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‘….Get a hold of yourself, Lee Seoyeon!’


I quickly muttered to myself.




The silence was broken by the sound of a low voice.

I looked up at Ian, and didn’t respond to anything.

Then, in a slightly baffled tone, he asked,


“What should I do next”


He sounds like a well-behaved student.

It was only after that that I was able to regain my sense of reality, as the voice didn’t sit well with Ian.


“That, hmm, so.” I said as I coughed in vain.


“The most important thing is to keep your eyes fixed on me.

Most people will be tricked if you just do that.”


“Keep my eyes fixed on you.”


After he repeated my words, Ian asked.


“Is it that important”


“Of course.

People who are in love can’t take their eyes off the other person’s every move.

You have to look at me with the intention of looking to see whether I’m not hot, tired, or thirsty.”


I’m not a dating expert, but I’ve gained experience by learning from people in my life and through external media.




Ian nodded for a moment, but there was still an expression on his face that he didn’t understand.


“I understand.



“You listen to me very well today.”


“Well, there’s no one to ask to teach me in this way.”


That was definitely true.

I would have been better than Ian, who would have strived to be a cardinal his entire life, no matter how inexperienced I was.


“And, um.

This is obvious, but I have my doubts that Ian will be able to follow it.”


“What is it”


Ian said, raising one of his brows.

I coughed and said,



While looking at me.” 


A slightly puzzled expression appeared on Ian’s face.

His appearance shows that he was struggling to follow.

Then, gently, he raised the corners of his lips.

Just one side.


“Are you making fun of me”


“What are you talking about”


“Right now, only one corner of your mouth was raised.

What kind of a husband who gives his wife ‘that look’”


Ian bit the inside of his lower lip.

He still looked as if he had no idea what it meant.


“Did you laugh the last time I swung my wooden sword Think about that time.”



I was laughing at you then.”


“You are proud of it!”


This really…!


Ian burst out laughing when I became emotional.

This time it was a big smile, but it was still far from the subtle smile that should be seen when we dance.


This isn’t the case.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and reached out my hand.

Then my fingertips touched Ian’s lips.

The Commander of the Holy Knights’ lips, which were occasionally threatening and criticizing, were surprisingly softer than I expected.


“What are you doing”


Ian was startled and backed away.

Then I gave him a cold stare.


“Please stay still.

The person who said the wedding is just around the corner is Sir Ian, right”




Ian remained still as I approached him again.

I slightly raised Ian’s mouth up.

Both sides of his mouth.


“All you have to do is smile a little like this.

It’s strange that you raised it so high.”


There was no response from him.

As I touched Ian’s lips, he looked down at me with a small smile.

His eyes were filled with confusion that were looking at me.


As if he is asking if he is doing well right now.




Ian didn’t say anything and just smiled, which resulted in silence.

Without saying anything, I raised my eyes to the work I’d done.


Because of the unfamiliarity, I unconsciously admired the beauty in front of me for a brief moment. 


‘…..It is a face that can instantly steal the heroine’s heart.’


My mouth felt dry due to the feeling of seeing something I shouldn’t see.


I finally took my gaze away from Ian and said,


“First of all, you did it well.

Did I tell you that the most important thing is to smile you must study it on your own until the wedding.”


“I had no idea there would be homework.”


Ian finally opened his mouth, then quickly reverted to his usual demeanor.

Then I looked straight at Ian again.


“Then did you think that I was the only one who had to work hard We have to work together.

To pull off such a huge con.”


“Yeah, of course it is.”


Ian quickly grasped the condition.


For a brief moment, the two con artists exchanged glances.

The wedding is only three days away.

It was time to be determined.




This day has finally arrived.


I awoke in my bedroom, sternly staring at the ceiling.


‘Is it today’


I think I woke up with this similar determination feeling on the day of the Saintess’s Appointment ceremony.

I have to reaffirm my resolution every few days.


However, I was not as scared as the Saintess’ Appointment ceremony had been.

My neck will not fly away if I fail.

But it was true that I was nervous.


‘Of course.

This wedding will be attended by half of the people in the capital.’


Huu, I took a deep breath.


Weddings in the Rehart Empire last three days. 


The first day is the eve of a joyful meal and drink.

The second day is the long-awaited wedding day.

On the third day, The bride and groom left for their honeymoon, while the rest of the guests ate and drank their hearts out.


Today is the first of them.

