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Annette whispered to me, as if she had read my thoughts.


“The commander is behind you.”


Annette pointed her finger somewhere. 


Only then did I notice that the end of the elongated terrace was covered with a white veil.


“The bride and groom cannot see each other until they pray together.”


Annette’s whispers gave me an uncanny feeling.

There is a similar tradition in Korea, but usually the bride covers her face rather than the groom.

It’s like a veil on the head.


And Ian is behind that veil.

I felt like I was about to peel and eat a candy bag when he hid his face like that.


I pushed aside my queer feelings and followed Annette’s directions, who was my bridesmaid for the day, and headed toward the place where Ian was.

At this moment, the numerous guests become quiet.


As I walked in front of the veil, I stopped and blinked, feeling nervous.

I’ve arrived, so what should I do now


I’m sure Annette explained this procedure, but I couldn’t recall it.

Even though I was nervous, I had walked up to this point, but my mind went blank at the crucial moment.


‘Miss Annette, please help me.’


But Annette, who was supposed to be my only savior, was now behind me, holding the hem of the dress.


The only thing in front of me was a white veil.


‘Can I just move forward’


Should I greet him before that


If I suddenly move forward, I think it’s strange…!


I was feeling agitated.

Then a large hand flicked and tilted the veil from beyond.


“What are you doing there”


I raised my head, staring blankly at the familiar voice.

His silver hair glistened in the sunlight.


Ian looked absolutely stunning in his groom’s white robe.

It was not because of the backlight of the sun; he was already absolutely stunning himself.


It’s ironic to say such things now, but he was a beauty who moved my heart to admiration.

I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t say anything.

I spoke stiffly enough that he missed my surprised expression.


“…I have to tilt it back.”


“Please tilt it back.

Sure thing.”


Ian shrugged, pointing to the veil.


I pulled back the veil halfway to see him.

It was then that Ian’s face was fully revealed.


‘…Oh my his face, really.’


He was truly a holy man. 


Although on the subject of the new groom, he had an annoying smile on his lips.


“Are you satisfied”




I answered bluntly.


“Then let’s go.”


Ian smiled then he held out his hand.

A warm body temperature came through the white glove when I placed my hand on him.

Although Ian had a higher body temperature than the others, he looked so cool.


When I received the heat, I walked down the wedding aisle with Ian.


The bishop who delivered the wedding congratulatory speech on the podium was waiting for us.

He was a person who came out on behalf of Her Holiness the Cardinal, who had fallen sick.


“This is a very meaningful day.”


The bishop smiled pleasantly and looked at us alternately.


“The sky is clear without a single cloud as if God Elune is also blessing the two of them.

I sincerely congratulate the two on your decision to work together after unraveling your complicated and intertwined relationship.”


As if reminiscent of the unique love story between me and Ian, the bishop gave a fleeting expression of emotion.



It was also a memorable story for me.


As the Commander of the Holy Knights, he met a kidnapped and rescued her, and after having only forbidden feelings for each other, they were formed at the same time as she was chosen as a saintess.


To some extent, the dramatic story must have enticed some of these numerous guests to come see it.


“The two met under God Elune’s guidance.

Do both of you swear to trust and love each other forever”




There were many problems in the line of protecting and loving, but the question of trust was especially difficult.

I looked at Ian, feeling a slight prick of conscience.


Ian was also standing facing me.

It was now my turn to spit out only the oath’s words.


If I nod my head, Ian and I will be married at that moment.

Although it’s just on the outside.


Then Ian opened his mouth.



I swear.”


His voice wasn’t quivering at all. 


I can’t lose to him.

I’ve already come this far and of course I didn’t intend to step down.


I smiled broadly and nodded afterwards.



I swear.”


“Then, hereby.” The bishop spoke in an emotional voice.


“I declare that these two are married!”




A tremendous shout rang in my ears.





I swear.” 


​​Irene said this with a bright smile on her face.

Ian suddenly became curious.

What is going through her mind right now


‘I thought you were nervous.’


When he found a shadow who seemed hesitant beyond the wedding veil, he knew it was definitely her.

Ian, who had been waiting for his bride for a long time, smiled and pulled his veil back instead of the bride’s.


There was Irene in a wedding dress.

The color of her hair is as sweet as cotton candy sold on the street.

Golden eyes, as if coated in honey and fragrant when smelled.

She wore a beautiful wedding gown with a tiara made of jewelry that she chose herself.


