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“Wh-what is this”


I stared at the jewelry with trembling eyes.

The pendant’s central piece of black obsidian shone opulently.


Am I dreaming


Or Am I crazy 


I quickly thought of a word and felt dumb.




A virtual space for storing items appeared.

Additionally, Ian stored his treasured weapon in a subspace.


The method for opening the subspace itself is simple if you have the ability.

It is said that just thinking about hiding something while in contact with it is enough. 


I gulped down my saliva and stared intently at the pendant.




The pendant vanished like a lie as soon as I said that.


“….The pendant.”


This time it appeared in my hand again.




I let out a smirk.

This made it clear: This body, number 76, can open subspace.

However, obtaining subspace would be quite challenging.


“What the heck, this body….”


I looked down at my body in disbelief.

What powers are hidden in this body


“Lady Irene Are you okay” 


Annette’s voice came from the doorway, and she sounded worried.

I guess I wasted too much time.

I calmed myself down and cleared my throat.



I’ll be out soon.”


Thankfully, the voice that came out was perfectly normal.


I turned around and looked in the mirror.

A pink-haired woman was reflected in the mirror.


‘Get hold of myself.’


This was not the time to be foolishly embarrassed.


I had to come to my senses and accept what had to be accepted as possible.


‘For now, I have to keep this hidden.”


I stared at the pendant.

This stupid things that Nine passed on.

This had to be a piece of evil magic.




As soon as I said it, the pendant vanished from my hand, as if it had never existed.


I took a deep breath and turned the doorknob.

Annette, who had been waiting for me, gave me a cheery smile as she turned around.


“Miss Annette.

Have you been waiting long”


I grinned broadly as I turned to face Annette.




The wedding eve party lasted until late last night, but the bride, who was me, and the groom, Ian, left before midnight.


It was natural.

Because we are the main characters in this important ceremony today.

This morning as I got up, the servants’ soft hands greeted me.


“Oh my, your skin is as soft as milk.”


“Any color would look good on this kind of skin.” 


I only sloppily grinned in response to the unexpected barrage of compliments.

My appearance was certainly something to behold, perfectly clothed down to the jewelry.


Bright pink hair, pure white wedding dress.

The enchanting emerald tiara that held the veil, which fluttered like butterfly wings.


The perfect implacable bride in May.


April has arrived, but…


I suddenly thought of my best friend that I had left here on the other world.



I’m getting married.’


If I said that, are you going to kick me in the a** for talking such nonsense this time


But I’m really getting married, Soyeon.


Of course it is only a fake marriage and a year later is the day it will flake out.

However, I became the wife of a handsome man for one year.


‘If I say this, will you be jealous of me this time’



Maybe it’s all over, so you’ll cry for me to come back soon. 


How are you, Soyeon


What the hell is happening to my body right now in that world


No way, Could it be that my body just Perhaps that’s why I can’t go back




Whether this is a real or fake marriage, it seems that there is such a thing as a marriage blue.

I shook my head as my head began to fill with slightly emotional thoughts.


The moment wasn’t right to let my emotions take over.

I had somehow survived and returned to my original world.

A place where I really should be.



Get hold of myself!’


I clenched my fists as I looked in the mirror.

The maids were talking about how they mistook my face in their whispers to one another.


“You must be nervous.”


“Of course you’ll be nervous, today is the beginning of a lifelong relationship with the person you love.”


… I decided to ignore their misunderstanding.




“Oh….my god.”


I opened my mouth wide as I gazed out the window.

The spacious coach house in the Cathedral was full of carriages.


“No way, aren’t they all guests”


“Oh my gosh, Why won’t they be Do you think they are here to hear Mass”


Annette softly laughed, as if my question was amusing. 


It wasn’t funny at all.

I was stunned at the sight of the carriage that seemed to fill even a 10-lane road.


‘All these people are watching the ceremony today!’


How the heck is this ceremony so big


I was guessing, but seeing it with my own eyes made me even more nervous.


‘Oh, I’m going crazy.’


Even though I didn’t have stage fright, I thought I’d get that new sickness today.


“Everyone is here to celebrate Lady Irene’s happy day!”


As if she were proud of everything, Annette looked pleased.

With a serious expression, Dame Joan spoke with the knights from afar.

She seemed to be checking the security plan within the day.


“Where is Sir Ian right now”


Annette laughed as if she couldn’t dry it when I inadvertently asked the question.

Perhaps she was excited or her anxiety was at an all-time high today.


“Did you miss him so much At least not for the time being, Lady Irene.

Before walking down the wedding aisle, you are not allowed to see the groom’s face!”


Annette said, waving her fingers. 


I was just curious if that person was as nervous as I am.



He can’t be like that.’


He may be buried in a pile of papers until just before the ceremony, and then wake up slowly with a face of boredom to when the time comes.

It’s like going to take care of an office schedule.



Actually today is one of his office schedules.


I smiled bitterly as I looked at Annette and the maids, who were drunk on the pink stream of the word wedding.


‘I don’t know that today’s main character, the bride, is complaining of abdominal pain ahead of a public fraud.’


It’s okay.

I can do it.

I encouraged myself.

I’m acting the role of a bride in love; all I have to do now is do it well.


It was also not that difficult.

Didn’t the actors do the same thing Extreme emotions are said to make it easier to act.


I’m a very happy bride today!


As the spirit had been instilled, it was time to move.


“Let’s go, Lady Irene!”


I followed Annette and Dame Joan’s escort.

Surprisingly, along the path I needed to take, there was a dazzling pure white carpet on the floor. 


We went up by climbing the stairs.

I recently climbed so many stairs that I would have easily become exhausted if I hadn’t exercised under Sir Joan’s and my dear husband-to-be.


After going up several floors, the stairwell finally reached the top.

As I was almost there, I stared ahead blankly. 


All of the Holy Knights along the wall saluted me at the same time.

It’s as if I’m riding a wave every time I walk.

As we walked with the knights saluting at us, the two knights guarding the door opened a huge door.


I closed my eyes for a moment because the sunlight in April was pouring in brightly.

And the moment I opened my eyes, in an instant, my mind went blank.




A soft groan escaped from my lips.


First, there was a long terrace that stretched outward.

The ground was a riot of colors when I looked down over the railing.

At first I thought it was a flower garden.


But it wasn’t.

The colorful colors, each one of them, were people.


‘Oh my gosh.’


I remembered the words of a lady who said that half of the people of the capital would attend the wedding.

I thought it was an exaggeration at the time, but now that I think about it, it could be true.


‘What… this big.’


Rather, it seemed easier to believe that the CG was spread out in front of me.




When I appeared, everyone applauded.

Applause and cheers were deafening.


I just blinked my eyes like a fool.


I didn’t know much about this wedding.

It was because of the superstition of the Rehart Empire that the bride should not not be directly involved in wedding preparations.


All I had to do was choose a dress, jewelry, and accessories to wear on my body.


‘I think I’m going to faint.’


If I said that I don’t have stage fright, I’ll take it back now.

My legs were trembling because so many people were staring at me.


‘Should…..Should I at least wave my hand’


Everyone does that in the movies….!


When I timidly raised one hand, the guests who filled the ground waved their hands at me.




“You are a saintess!”


I felt guilty rather than thrilled as I looked down at those who were shouting with excitement.

I’m probably going to hell.

How dare I cheat in front of so many people!


Anyway…..I looked around.


‘Where is my comrade who will go to hell together’


Ian was still nowhere to be seen.


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