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“Please eat more.

What do you want to eat this time”


Ian said, his gaze falling on the plate.

It was clear that he was attempting to avoid making eye contact with me.


‘Heh heh.’


My lips curved into a smile without realizing it.

Seeing him in trouble made me feel like I wanted to add to the chaos.


After staying close to each other for about a month, it appears that I have lost some of my cowardice.

I whispered as I gently tilted my head to Ian.


“Please excuse me, Sir Ian.

You’re terrible at controlling your expressions.”


“What’s wrong with my expression”


“I think I can make a prettier face than this even if I’m holding a bag of flour.”




“You ridiculed me, laughed at me, and asked if I was sorry, right Try recreating that.””


Ian raised the corners of his mouth hesitantly.

When I saw his smile right in front of me, it appeared forced, but to those who were a little further away, it appeared to be sincere.


“I just smiled.

Did you see it  Did you see it”


“Ah, I think it’s going to melt.”


“Calm down.

It’s someone else’s man.”


Excited murmurs could be heard all over the place.

It was then.


“Hello, Sir Ian and Lady Irene.

I haven’t seen Lady Irene for a while.”


Huk. When I heard a familiar voice, I turned my head.


Rizzello greeted us with a bright smile as soon as he approached us.




I thought you wouldn’t say hello and walk away, but that couldn’t have been the case.

Then I said with a smirk.



Baron Monahan.”


“Do you know him”


Ian glanced at Monahan with a grin that had faded from his face.


“I met him at Cordelia’s salon.

Thank you for coming all this way here to congratulate us, Baron.”


“It’s no problem.

I’m honored to be able to express my congratulations to both of you.

You two look really good.”


Rizello smiled broadly as he said that. 


​​Did you just come here to congratulate us I had my doubts, despite that I kept a smile on my face for the time being.


“Thank you for your kind words.

Please enjoy it to the fullest.”


“Thank you.

Oh, and…”


Rizello, who seemed to turn around, smiled and said to me,


“Come visit me often.

I’m getting bored.”


Ian twitched one of his brows.


“Of course, at Lady Cordelia’s.”


Rizelo added with a smile.

He politely greeted and then disappeared, as if the business was finished.


Then Ian whispered in my ear.


“Do you know him well”



I’ve seen him a few times at Cordelia’s salon.”


Ian’s voice had an obviously suspicious tone to it.


I muttered under my breath, a cold sweat on my brow.


Why did you say such a nuanced word, that master of Magic Tower!


First of all, I smiled and said something in an attempt to get Ian’s attention away from Rizelo.


“I don’t know him well, but he seems to have a good reputation in the society.”


“Be careful.

I have a bad impression of him.”




“It means he doesn’t seem kind.”




That’s interesting.

As the commander of the Holy Knights, are you hesitant to deal with the Master of Magic Tower and have an instinct to keep an eye on it


Even when we were in the midst of whispering to each other, pleasant whispers poured out toward us.


“​​What do they share in their sweet whispers”


“It’s hot, hot.



Guests continued to flock to us after Rizello. 


I was a little nervous when the emperor came, but for some reason, he didn’t do anything that scratched my nerves this time.

Fortunately, his visit went off without a hitch.


Cordelia also came, but we couldn’t enjoy chatting because there were so many guests.


When I’d had enough of the same congratulatory greetings and answers.

A purple twilight began to spread over the glass greenhouse as the sun began to set.


The band began to play music with a little more zeal.

One by one, the guests became intoxicated with fruit wine, and their cheeks turned red. 


The main event of the evening had begun and the new groom and bride had their own separate nights.


“Commander, Lady Irene.” Lucian, who came closer, said cautiously.


“They say the newlywed couple’s room is all ready.”


I flinched and felt Ian’s abs tighten once more.

His legs, which supported my body, had hardened to the point where I had to be nervous about it.


‘First Night.’


The highlight of the wedding, which all newlyweds are looking forward to.


“….Get up.



Ian inquired, his voice low and stern.


I firmly nodded my head.



Let’s go.”


Ian leapt to his feet while still holding me.


Everyone’s gaze was drawn to us.

No one asked where we were going.

Only people with a happy and sly expression looked at us, as if they knew everything.


Ian and I walked out of the glass greenhouse.

The newlywed couple’s room was set up deep within the cathedral.


The two knights guarding the front door saluted politely and opened the door as we approached.

I inadvertently exclaimed as I looked inside.




The rooms, which were decorated in white and lapis lazuli, looked like scenes from famous paintings, with rose petals scattered from place to place.

I paused as I looked around the room.


“Si-Sir Ian.

Why are there people here”


I hurriedly whispered something to Ian.


“These are the people who will wait in the sharing room.”