Irene, who was dressed up as a fairy and looked beautiful, seemed morose.


‘….I have to tilt it back.’


Ian’s face almost smiled as he looked at that face.


Is she not good at acting at all She didn’t look like a new bride who should be excited.


She is a woman with a subtle sly side, but she appeared nervous on a day like today.

Ian was willing to lead his contract partner.


‘Then let’s go.’


However, from the moment we held hands, Irene became different. 


When he was looking at her in front of the bishop, she really looked like a bride.

A new bride who is loved, is in love with someone, and is immersed in happiness.


Ian looked down at her silently for a moment.

A big smile was shining on Irene’s face.


Ian gently narrowed the corners of his eyes as the sunlight reflected on it was unusually shining so brightly today.


“Then, please give the bride and groom a kiss of oath.”


At the end of the officiating ceremony, Ian returned to reality.

Irene opened her eyes round like a rabbit.


Of course, she was aware of the procedure because she had heard of it, but when she heard that she was asked to kiss in front of so many people, she seemed surprised.


Ian smiled faintly and gently grabbed Irene’s chin.

Her eyes, which were already round like a rabbit, widened even more.


Ian paused for a moment instead of coming closer to her.


Has he ever been so close to a woman before


He’d never been closer to a woman except his family, even when fighting a woman with a sword.


Ian drew his eyes closed slightly, trying not to be aware of the strange sense of distance he was experiencing.

He could feel Irene’s body stiffening as he bowed his head and approached her.

Soon, the two of them were so close that their heads were overlapping.


A thunderous shout rang out.




That was cheers wishing the two of them happiness. 


Ian whispered in between.

Irene’s lips were almost touching his when he spoke to her.


“I can’t touch you, so don’t be nervous.”


Irene narrowed her forehead as if she sensed a teasing whisper.

Her pink lips stiffened slightly, as if in embarrassment, before slowly opening up and whispering.


“I don’t care if it touches me.

Then it’s Ian who’s in trouble.”




She wasn’t an easy woman either.

For a brief moment, the two who had opened their eyes exchanged combative glances.


In the snowball fight, Ian was the first to admit defeat.

Ian drew his head back and lowered his eyes, as if he couldn’t help himself.


Irene hurriedly bowed her head as soon as her head fell.

Ian could no longer see her expression as a result of this. 


The bishop once again uttered congratulations and the guests’ shouts continued unabated.


“Give me your hand again.”


Ian turned to Irene and said.

They walked together to the end of the terrace while holding hands.

The large garden in front of the vast cathedral was filled with guests.


They were all happy and excited, as if they were facing the king and queen.


But, did everyone here really gather to bless them and Irene


‘​​This cannot be true.’


Ian gazed at Irene for a moment. 


She will be caught up in numerous whirlpools of interest in the future as a result of this fake marriage with her today.

Those interests couldn’t have been solely positive.


Ian was well aware that there were already flying bugs on the prowl for an opportunity to approach Irene.

She encountered one of them yesterday.


‘Edward Vichen, did you say’


There was no problem with his identity, which was investigated by Lucian. 


Second son of Baron Vichen.

His track record was generally clean, but there was one thing that caught him off guard.

He was caught entering an illegal gambling house at least once a month.


It was not unusual for the children of noble families who lived like Hanryang to come and go to such gambling houses…Well.


It was necessary to investigate whether he approached Irene for personal interest or not.


In the future, many people like that would approach Irene.

And setting up a mosquito net near her, it was his role as a contract partner.




‘I almost touched it.’


My heart has been beating at 20m/s per second since earlier.

If I do that, my life expectancy will be reduced and I will die young.


‘I almost kissed him.’


I was now making my way to the spacious cathedral garden for the reception that would follow.

In other words, the main course had already been over.


Still, after the kiss of the oath I had made with Ian earlier, I was in a panic the entire time.


‘It’s driving me crazy.’


It didn’t even touch.

Ian merely tickled my lips with a whisper and then slipped away.

So technically, it couldn’t even be called a kiss.


I’m probably the only one who is still conscious of that. 


I slowly glanced at Ian, who was walking next to me.


‘That person must have already forgotten it.’


He told me to relax because he couldn’t touch me.

When I remembered the voice that teased me so leisurely, I was a little angry.


Ian, a virgin loser crown prince, was so relaxed, but I couldn’t have been the only one who panicked.

I’ll be as bold as I can.


I made the decision to do something and put a bright smile to my lips.



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