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Cordelia stood in front of me and greeted me with ease.

“The Appointment Ceremony went well.

You are now officially a member of the Elune Church.”

“Thank you, Lady Cordelia.”

The moment I faced Cordelia up close, I could barely hold back my smile.

Cordelia was wearing a pair of light purple earrings and a light green necklace.

The same combination that I had chosen for her last time.

“Have you realized what your power is now” Cordelia asked.

It was a similar question to when we first met, but it felt different from then.

At the time, it felt like ‘Let’s hear it ‘, did you think she really inquired out of genuine curiosity

The surroundings became quiet when Cordelia asked the question.

Every single person in the room was staring at me with curiosity.

‘I guess I’ll have to talk about it now.’

I lowered my eyes to hide my awkwardness.

“Yes, Lady Cordelia.

I think I have the ability of foresight.”


“You are the Saintess of foresight!”

Exclamations came from everyone.

Cordelia exclaimed as she stared at me.


It is a unique power.”

“I still have a long way to go, but it is.”

“Is there anything that comes to your mind when you see me”

Cordelia asked with a coy expression.

It would be easy to misunderstand her facial expression as trying to bait someone, however as I got closer, I could see that Cordelia’s eyes were filled with pure curiosity.

It seemed that it was just because she was anxious to hear the answer.

Her coyness seemed to be from apprehension about the response she would receive from me.

‘She is like a child waiting for cotton candy.’

I think that Cordelia would be upset if she could hear my thoughts.

Instead, her light brown eyes were shining with excitement, Cordelia looked beautiful.


What should I do

I could say I have no foresight for Ian yet, but I can’t keep saying that.

While I was deep in thought, something caught my attention.

‘That one.’

It was a bracelet hanging from Cordelia’s wrist.

The bright blue color of the bracelet did not match Cordelia’s apricot skin tone.

‘Is it from the Aden family again’

Annette told me that the Aden family is famous for their jewelry.

Especially, vivid primary gems are the symbols.

The Count of Aden seemed to be selling their representative products to Cordelia on purpose.

Aside from making a lot of money, Saint Cordelia would be their top mascot, killing two birds with one stone.

As I turned my gaze, I saw Lord Aden staring at me with wary eyes beside Cordelia.

It was a fierce expression.

‘What kind of flower is that.’

Are all the handsome men frozen to death, huh.

I turned my head away from Aden and looked at Cordelia again.

“Lady Cordelia.

I feel it now.”


Cordelia opened her eyes wide like a rabbit.

I nodded seriously.

“The closer you are to lighter colors, Lady Cordelia, better things will happen.

For instance, pastel tones, such as those in your necklace or earrings.”

“Pastel tones”


Would that be the color of luck for Lady Cordelia”

“Lucky color…!”

With a surprised expression, Cordelia repeated what I had said.


It is especially better to stay away from bright primary colors.”

“Oh, I see.”

Cordelia blinked as if she remembered something.

“Since wearing Lady Irene’s recommended accessories, I’ve received numerous compliments stating that they look great on me.

“Is this the ‘Lucky Color’ effect…”

It’s true that they really suit you well.

I did not deny it.

“Oh my, really, Lady Cordelia.

You look so much better these days.”

“You seem to be looking healthier!”

People around Cordelia added a word or two at the same time.

I glanced slightly at Aden, and I saw his expression rotting.

I can’t believe you can’t control your facial expressions.

You are disqualified as a flower.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Lady Irene.

My ‘Lucky Color’.”

Cordelia thanked me with a serious face.

My conscience was slightly pricked.

The ‘color of luck’ foresight was just a word that came out of my head after seeing it on a fortune-telling website, but it sounded very plausible when Cordelia spoke with such seriousness.

“Lady Irene.

By any chance, what is my lucky color”

“If you don’t mind, can you take a look at me”

Shy requests came from all over the place.

The warm reaction made me sweat a little.

‘Please tell me your birth month and bring me just one Korean magazine.

Then I’ll tell you everything!’

It was at this point that I realized how much I missed the magazines I used to rummage through at the hairdresser to pass the time.

Then I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“The lucky color.

How fun.”

This voice.

I turned my head to the ominous feeling.

All of a sudden, people were bowing their heads.

“Your Majesty the Emperor.”

“Your Majesty…”

Rashid was walking at the end of the line where everyone bowed their heads.

It was a completely different outfit from our first meeting when he wore a believer’s attire.

A tremendous amount of escorting knights follow him in luxurious clothing as if to announce that he is the Emperor.

My face was unwelcomed in his presence but I couldn’t show it.

I bowed my head calmly.

“Greetings, Your Majesty the Emperor.”

“This is the second time we’ve met.

