s face.

“There are rumors that you had a private meeting with a stranger.”

‘N-no way.’

My heart was racing.

There was clearly no one in the hallway where Rizello and I were conversing.

If there was, Rizello would have noticed it first and blocked the view.

Besides, he used magic!

As I rolled my head desperately, Ian continued speaking.

“Aden Othello, I believe.”

I was struck by an unexpected name.

“I heard that you had met with him on the terrace for quite some time.”

‘… Oh, that’s what he meant.’

I sighed in relief.

Fortunately, he didn’t find the rumors about the meeting between Rizello and I.

“I didn’t talk much with Aden.

It’s not that nothing happened, but it’s a trivial story.”

It was cumbersome to explain to Ian about the necklace and their coercive selling.

Ian wouldn’t want to hear that either.

So I was going to skip it, but Ian said something and smiled strangely.

“Aden Othello, Lucian told me that he was the winner of ‘Flower of Rehart’ in the male category.”

Flower of Rehart What was that

After a while, I exclaimed -ah-.

‘Flower of Rehart’ was a beauty contest that selects the most handsome men and beautiful women of the empire every year.

There was an episode in which the original male lead unexpectedly participated and then won.


I contemplated Aden’s face again.

He certainly had a beautiful and handsome face.

Although, it wasn’t enough to win the best handsome man award.

I glanced at Ian unconsciously.

‘This person should participate… Um.

He wouldn’t do it.’


Of course he wouldn’t do it.

I nodded my head, convincing myself.

“You’re right.

That’s right.”

“I think you like pretty ones, Madam.”

I looked at Ian to see what he meant by this again.

He was still looking at me with a subtle smile.

“I’m telling you in case you’re misunderstanding, I just talked to Aden for a few minutes.”

“Is that so”


Of course.

I’m not going to explain it, it’s just that I had nothing to say because it really didn’t matter.”


Ian raised the corners of his mouth smoothly.

“No cheating, Madam”


This nonsense made me look absurd.

“Me Cheating With Aden”

Pfft. I burst into laughter without realizing it.

There is damn nothing between me and that **ing bastard.

A Saintess Cheating

I shook my head furiously.

The relationship between me and Ian is a marriage contract that is worth 10 million Mars.

I was confident enough to say that I wouldn’t be shaken even if the most handsome man tried to seduce me with their soft smile.

“Don’t worry, that man is not my type.

My preference is a man that has broad shoulders and a bit taller…”

And there was an appropriate example right in front of me.

I raised my head and looked at Ian’s height and said,

“He should be like Sir Ian.”

Ian slowly raised one eyebrow.

“Is that so Am I really tall”


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