In other words, it was less nerve-wracking than the main ceremony on the second day.


The marriage eve began in the evening.

Mercy came to see me during my relatively leisurely morning.


“The tiara is ready.”


Mercy returned her gaze to the staff.

The staff then proudly opened a large jewelry box.


“… Wow.”


For a brief second, I was mesmerized by the light emanating from it.

The large emerald embedded in the center of the tiara definitely drew a lot of attention.


I’ve never considered myself to be particularly fond of jewelry. 


Of course, sparkling jewels are lovely, but I couldn’t understand why such a large sum of money was being spent.

But at this moment, I completely understood the hearts of people who were possessed by jewels like crows.


“Beautiful.” I muttered without realizing it.


The emerald, which seemed enchanted just by looking at it, emitted a splendid light in all directions, as if it were alive.


Mercy smiled and gave a satisfied nod.


“It’s a masterpiece.

It was a godsend to be able to use the finest emeralds from the Bernil Mine.”


“The finest emerald…”


“It’s normal for the price to rise because the mine kept this kind of stuff for a few years and didn’t sell it, but for some reason, they agreed to sell it to Lady Irene willingly.

That’s a good thing.”


“That’s true.”


I nodded my head quickly. 


Whatever it was, it was exciting to be able to wear this jewel, which must be the most beautiful thing in the world, on my head for only one day.


‘What if my eyes soar to the sky and suffer a year later’


[TL/N: my eyes soar to the sky means the standard become high.]


When the question arose in an instant, I immediately shook my head.


Most likely not.

My petit bourgeois sensitivity could not have yielded in just one year.


Annette and the maids began dressing me up around lunchtime after Mercy and the staff returned. 


Because today is the eve, I didn’t dress as opulently as a wedding dress.

Instead, a dress that fluttered like a butterfly and slightly stuck to the body was prepared.


I was surprised when I looked in the mirror.

It wasn’t like ‘Irene Grace’, who I’d been seeing every day for nearly a month.


‘It’s not the kind of clothes I usually wear.’


Although Eluneism did not control how saintesses should dress, the majority of the clothes I wore were pure white and had a holy aura to them.

My body lines were almost completely hidden. 


But, the dress I wore today was an alluring purple color and was quite tight around my body.


‘What is Ian trying to do now’


Are you dressing up from head to toe like me


No, I couldn’t imagine him quietly entrusting me to the maid because of his personality.

Perhaps today, I thought that he would appear in a different appearance than usual.

My expectations were completely shattered after a few hours.


“Lady Irene, the Commander has arrived.”


Annette approached and whispered with a delighted expression on her face.

Annette had been more excited than I had been all day.

I smiled and nodded because she was cute.


“Please come in.”


The sun was setting as I looked out the window.

To put it another way, the eve had finally began.


In the glass greenhouse where the banquet was held, a large number of people would have already arrived.


Clack, I turned around when I heard the door open.


‘Are you here’


I was planning on greeting you.

But I completely forgot what I was going to say the moment I turned my head back.




Oh my gosh.

Oh My God.


I was startled and jumped to my feet.


“What is this”


I mumbled unconsciously, rushing up to Ian.

Ian was quite surprised when he saw me striding toward him without saying hello.


I didn’t care why Ian was acting that way; I approached him and looked up and down.


“Ha, Sir Ian.”


“….What’s wrong”


“Who the hell picked your outfit for today”


Ian was wearing a thin blue coat.

It wasn’t the same as the hard knight’s conquest he usually wore.

This side had a much more casual feel.

It was good up there.

The problem wasn’t that.


“This dress shirt…”


I looked in the middle of Ian’s shirt in disbelief.


“It’s too short!”


I quickly whispered with my head close to Ian’s. 


The white dress shirt had a much deeper cut around the neck in comparison to the uniform.

The collarbone and the bottom of it are exposed to an extent.


Ian had a puzzled expression on his face as he looked down at my dress.


“What did you mean by this Every man passing by was wearing something like this.”


“It’s other people! You can’t.

Why don’t you know that”


The other men were other men, and Ian was Ian. 


Even though they had their necks exposed a little, the other men did not give off an atmosphere where they had nowhere to lay their eyes.


“What the hell are you talking about…Do I dress up so wrong that you become angry before you even say hello”


Ian frowned lightly.

He had no idea what was wrong.

I tapped my forehead.


What should I do with this sinful man


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