Ian replied.

Still speaking in a stern tone.

He sounded awkward when he spit out the word ‘sharing room.’


The content of that voice, on the other hand, was truly shocking.


“Wh-What are they paying attention to”


I squealed.


No, How can y-How can you possibly pay attention to something intimate


“Wait, there’s something else to wait for.

Are you out of your mind”


They’re adults, but they’re capable of handling things on their own.

No, you must complete the task on your own.


I looked up at Ian, surprised to the core, intending to do something.

He spoke with a mixed expression.


“Do you know that Madam.”


“What, what”


“It is said that the ancient king of the Rehart Empire, where civil wars were as common as eating rice, were the most assassinated on their first night with the queen.”


“What Assassination Suddenly”


“It was targeted because it was the most defenseless moment.  As a result, the Rehart Empire has had its servants watch the first annexation since ancient times.

That’s a tradition.”


Crazy tradition.

I wanted to slap my mouth when I said let’s keep the tradition a few hours ago.


“Do something.”


I whispered hastily.


“Even so, they won’t be there for a long time, will they Are we going to keep an eye on us until then”


“It used to be like that.”


I was on the verge of passing out when I received my reply.


So what are we going to do


I was not shameless enough to put off such a thing no matter how hard I tried.


“As time went by, the tradition started to wane and it is now only a little annoying tradition.

Not everyone is watching these days.”




I survived.

I stroked my chest.

Then yes, as long as it is, traditions such as sexual desire cannot be preserved.


“If you start taking off your clothes, I’ll go out.”




That was good enough.


I wore numerous clothes and accessories today as a bride.

On the tiara, the veil, and the outer skirt.

There was a pile of clothes to take off from my body.


“Then let’s hurry up and go in.”


It was said you should pull out the horn of an ox at a breath.


[TL/N: pull out the horn of an ox at a breath means If you’re thinking about doing something, don’t wait and do it right away.]


Until when I…..

I couldn’t be in the same room with the guard waiting for us.

I tapped Ian on the shoulder and signaled him to begin.

He began to walk soon after.

It was obvious where he was going.  It was a bed in the middle of the room.


‘It’s only one bed, it’s too big.’


The bed in the room was so large that it was even fun to roll back and forth without fear of falling off. 


It was a relief.

It would be easy to fall asleep away from Ian if the bed was so large.

The bed has a translucent veil that looks like butterfly wings and creates a soft atmosphere.


Ian entered it through the veil and laid me down on the bed.

My back was gently wrapped in the soft bed linen.






I’m going crazy because it’s so awkward.

There was no relief that I was freed from Ian’s arms, who had been carrying me all day.

I was lying in the odd-looking bed, nervously looking up at the man in front of me.


Ian put one knee on the bed.

The bed wobbled and I felt like I was doing something worse.

I quickly clenched my lips and beckoned Ian.

It was a gesture to quickly take off the jacket.


‘Let’s get those people out of here quickly.’


You said they would leave when we started undressing.

Ian, who understood my gesture, touched his jacket.

I averted my gaze, nervous of seeing something I shouldn’t.


Ian, who took off his jacket, threw it under the bed.


Even though the jackets were obviously dropped, there was no sign that the servants were going out.


“Why, why are they not going out”


With a deep voice, I whispered.

Ian’s face had hardened into a cold expression.

It was a cold that would have frozen to the core anyone who didn’t realize he was just making this situation awkward.


“Wedding garter.”




Ian abruptly muttered, and I opened my eyes wide.


“I guess they are not going out until I remove it.”


If it was a wedding garter, it was definitely something Annette had personally put in the morning.

It was still an uncomfortable presence on my right thigh.

And, as far as I know.

It was customary for the groom to remove it himself.


So what that means is by mouth.


The wedding culture itself, in which the groom unravels the wedding garter with his mouth, was not unfamiliar.


I know that there is such a custom in the Western world, where I lived.

Therefore, the act itself was not unfamiliar.

I just thought you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life with me.



This crazy day.

I can’t believe there are still surprises left.’


Do I have to let Ian Esteban come into the hem of my dress and take off the garter Wouldn’t it be better to just slap yourself in the head and faint


“I’m tired of everyone.

I had no idea the imperial family’s tradition was to be kept in the cathedral.”


“A tradition of the imperial family”


I opened my eyes wide.


“Is this a tradition only the royal family keeps”


“Of course.

There’s no way the general public would spend their first night in such a strange way.”


“Th-that’s definitely true.

Oh, wait a minute.

So, what about those servants”


I peered through the translucent veil at the servants who stood in front of the distant wall.

I couldn’t see well because it was dark, but their attire didn’t appear to be that of a believer.


“Are they those sent from the Imperial Palace”


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