Where is the Saintess’s lover”

“I understand that you are talking about the Commander of Holy Knights.”


Rashid raised one corner of his mouth.

He looked similar to Ian because he was his brother, but he felt very different.

Unlike Ian, who makes people have goosebumps just by laughing, Rashid just looked arrogant.

“He is disqualified as a lover.

To leave his fiancée alone in a place like this.”

“He has some matters to share with the Cardinal, but I understand thathe has been considerate of me so that I can have a comfortable conversation with others.”

I was a little taken aback when I answered without realizing it.

Why did I make an excuse based on my emotions

Rashid laughed.


Let’s say that it is so.

So, the new Saintess has the power of foresight”

“That’s right.”

I bowed my head deeply and said.

‘He won’t ask about his lucky color right.’

Then it should be called rainbow color.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Rashid did not ask such a cute thing.

“Can you predict the national fortunes of our Empire”

I lifted my head and looked at Rashid.

A smirk hung from the corners of his lips.

I could feel everyone looking at me with curiosity.

I bowed my head again and said.

“Please pardon me, Your Majesty.

I am still lacking, and I have yet to notice anything significant.”

“Is that so I’m a little disappointed.”

“I’m ashamed.”

Even though I answered reflexively, I felt a little unfair.

Why should I be ashamed by this person

As far as I know, the Church of Elune was once under the Imperial Family, but that did not mean it was a complete military relationship.

It doesn’t matter if he is the Emperor, how can he break into the church like the courtyard of his own house and tell the saintess about his disappointment.

I am an ordinary person by birth, therefore I was bowing at a loss, but the Emperor was definitely too indifferent.


A grand object like an empire can be difficult.

The Emperor asked the Saintess for something unreasonable.”

“No, Your Majesty.”

“Then what about this”

Rashid put on another twisted smile.

“Will this Emperor leave his name in history in the future”


I was speechless at the moment.

Everyone held their breath, waiting for my answer.

‘Ha.’ I laughed in vain inside.

I don’t have foresight, but I was well aware that Rashid wasn’t going to make a good name for himself.

Rashid, who ascended to the throne from a young age due to the early death of the previous Emperor, was never a good monarch.

The crazy tax rate and he ruthlessly keeps increasing the tax rate.

The description of many nobles who were concerned about the Imperial Family’s excessive luxury was not uncommon in the original novel.

The people here wouldn’t know that.

But, I couldn’t tell the truth.

‘Rather than a good and wise Emperor, your brother, a tyrant will blow your neck and you will die.’

I can never say that.

But even so,

‘It’s kind of sad right now, but if you work hard in the future, it will get better! Fighting!’

I couldn’t even say something like that.

Rashid was a bastard.

I will get caught if I said something he didn’t like.

In the end, it’s not the best thing to do here.

Aside from not wanting to do so, the people gathered here will doubt my ability to predict the future.

Let’s just roughly say it.

“It’s a shame, Your Majesty.

My power does not always manifest.

I was simply lucky enough to be able to see something regarding Lady Cordelia.”

“Hmm, is that so That’s too bad.”

Phew, hopefully the topic will come to a close with this.

“Then forget about foresight, and I’ll instead ask for the Saintess’ opinion.

What does the Saintess think Can this Emperor be remembered as a respected Emperor”

‘Hey, you dirty bastard.’

I cursed the Emperor a lot inside, while speaking kindly.

“If you continue your good governance, I think you will be praised and approved by the people.”

Rashid stroked his chin and hmm.

Are you happy to hear that a Saintess is flattering you, you bastard!

“Does that mean this Emperor is not making good choices right now”

I laughed inside.

Now I know.

Today the Emperor was here not just to show his face.

He came to test how obedient I, Ian’s fiancée and a new Saintess, would be to his words.

Therefore, Rashid would not return until he received a satisfactory answer from me.

Afterwards, I sighed quietly and looked up at Rashid.

Rashid raised one eyebrow when our eyes met because I had been keeping my head down the entire time.

“Foresight just came.”


What kind of foresight is it”

I opened my mouth with a smile.

“Your Majesty will leave his name in the history books as a pioneer in the future.”


Rashid looked at me as if interested.

People who had been sticking to Rashid began to flatter him.

“It is a very good foresight, Your Majesty.”

“It’s your first achievement, it’s amazing.

Your Majesty is also a wise ruler!”

“All future children will study by reading Your Majesty’s achievements in the history books.”

I laughed inside.


I’m sure that is so.”

I didn’t lie.

Rashid will undoubtedly be remembered as the Empire’s first person to have killed his biological father and relatives for the sake of the throne and, in the end, trying to annihilate all of his brothers and people in the capital.

As the first evil deed.


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